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Sunday, March 29, 2015


There has never been a time in my life - that I have not had to fight for what is right - from the time - I knew NO reason to - and it is the same - today.

In this fight to do right - as opposed to what is wrong - one has to be foremost - spiritually strong.

When you are in the presence of the devil and those that do evil - it is not easy to face the demons - and come out victorious. If you are spiritually strong - you can face those that are demonic and silence them - by your presence.

Human beings are frail - we know this - but, most of us do not want others to know this.

Therefore it is imperative to feed our mind with knowledge and sound information. As I say there is a lot of information out there - the ability to filter the best information - brings about sound education. As years pass - wisdom that stands to favor those that are blessed.

Now, we all know that our body needs good nutrition - food that nourishes our body.

We must stay away from preservatives, fast food and what have you that is not good for you.

We understand that some - but most of us are greedy and favor gluttony - when we eat as if there is no tomorrow. 

Those that do not over feed themselves - are those that favor good habits, fast, and have control of themselves. They know what is good for them - and God blesses them.

Most importantly in today world we need sound spirituality.

The prophets all of them - the ones that we value - more their actions - never will favor raping women, killing children, and destroying the homes and adversely impacting our Elders.

We see this - in those countries where fanatics - kill, maim, rape children and women - and think that they are doing right.

It is not only in the Middle East - in Bosnia, in Cambodia, in Rwanda, in Argentina, in Dafur - in places that we know little about - because no one has spoken to the Truth.

The worst animal is the human being - when something comes over them - and in masses they can kill, pillage, rob, steal, murder, and the crimes committed by such evil and demonic human beings - is despicable to say to least.

When folks that are evil and do the devil work and think they are doing right - for them that seems to be the case - but not for those that have seen the light - and are humble and believe in good things and God.

When confronted they think they will go to paradise - there is no paradise for the demonic -  it fact these demonic  people - are doing the "devil's work".

The work of Satan - the work that belongs to an entity so despicable - that they dare - kill babies and children. They are cowards of the highest order.

There are countries - nations that pretend to speak to the Truth and brag about Human Rights and the Geneva Convention. I know what I am talking about. This so called people in authority - has NO right to abuse the Geneva Convention. That is all I will say - you time is coming - and God will be deal with you - all.

The Great Master said: " blessed are the poor - for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven". 

Simply put if you not greedy, are not materialistic, it favors one - who is focused and will do right - sharing as much with his or her neighbor - more with good deeds.

We are living in difficult times - more when the fanatics want us to follow their ways.

Follow them in their evil ways - are so deep into their "evil ways" that they think - they will defeat everyone and reign - supreme.

This notion is so frivolous - that their DOOM is eminent.

Not to long ago - I wrote an article - that reached many corners of the world.

It reached a United States General who understood what I said - when I wrote about some tribes and people - who practiced a religion that was older than Christianity and Islam.

These innocent practiced a religion that reveres Zoroastrianism - a religion that is based upon the good and the evil.

They say the concept of heaven and hell - the thinking of these two states of believes - comes from the ancient religion practiced by the followers of Zoroastrians. 

Again and again - all of us - daily in our lives - face - these demons.

Only those who are spiritually strong - will over come and face their demons with fortitude - and live to tell the facts.

The frail give up - and the only reason they give up - is because they do not value their spirit, their humanity, the ability of one single human being - to raise up with determination - and do - right in the face of all odds.

I have seen this through out my life - cowards running away.

They are your friends only as long as they get something from you - or profit somehow - from some deal or project.

They speak behind our backs - only cowards to this.

They compromise - we call them sell outs.

They are many because they seek the easy way out - the love bribes - they love money - they sell their souls - and they leave NO - legacy.

Few share what they have - leave it to God to bless their mission and their works.

From my early childhood - I have been fighting - and fighting and fighting - and in fighting one learns - why we are put on this Earth.

We must leave a legacy - by doing good actions.

In Nairobi, Kenya I would get up early in the morning - and wake up the local Kenyans - most Black men - and gather them to go to church - the Catholic church. Walk some four miles to this Catholic Church in Parklands.

These young men and adults would follow me and listen to me - even though I was young - and many of them were twice my age.

We would go to this Church and I would ask them to follow me - and they followed me - to the front of the Church pews.

I spoke in Swahili and told them to stay by me - in the front - pews. Be good and good witness.

Then comes this Irish priest and says - "no they cannot be in the front - they must go at the back". I told the Kenyans my Brothers - stay with me and keep sitting down and put.

I told the Irish priest that they must be with me and I must be in the front - that I do not like to be at the back.

Also - that was not the place of my Brothers and I - since we came early and there was all this room for us and the others too.

The priest shook his head - and he could do nothing - I was prepared to make a scene. While all the others - were nodding their heads - wanted to do what I did - but did not have the guts to do it.

