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Sunday, March 31, 2013


February 27, 2013 history was made in the United States Capitol - more Statuary Hall.

Among the leading notable leaders of our Nations - that are honored at the auspicious  Statuary Hall - the first African American woman; Rosa Parks - had her statue placed to honor her  singular role in the Civil Rights Movement.

This year Rosa Parks would have been a 100 years old. She was born February 4,1913.

Rosa Parks changed a lot of things - and she changed a lot of things quietly and more importantly following her deep spiritual and moral teachings - she impacted and left her imprint on what we all know as the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

In the African American community for hundreds of years in America and for thousands of years in Africa - the Matriarchal way of life - has being deeply embedded in the African way of life.

Rosa Parks embodies the best that the Black woman in America projects - loving care for her own family and more for the  community at large - that she was part off.

Rosa Parks worked and walked the Congressional Halls - few people know that. Hundreds came to see her - more folks than those that visited the Congressperson she worked for.

Rosa Parks was invited all over the Nation to speak and empower more women and children - and today we lack those type of leaders - that walk the walk. We have more that talk the talk.

We must always remember the Civil Rights Movement has a lot to do with spirituality, standards, ethics, and deep morals.

We just cannot add other rights that anyone may think is important - in their own subjective way - and tag it arbitrarily - to the Civil Rights Movement.

Today in San Francisco nothing much has changed since the days of Rosa Parks - as far as being fair and respecting - people of color.

Even though we had living in San Francisco Black women leaders - like Mary Pleasant and others - who fought for all rights including Civil Rights - and did it with a flare second to none - in the late 1880s and the early 1990s.

In San Francisco since the early 1800s - Blacks have contributed to this City and County of San Francisco. You would not know this - from the way Blacks are treated in San Francisco - today. 

The sad part the sell out Blacks of today in San Francisco - who garnered and benefited -  a lot giving them opportunities to move up the ladder. Benefits and a sound foundation steeped in legal rights to help all  - from those few like Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others - that went before them.

Today; it is a shame that many Blacks and many of them Black women - are selling out the community - and the Black community for sure - does not accept this fact - and more something must be done - to stem out this sordid - behavior.

Rosa Parks stood her ground - much like many of us; advocates - must stand our ground and not pander to those values and actions - than demean humanity.

In San Francisco today we have Black women who are disgracing Rosa Parks - turning the back on those that must be helped.

Mentioning their names - would tarnish this article -  I have mentioned their names before - and most of them are Black.

The President of the United States - President Barack Hussein Obama was present - at the ceremony - the unveiling of the Rosa Parks statue - and so were the key officials of our United States government - at Statuary Hall in Washington DC.

They key United States officials and representatives all praised Rosa Parks - but; all of them have failed to serve the poor, those that need help mostly - the indigent - by failing to pass a balance budget - and cutting aid where it is most - needed.

Life is for the living - not the living dead.

Long live the memories of Rosa Parks.

The true Civil Right Movement of the 1960s.

 May those that benefited from the Civil Right Movement - remember - there was BLOOD spilled - so that millions - may be free.

There is Freedom and there is License.

Abuse of freedom is license.

True freedom is associated with the Civil Right Movement - for those that comprehend standards, ethics, morals, and of course the difference between license and freedom.

God Bless America and long live the memories and actions of Rosa Park - a true, loving, spiritual, moral, righteous - dedicated Black woman - second to none. 

Rosa Parks is my hero with others such as Frederick Douglass.

Let us not pay lip service on the day we celebrate Black History Day in a drab way.

Black History month in February - the shortest month among all the months.

Forget we have to stand up and fight for those rights that help all persons - each and every day of year.

God Bless Rosa Parks and her memories - her family - her supporters and all those that work hard to give opportunities to those that need them - so that they may be empowered.

An article from the New York Times - on the ceremony held at Statuary Hall in Washington DC:


From Hunters Point Naval Shipyard an ATOMIC bomb assembled on Hunters Point was loaded on a Carrier that was then loaded on one of the infamous planes - that dropped that "bomb" and killed millions - of innocent people - in Japan.

At Hunters Point hundreds of large animals that took part in the Bikiki Atomic experiments - before and after World War II - were brought to the Hunters Point and buried all over the place.

So were the ships that took part in the Bikini experiments - brought to Hunters Point - sand blasted - and this very contaminated "sand blast residue" - dumped - all over the place.

At Hunters Point once stood two hills that the United States Navy - demolished.

On the hills were the remains of the Ohlone.

The Ohlone the First People of the area - who were here for thousands of years. As many as 15,000 years. The strangers set foot - at the most 300 years ago.

The dirt and the remains from the hills were spread all over the place at Hunters Point - 95% of Hunters Point is landfill, poor landfill and very contaminated. Prone to liquefaction and flooding.

The entire watershed - that is the poor land filled Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - is contaminated.

The U.S. Navy has the full responsibility of cleaning up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The U.S. Navy -  wants to shun its responsibilities - cap the contamination - and continue to "jettison" its way - as it has done years before.

Cheating, bluffing, lying, cajoling, speaking in "fork tongues" - much like those that killed the Native Americans, stole the land, raped the women, killed innocent children - and today have insulted the "First People" - by placing them on "Reservations" - with little or no amenities.

They all have BLOOD on their hands.

As I have said from day one: " No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

"No one can desecrate the land and think for a moment they can build something - disrespecting the Ohlone - this will NOT happen."

