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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Hetch Hetchy Resevoir near Yosemite 

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - meets - pat their behind - making small talk. Pretending to know - " stuff" - but making a fool of themselves - over and over, again - all the time.

Right now plans are afoot to spend over $215 million - to revamp Mountain Tunnel - a key, large and pertinent conduit that brings water to San Franciscans some 160 miles - away.

What makes the emerging Mountain Tunnel project - that was visited before - and slated to be revamped is that now at this late stage some critical issues - need immediate attention - more as an emergency - that should have been attended to - years ago.

Mountain Tunnel - its close proximity to the Hetch Hetchy reservoir - that stores the clean water - that supplies San Francisco and our Regional customers - in all some 2.6 million people - plus. 

The Water System Improvement Project is nearing its completion - over $2.4 billion in bond measures - were contributed by tax payers from San Francisco.

$2 Billion more from Bay Area counties - who are our customers - whose interests are taken by the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA).

BAWSCA, the Board and its customers feel that the recent emerging issues - linked to Mountain Tunnel - the urgent repairs - building a brand new tunnel - will create hurdles - impede water flows to the BAWSCA customers - more, put them in jeopardy.

The famous Hetch Hetchy Dam

In the Summer of 1917 - City employees of the Hetch Hetchy project - started constructing the Mountain Tunnel - from Early Intake - to Priest Reservoir - above Moccasin.

Mountain Tunnel is NOT lined for 38% of its length. It was drilled through the mountain - with a diameter of 13.5 feet - through solid granite.

The rest of the tunnel is ten feet in diameter and lined with concrete. Shaped like a horseshoe - the tunnel is designed for a flow capacity of 470 million gallons per day.

The water flows all the way to San Francisco some 160 miles away.

AT one time four large pipes - brought the water - mostly by gravity - today the four large pipes have been reduced to three.

I worked for Six United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

The National Park Service and the United States Park Police - these three agencies in smaller or larger capacities - provided me information - about this project and more the area - mostly, when I worked for the Sixth U.S.Army and the National Park Service that closely works with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Gravity brings the water most of the way. With huge pumps aiding the flow. Treatment plants - curing the water - and finally are stored in large reservoirs - University Mound and the one in the Sunset area.

The earliest workshops that I attended - linked to the Water System Improvement Project - mentioned again and again - many goals and time-lines - few that were met.

A great deal and concern was expressed- how critical Mountain Tunnel played - in moving large amounts of water - and its close proximity to Hetch Hechy reservoir.

Mention was also made that Mountain Tunnel would be revamped and fixed - more as a priority. This never happened.

I remember studying and reading reports. All hog wash - millions expanded on these findings - the SFPUC leadership under Julie LaBonte - wanting.

As I said - this did not happen - under Julie LaBonte - the project manager - who jumped ship - some years ago.

She has a tainted career - and failed as the Project Manager of the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP).

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has a sordid history - when it comes to delivering a standard product. They talk the talk - but rarely can walk the walk with dignity.

The Hayward Fault - Calavares Dam

Initially - the Bond Measure that addressed our Clean Water System - later named Water System Improvement Project (WSIP).

The Sewer System - now better know as the Sewer System Improvement Project(SSIP) - had money to address both - the WSIP and SSIP.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) independently decided to go ahead with the WSIP and put the SSIP on the back burner.

Never mind that since the mid 1970s the stench of the Phleps Sewage Treatment Plant has impacted thousands of residents in the Bayview.

Methane gas spews from the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - large areas in the vicinity are contaminated - including the areas where the Nurseries - are situated.

For all practical reasons - the WSIP has not passed the test.

We have serious issues to attend at Calavares - a earthen dam - that is now being revamped - with a modern dam - and is placed - stark naked and center - on the Hayward fault.

The Calavares Dam if it is impacted - will flood Fremont and the adjoining areas - the SFPUC know this - but does not thing much about Emergency Services - nor being a good neighbor.

Large fissures with the standing walls at Calavares - went unnoticed for a long time.

Only to be addressed at the later date - after added borings - revealed the precarious situation.

Millions of tons of dirt removed - spending millions - for some contractor waiting for such opportunities - on the side line - to line his pockets at the expense of the tax payer.

The idiotic SFPUC hired an archeologist - who found some "whale skeletons" - failed to hire a "Geologist" - who could have detected the fissures - early on.

The small talk made at the SFPU Commission by the Commissioners - defies logic - and they do not know - and that some of us - are fully aware of the situation at hand - and have the empirical data - to prove what we are saying.

