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Saturday, June 30, 2018


The North Dakota Pipeline -
the many adverse impacts that the Lokota Tribes -
a Sovereign Nation - suffers today - and will - in the future.

Water is Life - and this means nothing much to those that came here and stole the land, raped the women, killed innocent children. contaminated the land - killed millions of Buffalo for their skin.

Let tons of Buffalo meat rot - heaps sixty feet high - the stench spreading far and wide - and today - this White House - endorses such actions - not similar - because the times are different  - but related and continuing actions that are despicable  - directly and indirectly - adversely impact all humanity.

When those of us use empirical data to endorse clean energy from Solar, Wind, and one of a kind huge batteries.

 Energy derived from waves and other innovative means - the White House prefers - coal and those things Smithsonian - that polluted and increase the Carbon Footprint.

Today's White House - has no standards, lies, and does what it wants - making our Nation the laughing stock of the world. While the entire world signs meaningful accords - we stand aside and let this buffoon - talk from both sides of his dirty, mouth. Trump will say one thing now - and in the next minute - deny he meant it - or said it.


Sitting Bull was a great Chief - 
who witnessed those that disrespected Mother Earth -
had immense patience - but when those that were stupid -
crossed the line - trying to steal the resources -
inherent in the Black Hills - and encroached on -
the rights of the Lakota Tribe - all hell broke loose.

When Custer and his men were defeated - even though they had superior arms and ammunition - it sent shills throughout the Nation.

 Greedy entities - who wanted it all -  and encroached on Native American lands - again and again - stayed put for a while.

But then again and again Greed - showed its ugly face - much as it does today.

We know what is right and wrong - but those that are greedy - cannot see past their GREED - they live - Wrong. 

Much like the scumbags of this Earth.

History repeats itself - we all know the clown above -
Andrew Jackson - constantly messing with the Native Americans - he had NO respect for them -
and the Native Americans detested him - as one surely would -
much like what is happening today with Donald Trump.

In every important and critical discussion - No attention is paid to the Indigenous People. The values passed - generation to generation - vetted, tested, proven successful - by the ancestors - only for the GREEDY - to pollute, contaminate - take as much as they can - and give very little - in return.

The Great Spirit watches it all - and this and more - will be laid bare - that time is coming - and do not say - you the GREEDY were not warned - in less than 6 months - here in San Francisco.

When those sane do right - their heart in the right place - by the Native Americans  - they reap good results.

When they do not - they again and again  falter - and reap very bad results. 

History has recored it all - and great Chiefs have too - but today no one is paying attention.

No one wants to hear the Truth.

The strangers in less than 400 years have contaminated Mother Earth.

Their action have contaminated  Turtle Island fork sure  - also the name given to Turtle Island - that the strangers  call with a forked tongue, America.

But having done harm here in America - they have dared to contaminate and polluted  other Continents.

They do not blink an eye - when they lie - and say that they have not contributed to today's mess - which they have - the increase of the Carbon Footprint.

The  depletion of the Ozone layer - that brings rays from the sun - and adversely impacts our climate.

It is disgusting how these " greedy bastards " will use fracking - tunneling deep and extract gas and petroleum from miles away - and brag that they can do it - because their evil and convoluded law says so.

Never mind if they adversely impact the water shed - people cannot drink water from their wells and more from the tap in their homes. They care less when people suffer.

Often times - the fumes emitting from the taps with the water - can be lit by a match - shocking and disgusting. Such things will become common - for those that have no heart - mostly have no conscience - and those that have no conscience personify the " devil " - simply because they are - " evil ".

The seal of the Supreme Court 

Soon the decisions made by the Supreme Court will get worse  - the lower Courts - will be sending decisions - for adjudication to the Supreme Court - mostly decisions made against the People - and low and behold - they will be upheld.

Much like the decision made by the Supreme Court - adjudicating that Corporations are People too. The recent decision on immigration - against some targeted Nations.

That we messed up in the first place - even as we continue to mess in the affairs of other sovereign nations - and must not - but we are - and we think we must - and all that and more will back fire - sooner not later.

Well, at this time we all know that One Percent of the population - controls Ninety Five percent of the wealth.

Our Nation's population about 320 million.

Not like the population of China nearing 2 Billion and that of India over 1 Billion - and those of Indonesia and others in the high millions - many over 600 million.

As I have mentioned in my previous articles our Nation has vast lands - measuring 3,717, 812.8 square miles.

The resources on this land - were protected and preserved by the Native Americans.

The indigenous people of the land - who share a cultural heritage with other Native people from South and North America. Native people - who crossed the present borders - there were NO borders before - to trade, get married, and treasured their relations - for over 15,000 years.

This symbol signifies families -
 that most Native Americans acknowledge.

The strangers have disowned family values -
today - we see the blatant disconnect - lacking spirituality -
less empathy and for sure NO - compassion.

No man or woman on this earth - will dare separate a three month old infant from its mother.

We have seen this done - in the hundreds of cases at the Southern Border - in the United States. 

