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Thursday, January 31, 2019


When London Breed - who is fake, inept, has no clue what she is talking about - cannot even read right - from the teleprinter.

London  Breed - has failed San Francisco, the tax payers and has the audacity to say that San Francisco is on the right track. London Breed must be leaving on another planet.

London Breed's advisors who are beholden to the Zionists, the many Big Developers are salivating making hay while the sun shines. 

These Big Developers are controlling everything - and most of the SF Broad Supervisors - are pandering to the Big Developers.

We do not need large Bond Measure that we the tax payers have been paying and will pay. Like some Bond Measure to the tune of $300 million - for some affordable housing - when we today have over 40,000 units - vacant - Market Price units.
30,000 homes vacant - all of which can be rented - and the City and  County can find a way to resolve this issue.

We do not need 33,000 City Employees - and we do not need City Employees making over $250,000 with benefits - and for sure no one making $350,000 plus and not justifying - for the amount spent on these jerks. More House Negros.

Our Black children are suffering a full seventy percent (70%) who are deep into truancy, when you ask them where do they live - they tell you openly - we crash anywhere. Which may mean - under some bushes, in some vacant building, some vehicle - anywhere however filthy - just to lie their head.

These Black children and youth - commit crimes daily to survive - and here we have Mayor London Breed - talking about Donald Trump - when at ground zero - it is mess - a glaring mess that London Breed is NOT fully aware.

There are more home break-ins, car break-ins, assaults, other crimes that adversely impact - Quality of Life issues.

Here is London Breed - shouting at the mike - making statements - that have nothing what so ever to do with our City and County of San Francisco.

Fuck Donald Trump we know who he is and what he is capable of doing - so do not bring Donald Trump with cliches.

London Breed talk about Donald  Trump - when in reality she is worse than that jerk - fuck Donald Trump if he believes in building walls - as far as I know - he will never be able to build a wall.

Now if London Breed believes in building bridges - as far as I know every bridge in San Francisco - is not maintained and suffers from deferred maintenance - prove me wrong - the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, the bridges by Mission Bay - all the Bridges literally need maintenance - prove me wrong.

I want to ask Mayor London Breed - what bridge have this heifer built - worth the salt -  ever since she became Mayor of San Francisco ?

I know Mayor London Breed - could have attend the funeral of my good friend Joseph Taeotui (Jungle ) ambushed by his home - the killer roaming free on the streets.

London Breed and her then sidekick chose to spent more time - pussyfooting - at Third and Yosemite - at some drab cafe - that is not worth the salt. You and Malia Cohen should be ashamed of yourself.

What bridge have you built between the poor and Seniors in particular in San Francisco?

Today - I had to get up very early in the morning to help some Seniors - living on the streets - who fell prey to thugs and their things and medicines stolen. 

This Mayor London Breed has done nothing for Seniors - we cannot even get funding to treat our Seniors with decency to teach them how to use Computers in the Bayview.

We have to have our classes - at the Bayview Library - the schedule subject to  what ever determination the Bayview Library makes - and subject to 12 classes a year!

What bridge have you built that would make life for Black students better ?

I suppose you are Black - but way you act - is like your shit  don't stink. Pathetic.

When you speak to the public at large stop shouting, screaming, and pompously thinking your shit does not stink. 

You better sit down with the Pimp Slim who could tell you a thing or two - about things - when you were very young and wallowing in the muck.

At the SF Unified School  District - the reports point to  wide discrepancies.

Black students in classes that cater to Special Education - do better than the students who are in regular class -  be it Willie Brown Middle School, E.R. Taylor, Dr. Martin Luther King Middle School, Visitation Middle School, any other school - where Black students attend in numbers.

The daily attendance of the Black students is pathetic and the Black students do not attend school at all  - truancy is at a peek.

You Mayor London Breed have NO clue what you are talking about - constantly spewing hot air and diatribe.

The SF Police Department knows about this - so do others - and so does Shamann Walton - who must visit Visitation Middle School and have a talk with the Black Principal who is at her wits end.

The Black principal  - trying to deal with the rampant madness prevailing at Visitation Valley Middle School. Build that bridge and report to me - both you Mayor London Breed and Shamann Walton - one worse than the other.

