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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Corrupt politicians neutralizing the courts and the Media spreading disinformation.

Corrupt politicians working with the Main Media have been spreading disinformation for the longest time ever - in the United States.

Gradually, our Courts have been neutralized and decisions made that are weak and favor the corrupt.

On the front line the thousands of constituents find it difficult to get a good education and lack the ability to comprehend and make sound - judgements.

For the longest time - subtle messages have been sent via the media - spreading misinformation - leading the public to believe in lies.

Few have read the Blue Ribbon Report linked to 9/11. The Blue Ribbon Commission could not come to any conclusion - linked to the major tragedy.

It is the same with the invasion of the war and Iraq.
We had No business going to Iraq and for the matter to Afghanistan.

The common American is so nonchalant believing almost anything they hear from the Main Media as some "truth" some "fact" that cannot be challenged.

We see this nonsense playing on the world screen - the Murdoch Empire and its eminent down fall. Telephone tapping and other nefarious activities. His newspaper have spread lies, controlled politicians, adversely impacted thousands innocent people -  including here in the United States.

On the local level here in San Francisco there are various levels of decision making - mostly led by every corrupt - politicians.

In the last ten years our education has gone south, our safety diminished, our health in peril, the homeless everywhere, our children one in three go to bed hungry, in certain parts forty percent unemployment, there are shootings and killings - those that represent - keep spewing toxic hot air.

Here is San Francisco most San Franciscans have completely forgotten the ploys and machinations of Bevan Dufty and Sophie Maxwell - and the 20 minute break - a sudden break in the middle of a marathon session - to vote for an Interim Mayor.

Today - all sorts of charlatans have entered the race - each plotting behind the scenes - and all prodded by very corrupt politicians. Today, only the very corrupt  - join - POLITICS. The are the scum of the Earth.

Here in California thousands of employees who work in the State Courts have been laid off. Hundreds of Court Rooms - shut. Now, any major adjudication will take years - and even simple divorce proceedings months - if not years.

Connect the dots - dirty politics, still filthy media spreading disinformation, now stopping the Courts in their tracks - from any meaningful - adjudication worth the salt.

Of course, those that have no education will have no clue about what I am talking about.

On another level the middle class is eroding.

Soon we will have the very rich and the very poor. 

When such a stage is arrived - most things we take for granted - will no longer exist. Some revolution will take place - there is no other conclusion.

Try getting some higher education. Try getting a job with benefits - health benefits, pension, the benefits that give you peace of mind.

Go to the market and compare the prices when it comes to essentials. Of course we notice the higher prices - but we cannot connect the dots.

Go the bank and ask for a loan. The "thugs" the same "thugs" that we the tax payers bailed out - demand sixty percent equity to borrow any money. Go figure!

Corrupt politicians who are spiritually bankrupt, have no conscience - have for years pandered to the lobbyists and those that fill their campaign coffers.

We have politicians, planted by Political Action Committees (PACs) - mostly uneducated on issues.
Cheating, lying, stealing - and taking the constituents for granted. The Tea Party - making a mockery of genuine Democracy.

Look at our Representatives on any level - most of them are busy adding to their campaign coffers - and less paying attention to the constituents - they must serve. Anyone notice this on going - nonsense?

We have corrupt politicians gradually neutralizing the courts - using the Media to spread disinformation.

While all the time taking control of policy making on every level - health, safety, education, immigration, agriculture, production and so forth.