Those that know me - know that I am not afraid - more today in San Francisco - where with "intent" - gentrification is being carried on.

Where the poor and the innocent immigrants are treated with disdain. In this City and County of San Francisco - with a $9 Billion budget. Evil politicians pandering to the Almighty Dollar - their salaries paid by the tax payers.

These politicians not worth the salt - more Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell - we have a rap sheet on them and all the facts - about their sordid deeds.

These politicians do not care - when hundreds sleep on the streets of San Francisco - while our Mayor Edwin M. Lee speaks from both sides of this mouth.

The politicians who have lost their mind - speaking in circles - spewing hot air - and not knowing that they will be judged - not somewhere else - but, right here on this Earth.

There are many things pertaining to our lives that we must stand for - and speak to the "Truth".  If we do not - we are coward and should be ashamed to be called - human beings - homo sapiens.


The digital world is here - has been here for some time now - and those that can work deeply and thoughtfully - in this digital world - who can communicate well. Keep knowing and meeting others in a virtual manner - and still continue on that journey - hopefully making - progress.

Few know this but it is worthy to mention this one fact in my life. When I was two years old - I was struck my polio - suffered and over came. Today only my left leg suffers from atrophy - but at one time it was my entire - left side of my body.

In all the years that I could until very recently - I played most contact sports. At one time - my boxing skills very good - and I can still throw a good punch - and still practice on my "South Paw".

I mention this little know fact - because it has not stopped me - to achieve what I set my mind to do.

Which always brings to the fore - the many people I met in my life. 

Today, those that touched me and those I touched - are spread - all over the world - and through Facebook and other digital tools - we still foster our deep - friendship.

The world has shrunk and what we see is that the divide and divisiveness - all over the world - has created a great divide. Even here in the United States of America.

I never, ever thought I would be involved in the decision making - that would change the lives of many - on the world arena.

It happens so fast and so suddenly - that when I was there - I realized - I had to offer the best I had to offer - to discern - and make good things - happen.

Recently I was going through the many photographs - some some Nairobi, Kenya where I was born, from Goa, India - others from Italy - especially Naturno and Rome - that I have fond memories of.

Still other from Germany - Nuremberg and Berlin from the yesterday years - and again from my recent trip Nuremberg and Frankfurt.

Melbourne, Australia which I visited three times - the last time to be present at the funeral of my dear, Mother.

Auckland, New Zealand and of course a lot from the various places - in the United States of America.

You look at the photograph - and just like that - in nano seconds - images stream through your mind - your soul is uplifted - especially if the events touched you.

Loved ones and others impacted you - and you impacted others - and more if this is revealed to you - at you see a loved one face to face - and those that were young once and now look at old as you.

Social media is now impacting millions - it just depends what you post and how one communicates.

If what you post hits a cord with some one - some very simple but very direct idea, concept, issue, project,  - it takes seconds for something to go viral.

We see this happening - all the time. Most of the time - for good.

For those that are interested I am involved in deep issues linked to the indigenous people - here in America the Native Americans.

Closer to home and San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone:

In Canada the First People. I do what I have to do to highlight the issues - of the First People - and counter the disdain showed to the many Tribes - by those that should know better.

In San Francisco - I deal with issues linked to City Planning, Transportation, Education, Health, Safety, focusing mostly on infants, children, youth, and young adults.

San Francisco is a City that embraces all - the entire Bay Area a wider Region - is unique in the entire world.

Some of the best minds travel to the Bay Area - and often times - I am very fortunate to meet some best mind - to listen more and speak to the point and share my - experiences.

I thought that I would share a few of my thoughts - and would like others that I know - who have influence me in any way - to give me some quality - feed back. God Bless.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


                                      LARRY PEOPLES

In the mid 1980s - many of us who worked at the Presidio of San 
Francisco - stopped at the Ferry Building - before we went to work - in the wee hours of the morning - I stood for a ride as early as 5:15 am - Monday thru Friday.

Hundreds of workers from all over - who drove by the Ferry Building on their way to the Presidio - and many of us got a ride from our co-workers - right to our offices at the Presidio.

The Presidio of San Francisco - a Federal entity and open Military Base - which was run by Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

Most of us arrived around 5:30 am at the Ferry Building - some took the Bart and walked to the Ferry Building. Others took San Francisco MUNI - and walked to the Ferry Building.

In those days the Longshoremen would gather by the Ferry Building - to report to the Longshoremen Dispatch - who in turn would - assign the Longshoremen their assignments and locations. 

Many of them went to work at the Port of Oakland - which has a robust container business and large cranes to accomplish the loading of millions of tons of cargo and some of them found work here in San Francisco.

On certain days - the Longshoremen would come to pick up their checks. You met all sorts of people - early in the morning - and most of them were disciplined and friendly.