"Take the warning - while you have some little sanity left - in your morbid thinking, circumventing the laws - begging the unethical Chinese - to help you in your ventures of sorts. You will FAIL. Aho".

The politician of today is shallow, inept, unethical and spineless.

The Chinese are opportunists here at home and abroad. 

There is no doubt in the past - we who call ourselves Americans - treated the Chinese with disdain.

Today, we want their money - but the Chinese will NOT bow down to any entity - and at all times anything they agree to - are on their terms. Lock, stock, and barrel.

The China Development Bank is well informed - and have all the required documentation - they are far more informed than our silly politicians - who think they can pull wool over the eyes - on the Chinese in Beijing and Shanghai.

The Chinese do not do business remote control. They build friendships - and it takes 10, 15, 20 years - before they trust anyone. I known what I speak about - because I have dealt with the Chinese - here in San Francisco and elsewhere.

"No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard". Those of you sell outs the liked of Willie B. Kennedy, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Linda Richardson, the Tabernacle Group, Aurelious Walker who has jumped ship and in now in Vallejo, others too many to name - all a disgrace to the human - race.

It is the same with the man made island of Treasure Island. 

Polluted to the core - and innocent children have been exposed to contaminants - on recently artificial turf grounds - surrounded by polluted air - in many areas - radioactive elements.

The greed of the White Person knows no bounds - and it is mind boggling how these greed "bastards" - are begging for money from China - when at home - many of them have blood on their hands.

Our City is a RACIST City - and you understand the facts - slowly but certainly as the months turn to years.

The day is at hand - and when that day arrives soon; and most of the land - by the seashore - is washed into the Bay and the Ocean sucks it up - most; everyone will remember.

The horrors of Katrina and Sandy - the signs are here - but the people are blinded with greed and morbid actions - maiming their conscience, lacking spirituality - that blinds them and side tracks them - in their on going - blindness and uncaring actions of the moment . Pathetic.

The San Francisco Port Authority is celebrating their 150 years - the Ohlone were here for 15,000 year plus.

The celebration will be held on April 28, 2013 - by the Ferry Building - and all are invited - from 9 am on wards.

There will be exhibits - and there will be one of a kind interactions.

Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear - a heart that is becoming a human being - you all will witness history in the making; and learn what once was - you will be educated.

The delegation that is in China today - can pander all the want - they can say what they wish to say.

They will come home empty handed - the Chinese are no fools - for every one dollar they invest - the returns must be in access of a 1000 dollars - if not more.

That is just the way they are - greedy to the core and money hungry - they have no plan to help us -  the way we helped Japan and Europe - after World War II.

Right now the Chinese are at war with us - flexing their muscles.

Harassing the smaller nations - claiming that some islands far away from Mainland China - belongs to them.

Cutting off trade relations with some countries; at a whim - and penalizing them.

The Chinese have never had an International protocol - that is long and lasting and meaningful - they play their sordid game -  lacking full trust - and change the rules mid-way.

It is always - their way - or the high way - make no bones about it.

The Chinese look at you with a vision that is blurred and one day they wake up - and decide they want little if nothing to do with you.

The Chinese we have here in San Francisco - more the third and fourth generation are different - a far cry from those in China - and more Mainland China - seeing is believing.

Then there is Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong, and more - and each of these places have a different tea to offer and drinking - and only those with a discerning palate - can be the Confucious of the day and time.

Today in China thousands work in large, filthy, labor camps. This production is a cry to heaven - a cry for justice - the Chinese Policy makers - do not put a premium on human beings, the environment - they pollute and do what is takes to attain their evil - goals.

Slaves to the Chinese Government. The Chinese Development Bank is large - linked to harvesting of organs, killing and maiming.

Yet we the United States of America - want to do business with such ruthless, devoid of decency, unethical, immoral - lacking spirituality - unworthy of any International Laws that garner human beings have rights and cannot be treated - like dirt.

The Chinese Development Bank money is tainted - and those that deal with them - will never, ever - see light - their days will be in perpetual - darkness - linked to actions that we in this Nation say - defy plain human decency - human rights - and the Chinese continue to be defiant - while we compromise our values - just for some aid - that is not worth the trouble and brings with it - ill will.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors are inexperienced - less on International Affairs - the likes of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, John Avalos, David Campos, David Chiu, Mark Farrell - they have not seen the world.

The behind the door deals will expose them sooner than later.

They are selling our communities, not representing the constituents - and taking us - down the wrong path.

It does not help that the two inept, aging, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi too - have sold out San Francisco and its constituents.

We keep electing these good for nothing - shallow and inept people - who are the laughing stock of the Nation. 

All those who were behind Proposition G and Hunters Point - where Lennar spent over $100 million - will have their day of reckoning.

That day is here - no one in their right mind should be building thousands of homes - on contaminated land - at Hunters Point.

Why would anyone want to build thousands of homes in the middle of Chernobyl?

The world is watching - the Nation watching us - as we dabble with entities that have BLOOD - on their hands. Time will tell. Aho.

The China Development Bank:

Friday, March 29, 2013


San Francisco is a RACIST City - make no bones about it.

A good place to comprehend about blatant RACISM is in our courts, monitoring our adjudication system, in our politics of sorts - and how democracy is practiced - before the courts of sorts.

There use to be a time when public law libraries afforded those that wanted to learn more - an opportunity to go to a "Law Library"  much as I use to do - and read on the law.

