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Friday, May 31, 2013


The fight among the just and unjust is an ongoing battle - and never mind what the outcome is - those that fight for what is right - will WIN. No one can defeat the TRUTH - and the forces of EVIL - will be defeated.

This on going battle is going right now at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. We have sent the necessary clarion call - but, those in power are challenging us - and they will have to pay a price

Juliet Ellis who has done wrong - for all the world to see -  she must go.

Juliet Ellis must go - now - there is no pandering about this issue. If this issue flares up - hundreds of innocent people - will be affected.

This is San Francisco and we San Franciscans will NOT stand some Jamaican woman - corrupt, lying, and full of crap - leading our External Affairs Department at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - having done wrong and exposed by the Main Media and more.

Earning more than $200,000 plus benefits - all tax payers money - and thumping her nose at those that work hard, stand for decency, and believe in justice and fair play.

Why is Mayor Edwin Lee allowing this issue to linger?

Get rid of the bad rubbish - it stinks to high heaven - and you have proof - of lying, deceit, and an on going cover up.

What makes this case all the more sordid - is Juliet Ellis continues hiring cronies - one worse than the other - to surround herself with inept hirelings - who do not know what they are doing.

All in the name of Benefits for the Community - making high salaries - and wasting tax payers money.

What is Ben Rosenfield doing about this situation? Time to audit this External Affair Department - with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Whoever came up with this ploy to hire Juliet Ellis and her minions - must now pay the price. 

San Franciscans - the decent ones will not stand - for some Black Jamaican woman to take us to the cleaners. 

This corrupt woman Juliet Ellis must go now - and we will fight her - with all our might.

I know the Brother Harlan Kelly - and as much as he wants to protect this good for nothing corrupt woman - Juliet Ellis - he must now decide - on which side he wants to be.

We cannot bought and we have the power to bring those who are corrupt down - and expose them.

Nothing good is happening not with our plan to have our youth work - this Summer - with the Nursery Plan and advancements we  had worked so hard on - to  learn to do landscaping and so on.

Now the hitch is with Local 261 and those in power else where - pussy footing around.

It is taking over two years and nothing is happening. Well the Native Plant Program was funded three years ago - and paid for. 

So why all this fuss - when we stepped up and created opportunities; came up with a sound plan - and gave the Blue Print on a platter - to give a  fighting chance to our youth?

Who is SF Public Utilities Commission trying to fool.

It is the same with the Contractors Center - over two years - and nothing substantial happening. Who is creating the hurdles? It is either you are with us - or against us. And we you are against us - the sooner you tell us the better.

The corruption in some City Department has reached saturation point. Who will fix it. Time is on our side - the side of the people.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The corruption at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and more with the Assistant General Manager, Juliet Ellis knows no bounds.

Juliet Ellis for all her pandering, the fake smiles - must go - simply put she is incompetent. The more she and her team lingers - the worse - when it comes to anything - plausible. 

Yesterday, May 28th, 2013 with great difficulty - I attended the SF Public Utilities Commission meeting at San Francisco City Hall in Room 400 at 1:30 pm.

One thing - I cannot and will not stand for - is blatant corruption - and with Juliet Ellis still around - pandering and dividing the community - something must be put in place - to keep this - "corrupt woman" out of bounds - and out of the community in San Francisco. 

The meeting was long - with the SF Public Utilities Commission staff - presenting topic after topic - that was full of fluff.

Thank God we have one or two Commissioners at the SF Public Utilities Commission - who have the experience and wisdom to ask the right questions.

The SF Public Utilities Commission when it comes to outreach - does not have the ability - to first understand the community - secondly the history of each District - and finally the ability to communicate with time-line and viable goals and objectives - for the good to the tax payers.

Juliet Harris has hired some six women - not a single man - and these women - think they can handle the chores of the day - by whiling away their time - backed by some cronies - but - in this City we believe in standards and the law.

Coming forth with shenanigans like charrettes, pretending to educate young children without any substantial benefits - having painting contexts and other such machinations - that make you feel good for a moment - but, then you have to deal with the reality - of the on going madness.

Paying consultants huge sums of money - to come out with programs and projects that benefit the consultants - leaving the tax payer - holding an empty bag - forking out large sums of money - with little of no viable - returns. 

So called Green Projects - when no one fully comprehends the Carbon Foot Print. We have over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas - spewing in the air from the many land fills in our fair City.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - go figure! We talk the talk - but when will we learn to walk the walk. 

Anyone can come out with programs that are implemented as experiments - more when it comes to hydrology models, some unplanned and not fully though out in detail - watershed management - and so on and so forth.