For some years before the 1989 Earthquake struck San Francisco - there was a reporting office at the Ferry Building - people had to report to their Parole Officers.

There were a number of Coffee shops - and we all picked our favorite coffee and our pastries - some their sandwiches - we all had our favorite places to eat and made small talk - before we caught our rides to the Presidio of San Francisco.

It was at this time - I met Larry Peoples - who kept the area around the Ferry Building - north to Fisherman Wharf clean.

The man was tall and strong - but what struck me most when I saw Larry Peoples - was his infectious smile.

I also met Larry Peoples on the MUNI 25 bus - that is no longer 25. You now have the MUNI 9 and 9L - we always greeted each other and had some choice subjects in common - to talk about.

Larry Peoples was a hard working Black man - a Laborer but also one who was kind and very helpful - to anyone that wanted help.

Often time I saw him give directions - and most of the San Francisco Port Authority personnel - loved Larry Peoples. He was the SF Port Authority's official Ambassador at ground zero. 

Recently after 28 years of service at age 80 years - Larry Peoples retired. I got a glimpse of him on the television - at one of the recent San Francisco Port Authority Commission meetings.

Larry Peoples was honored - all those who spoke at this event - had good things to say about Larry Peoples.

He is still active at 80 years.

I learned on Valentine's Day he had a chocolate box for all the ladies who worked at the San Francisco Port Authority - some 100 plus chocolate boxes.

The ladies will sure miss Larry Peoples smile - and remember him - for a long, long time.

On the 150th Anniversary of the San Francisco Port Authority - I put on an exhibit -  at very short notice - with two weeks of preparation on the Buffalo Soldiers.

We had this exhibition at Pier One - the main office of the SF Port Authority.

The all Black 9th and 10th Calvary - the 24th and 25th Infantry all Black Soldiers - who were commanded by White Officers.

We put on this first class exhibition with the help of Anthony Powell by good friend - who I first met - when I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Of the many White commanding officers - one stands out -
 General Pershing - better known as Black Jack - who loved his Buffalo Soldiers.

On the Main Post at the Presdio of San Francisco - stands a tall flag post - and a square named after General Pershing.

Captain Charles Young a well educated Captain from West Point - a Black - led the 9th Calvary troops in 1903 from the Presidio of San Francisco - all the way to General Grant (Kings Canyon) National Park.

Captain Charles Young was instrumental in writing the Standards Operating Procedures - how to manage the Federal Lands - his manual was used by the National Park Service - when they were established in 1916.

The Buffalo Soldiers also accompanied President Theodore Roosevelt to the Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks - the first African American troops to be given this honor.

Earlier in 1898 seasoned troops all Black Buffalo soldiers fought side by ride with Theodore Roosevelt's volunteer "Rough Riders" in Cuba.

During that war five Buffalo Soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor and 28 others received Certificates of Merit.

Before the National Park Service was formed that we know of in 1916 - to Preserve and Protect - the Buffalo Soldiers monitored and maintained - what were then called the Federal Lands - today know as the Nationals Parks - Yosemite, Sequoia, and so on.

Today in 2015 Blacks in San Francisco have forgotten their history - and so Larry Peoples and I made small talk - about big things that those things that matter.

Today, at the San Francisco Port - not everything is rosy - and not everyone of color is treated well.

The SF Port Authority has FAILED to acknowledge the contribution of the First People who were here for over 10,000 years. Much as it has not done enough for people of color - and more Blacks who deserve - better.

The Railway that started right in front of the Ferry Building - the famous Porters - other people of color that the SF Port Authority historians and those in charge - have failed to acknowledge as I was stated - and less note as an integral part of the San Francisco Port Authority history - and the history of San Francisco.

Blacks like Larry Peoples made history in San Francisco by sheer tenacity, fortitude, hard work - and proved themselves second to none.

Many Buffalo Soldiers embarked at the Ferry Building, and at Lower Fort Mason - which is named Fort Black Point. Few people know that - and as the years pass - people will say Black Point and know nothing beyond those two words.

Named - more - to remember the Black Buffalo Soldier who sailed to the Philippines after defeat of Spain in Cuba - they all gathered at Lower Fort Mason, here in San Francisco, California - after winning the war in Cuba - to serve our Nation and quell the rebellion in the Philippines.

Larry Peoples always stood alone doing simply things in an extraordinary way. Larry always looked at the glass half-full - and never express the hardship, the adversities, the hurdles, and the many hurdles - he over came.

Much like the Buffalo Soldiers who accompanied the settlers, built forts and roads, and developed the West.

Had it not been for the Buffalo Soldiers - the West would not have been populated - and more the White settlers - protected.
It was the same - the all Blacks soldiers - the Buffalo Soldier who patrolled the Mexican border.