I have represented myself and won many cases. People wonder how you can do that - well - if you can read and comprehend - if you can discern - you can use the information - in many of our good Law Libraries - and use the material and past cases - to make a case and win - hands down.

The librarians were of help and more those that congregated at these places - mostly free spirited people - who would bend backwards to explain some point - and help you as much as they could.

Now and then a lawyer, even some judges would brush shoulders with you. Some would recognize you - many see me on Public Television - and would come up and speak to me.

In recent times "Law Libraries" that were available to all - have slowly but surely - been shut down one by one.

There use to be one near the Financial District - and suddenly those doors were closed. Three or four others - some small other large - now - now more.

The old timers remember the "Law Library" on the Third Floor of City Hall - then came the renovation - it was moved across the street - and now that the the War Memorial Building.

The War Memorial Building is up for renovation. The current Law Library needs to be moved to a new location and it needs sufficient space. Space enough; to accommodate the books - and keep the "free spirit" alive and ticking.

The suggestion is we need 30,000 square feet to do minimum justice. We do have the collection of books, one of a kind collection, we have information available to all - and the logistics and the dedication is there - but where is the money? 

In fact many lawyers who cannot afford the space to have these law book - visit the public law libraries.

As I said once there were many - and now we are left with just one. The Law Libraries at Hasting Law College, the Golden Gate Law College, a private university like University of San Francisco - these so call places of education - have no compassion - the public is kept out - and told to stay out.

In fact some rich lawyers often will borrow law books from the present - "SF Law Library".

Those policy makers, officials concerned about the public law libraries at one time did due diligence.

The public law libraries were well patronized - well maintained - and as I said - had one of a kind librarians - who I fondly remember - and treasure the moments - the memories and the help - to soothe the pain and the memories of the victory in those courts of sorts.

You went is solo, you spoke well - impressed the judge with empirical data - and when you won - it was euphoria and a feeling that only those experience - after all the worthy hard work - long hours spent - focused on your case - because you could not afford - the retention fee and the mostly lying lawyers - who want your money and to hell with compassion.

Our City and County of San Francisco - that wastes money - panders to the corrupt politicians - to shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - now wants to curtail spending some money and providing the required space for the moving and lease of the "Public Law Library" - kit picking - on the space and the money - required.

Our City has a $7 Billion budget - and can easily accommodate the wishes of the "commons" - but it has failed to do so; dragging its legs - and so it was sued - and rightly so.

The San Francisco Law Library is over 140 years old. It was the first library of its kind in all of California.

We once had astute and decent constituents - and to go with that - fairly decent politicians and patrons - they put their best foot forward - not any more.

Now we have the rich but they are greedy - they want the accolades for pennies - they want their aged, ugly mugs on the little money they spend. Now are the days of Mayor Sutro and the many one of a kind books he had. But let us not digress.

The law libraries are funded by civil filing fees as far as I understand.

Our City's Charter mandates a law library to be in place and also has a mandate from the State - to provide space and amenities - as any well know - civilized city must.

The Law Library was first housed at City Hall in 1914 and stayed there until 1995.

We all remember when City Hall was closed for seismic up grades - and the books were taken across the street to the War Memorial Building - where it remains - now.

Its fate to be decided and time in running out - the dead line date is May 31, 2013. Today is March 29, 2013 and some days ago there was a Budget and Finance hearing - tons of diatribe but no concrete - action.

We the COMMONS - hope the SF Law Library - finds a new home - with ample space and some one - some rich patron - will come to the aid of the "commons" - our Republic - our democracy - and save the day.

It has been a long 17 years since the law library was moved to the War Memorial Building - where not all the books could be accommodated - lacking space - some 25% less - and the expectation was the law books would be moved to City Hall - when it was upgraded and fixed - but some some decided - not to do so. Why?

The members of the public have petitioned the San Francisco Mayor, Edwin Lee and the SF Board of Supervisors and more the Supervisors sitting on the Budget and Finance Committee to address the situation at hand - take this matter - very seriously.

Something must be done quickly - a space and lease found - more near the Courts - so that the Americans with Disability Act and other minimum but rightful amenities are in place - for the public at large - our seniors, those with mobility issues - others that need other special needs.

Many prominent people - including lawyers, judges, politicians, the State Bar of California, the Bar Association of San Francisco, hundreds of prominent associations involved in providing succor to victims and offering law services - have signed the petition and rightfully so. Time is on essence - something must be done before May 31, 2013.

And it will. Call 415.554.6821 for more information and more action - you help is needed and the time is now.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been toying with the concerned citizens who want Lake Merced maintained and restored to its past glory.

Making promises - saying one thing - but doing another. These machinations and ploys must stop - and everyone who can do something - must get to work - set the goals - and attain them to the best of their ability.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission tried their best to represent - at the Harding Clubhouse - so called Workshop on Lake Merced.

One could see through the drab presentation - nothing new - Mr. Ritchie was prodding along - trying to say something but the message was drab - this message was stale - and there was nothing new - worth the salt.

Then came Phil Ginsburg - that pompous ass of a man - who thinks he can control any situation - and his presentation - had more blatant lies - praising his own, dirty - tail. 

Complete with taking credit for all that is good in and around Lake Merced - Harding Park - the Golf Course activities and so on and so forth - the boating activities - the summer activities for the youth - he felt strongly - all credit goes to Recreation and Park - W R O N G .