We have serious problems with our watershed - which is very large - that is large - underground lakes - that have been polluted by our sordid actions - for the last 250 years - plus.

On of them an underground huge Lake - from Lobos Creek all the way to Lake Merced. From the Presidio by 25th Avenue all the way to Lake Merced. We think we know about such issues - but, most of us do not.

No one is paying attention to the "Mather Ordinance" - the "Precautionary Principle" other viable and sustainable ordinances, laws, and practices - that are pertinent and critical to have in place and executed.

These and other projects must be - linked with the Sewer System Improvement Project - SSIP - with the above Ordinances and laws in mind. 

This is our only opportunity to do right - but, we cannot with shallow, inept, spineless, and very corrupt folks liked Juliet Ellis and her minions. Who is protecting her? And if so - why?

Again and again; thousands of units are planned mostly in the Southeast Sector - with little or no planning when it comes to
"grey water" - the use of recycled water - sustainable actions - linked to "energy conservation".

Plans are not afoot to curtail contaminants from daily uses - tons of contaminants and pollutants - adversely impacting our bay.

We have more dogs in San Francisco then children - the dog pooh, the cat pooh, the contaminants from the daily uses in homes.

Tons of thousands of contaminants from the many industrial businesses, the run off - from the many old Mercury mines - the particulates from the millions of vehicles that spew contaminants into our environment - these have not been - addressed.

On three sides we are blessed to be surrounded by the Bay - but is the Bay clean?

Who are the main culprits polluting the Bay?

Why must be tolerate the rascals  and why must these culprits be put on trial? This nonsense has been going on for ages.

In general terms we talk about the Carbon Foot Print - while all the time the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been the leading culprit - polluting our Bay waters with discharges that are dubious in nature.

The secondary effluents are so harmful that our fish and other life are imperiled and no one cares.

Added; the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard for years - has been leeching radioactive elements in high doses, the crushing of Serpetine Rock - releases Asbestos - Asbestos in the air, in our water, Asbestos everywhere - including the manholes - has been known to SFPUC - but these fools - just pretend that all is well.

Juliet Ellis team of mostly inexperienced women - who want to tackle our problems - using power-point presentations - experienced garnered; working in the corrupt non-profit world.

Where whoring and pandering is accepted. These methods do not work - when it comes to practical and " meaningful outreach".

Juliet Ellis and her team has failed - and those responsible for hiring these new hires - must think again and again.

As things stand - sordid and contaminated these hires - will cause more problems and we must figure out a way to - deal with this dark cloud hanging over our head.

This - as if - we need another problem - worse than the Sewage Treatment Plant - situated at 1800 Oakdale.

I am not comfortable dealing with crooks - and made myself very clear to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commissioners - the Chair, Art Torres - Vince Courtney, Ann Moller Caen, Francesca Vietor, and Anson Moran.

We must collectively deal with the corrupt Juliet Ellis - or the SF Public Utilities Commission in toto - will be brought down and fall on its face.

This is a critical time to go to a better place - not a place that is the "devil's workshop".

Thousands of dollars are spent this Summer to help our youth get jobs. More, we must train our youth - so that they can find Career Jobs - Career Jobs make human beings feel good - walk up straight and move forward with fortitude and determination.

Contribute to our City, our Nation and the world. We must not be into fluff - into stale bread crumbs - thrown to our youth - to build fake statistics - that the Mayor can hold up before dubious entities.

Crime in on the increase - and this Summer - more shooting and killings will take place - because , no one worth the salt - really knows how to tackle the issues, the problems, in a holistic manner.

Juliet Ellis and her team are into fluff - fluff that works with innocent children, folks that are not educated with issues - and buffoons that we have less of in San Francisco.

In San Francisco - the astute constituents are fed up with the gimmicks coming from Juliet Ellis - linked to the Community Choice Aggregation survey, moving thousands of dollars to Green For All - lying and cheating and having her way. 

Juliet Ellis is setting a bad example and she must go - or forever hold her peace.

Juliet Ellis - was told a long time ago to behave herself - but she kept on laughing and kept on pandering.

Today she joins the ranks of those that wallow in the cesspool of their own creation - the scum of the Earth - and Juliet Ellis - is NO environmentalist.

Some photographs from the SF Public Utilities Commission meeting:

Monday, May 27, 2013


All those many years - I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - the Memorial Day celebrations were - very special. I have and will continue to have fond memories of those days and the celebrations that took place - one of a kind.

The Sixth U.S.Army and Presidio of San Francisco - had its own Military Band - one of the best in the Nation - that is - the United States of America.