Years later their remain were brought to the Presidio of San Francisco and interred at the National Cemetery at the Presidio of San Francisco - closer to the Main Post.

There are over 500 Buffalo Soldiers interred at the Presidio of San Francisco and all documented. We did the spade work - and the National Park Service took time to acknowledge that fact - but in acknowledging the fact - the small fire now has grown bigger - and spread far and wide.

Unlike other cities - Blacks for sure were here in San Francisco from the inception - had warehouses, bath houses, schools, over 15 newspapers, run companies small and big.

Built churches many have celebrated their 150 Anniversary before the 150 Anniversary of the SF Port Authority's Ferry Building.

We all know this but we have failed to acknowledge these facts and accomplishments of the many Blacks who stood out and did things and accomplished projects - in an extraordinary - manner.

The contemporary Blacks newspapers are busy pandering to rogue developers like Lennar - and sell out their community. They fail to provide the require information - the best information to provide stellar education - they have failed to comprehend the very purpose of a newspaper and the inherent holistic - benefits.

I was listening to the San Francisco Port Authority Commissioners - the last Commission hearing - and the comments of sorts - small talk and nothing worthy to note.

They rubber stamp and more the current Commissioners - their failure with the 8 Washington project, the Pier 70 project - will expose their sordidness and their ineptness.

I thought to take this opportunity to reveal the high standards of a Black laborer - who did his job well and with a smile won the hearts to too many people - who came in contact with him.

Tourists, others the many  SF Port Authority workers - Management as well - and those the irk out a living - pay check to pay check.

The many restaurant - including Sinbad's that lost its lease - a landmark restaurant - that fell prey to the GREED of the SF Port Authority - time will tell. Larry will miss Sinbad's - as much as I will - but as I said - time will tell.

Larry Peoples was one simple, Black decent man with a Big heart and fostered Hope and good wishes for all those he met and thought about. He has no clue about this blog - over the months some one will print this blog and hand it to him.

I can picture him smiling - and saying oh Francisco - he writes - " man I never knew that" - now you know.

I wish him all the very best - and to his family - I say God bless you all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The many deaths in our community - among our youth in recent months - more the the Black on Black violence - that is an inherent factor that the community has to address and resolve.

We keep beating around the bush, the pastors, the so called Black and other leaders - having no leadership what so ever. Every death touches everyone - the decent constituents of San Francisco.

We have a population of about 820,000 that is growing. A Police Force that numbers 1700 - we keep spending money - on Violence Prevention and Intervention - but again and again we have NO sound - leadership.

The wanton killings more in District 5 and District 10 are a disgrace to the human race. With the Representatives from both District - putting the blame on others - failing to comprehend that they are inherently - part of the systemic problem.

When folks from other States call you to ask you what is really happening in San Francisco - all one can do is keep - silent.

We once had the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice and we saw some sound policy decisions made that are there for all of us to follow.

As things stand now - those policies are gathering - dust on some shelf. The Mayor Office right now has NO experts who can analysis, lead, and more intercept - what is chronic and has adversely impacted - Quality of Life issues - all over San Francisco.

The SF Police Department spends thousands creating a document called PERF - to better the operations and conduct of the SF Police Department and more its Police Officers - that is putting it simply. What is the PERF document doing on the shelf - collecting, dust.

I have mentioned this document - called the PERF document and I bet the Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not read it. Nor have those who purport to know and think they can address the current violence - Malia Cohen, London Breed, Barbara Garcia, others too many to mention. 

Guess what - for all the money spent on the PERF document - some $300,000 plus - the policies contained in this document - that should have been exercised - if implemented could take us to a better place.

From the days of RAP to the gimmicks being tried today by s sordid politicians - we do not have proven policies with sound leadership - to do a sound job - addressing Violence Prevention and Intervention.

The politics behind the scenes - is always to throw the monkey wrench - and behind this fiasco - political whores and pimps - who are more concerned with their campaign - coffers.

Hold those breakfast - $100 to $500 a set at a table of ten - raking in the thousands - sound some alarm that they will do this and that - and when in office - they spew hot air - and act arrogant.

Gentrification is alive - let us have a hearing on gentrification.

Let us find out and lay the facts on the table - about how "people of color are treated?

Why so many poor people live in horrible conditions - with so many filthy rich people in San Francisco. In Public Housing come the 5th day of month - money runs out and with it food and other necessities - some of us know this - but, pretend we do not.

Let us find out the role of the sell outs - and lay the matter to rest once and for all.

Now who among the 11 SF Board of Supervisors wants to call for this hearing?

The recent audits mandated to be done - on Violence Prevention and Intervention - say something but lack - "capacity building" - "cultural competency" - "sound leadership" - and what is the most important " meaningful dialog with the community".

There is talk about "Community Policing" - people uttering those words - but no one reaching out to the community. The community pays the taxes, the salaries - often those in Management positions - making in access of $250,000 with benefits.

