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Sunday, January 31, 2016


Executive Director - Carol Wahpepah
and Francisco Da Costa

We are blessed that in the Bay Area - decent people stood up and created - " safe havens " - in years past - like the well known Intertribal Friendship House - located at 523 International Blvd, Oakland, California.

You may reach those that operate this one of a kind institution at : (510) 836 - 1955.

I thank the Great Spirit for blessing those - who give so much to keep the " fire alive ".

 Where so many come - to learn so much - for those that have so much to give - in abundance - and seek no monetary - compensation.

We are blessed to have Carol Wahpepah the Executive Director - who with kindness in her heart - compassion - and undaunted fortitude - has done so much for our Native American - Brothers and Sisters - our Elders that we revere - and others.

The hundreds - that come to her - and those many who volunteer to maintain and operate the institution.

Offering the best - abode - compassion - a ear to those that need to be heard - an embrace -  more understanding,  quality and assistance - second to none.

Carol Wahpepah is a living saint - and her actions speak loud and clear.

January 30, 2016  - Intertribal Friendship House - will celebrate its 60th Anniversary.

Keeping the " fire " burning -
generation after generation -
indigenous people of this Earth.

This journey that I am about to describe - has made my heart heavy - kept me strong to address what needs to be addressed.

 Strengthened my  determination - with fortitude - my love for the Native Americans - undaunted - my name is Francisco Da Costa.

Waves of Native Americans - were removed from the Reservations - a Brother sent to Oakland - a sister to Los Angeles - dividing so many Native American Tribes - from the East Coast and Mid - America. 

The United States Government did this - with the help of the Department of Interior - without second thoughts.

Some of these Native Americans - were uprooted and sent West in the early 1930's.

However - in the 1950's, 60's, and 70's - wave after wave arrived -  the Native Americans were given a one way ticket to the West.

Those part of this evil plan -  making sure to separate the family - with intent to destroy families - and those who perpetrated this crime - should be brought to justice. It is not too late.

Native Americans were here for thousands of years - remains of the First People - all carbon dated - verified - much before the Pale Faces - set their dirty foot on this land - named Turtle Island.

Never mind today - that many make a lot about " Thanksgiving Day and the modern imported Turkey ".

The first  Pale Faces that received  from the Wampanoag Tribe -  who shared their - yams, wild fowl, corn, squash, berries,  way back in 1621.

A decade later " Thanksgiving " was declared a national holiday in 1863 - by President Abraham Lincoln.

No one talks about - how the ungrateful - how they  turned their backs - and murdered those that offered them hospitality.

More - with bullets and mayhem - not long after - the  Pale Faces were - nourished - brought back alive from near starving - death.

The best way today to honor and respect all Native Americans - is for the United States government - to think afresh.

Apologize, for all the atrocities committed - and of course restitution - from the trillions of dollar stolen - funds set aside - for Native Americans - all recorded complete with lies - that the money simply vanished - went missing.

I respect the greatest Warrior of all time - Geronimo - from  the Chiricahua, Apache tribe.

 I respect Chief Joseph, from the Nez Perce - his love for his people and the trials and tribulation - his tribe  went through.

I respect Chief Sitting Bull, from the  Huhkpapa, Lakota tribe -  many other Great Chiefs too many to name - but who will always be remembered for generations to come.

The Six Nations who practiced democracy for thousands of years - the workings of the Long House - the many meetings the Founding Fathers had with the Six Nations - the Iroquois and   more.

Today's modern and contemporary Native American leaders - that I am in touch with - who will and must carry on the struggle - to the end.  They have little support - but their heart is big - and their willingness to do right - strong.

The compacts belong to many Tribes in name - while devious folks run the gambling houses - and no one knows - who really makes the money - but people gossip - talk from both sides of their mouth - much like those that betray those that are in the fight for dignity - some cannot be bought - and other will do anything for the White mens' money of sorts.

My heart is heavy - I know the workings of the corrupt - and can take them on - and do take take them on. 

We need more Warriors - educated on issues - and smart enough to expose the wheeling and the dealing.

Right here in the Bay Area and all over the United States - politicians - with fork tongues.

 The Great Spirit revealed to those like the HOPI and others - in their dreams and revelations - one of a kind. The harm that would come  to Turtle Island - it is at our door.

Billions of dollars - held in Trust Fund - belonging to the Native American Tribes - have gone missing - and Congress and the Senate - think nothing of these blatant - injustices - perpetuated on the Native American Tribes.