Are you London Breed trying to built homes on contaminated ground - solar farms on contaminated ground - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

For sure the bridge you are trying to build on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - is one that has no foundation - and will topple down. Only some fool would attempt to do something on contaminated ground - Health come first - but for you and Shamann Walton - GREED in your god - you two serve Mammon.

There are plans to put a Solar Farm on Parcel E2 - Parcel E2 has Methane Wells that spew Methane Gas. 

Ever heard of a Solar Farm - on land that is contaminated and more has concentrated Methane Gas in the air. 

Do you know - this mixture - is prefect for an explosion.

But you Mayor London Breed have NO clue what you are reading - from prepared script -  not once can you speak extempore - and make sense. 

You are NOT educated on issues.

Put all your advisors together from the Mayor Office itself - the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the Mayor's of Workforce, your Special Advisor who is speeding permits, your inept Manager of Emergency Services, your City Administrator, all those who have around you - not worth the salt. 

Call for a meeting - and let us see - if you have the empirical data - who has done more for this City and County of San Francisco.

Let me see you Mayor London Breed put in writing how you can solve the " pension crises " - and build that bridge that we need to be in place with goals and timelines.

More, with all the double dipping.

Too many SF City Employees more managers - making is access of $175,000 with benefits - we spend more and take less money - even though our budget is $11 Billion plus.

Violence is on the increase - in San Francisco - and who will build that bridge.

You Mayor London Breed - for as long as I know you - talk from both sides of your fucking mouth.  When will you STOP screaming and shouting and talk like a lady?

The known junkets, you wheeling and dealing with developers, you taking bribes - are documented .

You heifer - are known for your shopping trips and junkets wasting thousands.

You make over $366,000 all tax payer money - never in the office - never doing anything meaningful for the poor and those that need help most.

You Mayor London breed - dress like some old Mama who gets her dresses from some old Thrift Shop. Your figure like a Block of Ice.

Get you act together - and lose some weight - obese and like a heifer that eats, and eats, and eats.

So round you could roll and roll - and drool and roll over into oblivion - soon you will burst from the tense faltering seams.

We have over 35,000 homes in San Francisco that have not been rented - the owners prefer to keep the homes closed - other than deal with the renters. 

The owners do not mind taking the loss - may be they can write it off. Can you address this problem and find a solution - get the owners to rent - reasonable rent - to accommodate the serious lack of sound housing in San Francisco.

We have over 40,000 units - Market Price units - all vacant. 

We have built more Market Price Housing - and less Affordable Housing - how do you propose to build that bridge?

How do you propose to build a bridge - to address the vacant homes and the 40,000 Market Price units - that cost from $6000 to $10,000 a month to rent. 

How do you plan to build this bridge - Mayor London Breed?

May be your sugar daddies can give you some advice - more the sugar daddies that are White and you pander to. 

Your SF Planning Department has been endorsing permits - that do not comply with standards.

Developers  building homes on very contaminated ground.

Appeals that come before the SF Board of Supervisors - and the SF Planning Department - going against wishes of the tax payers, decent San Franciscans - and there is more. 

What bridge are you going to build to address good homes on clean ground - fostering good health and contributing to Quality of Life issues?

When are you going to build a bridge - and help hire a sound educated Toxicologist to address the pressing contamination and pollution - a seat that has been vacant for years - over 10 years - at the  San Francisco Department of Health?

When are you going to help hire a Director of Health - the last one Barbara Garcia under your watch - was taking bribes and helping her wife. May be you too - were involved in the ploys and machinations - more coming from the hood.

We have a Chief of Police who is Black - we have a City Administrator who is Black - we have a Black Supervisor Shamann Walton who is Black - in District 10.

Shamann Walton who is Black from Vallejo and involved with Dark Money.

Enough of the pussyfooting.

I suppose you are Black - what have you to say - when can we meet for an hour - no more than an hour - you and your advisors - you name the time and place - and I will come alone.

I have served this City and County for 35 years - and in all the time I have been in the trenches - this time is the worse ever - and you as the Mayor of San Francisco - have done nothing - but kick the can - down the street. 

Time for reality check. Let us build that bridge - when it comes to bridges that is what I do best. 

Zero tolerance for nonsense that seems to have inundated this City and County of San Francisco - at every level.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has declared bankruptcy - chapter 11 -  private investment to the tune of over $11 billion are in the pipeline - spurring PG&E's stocks and shares to take a hike up. Those wishing PG&E the worse - sending them swooning - and wondering what the fuck is happening?