San Francisco is the City and County of San Francisco that knows how - so they say.

How can we make any progress with Supervisors like Malia Cohen and London Breed - thinking they know it all - when they are the problem - themselves.

Right now behind the scenes these two inept, shallow, and arrogant Black women - are tying to create - a model that has not been tested - to address Violence Prevention and Intervention.

Trying to go backwards - trying to use Jacob Moody as a fiscal agent. Jacob Moody who screwed things up - and raked in the wasted, thousands. More when he run Community Response Network (CRN).

The kept changing the name - name snake different - head.

No one is talking about finding out what does the community need.

Let us have a community meeting with London Breed and Malia Cohen - fielding the questions - on Violence Prevention and Intervention - sans the Mayor, the Police Chief, others that are their mouth pieces.

Let us the community find out what experience do these two Supervisors have - and what Business Plan and Capacity Building - do they have in the pipeline - to bring about meaningful change - when it comes to Violence Prevention and Intervention.

The Mayor's Office has Diane Aroche in charge and Barbara Gracia has the money to spend - and spends it - when her minions give her the green signal to do so.

Barbara Gracia is the head of the San Francisco Health Department.

The present fake plans - being discussed behind closed doors - makes no sense because it is not holistic. It has not been vetted and these two so called Representatives think - the can pull wool over our eyes - and hoodwink the community.

The Rap Around Piece is critical - but so is the planning and leadership - with proven Accountability and Transparency.

So is  the statistical piece - that is missing when the audits are done. Again and again - grey area - when it comes to the Empirical Data.

Most important the meeting and minutes when the community is involved so that the world can see the Transparency and Accountability.

What we do see is that the community is left in the dark - when the community is left in the dark - all hell breaks - loose.

The Mayor, the Chief of Police only act when there is some sensational news - that has to be taken care off.

The time four youth were killed in the Western Addition.

Try talking to the parents and loved ones and find out - how they feel? Our City has lost the compassion - and reaching out to parents and loved ones of these youth who were killed - has been minimal and the helped need on all levels - abysmal.

In like manner let us talk to the Mother of Alex Nieto and the 57 bullets - yes, fifty seven bullets pumped into his body.

Alex Nieto was a practicing Buddhist and some one I ran into from time to time.

Malia Cohen and London breed have no business trying to pussyfoot behind the scenes - taking charge of spreading the money - while pandering to those that have failed in the past.

We are watching this situation like a hawk and there is more to come. Aho.

Monday, March 23, 2015


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has NO right to raise the water rate of the constituents of San Francisco.

More, at the rate the SFPUC with intent wastes millions of gallons of clean drink water - leeching into the ground - the old clean water pipes more than 90 years - old.

There has been talk of replacing the clean water pipes - but hardly 8% have been replaced. Tons of vain talk but very little - walk.

By now we should have had a system in place that should have mandated that all the newer buildings - to have pipes and plumbing for clean drinking water for that purpose. only.

For purposes linked to hygiene, cooking, taking a shower, and matters that pertain to one health and healthy living. 

Grey and recycled water plumping and infrastructure when one
waters one's lawn.

Care to wash one's car, wash down one dog poop, we have more dogs than children in San Francisco - by some estimates as many as 200,000 dogs who poop creates a havoc on many- levels.

The many other mundane things we do and care to keep clean - using water - we could have had in place - grey water - recycled water for that use.

This way of living is plain common sense - that the SFPUC lacks - having folks in charge who are a bunch of buffoons - that defies - plain logic.

I have paid my dues - attending the many SFPUC meetings.

These bunch of idiots - are just that - buffoons who are taking this City and County of San Francisco - to the "cesspool of their own creation" - wasting millions of dollars of tax payers money.

The salaries of all those in Management at SFPUC should be capped to $100,000.

If this is done - with one swoop the crooked, the evil, the inept the likes of Juliet Ellis, Ivy Fine, Barbara Hale - these and others - will be brought to their knees.

There is nothing the SFPUC does - that is not convoluted.

Today the SFPUC is still figuring out how to deal with the excesses of URS at Calavares. Never mind it has something to do with Richard Blum - who is the husband of Diane Feinstein.

Besides wasting millions of precious clean drinking water - most of the clean drinking water pipes over 90 years old - need to be replaced.

The clean water leeching into the ground and adversely impacting our watershed. Many of those are SFPUC have now without consulting the constituents - the tax payers - decided to tap into the ground water and expose us decent human beings - to dog pooh, leeching sewer, Asbestos, lead, mercury, in many cases high levels of radioactive elements, PCBs - other contaminants to many to mention.

We have the empirical data - if anyone want to see, read, and take on the SFPUC that has been hoodwinking the public at large.