Never mind - the United States Government stole the land , raped the Native American women, removed the children and sent them to White boarding schools - committed so many atrocities all documented - but NOT taught in our schools - by the cowards.

The Pale Face is a disgrace to the human race.

The Quakers and some others - in the minority - saw something was wrong - and helped built the " Friendship Houses " both on the East coast and the west coast - and in other places - too.

We are grateful to those that the Great Spirit touches - and are thankful to those who support the on going - just cause for all indigenous people - the  the world over.

The prayers and the burning of sage, the cleansing and the good deeds, the singing and the paintings, the dancing and the building  - " the sacred dances " - the many other rituals kept alive must go on.

We are also fully aware and mindful - of those that killed  human beings - with superior weapons -  in a fight in which one side had superior weapons  - where the fight was not even. 

In battles where the odds were somewhat even - the Native American tribes - won.

Many of these battles - written about in some books - collecting dust on shelves - and many others - have not made the - HIS - tory - books.

The Intertribal Friendship House - has stood the test of time - as those who visit it call it: " Our Urban Rez since 1955 ".

Rez for "Reservation " - often times my friends from around at the world are at a lost - why would America - more the United States of America - keep the First People - in Reservations - and offer them little or no help?

Paintings, Jewelry, artifacts -
auctioned brought in a couple 
of thousands dollars to sustain
the Intertribal Friendship House

Why do we spend trillions fighting wars in foreign lands - and fail to offer help and true help - career jobs, sound transportation, quality housing, education, more take care of our Native American Elders ?

Why has this Nation - the United States of America - failed Native American Sisters and Brothers -  others that are poor and indigent?

Why do we not learn to respect our Elders - and take care of them in their Golden Age?

Why would anyone harm infants, children, youth, young adults, Elders - and those that cannot defend themselves? Why? Why? Why?

Few American Citizens have  cared to read the Constitution of the United States - less studied it - even less know that the Native Americans played a keen role - in influencing the Founding Fathers.

Others have no clue that many Native American Tribes - are not recognized as Tribes - and are not on the Federal Register.

The Federal Register  that offers them some help.

If a Native American Tribe is not on the Federal Register - they must fend for themselves and are treated like second class citizens - on this land that is their - Turtle Island - now called the United States of America.

We have the United Nations, we have the World Court, we have  numerous documents - legal documents - stating that human beings have rights and must be treated with - dignity.

It is embarrassing that in the year 2016 - the United States of America - even with a Black President - Barrack Hussein Obama - has failed to offer - " no apology for all the atrocities committed against the Native Americans ".

 This " apology is much need to begin the healing process - and the process must begin - now ".

Some years ago - the Intertribal Friendship House - had to deal with a fiscal crisis - I attended an event - and remember - raising some money for the Intertribal Friendship House.

I bought some painting - not prints - but real paintings.

One of them three feet tall and 3 feet and seven inches wide - it is about sunrise and sunset - a canoe with a dead person - it is about life and death - and the warrior who has fought a good fight - and now must rest for ever - he has fought a good fight.

I contribute what I can - to the Intertribal Friendship House - and they are kind to keep me informed.

 My heart is in this fight - and I have treasured this large painting - that I bought - years ago at an auction - not unlike the recent one - held at the Intertribal Friendship House.

I spoke to the Executive Director - I want  the Intertribal Friendship House to display this painting - it should not be sold.

 For many years - it has inspired me - to work hard for the Native American tribes.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone as their liaison on issues related to Land Use, Planning, Housing, Education, Health, Federal Recognition - in short - Quality of Life issues.

My plan is to attend the - Native Elders Gathering - and bring this large frame and offer it to them.

Again - it must not be sold - it must be kept - for this painting means a lot to me - and when I reveal what it has done to our common cause - those present will comprehend - the deeper meaning. It is a symbol of continuity and the on going - struggle.

The Elders Wounded Knee, Fred, others that I know - hopefully will be present - to speak to the Truth - and how we can stand our own ground.

There will be a prayer and more  and it will be - all good.

I want to thank the Executive Director and all the Elders - the many present - who worked as a team - at the 60th anniversary of the Intertribal Friendship House - held January 30, 2016.

The many gathered whose spirit was  strong - and felt by all.

May the Great Spirit who sees and bears witness to all  - bring light to those that must stand tall - and keep this light burning  strong.

 This one fight - for justice and all it entails - Aho.