PG&E is NOT about to surrender - and some entity like San Francisco Public Utilities (SFPUC) with a very poor track record - cannot and should not be permitted to undertake an operation for which it is NOT suited. 

More with the rampant corruption of the highest order - prevailing at SFPUC.

PG&E has over 100 years of experience in the field of maintaining high powered power lines, sub-stations, distribution, billing - and a gamut of other vetted skills and accomplishments.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - will take decades to catch up - and more have the ability to operate with standards.

Even as PG&E has declared bankruptcy - hundreds of attorneys are working very hard to back  PG&E - these attorneys - are the backbone of their stellar " legal team ".

In the hundreds of law suits the SFPUC  has brought against PG&E - PG&E has won over 95%.

SFPUC has a few attorney - no one that has the caliber nor the experience of some of the high ranking PG&E attorneys.

None of the SFPUC attorneys have access to the many specialities and operations - marketing, higher caliber accountability, understanding distribution.

Transparent and standardized billing, maintaining and operating maintenance facilities complete with Superintendents who have been with PG&E for decades - are their backbone and ready to begin gusto - a new.

I was at City Hall yesterday and addressed the SF Board of Supervisors - many time - a bunch of idiots - who wag that tongue - that tongue that has no bone - if it had one - many of them would not have a tongue.

Again and again the SF BOS have been taught with their hand in the cookie jar - acting in haste without doing their homework.

The Central subway started with a price of $600 million and is still on going with a price that exceeds $1.6 Billion. Such facts do not shame the SF Board of Supervisors.

It is the same with the Van Ness project which is a mess and over budget - and of course the TransBay which has yet to open to the public - and has been closed to the public for some months now. It cost the tax payers $2 billion.

The SF BOS now want to take control of the high power transmission lines, the sub-stations, the distribution, marketing, billions of dollars in financing and think that they are capable of managing  such projects - which they are not.

All costing billions - pretending that they have a sound credit - but they have NO experience - and San Francisco must be leery of these crooks  - many of them milking the system more, the crooks wheeling and dealing at SF Public Utilities Commission.

Our City and County of San Francisco is facing a catastrophe with the impeding City Pensions - too much double dipping, and many SF City employees paid too much - a full 20% making over $175,000 with benefits.

Some SF City employees have special contracts - in access of $350,000 with benefits our Mayor making over $365,000.

All of them over paid - and under utilized - more their performance drab and lacking any known standards.

Failing us tax payers -  while NO one is paying attention to audits - and failures - all that point to inferior and despicable performances - more laden with corruption of the highest order. Dark money!

What is paramount to note - lack of yearly work performance reports.

These crooks - making hay while the sun shine - laughing all the way to the bank.

Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Hillary Ronen are novices who want to step from the frying pan to the fire - to gain some browny points.

They both should stick to represent their Districts - in District 9 - there is much to do - and I have given Hillary Ronen a pass - but we have serious issues to tackle - when it comes to Quality of Life issues. 

They both have little if no experience about how to operate large Energy Companies and all the intricate elements that go with with monitoring transmission lines, the distribution, the marketing, billing - suffice to say - they use their platform as SF Supervisors - to wag their tongues.

Both  do great disservice to the tax payers and more the decent - hard working San Franciscans. Suffice to say of late we are fed up with their petty politics - first the introducing of Mark Farrell to be be Interim Mayor - kicking London Breed out. 

Then recently corralling the Mission constituents - to prop some fake representation - that does not represent the entire District 9 - all to try to be the President of the Board of Supervisors - Norman Yee won and Hillary Ronen now want to help establish an operation - known as the SF Clean Power - she is biting more than she can chew. 

The immature plan to control some sort of SF Clean Energy Project - complete with the control of higher power transmission lines, distribution, marketing, billing and the many other needed operations - none of which are in place - and none have been studied. Some study done by consultants - may be in place in 3 months.

Of important to note the state of affairs linked to all high power lines - a needs assessment that is needed - and which PG&E has stated is very cost prohibitive and will cost $ 5 Billion.

Millions of dead trees that have to be removed - something PG&E attempted to clear - using helicopters and also as PG&E has declared cost them a lot of money.

Managing distribution and controlling the transmission lines - requires expertise - that comes from years of experience - politicians often say what the public likes to hear.