The SFPUC has been long found wanting in sound leadership - anything they do and set their eyes one - takes years.

What I could achieve at the Presidio of San Francisco - in two weeks - these "idiots" take 4 years.

Many are not aware about the Contractors Assistance Center - no one really knows who really did the spade work - and who came out with that conceptual plan - and made it happen.

At the opening of the Contractors Assistance Center - I could not believe the lies - that were told. 

I could not believe how a contractor that had no real experience - was declared the contractor to look upon - a poster child.

Today the Contractor is in peril - Empire - and he is sinking - even as your read this blog.

The SFPUC is not lifting a finger to help him - a Black Contractor - sent to the - gallows.

It is the same at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - at 1800 Oakdale - the SFPUC has planted sell outs who have no clue about - the true history of the community, did not participate in the many meetings as did Dr Espanola Jackson and I - others too.

Many have stopped attending the meetings - and have every justification to do so.

The SFPUC wants to build a campus - when the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building has FAILED to serve our infants, our children, our youth and young adults.

Certified Nurses programs, Catering, other programs that allowed our community to make progress - have been replaced by programs that favor - divisiveness, lack sound training, and are a farce and disgrace to the human race.

The SFPUC doles money to the sell outs - it would not be proper to soil my blog - mentioning their sordid names and more their evil - organizations. 

The person behind all this nonsense - this Black Jamaican woman - Juliet Ellis - who keeps wheeling and dealing.

The $300 million that are the Community Benefits - 5% of the $6 Billion linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - that the community fought for - not the ones sitting on the present Southeast Community Commission Facility - but folks like Dr Espanola Jack and others that I know off.

Not the other sell outs that never, ever  - attended the meetings - but were first to shove their dirty hands out - asking for a hand out.

The Childcare Center has been leased to a Chinese who has ties to the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and has taken charge of all the childcare centers - the one at Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - up on the Hill - Whitney Young - the program - also known as Head Start.

Anything that matters has been taken away from the community with the General Manager Harlan  Kelly - who we once thought as half decent - acting as a true " House Negro".

One can try and try to make good things happen - and if not - we can and have before - brought folks down to their knees. 

We have NOT given up on Juliet Ellis - she has been taken to task by the Fair Action Political Committee at the State of California level - and should not be working.

Also  the San Francisco Ethics Commission. Time will tell.

Right now Willie L. Brown Jr is a consultant to Pacific Gas and Electric - he receives in excess of $200,000 annually.

If PG&E desires some things done - however - remote - Willie L. Brown Jr has planted the required Managers and Commissioners - that can pull the strings.

That includes the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee who panders to the MACHINE and PG&E.

There is talk about Clean Power - but the entity that has the most money -wins - that is PG&E.

The City and County of San Francisco - will put hurdles - however slight - and those that want to oppose PG&E - will have to sweat it out in court. 

PG&E has done it before and can do it at will.

In the meantime we have to deal with SFPUC that has failed with the projects that come under its jurisdiction at Mountain Tunnel in close proximity to Hetch Hetchy.

Calavares Resevoir if anything fails the entire Fremont Area will be flooded - under water.

Irwington Tunnel, Lake Merced, and a host of other areas - to many to mention.

Most importantly - daily the SFPUC continues to waste millions of gallons - knowing well the clean drinking pipes are old - and millions of gallons are leeching into the watershed.

SFPUC has failed to put in place conservation mandates - to include grey water and recycled water - linked to the over 80 projects - newer small less density buildings - what has the person who is the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - done to address these issues.

Nothing - why? Because she is inept, dumb, and evil to the core.
Has no morals, less ethics, even less standards - and cannot be trusted.

She now want to hook up with the San Francisco Foundation and other sordid entities - trying to come into the Southeast Sector and ruin what we the community have fought for.

SFPUC has been wasting millions on gimmicks - creating projects that sound good but are worthless. Providing water fountains that are not maintained and lack hygiene.

They will tell you that they put in the fountains - ask them if they maintain them and test the filthy that surround the fountains - and they have nothing much to say.

Children drink the water and are adversely impacted.

Parents who know better will not permit their children to go near these drinking fountains. Not with all the diseases rampant everywhere - more in areas - where folks lack - hygiene.

This problem is just the tip of the iceberg - SFPUC has now surrounded itself with people who are not "culturally sensitive" to the many neighborhoods.

This one factor will come to haunt them.

Anointed some inept Commissioners - some of whom have no clue - what they are doing - and most of them are NOT educated on issues.

SFPUC has had it way for too long - but not  - any more. Aho.

You many not know this - Emilio Cruz has decided to leave the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - may be he learned some from what I had to say. 

Cathy How has taken his place - let us see how see fares - may be she will teach those around her - how to serve her firm stances - that may or may not have - any substance.