Friday, January 29, 2016


The many Black house negroes - who think - they have the favor of some very corrupt individuals - be they at City Hall - in Sacramento, even in Washington DC - some sordid, evil, corrupt - " greed developers" - some Poverty Pimp Pastors - leading that charge - Amos Brown.

The time has come for Amos Brown to step down and more stay away from the reality of life - where our Black infants, children, youth, young adults.

Black single mothers, seniors - those with compromised health - continue to suffer and slow die - from all the pollution, contamination.

Black people are targeted - and the corrupt  with intent -  continue the suppression of those that need help -  are thrown - bread crumbs - much like heroin to ease the pain - that comes on again and again.

We are proud  - truly proud - to have in our ranks - Black Brothers and Sisters - who cannot take it anymore.

These behind the doors - close session - these so called " Public Meetings" - complete with poster signs bearing the " Logo " - of the City and County of San Francisco.

People gather at these meetings - issued invitations - that are not transferable - who ever came out with this idea - must be brought to justice - dividing the people - in the their own - back yard - in their own - community.

These public meetings - attended by sell outs - those that divide the community - those corrupt to the core with intent - keep their own Black people down.

We saw it happen in the Fillmore - we see it happen every day in the Bayview, the Excelsior, all over San Francisco - where Blacks make their living - their abode - trying to irk out a measly living - daily in their - lives.

Once San Francisco had a Black population where Blacks constituted 25% of the total - population.

Today, the Black population is a measly 2% - with Black representatives the like of Malia Cohen and London Breed - throwing cliches at meetings.

Promising resolutions that are not binding - some drab Ballot measures - most of them not enforceable - many such Ballots have been passed before and lying on the shelves - collecting dust.

We the people must learn the big difference between - plain, basic, nonconforming - " resolutions " and  "ordinances". What has clout and what does not.

Resolutions are pacifying tools - that say something but mean nothing at all. The time now is to change policy drastically - and have the backing of law - ordinances - that can be used to take these " sordid politicians " - to task.

If no one takes a step to study the - " Unfinished agenda " still available if you contact the Human Rights Commission - that spells the plight of Blacks in the early 50s, and 60s.

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) - that was one headed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - where he first befriended Zula Jones - who has been charged with corruption charges - recently.

Others  too - too many to name - who are still selling out the community - most Black - who should be shamed - of themselves.

Then in recent years another document - pretending to address the scars of the time - this modern " holocaust " - perpetuated by most sell outs Blacks - the likes of Amos Brown, Aurelius Walker, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt - others that we have named before - they are all put on notice.

In the year 2016 - make no bones about it - we are prepared much as we did - what it took to attain and tackle Lennar Urban an evil entity - a " rogue developer " - that we still - have our "eyes " - and are monitoring carefully.

This monopoly of stealing land - all the land in San Francisco - belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

 The First People of this land - and I represent them - on matters of Land Use, Planning, Infrastructure, Transportation, Hospital, Schools - in short Quality of Life issues.

The remaining land - the little that is left - we want as Open Space - you developers who want it all  - buy land and build skyscrapers - that look like match boxes - you can go - somewhere else.

That is putting it mildly - go that go some where else and F*** Off.

The land was stolen, the women raped, the men killed - the children taken by force to so called - " boarding schools ".

Here the children were abused and brain washed - we have it all recorded - and when we read the happenings - we shed tears of blood. We must recognize how evil the enemy can be - those that pretend they want to help - but take advantage of those that are gullible - because they are NOT educated on issues.

This gentrification will not be taken lightly - for some of us leaders - it is a matter life and death.

We are not playing - and we know about the sell outs - the spies that come to the meetings - and report to the corrupt.

They are known to us - and we let them in our midst - but soon it will get - hot in the room.

We are NOT taking blood money - we will not beg - and those that take blood money - know well that they are doing wrong.

It is a shame when our Black infants are dying, our single mothers irking out a living - on a small amount of welfare money - promises - few kept.

No sincere attempts made to foster upward mobility.

Our youth and young adults are targeted - and I know all those in high places - and I am not afraid to speak the truth.

In fact I not only speak the truth - but, have call out their names before and will call out their names - in the future.

Do not ever come in our community and divide the community.

This gentrification is worse than the "holocaust " - the evil forces that be are openly defying the people that need help - putting hurdles and creating adverse impacts - innocent  people are slowly dying - and this is  plain - wrong.

No life should be taken - and no life considered trivial - by those that can and should  do good - but have stirred the ire of the people - forced them to take control of their own destiny.