In the thousands when it comes to children under 5 years.

This Nation has lost its Moral Compass.

No one needs to be a " rocket scientist " to know that Donald Trump is not indigenous - his ancestors came from another land - to Turtle Island - to seek opportunities.

The Western Laws may declare him a President - and give him some fake credence - but the matter of fact is - he is a "egotistical maniac " - that not indigenous person - will respect. Donald Trump is the scum of the Earth.

Even a group of experts - well versed in psychology and psychiatry - experts as many as 20 - declared the man - Donald Trump -  is not  " sane ".

That Donald Trump should not be the President of the United States.

Today he has messed our economy - the tit for tat tariff wars with Canada and China - will hurt us - in many critical areas.

In the home and commercial building areas costly steel has stopped large construction projects - they are becoming cost prohibitive.

Costly steel imports are already impacting hundred of large factories - they simply cannot compete with others who do not have to buy costly steel.

China is a Superpower - and we cannot just think we are one - when it comes to some serious issues - our trade in the high seas and oceans.

We have had encounters - and backed off.

We may talk the talk - but we cannot walk the walk.

Today we owe China Trillions - which is an important factor to note - our dollar is worth 4 cents - and dwindling.

We have to be careful not to force other Nations - as was contemplated by the BRIC Nations - to denounce the dollar and have their own currency, Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

We cannot afford to treat Canada, Germany, Russia, China, and any other Nation that has the ability to adversely impact us - without being diplomatic.

These Nations are not like North Korea  - North Korea is armed to its teeth - and North Korea - does not have to attack America.

 If it attacks Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia - and a few other Nations - all hell will break loose.

In 6 months we will experience the " spiraling of the economy in the United States " - much like we did in the year 2006 until 2011. San Francisco will be hard hit - and we do not have leaders that can deal with such a situation. 

We will suffer and it will be our fault - electing stupid inept, shallow, weak in the knees, political pimps and whores - who are the puppet of very evil large corporations - and cartels.

The present tax reform - will not be able to bring any relief to those making under $200,000 and it really takes $300,000 to make a good living in California - more in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Here is San Francisco the booming construction has already stopped - steel and other construction material is too expensive.

Leading those that know something about construction - making it so cost prohibitive - building now cost over $1650 per square feet - and in some location nearing $2000 per square feet. Go figure!

San Franciso has a Pension Plan - that will suffer - we know it is a train - traveling at fast speed - ready to crash.

 Our City pension fund investments in hedge funds, fossil fuel, other short term investments - have taken a heavy toll.

Many SF City Employees are double dipping - and today we have many inept City Employees making in access of $300,000 and a few over $400,00 per year. Who is fooling whom?

I have been watching the Budget Session - many coming and pleading before the Budget Committee - the Chair is that person - that is as devious as they come - Malia Cohen a seasoned Political Whore - who is being watched - and that gavel will be heard loud and clear - and so will the handcuffs.

As we all know the City and County of San Francisco now has a budget of $11 Billion. Many Nations do not have such a Budget - but we do.

Yet only 3% if not less is spent on housing - and tent cities have been erected and brought down.

Our Seniors who are one third of the 830,000 population - are treated with disdain - many dying on the streets of San Francisco. The mentally and physically challenged suffering more - and no one cares.

We have a brand new morgue - constructed in Bayview Hunters Point Area - very near Heron Head's Park - close to Pier 96 - hundreds of bodies lie there in the morgue - not claimed.

When enquiries are made under the Freedom of Information Act - how these human beings met their fate - there is deft silence. All sorts of stupid laws more State are quoted to bring out the Truth - the SF Health Department has BLOOD on their hands.

Now more than ever - trying to have jurisdiction over Street Violence Intervention Programs - when it cannot do justice to what is has to do - provide good health and have some standards. 

More than four times in the last 8 years - the SF General Hospital - was on the verge of being decertified - for not meeting the standards.  

They may not know - some of us are monitoring the situation at hand - like a HAWK.

Mostly indigent people - lie in the morgue - what does this say about the City and County of San Francisco ?

In the last 5 years over 300,000 families have fled San Francisco - it is too expensive to afford a one bed room for $3500 and two bed room for $5500 and more.

It is simply cost prohibitive to live in our City and County of San Francisco - destroyed by GREED.

This is Muwekma Ohone Land 
every square inch stolen -
and I represent them in San Francisco -
we are warning you - STOP the abuse and destruction -
of San Francisco - the Big One is coming.

The skyline of San Francisco has changed -
for the worst - there is only so much that can be built -
only so many that can come here -
as more folks come - congestion, pollution -
the increase in the Carbon Footprint - and other -
adverse impacts - adversely impact Quality of Life issues.

Much like the Tower of Babel - the rampant and indiscriminate building of San Francisco - is totally uncalled for - these very cold, insensitive people - clued to the computer screens - and oblivious of what is going around them - are the scourge of our City.

Squares as we called them some years ago.

 Cold and bent on making money - they can afford the high rents - but not those that built this City - who have every right to live in our City.