I will be watching the buffoons - I can watch them remote control - more in this digital - world.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Those that tabulate and fathom what the rich are worth - have the empirical data released - in this supposedly world class city - there is no - shared equity. Forget about shared prosperity.

Here is what the report says:

The filthy rich are growing richer by the second.

We have the filthy rich hogs - a lot of them - and they have no soul.

The poor - who are decent and work hard - left on the streets of San Francisco - to face the inclement weather - and what have you.

The report says the average income those at the top - make so much money - the calculation are on point - the divide and divisiveness is growing wider each day.

No mention of those at the bottom of the totem pole.

Their net income of the filthy rich - in the millions I suppose - if not billions.

Yes, we now have something that we can rub on the faces of those political whores and pimps - more those that make their abode at City Hall in San Francisco - and do nothing but pussyfoot around.

What the hell do you think is happening to our once great City and County of San Francisco? Named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

Glide Memorial, Saint Anthony's, Saint Martin de Pores, the other many other institutions - small, medium, and large - are feeding more poor and hungry masses.

What is different this time around are the families - mother, father, children - and in many cases the grandmother and grandfather - folks that have lived in San Francisco - all lining up for some meager food - something to keep them alive.

Joining them the immigrants who came here seeking a life - running away from violence, corruption, and other sordid issues.

Only to find themselves - swimming the cesspool created by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his minions.

All over the City and County of San Francisco - you can stop someone and ask them about shared equity and prosperity.

They will have something for you to hear and take note off - but it really cannot be printed for anyone to read - may be some day.

Those running this City and County of San Francisco have lost it.

They have lost their moral compass.

Their heart is in NOT in the right place - and such "vermin" cannot take anyone to a better - place.

Come on the time has come to get rid of rubbish - for too long - have we tried to work with those we thought - have something to offer - that simply is not the case.

We have urgent work to do - with a Blue Print that works.

Laser beam focused - we can and should get rid of the vermin. The time in now - and with God on our side - we can do it. Aho.

Here is what the report says:


Our Seniors deserve the best - we can give them in their Golden Years - the reality of the fact is that today -  right here in San Francisco - most of our Seniors - are living in - peril.

I prefer to call them Elders - like to think of them as having Wisdom - and wish and pray that each of them - in their Golden years - are treated well and when the time comes - to pass to the other side - in peace and tranquility.

Long term health care is a luxury.

As much as those who market the health insurance plans - offer you plans that the insurance company say is worth your money - yes - you have to pay a lot for something that falls - short.

One can name any plan - one has to pay an arm and a leg - to first find, second procure - and then endure - the pound of flesh demanded.

With the spiraling of the economy in the year 2008 - over 90% of our Seniors -  many so called baby boomers - I belong to that category - lost our savings.

More those pensions savings - Thrift Saving Plans that the Federal Government offered - reduced to 30% and 20% of its worth.

Others - having other plans in the Corporate world,  smaller private businesses - all of them lost a lot - when it came to their saving - linked to the stocks and shares - that took a deep, deep, deep dive.

Many Seniors got taken for a ride - caught up in the sub-prime loans - convoluted derivatives - losing besides their saving their homes and other assets - exacerbating - their already once bearable lives. Now made hell - living in hell.

The situation today is worse than hell - those Seniors who happen to live in Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) hotels - mostly in the Tenderloin in San Francisco.

Most of these SROs very old, with carpets that stink and need replacing, infrastructure that has long seen its days - noisy, and many infested with bed bugs.

Jane Kim has known about this situation - says she is going to do something - but like the rest of the crooked politicians - she is but one single gadfly - on the dirty wall - that will fall and pass away.

To leave a legacy one must have their heart in the right place - have standards, more morals and ethics - and of course the politicians in San Francisco - excel in all of the above.

In the 1980s those Seniors who lived in some of these SROs experienced fires - some say arson fires - others say the Patels who owned these poorly maintained SROs - had other plans.

We still experience the fires - and now once again - we are opening those wounds - and have to deal with reality. When those living is buildings - offering "rental control" are thrown on the street - we find our City and County lacking infrastructure, sound organization - and depending on the Red Cross and other entities - who can do only - so much.

All the bragging the City and County of San Francisco does - with its $9 Billion budget - is for nothing - talk and talk and more talk. They know they are deficient - but they will simply not admit it. Recently they had to pull their hair - to place a little more than 80 people - in some sort of shelter - worth the salt.

They did it - but after a while - if we have to deal with hundreds - we cannot come out with a viable plan. We could at one time when we had the Armory, the Presidio of San Francisco.

We build tall buildings - for the filthy rich - but the poor and those indigent - have to suffer all the days of their life - in San Francisco named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

The City and County of San Francisco leases these SROs - using their favorite so called Community Based Organizations - some doing good work - but the majority - using the pretext to operate these sordid SROs - to rake in some money.