I have been around the block many times - served and worked with three stellar and astute  Generals - and know what I am talking about.

These inept, weak in the knees, cowards, who conduct themselves like - thieves do - spineless, and pathetic to the core - are put on notice.

Amos Brown must go - he is an anathema to our Society and our community.

How can this pathetic fool - ask respect of others - when again and again he cannot respect himself.

Amos Brown cannot discern - and use cliches that do not work any more.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - would not approve his behavior - selling out the community - and holding tight to the title of President of the NAACP - that has done nothing for San Francisco Blacks and less for humanity in general.

For those that are fast asleep wake up and do something.

Wake up and speak up - many of your ancestors - were once slaved. We must not be slaved - but that is what is becoming - daily Blacks have resigned to follow the status quo - and work against their own people.

People of color have worked to make San Francisco - what it is - the cuisine, the music, the literary compositions, the dance, the plays - the art - San Francisco has produced and given the world the best it has.

Only for some crooks - some folks that worship "money" and Mammon - to come into our community - and deprive us of our liberty, our freedom, our right establish by law - in our Constitution.

You think you are free - but you are not - because you do not know how to discern and the difference between  - "  true freedom " and  what is termed -" license ".

Abuse of " freedom ' is license.

Time is running out - and we must unite - to work together with sacrifice.

There can be NO love without sacrifice.

We the people united - have done it before - and nothing STOPS us from doing it - again and again and again.

Remember God helps those who help - themselves. Aho.


The people united will never, ever be defeated.

Amos Brown from the Fillmore has been a sell out - pretending to  represent  the Blacks in San Francisco -  more contributing to the "divisiveness " - of the Black community for decades.

Amos Brown true colors have been exposed.

I had warned Mayor Edwin M. Lee that Amos Brown is not to be trusted.

If you have community meetings - have it at neutral places - that have nothing to do with Amos Brown. Amos Brown spells - sordid - " divisiveness ". He dishonors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - by say he had anything good to do with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He treasures his title as the President of the NAACP - yet had done NOTHING - for those that most need help. He love to jump on any bandwagon - to have his two minutes of fame. Stay away from Amos Brown - a well known - sell out.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee
When will he ever learn
Not to mess with the riled public
You will be disrupted - make no bones about it.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is in deep trouble - broiled with all sorts of corruption issues - all well spelled out in the local newspapers.
Many cases lingering in the Courts.

Yesterday - Thursday, January 28, 2016 - Amos Brown decided to invite the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee to a dinner and business session of sorts. The called it a " Community Meeting " - with invitation seats to those that sell out the community.

The had posters - calling it a Community Meeting - with the City Logo - invitations sent to  the sell outs - we have been watching them all these years - and we will - disrupt their meetings.

Make no bones about it.

They come to gather - to connive - to hoodwink, to bluff the people. The people united - will never, ever be defeated.

Pay to play.

Invitations to sell outs that could not be transferred. Ha - ha - ha!

The main idea to keep the community out - have a close session cheap dinner - wine and dine - with wine - and sell out the community.

The Mayor of joined by the known sellouts who have decimated the Black community.

 At the table of course was Amos Brown - center of the table Mayor Edwin M. Lee and to side Joaquin Torres the son of Art Torres - who now is in charge of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development  - whatever the means.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee by attending this meeting - proved once again that he has NO judgement what so ever. I saw Paul Henderson and he must have felt embraced and rightly so.

I saw Harlan Kelly - and he was told by a Brother that I know - to back off - and wisely he did so.

I saw Larry Stinger try to intervene - and he too had to step aside.

Suffice to say the sell outs - have no balls - they have no conscience - and it is time the sell outs realize - the time is up.
You will all fall on your face - pathetic fools.

Linda Richardson in the audience - other of like mind - sell out the community. We are watching you all - much like the hawk in the sky. 

We are united - thousands strong - and have our Special Forces - that can go at a moment's notice - and executive any operation - within the law - this after all is the United States of America.

Anyone who joins Amos Brown - in his many exploits - that are no good - will fall flat on their face.

The many usual Black sell outs were all caught on video - so please to not tell us - you are with the community - for now you have revealed your true colors.

Here is a video of the situation at hand:

We lost a great advocate in Dr. Espanola Jackson - and we lost other great advocates too.

The sell out - Blacks have not learned  - that selling out the community - by having such sordid function - with invitation that berate the community - " invitations that cannot be transferred ".

For goodness sake when will we learn about accountability and transparency and plain decency, manners and good etiquette.