Recreation and Park must be relieved of their duties and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - must step in and take control of the properties - they have jurisdiction over.

Hire qualified people to do a good job - and remove the cobwebs - clean house - hire good people who can do their job, on time - and help San Francisco enjoy the amenities that belong to the public at large.

San Franciscans should not fall to the worst type of bureaucracy - corruption - kicking the can down the road - such behavior must not be tolerated. The time to change and bring about drastic change is - now.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has always been plagued with "corruption".

Too many of those - so called higher ups - working at the Enterprise Department - have it good. Making in excess of $200,000 with benefits.

Some lazy, other plain stupid - moving along - chatter boxes - making huge salaries - paid by the tax payers - and not performing. The chaff must be tossed out - and better qualified - hard working staff hired - that can serve San Franciscans.

We do not need outsiders - especially those from the East Bay - telling us what to do - chiding, bluffing their way and thinking they can get away with murder - in broad daylight.

It did not help with Pat Martel as Manager of SF Public Utilities Commission - doing as she pleased and then let go.

Then it was the turn of Susan Leal - hiring those of her type - based on life style - and she was let go. Today; she still hovers as a consultant - she is wrong but those higher ups - like to toy with fire. You play with fire - you burn.

Ed Harrington tried his best but he too fell in the trap and helped promote folks like Juliet Ellis; whose time has come to take a hike. 

End of this week - March 31, 2013 - Juliet Ellis is history. 

Juliet Ellis - brought it on herself and she can build her nest in the East Bay - but she will forever dream of 525 Golden Gate - and regret the many opportunities she had to do good - but carried on doing - evil deeds - with intent.

I have good friends at San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and always encourage them to do - " the right thing".

Never ever will I tolerate corruption - be it from the SF Public Utilities Commission or the employees. There are past Commissioners who will tell you this - and there are those that think still - they can play with fire.

Juliet Ellis will not been seen anymore - harassing others - poking her nose in other people's business.

Had she behaved - she could have gone places - but; she will forever remember - a person called Francisco Da Costa - who warned her - but she failed to listen.

Now, is the time to ponder your future Juliet - think of your Romeo but think more - to be a better - person. The sordid deals with Green For All - took you deep in the waters and away from the task at hand.

The many gathered for the workshop at the Harding Clubhouse - got an opportunity to vent - and I guess venting plays some part - but what is need at this time - is a vision, a blue print that brings all together. 

The leaders of the many activities, the entities that lease huge properties and conduct a host of activities.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - more its employees the head of Real Estate, the one in charge of  Lake Merced and the adjoining properties - has take a nonchalant attitude - and the time has come now - to listen to the public at large - and bring about change - change with a purpose has embraces the people of San Francisco and other of good will.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has had its first ever Commission meeting at the Harding Clubhouse.

One can imagine why - the SF Public Utilities Commission - loves to lead you on - promising you that it can do something - and delivering promises that are hollow, shallow, and often time - plain annoying.

It is time to come up with a Blue Print sans San Francisco Recreation and Park.

We need good leadership and astute San Franciscans - cannot stand the nonsense - time to stand up for the people, the community, those that should enjoy the amenities - especially our youth.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Enjoy the photographs:

Those that are supposed to manage and do right at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - all making in excess of $200,000 plus benefits:

Matier and Ross and the conflict of interest - Juliet Ellis and her former non-profit:


It is amazing when you listen to a bunch of buffoons; more corrupt politicians - who have NO clue what is store for them and their actions - more so - when they have no clue about history - and how history - repeats - itself. Hospitals the past and those to come!

There was a time when San Francisco had some good hospitals - not anymore.

We brag using folks who purport to know some about hospitals to say this and that - but that is not so - when an independent audit is done - what is reveal in today's world - is shocking.

Again and again there have been major problems with San Francisco General Hospital.

Mayor Ed Lee would NOT admit himself or his family at SF General Hospital. But he and others will brag about SF General Hospital that has gone to the dogs.

One way of finding out - speak to the orderlies, the receptionists, those that do the hard work - then turn to the Registered Nurses, the in-take nurses, the better qualified doctors who are worn out and stressed - soon - anyone with a "heart" - will get the true - picture.

Politicians love to paint a picture that is far from the truth. The true picture today in San Francisco - is that health care and good service is lacking and expensive. If you do not pay a hefty, high insurance - just forget it. You get some minimum care - and out the door you go. "Next Please!".

The mentality behind this type thinking -  folks; that talk the talk but fail to walk the walk - is pathetic to say the least - and our corrupt politicians exhibit it - mostly; because they are shameless.

We have serious problems with Laguna Honda; some private hospital like Saint Francis with charity care - and the list goes on and on. But, few have the time and more the guts to go through the lengthy documents - linked with audits - and find out the truth.

Once we had some great hospitals at the Presidio - none of which are standing. All were brought down and deconstructed - because of greed.

The Letterman Army Medical Center and the Letterman Army Institute of Research right by the Lombard Gate at the Presidio of San Francisco - treated thousands with dignity.

The Public Hospital by 15th Avenue and Geary - once outside the boundary of the Presidio - now, through an Act of Congress - within the boundary of the Presidio and coming under the jurisdiction of the Presidio Trust - that was mandated to be self sufficient in the year 2013 - which is this year.