Here in San Francisco - we have astute and stellar constituents - and we must  be leery of these crooks - more those that make their nest at  525 Golden Gate Avenue. 

These two Supervisors - Aaron Peskin and Hillary Ronen - would do well to wait for 3 months to study the report - which has been planned to be in place - while some consultants -prepare the report at great expensive - may be costing above $400,000.

These two SF Supervisors Hillary Ronen and Aaron Peskin  -  have NO clue what they are talking about - at this juncture - putting the cart before the horse. Time will tell.

Some immature and foolish SF Board of Supervisors - a few SF City and County heads of Departments - among them Harlan Kelly - Manager of SFPUC - his wife Naomi Kelly - the City Administrator - the Mayor - London Breed - spewing diatribe - I am watching these folks like a hawk.

The above named folks - have all fallen for some fancy talk - dreaming of controlling the a system called SF Clean Power - complete with the ability of controlling the transmission lines, doing the distribution, marketing, the many other abilities that they lack knowledge off -  some of them talking from both sides of their mouth.

If this City and County of San Francisco - permits them to act as they wish to - our City and County of San Francisco - will be in a mess - and far greater mess than - PG&E is experiencing today.

On another level a judge has ordered PG&E to do a needs assessment of all its high power transmission lines - on hearing this order - PG&E has stated it  will be cost prohibitive - over $5 Billion.

Judging from  past actions - lack of presence of mind and more the lack of being able to adjudicate on important issues at hand - making the right decision - the SF BOS have proved again and again to lack the ability to " discern ".

The  SFBOS will fall flat on their face - and then point fingers - at others.

Yesterday January 29, 2019 I was at SF City Hall in Room 250 - agenda item 181224 - Tenderloin Housing Clinic - Supportive Housing Services - to the tune of $117,285,186.

A Resolution to retroactively approve a grant agreement between the City and County of San Francisco acting by and thought the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing and Tenderloin Housing Clinic for supportive housing for formerly homeless adults for a term of July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2018, huge amounts totaling $117,285,186 - actions that did not come before the SF Board of Supervisors.

Way back in 2014 - some of the  the above amount got approval without coming to the SF BOS - where by law all amounts in access of $10 million have to be approved.

A financial officer representing the Tenderloin Housing Clinic  stated the facts and Supervisor Aaron Peskin threw a fit - he compared the situation to a Constitutional Crisis of something to that a fact.

Then there was some back and forth - until finally the SF City Controller Ben Rosenfield - stated who exactly was at fault - the system at the time lacking checks and balances and so on.

If some adjudication was made - to NOT allow the Tenderloin Housing Clinic to have access to this money - to fire the head of the department - Trent Rhorer - the Director of Human Services - just the thought of taking such actions - slowed the actions to be taken.

In the end when the vote was taken two voted against Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Norman Yee the SF Board President - the rest all voted in positive - some must have done some superb lobbying - may be even bribing the rascals. The final vote 9 for - 2 against. 

The eleven Districts of San Francisco - represented by a Supervisor - who must represent one's District while also represent the entire City and  County of San Francisco.

Vince Courtney who sits of the SF Public Utilities Commission - the only person who has a feel for the workers - more Blue Collared workers - and speaks his mind - has chose to resign February 13, 2019 - to head a number of Political Action Committees.

As one who attends the SF Public Utilities Commission - and participates in the deliberations - he will be missed - what will happen - as usually happens - " buffoonery " of the highest order with reign supreme - and folks like Juliet Ellis, Barbara Hale, William Carlin and others too many to name - will have a field day.

The SF Public Utilities Commission was formed in 1996 and Pacific Gas and Electric in 1905.

The California Public Utilities Commission was formed in 1911.

SFPUC has failed the tax payers - as will be proved by the many audits done by the SF Controller's Office -  linked to the Water System and Improvement Project  (WSIP) - millions wasted on Mountain Tunnel, Calaveras, and Irvington Tunnel and more.

Millions wasted on the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - it started as a $6 Billion project now expanded to $10 billion. Community Benefits doled out to crooks by one Dwayne Jones who is deemed a consultant and is NOT to be trusted.

Sunday, January 27, 2019


In general all " health systems " tacitly sit down with very evil " insurance companies " to rake in billions.