At Mountain Tunnel we have very serious issues and the timing could not be worse - the current drought - the impending El Nino that will bring - torrents of rain water - and the Mountain Tunnel project - at stand by - waiting to be revamped at this late - date.

Its close proximity to the Hetch Hetchy reservoir - impedes progress - and millions of constituents - tax payers - have been told - nothing at all - more those served by BAWSCA.

Hetch Hetchy Map - the route to San Francisco

Each time the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BASCA) representative talks before the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - she is taken lightly.

We hear this and notice this fact - and those of us that know more - comprehend details - know why - I will speak on that subject - soon.

Hetch Hetchy was built to produce hydro-electricity - this asset was created, mentioned and approved in the Raker Act of 1913.

Later on the hydro-electricity produced was never given the due importance - and San Francisco its intended user - put on the back burner.

Much of what was produced - was sold to other entities - like Tulare County - once again the SFPUC for all their talk - shoving their dirty foot - in their, mouth.

Room was made for Pacific Gas and Electric to make money - many in power to this day - have large stocks and shares. They make decisions - little knowing - we have studies their portfolios - and know how wicked they are.

Like the Native American Elders said a long time ago - they speak with a fork tongue. I call them the scum of the Earth - those that lie, steal, and hoodwink.

Hetch Hetchy and all the land was stolen from the Native Americans. To this day - the SFPUC has failed to acknowledge them and more to compensate them - for all the ills, the many hurtful actions - more, disrespecting the Sacred Water - that is Hetch Hetchy.

Today clean drinking water is used to flush the toilets - more by the many skyscrapers - doting the skyline of San Francisco. Greedy developers and SFPUC are hand in glove. Lennar Urban is hand in glove with SFPUC - time will tell.

We mentioned that the SFPUC decided to go ahead with the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP)- and drop the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - just like that - even though - it was paid for.

Only for the corrupt, unworthy, hoodwinking SFPUC to come years later and ask San Francisco for a $6 Billion Bond Measure - to fix the Sewer System in San Francisco, replace the Digestors, the failing Wiers, the outfalls - and so on and so forth.

San Franciscans were told that the Big One - the impending Earth Quake - would bring us to our knees.

Adding - with foul smell and raw sewage every where. Climate change, sea rise - and all sorts of reasons - were given - today we see the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - hoodwinking the constituents of San Francisco - wasting millions.

In this serious drought recently we had a pipe burst - spilling and wasting millions of gallons of clean drinking water. No apology - and excuses - for a job that lacks leadership, less accountability and absolutely no transparency.

Under the jurisdiction of 
Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
the most corrupt mayor of San Francisco.

Juliet Ellis is still there - after being charged for being unethical.

She was caught siphoning over $200,000 to her former Green For All non-profit. Charged by the Fair Political Action Committee - the San Francisco Ethics Commission. She is still working and we - tax payers - pay her over $200,000 with benefits. What a crying shame.

Why is it that the laymen - have to reveal the very serious misdeeds of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - know to shelter and give opportunity to people who are eased to work for SFPUC - by the former Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr.

I have followed every aspect of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for the last 35 years.

The worst crooks work for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

We have delivered on a platter several meaningful projects and done SFPUC much good - never, ever to be recognized or mentioned.

I will be speaking to these facts and more - before the next San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - September 8, 2015.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Rose Park who put the Mayor in the cockpit -
now says that it was the biggest mistake
she ever made - and she is right on!

The very person instrumental in putting Mayor Edwin M. Lee in the position he holds - now, openly has stated  - many times - she regrets - having worked behind the scenes to put Mayor Edwin M. Lee where he is now - as the Mayor of San Francisco.

The Mayor has failed to help those most in need not only in China Town - but all over San Francisco. If you are poor, if you are an indigent, if you do not have the clout, if you cannot pay to play - forget it - you are left to fend for yourself. San Franciscans are fed up of what they see - and the time has come - to topple the apple cart.

In all the time the Mayor has been in Room 200 he has been busy making deals with filthy rich developers and Primes - Webcor, Nibbi, Cahill, Obayasi, URS, AECOM - other greedy developers - who have destroyed San Francisco.

The Mayor's failed policy has
adversely impact thousands of
decent, hard working, tax paying
San Franciscans.

Our San Francisco Planning Department has failed - and the present SF Planning Commission has been busy - talking in circles - and paying no attention to the 2014 Housing Element - that spells the details - but no one wants serve and less represent - the constituents of San Francisco.