Few know about the Public Hospital that catered to the Native Americans - the indigent sailors, had a small wing for small pox and other infectious diseases - few know because most people are NOT - educated on issues. They are ignorant. They are in the dark.

Just the few hospitals I have mentioned above - catered to thousands of people in San Francisco. More people from the Bay Area and from far of places.

When I worked for the Presidio - tourists would come from all over the United States and many a time abroad - and request me to take them to the hospitals on the Presidio of San Francisco.

Many took a moment - to separate themselves, be alone, shedding tears of pain and joy - making their peace.

Hospitals remind one of pain but also of joy - if cured, healed - given a second chance - each one that has been to a hospital nearing death, in peril - each has a story to tell - and each story is unique and heart breaking if revealed. I have heard many - and know what I speak of. Aho.

Which bring me to Saint Luke's Hospital that was run for many years - by a Faith Based organization -that was well respected and renowned - more in the Mission, Excelsior, and the Bayview Hunters Point - areas.

Then came California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) and they bought and took over the operations of Saint Luke and we fought CPMC - also known as the Sutter Group - the name does not matter - what these entities do - does - an entity that is - EVIL.

In Marin County, in the East Bay, in other places - the entities above - have adversely impacted and destroyed lives.

While we were negotiating the new-build of California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC)  on Van Ness - our Mayor Ed Lee meeting with the entities of CPMC.

Signing a premature agreement - the deliberation were so nasty at City Hall in Room 250 - that the San Francisco Supervisors themselves were belittled by the Counsel and others - working for CPMC.

The talks halted - very bad blood created - and now suddenly behind close doors - every one has agreed - to some terms - dubious in nature. Harmful to all decent, spiritual San Franciscans.

I will tell you all as plainly as I can - " no good will come at the site - now known as Cathedral Hill - no good will ever come".

Even though the foot print of the proposed new hospital is smaller - and other LIES have been incorporated - to make the deal sound sweet. Again; " no good will come at Cathedral Hill - more if you build a hospital".

Plainly put - Supervisors David Campos, David Chiu, and Mark Farrell - may say what they want - truly speaking on this issue - the should not represent all San Franciscans. They may speak for themselves and their families - but NOT for all San Franciscans.

Right now the workers at California Pacific Medical Center - those in charge of the boiler room operations (engineers), many Registered Nurses, other orderlies - are not treated well by CPMC and this is wrong.

As soon as CPMC took over Saint Luke that cares for so many in the areas I have mentioned above.

Saint Luke always offered - quality 'charity care" - went beyond its duty to serve the people.

Then when CPMC took over  - some high priority hospital care - entire floors - were shut down - creating pandemonium.

Many called me and I was forced to to the Saint Luke's and see things for myself. Pathetic. I could not bear to see the suffering - hear the pleas - and could not understand - truly, what was really happening. 

The entire floor that provided services to the mentally challenged was shut down. Services provide to premature babies were shut down - minimum services - provided. What institution would do that and change the policies to cut cost and adversely impact so many - many "charity care"? 

Only one that is EVIL to the core. There lies the crux of the problem - and only those that are spiritual can find a cure - bring about a solution - shed light where there is abject - darkness.

Politicians love to talk - and when a politician tells you - they have the better interests of the people - believe me - in all the years I have lived - and interacted with the corrupt politicians - each and everyone of them - more so in today's world - they are the scum of the earth. Make no bones about it.

On the site where Saint Luke hospital is built - because of past happenings - it is blessed.

A miracle took place; when it was agreed in the recent agreement to increase the foot print and beds at Saint Luke's in the Mission.

The need there for sure - the increase the foot print and increase the beds is much needed - and what makes this possible the nurses and other - have suffered and continue to suffer - but their determination to serve is - unwavering.

In the interim this is good news. Even though the operations are funded - by an Evil Entity - CPMC.

Not all the doctors, the nurses, the orderlies, the engineers that run the mechanical and electrical operations are bad.

Those that give care will be blessed - but, not the policy makers and not those that control the money. .

As I said; on Van Ness try as they may - nothing good will happen.

Nothing good happened - when it was known as the Cathedral Hill Hotel - the place is haunted.

The feeling at Cathedral Hill - those that know it can reveal to you - what I am talking about - is one of doom and gloom.

You enter Saint Luke's and the ambiance is different - the air and the environment brings solace to the being.

That is because - many good souls have blessed Saint Luke's Hospital. Too many have been saved who today - continue to pray for Saint Luke's. This spiritual element is not recognized by the hard of heart, those that are not spiritual - and of course that have "no heart".

Cathedral Hill has been cursed - and more so with some shady politicians cutting a deal. Time will tell.

Barbara Garcia; the Director of SF General Hospital has let down the people of San Francisco.

It does not matter if a new wing is built at the San Francisco General Hospital. The way the nurses, the orderlies, the doctors, most everyone is treat at SF General Hospital is - despicable.

I challenge the Mayor, Ed Lee to go incognito - as I do and witness the horrors at the Emergency Room.

You may be bleeding; they will keep you sitting down for half an hour and sometimes hours. If you are poor, an indigent and have no health insurance - forget it.

Which bring me to charity care. We have spoken about charity care before. We need to shed light on "charity care" giving free and subsidized assistance to those that are poor - the indigent.

We, San Franciscans full comprehend that - this is the City of Saint Francis of Assisi - the Saint that exercised - compassion.