It is all about milking the " Health Maintenance System " - using convoluted and very dubious algorithms - to target the most vulnerable and charge the maximum - hospital stay, operations, medications.

All those elements we care for but that are abused by those that purport to help us - but continue with intent - to let us down. So help us God!

Devious methods of collecting money for inferior services rendered - that cause " deep fissures " - the more you look into the matter - the deeper one swims in the " cesspool of corruption" - empathy, compassion, healing - all those good values - thrown to the wind.

More - that compromise the " Hippocratic Oath " - taken by those that must uphold " stellar and astute health services " - in reality pander to the failing health system we have in the United States of America - saturated with corruption.

Doctors connected with doling out prescriptions - to those that fain pain - and are prescribed Opioids - so called pain killers - that mostly these patients are addicted to - more pain killers prescribed- that leads to the premature death of thousands every month - all over the Nation.

On another level when it comes to deliver and paying for some standard " health care " those that take care of their health - are targeted -  and disrespected -  forced to fork out thousands for inferior and compromised - health services.

The higher premiums under " American Health Act " better known as " Obama Care " - penalizes those that are healthy -  as I said - and puts too much burden on those that must pay higher premiums - each and every year.

Barrack Obama made fake promises - you could choose your doctor - that never happened. Your premiums would not go up - it has skyrocketed. Your health services would improve - seeing is believing.

Here is one article that sheds some light - be it that each day we live in our Society - the " insurance companies " are ahead of the game - using nefarious tactics - to milk those that need help most :

Here is San Francisco our health services are being compromised.

One of the main entities that has its sticky finger - in all important matters - linked to health matters of importance - are Sutter Hospitals.

Again and again when it comes to Saint Luke's Hospital ( now under the jurisdiction of Sutter Hospital - aka California Pacific Medical Center ), Sutter Hospital in Marin County, in other places in the Bay Area - too many to name - again and again - we see the fleecing of the patients - Register Nurses and other health givers - all treated with disdain.

At Sutter Hospitals sub-astute patients are targeted and bed reduced to a minimum. 

So are services linked to pre-mature babies and related issues. So are services that existed and are no more - linked to respiratory diseases and other chronic diseases such as - heart attacks and more.

The San Francisco General Hospital - has been decertified so many times - again and again -  for failing to maintain - standards - more in the last 15 years.

The Commission linked to the SF Health Department and the SF General Hospital is a farce - the key players - Smithsonian - they talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Again and again very serious factors prop up - charging patients more than they are suppose to be charged.

Over working the nurses more Registered Nurses - other Medical Technicians - and if one registers a complaint - they are targeted and this is plain wrong. Where is the compassion?

Barbara Garcia -
is was fired - an action that shocked many -
there is more to come.

Recently Barbara Garcia who was the Director of the SF  Public Health  - was fired.

Apparently even after making over  $275,000 with benefits - Barbara Garcia still had time - to connive, hoodwink, cheat and help her wife - get contracts illegally - to make more money. Greed.

Barbara Garcia was well known to me - for many years - and in my work.

I had access to her more to find out focused information more linked to empirical data - statistics linked to our infants, children, youth, young adults, Seniors, those with compromised health - as the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy and my work on the Frontlines and in the trenches - over 35 years.

I admired Barbara Garcia for her hard work, tenacity and fortitude -  when I received the awful news - her being fired - it hurt me and I was in utter shock.

However in view of other situations in which I am involved - I know for a fact - corruption at all levels - exists in practically every SF City Department - more with the Mayor Office in San Francisco.

For sure when Mayor Edwin Mah Lee was in charge and worked in Room 200 at City Hall - and now Mayor London Breed - a novice who is hell bent to make as much money as she can. 

London Breed will fall flat on her face - obese and round as she is - will simply roll over - and fade into oblivion.

The many deep fissures within the SF Health System and more SF General Hospital.

The recent revelations  - linked to charging patients more - at the SF General Hospital is something so despicable - that is cast a very " dark cloud " - on upper management.

More on that institution - that defied standards and continues to wallow in the " cesspool of its own creation " - SF General Hospital needs a clean slate - and time is running out.

Check this out - patients must wait in line - to be transferred for less paying care - to other hospitals - forcing SF General Hospital to transfer patients - more off load patients - compromising standards - where is the EQUITY : 

Our SF Board of Supervisors and our SF Mayor London Breed are busy pussyfooting around - none of them do their home work - the talk the talk and fail to walk the walk.