Then you have Amos Brown talking about - the " respect ". Who does he think he is talking to?

Amos Brown has been messing with the Fillmore Plaza Apartments.

The Fillmore Garage, Yoshi's, Raassela's - a number of other well known institutions - wheeling and dealing. All these business are so messed up - a disgrace - to what San Francisco is supposed to stand for.

His recent adventure of sorts - to remove the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church - well known for its jazz renditions  - and a tourists attraction to the Fillmore - from the premises where it is now located.

The institution a well known and respected Church among many circles - an eviction notice was given - without any meaningful discussions.

 The newspaper once known for its articles - today not respected - the " Sun Reporter" - is trying to occupy the place of the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church.

Such shenanigans will not fly - not as many are organized - and can use - " direct action " - all legal and in keeping with the law -the same tactics proven to work - and used in the Civil Rights Movement - that the sellout Blacks have forgotten.

Who is fooling whom?

The Successor Agency to the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - its Director - Tiffany Bohee - has been working behind the scenes taking orders from Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

The Commission of Infrastructure and Investment - Chaired by Mara Rosales - has no real clue what is happening - to the entire Fillmore Jazz District.

The Board responsible - that oversees all - Chaired by Nadia Sessay - are trying to adjudicate the many discrepancies - the left hand does not know what the right hand in doing.

Millions have been expanded - to keep Yoshi's afloat - and it has sunk - sunk in disgrace and gone. All tax payers money.

It is the same of the other businesses - who always came before the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - begging for money - and they always got what they wanted. I am talking $300, 000 - $400, 000 at a time.

Today, if any one in Real Estate looks at what is happening with the Fillmore Plaza Apartments - just a perusal of the basic facts of the maintenance, the operation and the fiscal accounting - will astound and confound - any accountant more a Certified Public Accountant.

It is the same with the other business in the Fillmore Jazz District - that has been decimated by folks like Amos Brown - who pities one against the other.

Every time he ventures to San Francisco City Hall - he wants the microphone and the podium.

Puts his pathetic self on display - to spew his vitriol and diatribe - and the time has come to inform him - " Sit down Amos Brown - you are a known sell out ".

You just have to watch the video - to see it all.

What has Mayor, Edwin M. Lee have to say now - this just happened yesterday - and still the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee is wheeling and dealing.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee's days are numbered - and this latest episode says it all - wheeling and dealing is not the right thing to do.

Pay to play must end - now. Aho.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Dr. Espanola Jackson
May her soul rest in peace

Dr. Espanola Jackson has transitioned to place where she will rest in peace - free from the trials and tribulations on this Earth.

The pain, the tensions of the time, stress and more -  the many hurdles - that frail human beings - endure - she will rest in peace.

In transitioning she has left a legacy - that thousands know about - and she will be remembered - as a woman warrior - a mentor - an advocate - and most of all as a Mother who loved everyone.

Fortitude reigned in the life of Dr. Espanola Jackson who loved her community - often addressing seasoned and not so seasoned politicians -" baby ".

She loved San Franciscans - even as she loved all of San Francisco.

Many of these politicians and others - at SF City Hall  - openly stated in their humble comments  - that term " baby" - when she addressed them - was not condescending - that they accepted it as a compliment.

More,  an affectionate term - that they treasured and accepted - praising Dr. Espanola Jackson - for her well left legacy and sincere love for all human beings.

Two services will be held for Dr. Espanola Jackson one at Grace Tabernacle Church - on Thursday - February 4, 2016 - located at 1211 Oakdale Street - corner of Ingalls and Oakdale in the Bayview - this Community Service - will be from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. 

May her soul rest in peace.

A second service will be held on February 5, 2016 - at 12 noon - at Providence Baptist Church - situated at 1601 McKinnon Street off Third Street. This will be her Home Going Service.

More and more as days turn to weeks - weeks turn to months, and months turn to years - we witness - our elders.

Those advocates who spent - 30, 40 50 years - as advocates on the front lines - pass away - most of them - leaving a legacy - that will be remembered for years to come.

It is eye opening to witness - how people - especially sordid politicians talk about advocates - after they have transitioned.

I am a witness to the hundreds of hours - Dr. Espanola Jackson spent - on the front lines.

I accompanied her and often proceed after she spoke - on the many issues - pressing issues of the day - addressing in general - Quality of Life- issues.

As you can imagine my heart is heavy - but, some how I feel she is by my side.