On another note to spur us to do good and act as did Saint Francis of Assisi - we have a Pope - Pope Francis who is caring.

Pope Francis requests us to be caring, request us to love the poor, care for those that need help most. Should we?

I am Catholic so my being - spurs me to mention what I have written above.

I am an advocate for those that have no voice. I speak on behalf of those that beg me to represent them. I seek no gain from my advocacy -but to serve those that need help most - shed light where there is abject - darkness.

I have no intention to disturb my dear friends from other faiths when I say I am Catholic - the atheists, agnostics, each one knows deep in the heart - what is good and what is bad - you have a conscience.

It is none of my business to tell others what faith to practice - what philosophy to espouse - what theology is best - what practice abounds in goodness - or whatever. Do right is all I request. Stand  up and speak the TRUTH.

What irks me are shallow, spineless, inept politicians who do not care for the poor, the seniors that sleep on our streets of San Francisco, the thousands that live pay check to check - while the politicians fill their campaign coffers.

When the politicians open their mouths - they lie.

Behind the hospitals and the money they make are the Insurance Companies.

Run mostly by those who are loan sharks - for centuries we called them - those that lived in ghettos. They are well known in Europe. Today, in America they have ruined our economy.

These insurance companies and those that control them - leach on the blood of those that need help - the high cost of medical care, the high cost of medicines, the high cost of hospital care, the high cost of insurance - they are behind the scenes - laughing all the way to the bank.

You take an ambulance a few hundred yards - a quarter of a mile to a hospital - and you will get a bill for $1000 if not more. What type of service and pricing is that?

You stay in a hospital and it cost you over $1000 just for your bed and bare amenities; many a time a room with two beds - that you share with another - with a cloth curtain separating you - from the other patient.

You spend ten days in hospital and if you have quality insurance you have to pay some.

If you do not have Medicare, Medical, some one has to pay - the State, the Federal Government - someone.

If you have to pay; for whatever reason, having no insurance but have some income - the bill could be easily as high as $15,000 - if it a heart operation - as high as $150,000 and that is a conservative - figure.

In the hospital care - in the service of care giving - we have lost our heart - and we have brought in the devil and the insurance companies - evil people - their bottom line is the - dollar. But that is not what care and service is about - what about a holistic service filled with love and caring?

What about the oath doctor take - or have we forgotten that?

We know politicians lie, the steal, they cheat - they live for the moment - and they will burn in hell!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Many of us advocates ponder hard - when we encounter blatant discrimination in San Francisco. San Francisco named after Saint Francis of Assisi - a man of compassion.

We advocates often look deeper - and admire those who against greater odds - marched bravely and were beaten down - by the racists thugs - as part of the Civil Right Movement in the 1960s - that brought freedom to so many Blacks know at that time as Negroes.

The famous SELMA march - brought about a lot of sorrow, those that marched had no idea they would be beaten, their bones broken, and that all because of a peaceful march - leading the group the famous Civil Right Leader - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Those gathered after being beaten - were prompted by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - to march again - and many had fear in their heart. But this time - the plan was a little different - prominent actors, others who were famous - but, some how - now fully understood - their time had come - to do the right thing.

The Selma group - regrouped and marched again and again and brought about the results - that the world now admires - the famous Selma Civil Right March - 48 years ago.

Dr. Martin Luther King refused to cow down - less to back down.

Even when most were fearful to march again - after being beaten so bad, bloodied, with many suffering broken bones - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. refused to back off - "we must march" was his refrain. The others agreed - and history was made.

Today, all over our Nation the United States of America it is amazing how - so many group - use the words "Civil Rights" - many a time very lightly.

There is the Civil Rights March - associated with those that marched to Selma - and the other rights we fight for today - without - the turmoil, the suffering, the broken bones and bloody flowing, the dogs set upon those who were just marching - and the up and close encounter with those Racist Whites - of those times - in and around - Selma - Alabama.

We all at some point ponder about Racism. Basically it is fear - some do not want to give in and allow others to enjoy the privileges - all human beings - homo sapiens - should enjoy - no questions asked.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya  and often times because no one really never thinks - I could have been born in Nairobi, Kenya - they let down their guard. Utter some words that they would never utter - in front of any Black. But once they do it - they have let the cat out of the bag. Then the fun begins.

Often times - and speak about Blacks - as if they are a segment of the population - that should be avoided - given no opportunities.

It has happened again and again in my life.

Then, I will reveal to them in no uncertain terms - that I was born in Nairobi, Kenya - and understand fully their racist thinking and more their sordid - mentality. Then I proceed to speak my mind - and they are shocked to hear what I have to say.

We human are strange - mostly afraid to speak our mind in public - when it the topic is challenging - we prefer to write about our innermost feelings in such situations.

Then when we think - everything is fine - according the norms we set for ourselves.

Coming out and speaking openly and often times - our mentality is totally revealed - when we speak ill of others in private.

Then we meet the people we have spoken ill of - and act as if everything is normal. This is totally - wrong - we know it - but we usually do not do anything about it.

Now, of late I have heard some get angry at some racist comments made by some.

Mostly those - who may not have had the opportunity - like some of us have had - to mingle, build strong friendships, share our innermost thoughts and build bridges - in one country, another country, in colleges, universities - travelling and so on and so forth.

We are human beings - and the more I study about the Selma Civil Right March - the more I see the participation of Blacks, Whites, others to many to mention - to fight for what is right - and bring dignity to the Blacks - at that time - that were treated as second class citizens.