The political whores - the likes of London Breed - who has million left in her campaign coffers - back by AirB&B, other devious entities - their regime will be short lived.

It is the same for Malia Cohen - she does not live in San Francisco - more in Oakland - she is the scum of the Earth.

Malia is encouraging Whites to come into the Bayview Hunters Point area - knowing that indigenous people - are not kosher with her life style habits.

 These newbies - who have no families - want to teach us a lesson - and more how to improve the Bayview. Malia Cohen is a political whore who will sell herself - to the highest  - bidder.

Follow this Flow Chart -
to get a glimpse of the corruption in San Francisco -
more in the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

Follow the line items -
money doles to folks - all dubious in nature -
corrupt to the core and more.

We have been following the money - the millions doled out by Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis.

All this and more will be revealed soon - there are three investigative reporters - working on the mass empirical data.

 The large Primes or Contractor AECOM, WEBCOR, EMERSON the others that we will disclose - suffice to say - you can follow the above mentioned Flow Chart - to get some sense about the ploys, machinations and shenanigans - used since 2011.

 We have thousands of documents to disclose  the corruption that has reached - saturation point. Bring the culprits to court - and hopefully have them locked for a long, long time.

The time to fuck with the community - and use Community Benefits for extra curricula activities - must come to a STOP - now.


Those immigrants coming to our borders -
asking for asylum - must be treated with dignity -
no infant, no children, no youth, for sure 
no one vulnerable - must be locked up in cages.
This White House must be ashamed of itself -
spewing lies, having no conscience - pathetic to the core -
lacking dececny - a disgrace to the human race.

All over the United States today - the decent, the determined, those with their heart in the right place - armed with tenacity and fortitude - will march in UNITY - in the millions.

More families united - we must speak up - we must stand up -  and speak - Truth to Power.

The power of people has always prevailed in the United States - once better known as Turtle Island.

The spirit of the indigenous people  must be at the fore front of this march - against - this racist White House and Donald Trump who has lost his mind - an egotistical maniac.

Here is California we have done well to stand shoulder to shoulder with the immigrants requesting " asylum ".

All of us decent Californians - understand that it is a crime to separate an infant from its Mother - and this and more - requires us all to stand united - and speak Truth of Power.

This is the land of the indigenous  -
a fact that must be stated up front -
those who think they can steal the land, rape the women,
pillage, contaminate, and disrespect Mother Earth -
 now target mostly indigenous people -
people of color - you are all put on notice.

The indigenous people have long - had deep ties with the indigenous people - who made their abode in Turtle Island - now called the United States of America. 

This relationship - linked to the Native Americans - goes back 13,000 years - all carbon dated - human remains and artifacts. Here in the Bay area - Sacred Shell Mounds.

Shell Mounds doted all over the Bay Area - much like acupuncture points - healing the land - now contaminated, polluted, and polluted by evil and greedy - strangers.

When the first pilgrims landed on the shores of Turtle Island - mercy was shown to them.

The deep thirst of the first pilgrims, quenched.

The First People - fed the pilgrims with berries, wild fowl, yams, and other nourishing food. 

For sure none of those pilgrims - None of them came with documents - we know that for a fact.

None of the pilgrims saw fences - nor did they see a stockade - for sure they did not see a wall.

 All the barriers mentioned above - to keep away people - were NOT values - of the Native Americans - the First People of Turtle Island - valued  and so they did not think about them - and less did not have words for these hurdles and obstacles.

Donald Trump will never get it -
he is a chronic - egotistical maniac -
a pain in ass of most people who come in contact with him.

Andrew Jackson was the same -
targeting the indigenous people -
propagating divisiveness - much like Donald Trump today.

We have a population of about 320 million here in the United States - an area to be exact 3,717,812.8 square miles.

This vast land was protected and preserved by the indigenous people for over 15,000 years.

Then some 400 years ago the strangers came and fucked it all up.

One of the worst idiots to live in the United States is Donald Trump. His behavior - a disgrace to the human race.

The Democrats who are pulling their hair and pulling their teeth - were totally responsible - to usher in Donald Trump - including the House Negro - Barack Hussein Obama.

When Barack Hussein Obama was in the White House - he had an opportunity to fix the aged and Smithsonian  immigration law - of 1967 - that has created this mess.

An immigration law with - no clear directives - no clear adjudication - more pertaining to human values and plain decency.

During the Obama regime - thousands of innocent immigrants were turned away - and fell into the hands of cartels, and other evil forces - women and girls were traded for evil purposes - but those of us barking up the wrong tree now - did not say a word.

The Democrats - including Senator Diane Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - must take their share of the blame for this - immigration - mess.

Much as thousands vote for the those that must step down inept so called representative.

Ignorant - more folks - not educated on issues give inept and shallow representatives - a pass - term after term - 4 years a term - and this must STOP. We must STOP voting for those that no not - and have failed to REPRESENT.

Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - must step down - and fade into oblivion. 

Take their shallow politics - their ploys and machinations - wheeling and dealing - behind close doors - and get lost.