The entire skyline of San Francisco has changed for the worse. You learn this first hand when visitors come - and say " what has become of this City - are you all imitating - New York and other such cities - famous from their concrete jungles? ".

Well, what can San Franciscans say - when big money and more sordid developers are having a hay day - raking in millions - and pushing and forcing thousands of decent San Franciscans to leave San Francisco.

The skyline has changed and right 
now there are over 60 large projects
can will impact the city's skyline.

So far in the last 5 years over 30,000 families have left - according to latest estimates - and some experts - say more.

Those who represent this City and County of San Francisco - a city of "compassion" named after Saint Francis Assisi - folks like our 11 Supervisors - who represent each of the 11 Districts - have been spewing "hot air " but doing less - when it comes to building "affordable housing" for those making under $80,000.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been boasting about building 30,000 units - most of them in the Hunters Point and Candlestick View area - all areas prone to liquefaction and severe, flooding.

The coming rains will prove what I say - hundreds of tons of dirt - now being heaped - will be swept away - causing tremendous damage to an area - that already has poor infrastructure - and will disrupt all - traffic.

In and around Candlestick View - tons
of loosing packed dirt - with be 
adversely impacted by the impending
heavy rains - the dumb, stupid, idiots -
who care not to read - will say no one
informed them - about is glaring fact.

The area in and around 
Candlestick View - right
now thousands of tons of loose
dirt is being piled - much of
it contaminated soil that the
Regulatory Agencies must test.

Right now - no consideration is given to the wear and tear of the roads in and around Harney Way. The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is fast asleep in the cockpit - so I am awakening him - months before the fiasco takes place.

Right now the land is contaminated with the loose soil laden with Asbestos, contaminated soil that has been imported from the project - linked to the Central Subway. More large rigs - plying on the streets - on weekends - where the monitoring is non existent. 

The Bay Area Air Monitoring Management District - knows about this - but has done nothing, much.

The entities that represent Lennar Urban are responsible - and I am requesting the Director Jack Broadbent to do something - now. Notice of Violations should be issued and more enforced.

One of the signs by Candlestick Stadium
the little that stands - will
contaminated soil and dust- floating around

Another sign - that no one reads -
and the few that read and complain
about the dust and trucks moving dirt
without any covers - complaints are heard -
but no one does anything about them.

The City Attorney Dennis Herrera knows about the many NOVs and has done nothing - much.

The Director of Public Health - Barbara Gracia listens but does nothing.

The City - Department of Environment, the City Environmental Division - has been aiding and abetting - Lennar Urban.

The corrupt Mayor of San Francisco - has failed San Franciscans - this is a crying, shame.

The same with the Department of Building Inspection - that has done nothing.

The Department of Building Inspection - has money set aside for inspection - but has looked the other way.

The Department of Building Inspection must be served under the RICO ACT - it has "with intent" being adversely impacting - the constituents and hard working - tax paying citizens of San Francisco.

Lennar Urban has circumvented each and every Disposition and Development Agreement. Our Mayor is a JOKE - busy cutting ribbons, and selling out San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been busy
behaving like a clown
talking from both sides of his mouth.

The paradox - this is Ohlone land - that was stolen - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee should know better - but, he is now - known - as the worst Mayor ever to be a Mayor of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land - that was stolen
by the strangers - and folks like
Mayor Edwin M. Lee has little knowledge
of Mother Earth - he is "greedy"
and greed will land him on his face.

Steeped - with greed, and with his hand in the cookie jar - caught red handed - again, and again, and again. Shame on him.

What is becoming of San Francisco - with congestion on our roads.

The increase in the carbon footprint by over 400% - all over our City of San Francisco.

Homeless on our streets - for the first time entire families - have slept on the streets - some for over two years.

We advocates can ask for help - those that truly get help - are those who have connections. The Zionist help those that do not need help - but get it anyway.

The people united - will not be defeated.

We are not about to beg on our knees - so remember when your time comes - and you see numbers - do not say we never, ever sent you the clarion call.

We the people - who pay you taxes - who work hard - and are NOT represented - we will take charge of the situation at hand - fix it within the law - and do what it really takes to remedy the issues at hand.

The people united - will never, ever be defeated. Good leaders show the way, know the way and go the way. 

If you are NOT educated on issues, have the empirical data - study and apply - you cannot take anyone to a better place. We have the means and the ability to shine - lets us shine light - where today - there is abject, darkness. Aho.

The above video speaks to evictions in the North Beach area in San Francisco.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Mayor Edwin M Lee - has been 
"clowning" for too long.