When President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Bill - many Blacks wept.

I have met many of those that lived through those terrible times. First called Negroes, then Black, and in recent times African Americans.

Today, the worst insult we advocates face - is when we encounter Blacks who have no sense of the real Civil Rights battles - and work against our Black children - as does the District 10 Supervisor - a liar - Malia Cohen. Time will tell.

Others will fight for Queer Rights and compare it to Civil Rights - I beg to defer.

I have had the opportunity to have many Queer friends - both men and women. They know who they are - and until today - I stay friends - they love me and I love them - together - we have shared the issues at hand - over come and made history.

Queer folks have won many rights and more power to them.

However, when I analyse the many facets of the Civil Rights Movement linked to Selma - the elements and the factors - were totally different.

Totally different - from those that are exercised - by the Queer Movement today - to seek freedom and be free from blatant discrimination - that in my opinion is totally - wrong - on one level.

The Constitution as it is written has some fundamental principles - and these fundamental principles - are embedded so deep - that only the Supreme Court - the Judicial Branch of our Republic can change. Of course those that have not read the Constitution of the United States - find it difficult to comprehend.

This matter has come before the United States Supreme Court before - 16 times - and in all the times it has come before the U.S. Supreme Court - marriage between a man and a woman has been maintained as the status quo.

As I said it will come before the United States Supreme Court today - California's same-sex marriage ban Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act - both of which have been ruled unconstitutional by the lower courts.

As things stand today - the Supreme Court has again and again ruled in favor of marriage as that between a man and a woman.
Today in Paris thousands gather against same-sex marriage - and while some gain have been made in favor of same-sex - by large measure most Nations all over the world - favor a family - children with a father and mother - legally married.

Today, the Supreme Court will hear the parties about same sex marriage and equal rights and Proposition 8 that the State of California - where I live said - "No" - to the Queer folks of California - and denied the Queer folks living in California - equal rights. Here is San Francisco demonstrations are planned - and there are reports of many attending the court session in Washington DC - reports found on FaceBook and on other pertinent - blogs.

After some days - there will some adjudication - by the United States Supreme Court.

I sincere hope the Supreme Court - rules in favor of equal rights for all - the same benefits for all American citizens - but always with the U.S. Supreme Court having a say - maintaining a standard - keeping family values - and always protecting our children for future generations.

Because minors do not have a legal say - the issue of same sex marriage is debate by all parties - but missing in the equation children, youth, young adults who are burden with the future - and they must in all measure - be considered, listened to, and incorporated into the legal - adjudication.

President Bill Clinton could have favored same sex marriage - but he did not.

President Bill Clinton set the process - back.

Now, being the opportunist he is - President Bill Clinton; favors same sex marriage - more because President Barack Obama is for same sex marriage. Time will tell.

On many other level many Blacks have forgotten about the Civil Right Movement - caught in the Blink, Blink of the contemporary world. The materialism that is around us - the richer Black - could not care less. I wonder what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would say?

Our education system is not the greatest - 38th in the world - and that is nothing to brag about.

Our economy has its woes too - we have no balanced budget - and the Democrats love spending - they say they have a balance budget but that is a LIE. It does not help that the Republican - love to about the budget - but, they too have no solutions - except to say - that many benefits the Seniors receive such as Medicare - should be trimmed - but, that is not a solution.

The Civil Rights of the early 1960s brought about some fair play - but in recent times - most everything that was won by those who were poor and could attain middle class status - has been turned back.

I am watching the machinations and ploys - to keep people down - and when they are kept down for a long time - with no HOPE - then we will have a revolution. Only those that are armed will be in a position - to defend themselves.

Once this Nation was owned and ruled by the Native Americans - the First People. When the White people came they had nothing - but they took what they could - today they have it all.

The Native American lingers in the Reservations - and no one calls that discrimination or Racism - but it is.

Women were kept down - could not vote - they can vote now - but still have to fight for their rights - that is Racism.

The Queer want to be treated as equals - but that fight has to go to the Supreme Court - to over turn one of the fundamental principles - that adjudication will come soon - and reveal what the future has in store for us.

In the mean time - the mighty dollar is being kept steady - with low interest rates. While we watch Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Italy and a host of the European Union countries - watch their economy - in doldrums.

Many European countries raped countries in Africa, Southeast Asian, South America and all over the world - mostly using arms and ammunition. Today, is a different world - much more harsh - they are sweet when they talk to you - and then quickly stab you in the back.

The Palestinians, the Kurds, the Burmese, those in the many places under dictators - other places where innocent people are kept in bondage - Sudan comes to mind.

When will Racism stop - in Australia with the Aboriginals, New Zealand with the Maori, Russia with those from Georgia and other countries that are seeking independence and true freedom.

When will the human race - learn to love - and give hope where now reigns - despair? Aho.


San Francisco Taxi Drivers shafted at every turn - blatant discrimination - by the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - just following the many shenanigans by MTA - makes you sick to the stomach.

At one point thirty years ago there were about 650 taxis in San Francisco that was when our legal population was about 750,000.
You called for a Taxi and it was there in less then 5 minutes - 10 minutes maximum. The service was good and I have many Taxi Drivers who were my personal - friends.

