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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Nation once stood for what was best, our Nation took on difficult assignments, our Nation made things happen.

Our Nation once stood for what was the very best.

Our Nation took on difficult assignments and delivered.

Our Nation has always been known to make good stuff happen. A beacon looked upon far and wide - all over this Earth.

Our Founding Fathers did not hesitate to consult with the Six Nations and to incorporate salient feature into our working Constitution.

The Six Nation led by WOMEN in the LONG CABIN practiced Democracy - for thousands of years - right here on the shores of Turtle Island - America.

This process of democracy has as a CORE principle - COMPROMISE.

Not so the present REPUBLICAN Party that is a JOKE.

As human beings all over the world and thorough out history - we have seen Nation and Empires project their best - when they are humble enough to incorporate the best and compromise.

Compromise; does not come without strength.

It does not come without being imbibed with sound education and being educated on issues.

These so called Representatives have chosen to go to Washington DC not so much to work together, not so much to bring about compromise, not so much to fend for those that need help, not so much to compromise.

They are mostly there to project their sordid, demeaning - egos.

In doing so they have become the laughing stock of the world.

Brazil, Russia, India, China other countries - no longer look to America - as they once did; when we had principles and some values - worth the salt.

We had the audacity to invade two Nations without cause - spending billions of dollars.

We did not have the checks and balances to stop sub-prime loans, derivatives, the many ploys and machinations on Wall Street.

Today, we have given J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, other dubious large, financial institutions - a pass - and inherited the wrath of Nations - all over the world. These large financial institutions stole billions of dollars and were bailed out by America's tax payers - without OUT - permission.

While we have serious issues to be resolved on all fronts. We must also be fully aware of Nations suffering from drought - countries like Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Many other countries that do not have the resources - having fallen PREY to the economic woes of 2008.
Since we cause the problems - we should have had some solutions. Solutions first at home - but abroad for our wrong doings - too.

Our Nation once stood for what was best.

Our Nation once took difficult assignments and delivered.

Our Nation - Turtle Island - has much to give to the world - as people that have one of the best working - constitution in the world.

Our genius to create and bring progress to this Earth - in recent time - contemporary times - have originated right here on Turtle Island - America.

We must compromise and do what is right - first for our Nation but more for the world that looks at us - as a beacon of HOPE.