We have had many shootings leading to killings - victims - who have falling prey - to "nefarious activities" - here in San Francisco.

Most Mayors from any decent town or city - would say something, positive - some action plan, next steps - and often offer a "reward" - to help resolve the issue at hand.

Today, we have these killers freely roaming - and the authorities know who they are - but are looking the other way. When some of us want to address this in detail - they look at us -as if we have lost our mind - when in reality - we know who has been acting "loco".

Where is the justice?
Who really feels and cares
for the families who are hurting?

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he is busy attending the opening of Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School - and forgetting to - introduce " DA MAYOR" - Willie L. Brown Jr - himself.

Spewing fluff - and really having no "heart" when it comes to the many youth - who have lost their lives - in San Francisco.

At the opening of the Willie L. Brown Jr
the Mayor Edwin M. Lee forgot -
to introduce "DA MAYOR" himself -
much as he has forgotten - the loved ones -
who have fallen prey - to killings and shootings.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was there on some freeway near Taraval - at the naming of a portion of the freeway" - in honor of John Burton a former Congressman and State of California - Senator.

Part of the "machine" - involved in corruption - and continued corruption to this day - in our City and County of San Francisco.

These jack asses - who have NOT left a legacy - want a "freeway named after them. Others a school and a bridge. They are so full of it - Bull Shit.

There was Mayor Edwin M. Lee - talking about helping people and defending people who have no one - to help and defend them - the people, mostly poor people - who have contributed - so much to this City and County of San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee after failing to address the "homeless situation" - has now declared - that the "homeless" have to go.  More as the 49ers will host the " 50th " - Superbowl.

Plans are afoot to remove the homeless - out of sight these scumbags feel - is out of sight - then once the Superbowl festivities are over - maybe the homeless can return.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is always sending - wrong messages - wrong signals - failing to think well - he opens his mouth and shoves his foot in - and then wonders - what is it that he has said wrong.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee
can't you see
is killing me

In recent years - again and again - according to the records - Mayor Edwin M. Lee has participated in illegal activities - receiving illegal, campaign contributions to fill his coffers.

Giving access to dubious entities - tax breaks to large corporations - who should get less tax breaks - and who are milking - the hard working - tax payers.

There is so much " corruption " going at City Hall - the devil is busy at work - 24/7.

With the smell of "sulphur" reeking every where - more emitting from Room 200 at City Hall in San Francisco.

San Francisco City Hall
Room 200 reeking with Sulphur
the "devil" busy at work

The youth and young adults - have been promised a lot - but, very little has been delivered to the youth and young adults.

When it comes to "career jobs " - our City and County of San Francisco - has failed - miserably.

When it comes to aiding the families who have lost their children to violence - the aid given the victims - has been - minimum. Lots of talk - but little concrete - action.

A video shedding some information on the shooting and killing incident - where 4 Black youth died - to this day - no arrest made:

On the part of the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - nothing at all.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


San Francisco City Hall has failed us
decent, hardworking, San Franciscans.

The voters who matter most in San Francisco - those who work harder than the "corrupt" - more those who do not pay their due, taxes.

Evil folks - who get "huge tax breaks" - should not be favored - looking upon with disdain - those that cannot afford huge rent hikes - and forced to live in inhumane surroundings.

All this in one of richest cities the world - we have a $9 Billion budget - and our poor are forced to live on the streets of San Francisco. Under bushes, under bridges, in places that are filthy and unhealthy.

Single mother with infants and children, seniors, pushed out from their "rent controlled units" - living on "fixed income" now living in hellish - conditions.

These tall building - do not do our
constituents any good - they cause
congestion, create divisiveness -
further the great - divide in San Francisco.

The new rich - who have just arrived on the scene - have no sense of history and less of "cultural competency".

All this land - stolen from the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco and the neighboring areas. 

Land stolen by thieves, rapists, and folks that lack morals, ethics, any type of standard - worth the salt.

These new so called rich - loaded with "blood money" - drab,cold, spaced out folks, starring at their lap tops.

Clothes that they have been wearing for weeks, some of them stinking to high heaven - deep into their iPhones, other electronic gadgets that they seek solace from.

These sordid folks - mostly White - offering little if nothing at all - to enhance the culture of San Francisco - known the world over. They look at our unique neighborhood - as places - where their need can be met - without giving anything - back.

Each morning the are loaded in bus that take them out of the City - they come back in the evening to do their mundane - things. Most are fed at their work place - when it come to the higher level of contribution - to Society - these one track "morons" - are just that - "one tracked".