Now there are about 1600 taxis and our population is about 805,000 - with the day time population growing to a million. You all for a cab and you can wait for half an hour and sometimes on a Friday a hour. The system be it the dispatch, the strange APPS that have come on line - the limousines, the Town Cars, and a host of other mixes - have screwed the entire - system.

Thousands come to San Francisco to work and come 6 pm leave for the suburbs - when there are conventions and large gathering like the baseball and football games - the demand for taxis - is greater.

Some twenty years ago - you would NOT see the many buses that we have today that ply their trade and deprive taxis of customers -to go to the airport for example.

Then you have the black town cars and limousines illegally pick up customers at designated taxis stops.

In front of the hotels - and often times mocking the taxi drivers - challenging them - what can they do - about the illegal trade these limousines and Town Cars - ply.

The MTA is impotent - they talk a lot - have town hall meetings - but never, ever listen to the taxi drivers.

At the many MTA meetings held at City Hall in Room 400 - the Director of the MTA Ed Reiskin and the Chair of the MTA - allow venting; when they take public comment.

In the end the MTA decides as they please - as they have cheated the Taxi Drivers and deprived them of their Trust Funds. Making many promises in front of the Taxi Drivers - without blinking an eye - then behind the backs of the Taxi Drivers - cheating them like Ali Baba.

Dipping into the Taxi Drivers Trust Fund and stealing it in broad daylight. The MTA has no qualms of conscience and the time has come to impose the RICO ACT on the MTA.

We once had the Taxi Commission and most everything was fine.

Then came some idiots who decided to combine the Taxi Commission and bring it under the jurisdiction to the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - with that the death knell was rung - and the rest is - history.

The taxi drives are not at their wits end - and many have died from the stress - other have lost their savings - and may have jeopardize their families - and this is plain - WRONG.

The present MTA is a Joke - and pathetic to say the least.

The MTA does not have the ability to discern - and only those can discern; who have the ability to think, adjudicate, set their priorities straight, listen to all parties concerned, learn about consensus building - all of which the MTA - lacks in large - manner.

The MTA cannot offer solutions - and less holistic solutions.

When there is money to be made; be it linked to the MUNI buses - which is our Public Transportation system - our taxis which the public use to meet their everyday needs - the MTA seeks to fill their own pockets and make up using the Taxi Drivers and their fees to pay for their misdeeds - elsewhere - more with the MUNI system that is in jeopardy.

The Seniors who look to the taxis and those which the ability to accommodate their wheel chairs, the blind who have special needs - and leading taxi companies - did their best - at one time -  but not any more.

The MTA constantly moves their target - and it is difficult to know what exactly they want to accomplish.

The MTA talks in circles, always makings shady, sordid deals - that are well know for.

The MTA have antiquated soft ware - much like their MUNI buses and their governing - mentality - and smacks of something from the Smithsonian.

One or two will offer suggestions - the rest like sheep - can be led over the precipice and into the cesspool of their own making - at the many MTA meetings.

Chair of the MTA - Chris Nolan must step up and fix the MUNI system - be it the cameras that are not working - the lack of safety and the increase of crime.

The pleas of the Taxi Drivers - to leave them alone and NOT monitor their every single action.

Some cab drivers act like the Mafia and in past years made deals with Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and Mayor Gavin Newsom. Now, those deals have come to haunt everyone.

The medallion situation was once created to be fair - a method to permit the taxi driver to retire - sell his medallion and have a nest for his or her retirement. No more.

Now, the MTA wants money in the thousands some $250,000 and one can get medallion - the system is flawed and in all the behind the scene deliberation - the Taxi Drivers - have NOT - been consulted.

The taxi drivers are used like a dirty rag and thrown into the waste paper basket. This nonsense must stop - now - promptly.

The latest fad having APPS is something that eventually will be implemented as more and more folks - have the use of smart phones and IPads.

Our City and County of San Francisco - is not looking to monitor the taxi system - and be fair - with accountability and transparency.

More having a practical and an UNIVERSAL model or two - that can satisfy - everyone driving a taxi.

This is where - nearer to San Francisco that the world knows the "Tech World Thrives" - but in San Francisco itself - we are years behind in the dark - because of the lack of sound - leadership.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) is in the dark - abject darkness - and  the hard working taxi drivers - are shafted - for no reason and this is - WRONG.

It is time to change our ways and learn to first listen to the Taxi Drivers who are under the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco - and the MTA. The MTA must change their ways - and the on going shenanigans cannot go on forever.

Now; if those in charge say that the Buses, the limousines, the Town Cars come under the State - let those vendors not ply on our roads and break laws - that are in place - and we in San Francisco are in the position to act and adjudicate.

Many of these drivers are pedophiles, others have felony crimes and are on parole - rapists, murderers,  anyone can drive - but for heaven's sake - we are taking big risk - with the criminal element - in the Town Cars, limousines, and Tourist buses - putting thousands at risk.

The MTA must stop spewing diatribe and get back to work - and implement policies that work.

Help San Franciscans, the drivers; mostly immigrants - who work hard and get nothing much. Everyone wants to squeeze the taxi drivers - dry.

Our Mayor is busy with other things - so may be after he reads this article - he can bring in the leaders of the Taxi Drivers and listen; to what they have to say.

I know Mayor Ed Lee will - if he has some compassion and as he says - he started as an advocate. Go Mayor Ed Lee!

Make good things happen and put a smiling face on our ambassadors the Taxi Drivers of this great and fair City - San Francisco. Aho.