In the past advocates from the Bayview Hunters Point - helped build the more stable buildings - before newer hospital building were built - the City and County of San Francisco and the present City Administrator and SF Board of Supervisors - have no clue about this history.

It has become customary to use the advocates and throw them like some dirty rags into some sordid dustbin  - fail to acknowledge them.

Actions that have come to haunt the City and County of San Francisco - the City Administrator, the SF Board of Supervisors - and more Mayor London Breed.

On our streets homelessness is so chronic that it has made Nation Headlines - our streets stinks to high heaven - and the mess left in many parts of our Financial District - is despicable.

We now see addicts on Geary Avenue - opposite the St. Mary Cathedral - in the open for all to see - how our unique addicts - shoot in the open for all the world to see.

It took me a month to clean up the street opposite the Main Library - the businesses were crying for help - and no one cared - thanks to my connections within the Department of Public Works - I personally pursued my quests to help the businesses and saw how inept the system was.

Young children would see the junkies shoot in the open - and no one cared. The children when they see just horrible scenes - are horrified - I saw the expression on their faces - and decided to fix the problem.

The addiction to Opioids in San Francisco - is increasing - and the issues is complicated - more with Mainland China - flooding the market - most of the Opioids brought in at the many Entry Points - which lack personnel and technology which the U.S. Government - has failed to appropriate.

The Opioid epidemic - compounded with mental challenged who are not treated in San Francisco, the thousands living in horrible conditions - in one of the world's richest city - San Francisco - the land of the Ohlone - that was stolen - no one seems to care- but not for long.

Missing in the above equation - the many demeaning and dehumanizing  facets revealed on the streets of San Francisco.

The lack of sound leadership - that is non-existent in San Francisco - more in Room 200 - where our present Mayor - London Breed - smiles and talks from both sides of her dirty mouth.

London Breed is busy pussy footing around - her advisors one worse than the other.

The SF General Hospital is just one factor - just one big open sore - just one gigantic blunder - screaming for attention - no one is paying - attention.

Anyway one looks at this situation - the failing SF General Hospital - be it an important one that points to the systemic failures - each and every year.

Compounded - on so many levels - that an emergency must be declared - the mess cleared and addressed on a war footing.

The many hurdles, impediments, corrupt policies - addressed
in this article.

Saturday, January 26, 2019


Thousands of species have vanished -
flora, fauna, insects, frogs, you name it -
Climate Change, increased Carbon Footprint -
has less to do with indigenous people -
more with the GREEDY strangers that want it all.

Indigenous people - the Ohlone - here in San Francisco other indigenous people the Miwok, Pomo - still, other indigenous tribes from California - too, many to name - have for thousands of years done an excellent job and left a legacy - respecting Mother Earth.

PTEROSAURS as depicted -
at the Museum of Natural Sciences -
San Francisco - Golden Gate Park.

Not so the greedy - strangers - who continue to pollute, contaminate, build skyscrapers, deplete resources like clean drinking water, our air - and of course the land on which we live.

These skyscrapers are the scourge of the land -
they increase the Carbon Footprint -
that the evil with intent - make NO note off.

In recent years too much has been made of the reading linked to some " carbon footprint ". 

In San Francisco itself the amount of aggregate, concrete, increased traffic - more back to back.

Other - actions from industries, industrial activities, daily home activities - but the most important fact to note - methane gas spewing from poor landfill - thousands of tons of methane gas - one ton of methane gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The San Francisco Department of Environment - for all it stands for - will take opportunities - at podiums and some events - to say stuff that is incorrect and one of them is the ever increasing Carbon Footprint. Its Director Debbie Raphael and her minions - failing to serve less represent San Francisco. 

Here is one link that kind of says something - if one can figure out - what exactly the map is trying to say -  come - to some realization and conclusion  - factual and empirical data that matters :

Not too long ago - we all experienced - the adverse impacts of the " Butte Fire ".

In recent weeks we have been having some rain - we all rejoice today - that our air is cleaner and that those days - when the Butte Fires reigned supreme at past us.

The Butte Fires - adversely impact us - brought teary eyes, sore throats, headaches, misery of all sorts. 