There is a lot of work to do - the advocates today - do not have the patience of the more seasoned advocates - they want instant - results. Time will tell.

On issues linked to  single mothers, food distribution to the poor, our children and their welfare,  all welfare matters in general, environmental issues, health issues, transportation issues - Dr. Espanola Jackson - addressed them with diligence and a heart.

Safety issues, educational issues - in short all issues that matter - Dr. Espanola Jackson was on the front lines - speaking her mind - and astounding those that could not speak from the heart - others, in power who looked at these human issues - in a nonchalant manner.

People in authority - more in Sacramento  - who listened to her pleas - often worked with Dr. Espanola Jackson to make good things happen.

Dr. Espanola Jackson was on the Task Force - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project. She fought that 5% of the $6 Billion should be set aside for Community Benefits. Some $300 million.

It hurt her to see some San Francisco Public Utilities employees exploit the situation - send over $200, 000 to Green For All - to the East Bay - without proper vetting.

Even today the SF Public Utilities Commission - keeps - faltering, and hoodwinking the public at large.

Many Governors of California, many Mayors of San Francisco, many Senators and Congress person - knew Dr. Espanola Jackson in person. 

The proclamations and commendations were many - and even as she is being remembered - now  - having transitioned  in peace - more commendations and proclamations - will honor Dr. Espanola Jackson after her demise.

May she rest in peace.

Frankly, Dr. Espanola Jackson would shed tears - when she found out some child needed help.

Some one was in prison and needed help.

Some mother found it difficult to meet the funeral expenses.

Some one - some stranger she met -  needed some urgent help.

Mother Espanola Jackson as many called her - had a large heart.

She would call me in distress - and order me to do it - do it "baby" for me.

Now, those orders would come - when I was in the midst of some meeting - some ongoing project - not once did I say no.

You just could not say NO - that voice was unique and the passion behind the voice - disarming. 

Behind the scene she would pray - and it is this unseen force that would spur me to do the what she requested me to do - and most of the tasks - happened - and happened smoothly.

When I was at the Presidio of San Francisco - she suggested - we have a Black History Month celebration - the date was set aside - but no plan celebration had been in the offing. 

" Honey" you can make it happen - I know you can ".

I had three days to make it happen - and it happened - the turn out was excellent and Dr. Espanola Jackson bought her friends - at the event held at the Officer Club - now the Golden Gate Club - at the Presidio of San Francisco - moving from person to person and touching those present.

It was the same with certain things that had to be done with the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone - she was a card carrying member of the Muwekma Ohlone.

Dr. Espanola Jackson had a soft corner for the Native Americans in general - and encouraged me to do my best to help those tribes be they the Miwoks, the Pomos, the Piutes - other local tribes.

Native American  tribes from all over the United States - that have made the Bay Area and the surrounding area their home.

Many of them given a one way ticket to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland - other far off places - a brother sent to one city - a sister to another - the family spilt - and this fact bothered Dr. Espanola Jackson - she deemed it fit to help the Native Americans  and others.

Many folks - from all over the world - who participated in the Shellmound Walks - to honor the ancestors. Together we did what was possible - working with the organizers and trying our best to respect and honor the ancestors.

You would not know that Dr. Espanola Jackson was involved in so many issues - including Clean Solar, career jobs for our youth, being on Boards like the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale - as founder Board Member.

Matters linked to State University and City College - she personally spent hours on end - speaking up - and making good things happen - on that front - sound education for all.

Dr. Espanola Jackson touched thousands - and they are now - speaking up - and doing what they learned - and representing - honoring their - mentor.

We two were friends - but knowing Dr. Espanola Jackson - she had a mind of her own.

In our discussion - we often had to debate - and she loved a good debate - and never kept a grudge - even if you had to tell her - she was wrong.

If she loved you - she really meant it - and stood by you - through  thick and thin.

 She went to battle - and saw to it that - she won - or at least fought so well - that those on the opposite side - had great regard for her tenacity and fortitude - that is what Dr. Espanola Jackson - brought to the table.

We travelled all over - the many meetings to Sacramento and Folsom to shut down the Mirant Power Plant and the Hunters Point Power Plant.

Fought hard to stop the 3 Combustion Turbines - that the SF Public Utilities Commission - wanted placed - closer to the Mirant Plant using fossil fuel.

It would take a lot of writing - this article would run into many pages - to enumerate - the many achievements of Dr. Espanola Jackson - let it be known - she has left a legacy.

May her soul of Dr. Espanola Jackson - rest in peace.