In many SROs thug are used as monitors - to prey on the poor, the single mothers, the single women - anyone that is vulnerable. The San Francisco Police Department is aware of this fact.

So is Barbara Gracia, Bevan Dufty, Trent Rhoer, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Jane Kim - but that does not matter - the corrupt have hearts of stone - and those in charge make excuses.

Nothing much has changed today - more since the 1989 Earthquake - where the entire Tenderloin was in peril - there was no Mayor's Office Of Emergency Service - nothing in place worth the salt.

I listen to the liar, telling lies, the newer San Francisco Board of Supervisors - Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Katy Tang, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell - none of them lifted a finger to help anyone - during the 1989 Earthquake - not before and not after.

Not today - the hearings, the investigative reports are all hog wash.

I challenge this City and County of San Francisco with a $9 Billion Budget - to help - just 50 Seniors by giving them sound housing - and aid them with in house - health care services. Give them a chance to live their Golden Years in pace - and pass to the other side.

Some of these so called Representatives - may have been in their diapers figuratively speaking.

Others naive - as they are today - but all of them for sure not educated on issues - lying through their teeth - and pretending to say something - talking in circles - tons of diatribe - nothing meaningful.

Today the San Francisco Health Department, the Department of Aging, the Commission on Aging - all can play a role and are responsible - for our Seniors - many  of whom served two wars and others more.

Most of them decent hard working constituents of San Francisco. There was a time we honored our Seniors that I like to call Elders - no more.

Again and again the many audits done, the investigations conducted, the analysis done by those who purport to know something about the Seniors - falls short of action.

Some Faith organizations have stepped up - and saved lives.

 I know that to be a fact.

Those institutions who offer Seniors and more those disabled sound housing - with in home services and care - have saved the lives of hundreds - if not thousands of Seniors - all these many years. Many get Federal and State help - the Faith based organization have heart - and deserve our Kudos.

Seniors who live on Social Supplemental Income (SSI) some $900 a month - others who get a pension - even if it is around $1500 or $2000 - still have a hard time - finding and living in a decent - place.

It is not uncommon to pay $3500 for a one bed room - in a decent location - and $2500 for a one bed room - in a run down location in San Francisco.

Rent control helps some - but all it takes - is one major operation - one long stay in the hospital - to be dumped into an SROs if you become indigent - to suffer the consequences for life - and in some cases - death.

Every audit done on the SROs and the people who operate the SROs - reveals deeper and more deeper problems.

One must not generalize - but when it comes to human beings - caring and compassion - the services promised - and those really given - by the authorities in San Francisco - fall short.

San Francisco and the many Mayors including Mayor Edwin M. Lee has fallen short - when it comes to our Elders.

They all make excuses - but none of them say much - when it comes to the vast amount of money they make in salaries - complete with perks and bonuses.

You mention capping their salaries to $100,000 a year - and they get a heart attack. All our tax payers money - paying these sordid - scum bags.  The likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed.

Others older - gaming the system - many of them getting two and three pensions - and having stacked millions - in nests - in hidden places.

For sure Willie L. Brown Jr - the "thug" Mayor of San Francisco is one of them.

His failing "eye sight" will eat into his sordid conscience and entrails - and soon he will see light - but not in the real sense - the pain will be do deep and unbearable.

The "thug" knows his end is coming - and he has failed - in doing right - raking in millions - more with Platinum Advisers - a very corrupt consulting mafia group.

You pay to play - when it comes to this Mafia Group.

Mark Farrell recent audit on homelessness is just that a farce.

Much like he himself gets money for being a financial consultant - and at the same time get his Supervisors salary - some $120,000 plus benefits - and some know about this - but others just found out. All in all he rakes in over $250,000 commissions and all - and we must believe him - and so he thinks. Pathetic.

It is the same with Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Katy Tang, London Breed - all of them have a hidden agenda.

Their heart are not in the right place - and none of the above have lifted a finger - to help our Elders - in a viable and sustainable manner.

The above simply cannot - they are all - totally spiritually - bankrupt.

Can you imagine our Elders who we love - dying on the streets of San Francisco.

The Mayor, the SF Board of Supervisors hear complaints each and every day - how these "vermin" get sleep - is mind boggling - these sordid folks - are the scum of the Earth.

This is Ohlone land - where the First People - respected the Elders.

The strangers call them Seniors.

The Elders have Wisdom.

The knuckle heads - the majority of the SF Board of Supervisors - lack experience and by default Wisdom - they talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

All things must come to an end.

If anyone with "intent" harms the ELDERS -  "KARMA" will deal them the appropriate platter of sordidness - take it or leave it - it will not be a - choice.

Think about it - while some of you lust in your sordidness. Wallow in your stupid behavior - thinking you are fooling all the people - all the time. No way. Aho.