Even though the Butte Fires were a far off - it looked as if it was just beyond the Oakland Hills - and reminded us immediately of the past Oakland Hill fires - but the Butte Fires lasted for weeks.

San Francisco was slow to address the adverse impacts of the  " Butte Fire " - especially when it came to our Elders - who were left to fend for themselves.

Our hospitals were not prepared at all. 

Our City and County of San Francisco - does not have a Toxicologist on board - and this is a crying shame.

The City and County of San Francisco - is quick to talk from both sides of its mouth - and has yet to reveal to the public at large - an assessment made on the adverse impacts of the " Butte Fires " on our San Francisco population - more those with compromised health.

All talk and NO - walk.

Recently the Mayor London Breed announced - she wants some sort of Blue Print  Citywide - to address the adverse impacts - when the Big One strikes - which is due anytime - and for sure within 20 years.

For starters our City and County of San Francisco should be divided in quadrants with qualified Captains - be it lay persons or retired military -  others trained by the NERT model - to address and organize - the issues at hand - when the Big One strikes.

The present San Francisco Emergency Management is a joke - and more its Director Mary Ellen Carroll.

Mary Ellen Carroll - who could bluff her way - when she worked for the failing SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - she has NO experience and for sure NO Trining to address - a catastrophe - as we experienced in 1989.

I have been listening to the public comments at the San Francisco Emergency Management meetings held.

Mary Ellen Caroll
has no valid and concrete experience -
handling a major Earthquake -
pandering can go so far - she will fall flat on her face.

The Chair Mary Ellen Carroll pandering to the representatives - mostly from our City Departments - who in 1989  had nothing much to offer - Sixth U.S. Army was active at the Presidio of San Francisco - and did most of the heavy lifting.

In 1989 the SF City and County of San Francisco was paralyzed - all the analysis done at that time - by know experts say so - and this prevails to this day. Good for nothing individuals dare to take positions - for which they are totally unqualified.

Our City and County of San Francisco -  for starters does not have a helicopter to bring to the fore in any emergency.

In fact - we must have access to several helicopters - that are equipped to address the more serious situations.

Our City and County of San Francisco - does not have - " at a ready " heavy equipment to clear -large objects like trees - and rocks - assigned to each of the eleven Districts - but more quadrants - within each District - each of the Captains - understanding the Standard Operating Procedures - of which none exists.

One does not except some Barbie Doll to be in charge - and more having most of her experience at the SF Controller's Office linked to projects and issues - none related with major Emergency Issues.

Mary Ellen Carroll work with the SFPUC that has NO standards - has continuously failed San Francisco - audits from the SF Controller state so. 

The SF Public Utilities Commission - formed in 1996 - for those who are ignorant - continues to waste millions of dollars.

The Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) cost over $4.6 Billion - millions wasted - Mountain Tunnel, Calaveras, Irvington Tunnel and more.

Dwayne Jones - 
President of Rudolf Dwayne Jones - RDJ Enterprises LLC -
was the gate keeper - will soon appear in court -
where he will NOT be able to account - spending 
millions of dollars -  Community Benefit Money -
we have done the heavy lifting -
on behalf of the community at large that has been hoodwinked.

The Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) costing us over $10 Billion - started as a $6 Billion project.

Millions wasted and now audited by the SF Controller's Office -  crooks like Dwayne Jones, Juliet Ellis, others that I will name in detail - at the appropriate time.

More and more with a budget of over $11 billion - our SF City and County has been pussyfooting - with those who are heads of departments - the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. 

These idiots many representing their bosses sit at the table - at the SF Emergency Management meetings - quiet - and have nothing viable and sustainable to offer to the tax payers - who pay their large - salaries. 

Many of them do not even live in San Francisco - laugh all the way to the bank - to collect their inflated salaries.

We have the SF Department of Environment - with Debbis Reynolds is charge. 

We have the Division of Environment -which is linked to the SF Health Department - with Stephanie Cushing in charge - most of the time - she is out of the office - taking junkets to far off places - attending workshops - I would say 80% of the time. 

Our Department of Building Inspection - has yet to address the sinking Millennium Building sinking 22 inches and tilting 18 inches North East.

The SF Department of  Building Inspectors - have failed miserably and there is No sound leadership.

The City Administrator has spent millions on consultants - to reveal nothing new - for the longest time - the many defects linked to the Millennium building and other projects.