These folks that the neighborhoods tolerate - in many cases - " want them out". The "techies" wonder why - but few will spell it out to them - as I am doing. They keep wondering - but not for long.

Our cities leaders are pathetic - and the time has come - to revamp and check these - good for nothing folks - who are a "cancer" to Society and more to the land they purport to live on.

 The people united will not be defeated.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - good for nothing.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee caught with his
hand in the cookie jar - even 
Rose Pak who put him there -
now, feel he is a total - loser.

Rose Pak has come out swinging -
she says " Mayor Edwin M. Lee has
failed us all" especially -
helping the poor and those that
need help most. Can he change -
he can - will he - never, ever.

Folks who throw their artificial gained wealth.

Gobbling up affordable units - that once catered to families, blue collar workers, those that worked in the "hotel industry" - those that kept most things - running in our great City and County of San Francisco.

People power - vote this November -
for mandates - and will keep
affordable housing intact.

The service industries - those who help clean homes, do other mundane jobs that the filthy rich - do not touch - and pay those who help them - with less than minimum, wage.

Yet, those who pay the working poor " folks who are a liability" think nothing of the many impediments and hurdles - put in the way - of many innocent, hardworking, workers - who live pay check to pay check.

This is a crying - shame.

Landlords - hiking rents - and pushing out those that truly created our - "unique neighborhoods".

Most large families tied to the vibrancy of our neighborhoods - it one thing to witness and enjoy - families contributing to a neighborhood.

It is another to see - singles - who are dazed, poorly dressed, no emotions, behave more like zombies - and if you greet them - look at you funny.

What is SF City Hall doing
for those that built this City?
What is our Mayor doing?
What are the SF Board of Supervisors
who are on a month long vacation - doing?
Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero, Ziltch. 

It is not fair - that just because of money - these sordid folks - who just arrived - who have less compassion and reek with greed - are pushing innocent, hardworking folks - from their own, neighborhoods.

This is happening more in the Mission - but also in the Bayview, in places like the Fillmore, and even the Excelsior - North Beach, the South of Market Area - and more.

Gentrification in places like the Mission and other neighborhoods - because of impediments linked to fiscal constraints - mostly huge rents that lead to - rapid, gentrification.

The City and County of San Francisco has a $9 Billion budget - can help those who make less than $60,000 to live in homes and help innocent people - live like human beings.

On the contrary our City and County of San Francisco and more our - " very corrupt" Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has chosen to build - an excess of Market Rate condominiums. Over 400% and less affordable housing - minus 300% - and he thinks - nothing of this - topsy turvy - situation.

The recent spiraling of the economy in China - the Chinese economy - failing and more the failed "environment standards" - that China has failed to implement.

Mainland Chinese Stocks head South.

Contamination, pollution, contributing to "Climate Change".

The air is foul, the water contaminated, the people suffering from all sort of diseases in China. Those most adversely impacted the Chinese infants, Chinese children, Chinese youth and young adults - who are left in the dark.

Many Chinese who left there villages - now want to go back - but cannot - they were paid little to move - came to the cities - and now live in slums - the world does not see this - but, this is what has become of many Chinese.

On the other hand - there are large cities - containing thousands of housing units - empty. Built as an investment - that equity has been sitting there for years - the economy is now going South - and the investors have lost - faith in the Chinese, economy.

The Chinese government has encouraged over 90 million Chinese - to invest in the Chinese Stock Market - this Market has FAILED - gone South - and millions of innocent Chinese - who were enjoying some artificial - roller coaster ride - now have Stocks that are worth - nothing much.

Much like our junk bonds in the United States that hit us all - in the economic spiraling of our economy in 2008.

What favors the United States is our limited population some 320 million and some 3,717,812.8 square miles.

God has blessed our land - and we have resources that we must take care off - and not waste and more not use more than we - need.

China and many other emerging countries cannot say that - besides our United States Stock Market - has made some favorable progress - even with the over 500 points - recent - dip - which some say is a - "correction".

Our United States - politicians are "greedy" and associate more with the "filthy rich" - who fill their campaign coffers.

Folks like London Breed, Scott Wiener a Zionist, Malia Cohen a political whore.

Scott Wiener who runs his mouth
he talks the talk but failes
to walk the walk.

Julie Christensen anointed, Katy Tang anointed - do not represent - they sell out San Franciscans.

Then you have Mark Farrell - who makes more money on the side as a consultant - over and above the $120,000 with benefits - the salary we tax payers - pay him - for screwing around. 

This coming election - we must vote well - and get rid of the - CHAFF. Aho.