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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Central Subway that cost millions and is NOT necessary at all.

The Third Street Lightrail was initially scheduled to be built along the Geary Blvd - but then it was moved to Third Street.

Earlier the Market Street corridor was equipped with state of the art rails - the old ones removed - and the businesses along Market Street compensated.

Over $700 million was spent on the Third Street Lightrail. Starting at 4th and King and landing in the middle of nowhere in the Visitation Valley.

Over eighty percent of the businesses along the Third Street corridor closed down shop - their business could not stand the month to month losses - while the Third Street Lightrail was been built.

Unlike what happen on Market Street - none, not ONE business was compensated on the Third Street. Now and then some businesses were compensated when a window was broken due to the constant ratting and for other minor damages - linked to the construction of the Third Street Lightrail.

Today, the Third Street Lightrail does not serve the community well. Graffiti is rampant, safety a serious problem - but, what is most important the Third Street Lightrail is always late.

Initially, it was supposed to perform better then the 15 MUNI bus line and when I and others said that that it would not - people would find it difficult to understand.

Well, the 15 Muni bus line could take you from City College all the way to Pier 39 - through down down crossing Market Street - making other pertinent stops - to Pier 39. Of importance it ran well and mostly on time and delivered - all the time.

Now, we have to wait for half an hour for the Third Street Lightrail to come - and it is NOT uncommon to wait for 45 minutes and on occasion one hour. You can complain but no one listens.

The community was LIED to when the Third Street Lightrail was expanded from Visitation Valley all the way to the Balboa Park - drastically affecting timing and schedules.

The long ply - may serve the salient interests of MUNI and the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) -but, it fails to serve the people of San Francisco.

The Central Subway is not required.

Most people that go to China down are well served by a number of MUNI buses and thousands of people take these buses and there are no major complaints.

Fewer people will take the light rail trains going to China Town underground. Also, right now - some one can travel from Visitation Valley all the way to China Town - making the required stops - without wasting time - the various MUNI Express Buses facilitate such movements an deliver.

It is a shame that some Chinese constituents that do not have any clue about Transportation Management, the Engineering and other valid statistics - are collecting signatures for all the wrong reason.

One Chinese - Community Based Organization is slated to received about $900,000 - it is such machinations and ploys that defeat the hard work and vigilance of those that are truly monitoring the Central Subway and the many false statements - made by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority and others that have a vested interest.

The funding is not assured - more with the present State of Affair prevailing in Washington DC. No more can Nancy Pelosi and others that used to us their pork barrel ploys - and attached large amount of money - that landed on the Western Shores and many a time, wasted - all tax payers money - such ploys are now history.

Business will be drastically affected - construction in this area is difficult - the loose soil, prone to liquefaction make things - difficult. No plan is in place to compensate the businesses.

As planned the Central Subway Lightrail will NOT serve more people and it will go to less - destinations.

Our SF Board of Supervisors have been told - but, they want to challenge the constituents of San Francisco.

This time a law suit will settle the issue - and as has happened in the past - the City will learn its lesson.

On Hunters Point this City has wasted millions bailing out Lennar. This City wasted millions on the Third Street Lightrail - with BDI and other "thugs" being paid. We know this to be the TRUTH.

The Central Subway could remain a hold in the ground with no funding.

Some  funding in the pipe line of the over $263 million - may or may not be available. The initial $60 million could initiate the work - and the rest will remain - like a White Elephant.

The entire project will cost in access of $1.6 Billion. Go Figure.

On July 19, 2011 in Room 250 at the SF County Transportation Commission Meeting - several astute constituents explained the facts - gave the required statistics  - but the Commissioners all voted to have the project move forward. Time will tell.