Many of our SF City Departments - have had NO standards - many unqualified heads of Departments.

Again and again we have witnessed - buffoonery and think nothing of it. 

The Millennium fiasco is one of those tragic mistakes - a dark cloud hanging over our City and County of San Francisco.

Watch this video - the Van Ness Project - the reality is the opposite :

We have just to witness the madness linked the Van Ness Project - which is really a Freeway -  part of Highway 101 - a total mess.

No one cares that this project - has so many change orders - and cost so much - right now over 50% over -  the original cost. 

The tax payers must not be taken for a wild ride.

Much like the Central Subway that started with $600 million and now exceeds $1.6 Billion.

The TransBay Transit that cost over $2 Billion - was opened with mush fanfare - then days later the entire project closed - some brand new steel beams - split - compromising safety -   endangering the safety of the public at large.

Our Mayor who talks from both sides of her mouth - keeps spewing diatribe - she does not have one single Blue Print - with goals and time-lines - on the above three projects - and more that I have yet to spell out.

Mayor London Breed's  pre-prepared statements - betray her ignorance.

She pretends she knows some - London Breed - she is NOT a leader - what is important to note - she still clings to the sordid ways of the hood.

Our SF City and County has a $11 billion budget - but there is nothing progressive to show at " ground zero ".

The  homeless situation is on the increase.

The congestion on our streets, roads, highways unbearable.

The killings and shootings on the increase - we had three killings in one week in the SF Bayview.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Elders, those with compromised health, more, the mentally and physically challenged all - suffering. Our hospitals and clinics astounded at the suffering and the various ailment - many of them from acute stress and poor living conditions.

San Francisco has been ranked to Rwanda a third world nation in Central Africa - and our SF Board of Supervisor and Mayor - are behaving in a nonchalant manner. Our City Administrator and all those heads of City Department - one worse than the other.

Here are some documents linked to the City and County of San Francisco's Budget - from the SF Controller's Office - to give the reader some clue of how much money we spend - with little and NO accountability :

Our City and County of San Francisco - more the SF Board of Supervisors do not give a DAMN - when it comes to the health of the constituents - San Franciscans - the tax payers.

Again and again BIG GREED DEVELOPERS  are permitted to build projects on land prone to contamination and liquefaction.

San Francisco must uphold health concerns - but all those norms are thrown to the wind - again and again.

Health come first but one would not know that from all the reports and statistics we get on the health of our infants, children, youth, young adults, Seniors, those with compromised health.

Again and again the SF Board of Supervisors wag that tongue that has NO bone - but not for long - we are monitoring the situation carefully - and will put an end to the nonsense.

Recent LAFCO - stated they want to build a Solar Farm on Parcel E2 - which spews methane gas.

In fact Parcel E2 -  has several wells that spew methane gas - to control an on going fire - that is raging underground. The SF Board of Supervisors have NO clue about this fact - and think that we the tax payers - do not pay attention - to the nonsense they spew at the many meetings and committees - failing to do their homework.

The SF Board of Supervisors - deal with subjects and projects that they have NO clue about - they talk and betray their ignorance.

More -when they open their mouth. Most speak without thinking - they open that mouth and shove their dirty foot in failing to comprehend the responsibility they have - to the tax payers who pay their salaries - and pay No attention to true representation.

It is the same with health issues, our safety, transportation, our carbon footprint, the poor state of education, sound planning and housing, child care, our Seniors, the chronic homelessness, congestion on our streets - and the list goes on and on.

Our City and County of San Francisco has yet to have a realtime website -  where we can monitor our Carbon Footprint - that has increase over 100% from ten years ago.

A reliable reading - real time statistics Carbon Footprint taking into account the factors linked to millions of tons of concrete linked to our sky scrapers.

Aggregate , increased congestion on our streets, roads, and freeways.

Commercial and industrial contribution to the Carbon Footprint.

The over two hundred other source points and hot points - that are not addressed - by our City and County of San Francisco - who is fooling whom?

Here are some maps -
pin-pointing the hazardous material sites -
oblivious the the SF Board of Supervisor -
most of them non educated on issues.

Today all over the City and County of San Francisco - we have over 5000 hot spots - that is the responsibility of the City and County - that have NOT been cleaned - our watershed compromised - our air contaminated - many species put in harm way - including human beings. 

Does anyone give a damn?