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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mayoral Leadership in San Francisco and the ploys conceived in Room 200.

San Francisco politics changed drastically with the arrival of Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and the stench still prevails in Room 200. It was around 1996.

It did not get better with Gavin Newsom who anyway you look at it - was brought to City Hall by Willie L. Brown Jr. and his hired cronies.

The so called liberals did have an opportunity to put in place a leader when Gavin Newsom created a stalemate - choosing to jeopardize the harmony at City Hall within the legislative Branch and throwing a curve ball - never before encountered at City Hall.

Gavin's prolonged stay as Mayor - choosing to prolong the stay and not choosing to be sworn in as LT Governor - when he could.

While one of two of the so called liberals saw what was happening - no one predicted a weasel in the form of Bevan Dufty to spear head a change - that has come to adversely affect all of us. The joke is on him - now.

We all remember the 20 minutes break - and the curve ball that was thrown. Gavin Newsom was consulted, a deal brokered and the rest is - history.

It did not help that Sophie Maxwell, an opportunist - who will never have peace of mind - seconded Bevan Dufty and encouraged that Ed Lee (who was in China) - that he be a candidate for Mayor - Interim Mayor that is.

I was there on that day - that late night - I spoke - I do not remember once or twice - but, I saw the ploy coming and knew the consequences.

Well, a lot has been happening at City Hall.

One of the pertinent factors that bothers - those few; that still have character - is your "word".

Well, Ed Lee has always been known - to sit on the fence - and see which side is green.

He also has the ability to "lie to your face" - he calls it " look you in the eye". He has mastered this gimmick - with a twitch of his moustache and that well known chuckle and grin!

Well, today some folks will gather on the steps of City Hall and make speeches - it will mostly pandering - and China Town will be there in force. They all want him to run for Mayor. 

Behind the scenes the so called very corrupt, power brokers - that have not contributed one iota - of goodness, sound contribution to this very fair City and County of San Francisco.

Notice I have left the name out - because if I mention her name - the stench will be even greater.

The many candidates that have thrown their hat in the ring for Mayor of San Francisco - now, have to calibrate their moves - and it will not be easy.

The Choice Rank Voting nonsense favors a candidate who get the majority of votes - and it could be votes as a second placed candidate.

It has happened before - mostly notably - putting a drab candidate - now Supervisor of District 10.

The Machine is at work and for all the talk by the progressives - they now have to deal with the devils, the evil ones - that have all gathered and are working in force - to destroy what little good - we have in San Francisco.

We have a small window of opportunity.

We must be united in this fight - first to expose the corruption small and big - and then to support one another at the polls.

Knowing the Chinese Constituency - all they need is one person to give the clarion call - never mind what the reasoning - they will vote as a Block.

The ones, who do not are those that are astute and can think for themselves. Few and far between.

This ploy works in Communist China - but does not where there is a practicing, informed, and where character - matters.

We are a Republic and we must fully comprehend what this means. Our Democracy is unique and participatory. Not well understood by those that take orders - and do not have a flare - for voicing their opinion on issues.

They bring a baggage from the old world - and dare not challenge what has not worked - but, prefer to pollute our world with a political virus that will take us backward.

At one time we had three entities that had real power at City Hall.

The Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch and the City Administrator. In 1996 Willie L. Brown amended the City Charter - bringing a fusion between the City Administrator's Office and the Executive Branch - thereby, clipping the City Administrator's wings.

In the present scenario - this past happening - could not have come - at a better time - to facilitate and bring the downfall of our City and our Democracy.

On the sidelines Big Developers, the Pacific Heights Mafia, and other dubious entities are all poised to do us in.

The only saving grace the present dire economy and the still lingering "debt ceiling" - will buy us some grace period.

Big Developers are already laughing as they plot their schemes - not knowing that there is a FORCE - that will deal with them.

Bring them to their knees. It is not so much the willy nilly so called liberals - but, a FORCE never ever been seen before - it will bring them to their knees.

As for Ed Lee he has a mind of his own - and he better not aim to take the reins of the City and County of San Francisco - as permanent Mayor.

His brief episode as Interim Mayor was drab - and the only ones - cheering him on - are the panderers - spineless - wanna bees.

The Unions that sold out - will be held accountable.

Issues such as the unfunded benefits, pensions, and such factors - are still looming on the horizon - those that know the facts - know what will hit the City- hard. 

No one can fool all the people all the time.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.