Much before the Memorial Day arrived - the practices for the upcoming Veterans' Day celebration - began.

The Sixth U.S. Army band practiced - and they were great. We all who worked at the Presdio of San Francisco - more those that worked at the Main Post - enjoyed the music - because of the close proximity of the Main Post Parade grounds.

Mostly choice pieces composed by the world renowned composer and band leader - John Sousa - were played. Classical pieces of music - enjoyed world wide.

Then; we had our own soldiers - the best I ever knew - and they were drilled well - at the many practiced drills for major events - including memorial day.

I had just to look out my window - and feel proud of "my soldiers". Women and men the best soldiers from all over this Nation - who served our Nation well.

Sixth U.S. Army was: " Born Of War " - and outside building 39 at the Presidio of San Francisco - is a plague and on this plague - are the words " Born Of War " - and the choice words - about their achievements - mostly during World War II.

In the midst of all the buildings, the open spaces, the Chapel, the Officer's Club, the Non-commissioned Officers' Club, Pershing Square, the Main Parade Grounds, the Fire Station, the Commissary,  the over 650 buildings, the over 2000 housing units - is the Veterans' Cemetery - and here - lie the best of the best.

Among them the over all Black - 450 Buffalo Soldiers  - from the 9th and 10th Calvary - the 24th and 25th Infantry regiments.

Many Black Buffalo Soldiers - whose remains were dug up from the many Post that were closed or deactivated - on the Mexican border and elsewhere  and brought to the nearest National Cemetery and interred - and that was the Veterans' National Cemetery - at the Presidio of San Francisco.

This history is not taught to our children, more our Black youth in the many schools.

It is over looked in favor of other mundane history - favoring those that stole the land, raped the women, scalped the Native Americans - some sordid history that is tainted and not worth the salt.

Now politicians come at these ceremonies - as they will do today - at the Memorial Day speeches.

Politicians who have no heart; to provide succor - to our Veterans today - who have returned from the wars in Iraq, from Afghanistan - injured and hurt - many have lost their limbs, they have to deal with the Post Traumatic Trauma - and they are told to wait.

Waiting for Godot!

No one told the soldiers of our Nation to wait - when they were ordered to fight - to lay their lives so that this Nation may be free and protected.

The Secretary of the Veterans Administration - has made many statements before the many committees.

He has been stating again and again - that the waiting period - for the Veterans to get their benefits will be - less than a year - for any Veteran to get help at our many Veteran Hospitals.

Even now; after may years - many Veterans have been waiting for 2 and 3 years - to get the help - they need. This is a crying - shame.

If you ask Congressperson Nancy Pelosi why this long wait - she has nothing much to say.

If your ask Senator Dianne Feinstein; why the delay to serve our Veterans - there will be finger pointing.

The politicians are the scum of the Earth - never, to be trusted.

When we honor a Veteran - we must honor them by our  actions.

We must help them, their families, and those that support the injured and ailing Veterans - in whatever - capacity we can.

Added to the shenanigans are the many horror stories at the Walter Reed hospital in Washington DC.

The many Veteran hospitals here in the Bay Area - where there are no sufficient medicines to go around.

Where the treatment is inferior - and where we treated our "heroes" - with disdain - when we must respect them and give our Veterans - the very, best.

This all must change - if we are a Nation of compassion.

If we truly respect our Veterans.

If we respect the Constitution - that provides for those that fight for the best interests of our Nation - the United States of America - our FREEDOM.

Today, in America there will be parades, lots of hot dogs and other fancy eating.

At the Bar-b-ques - there will be long, drawn out speeches, some will fake their love for our beloved Veterans.

All the Veterans ask is to respect them and provide them the necessities to survive, live and support their families.

The Veterans love this Nation - there is no doubt about that.

The 66 million dollar question is - when will this Nation learn to respect our Veterans - you can talk the talk - but can you - walk the walk.

To the many Veterans I say: " We love you, we honor you, and we will do what it takes to speak the TRUTH ".

We will fight for you all - as we must - you, who have done so much - so that we may be FREE.

Our Nation is still at war:

Saturday, May 25, 2013


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has failed miserably to do meaningful outreach all over San Francisco - in the last 12 years - more in the last 5 years..

In particular it has shunned the Southeast Sector and more particularly the Bayview Hunters Point area - when it comes to spewing Methane gas in the air, the weirs that are in disrepair, fouling the air and triggering diseases such as asthma.

Flooding an entire area - with mosquitoes - and bringing home to thousands; in the neighborhood - the possibility of a deadly disease - the West Nile virus.

The person who holds an important position - is inept, uneducated on issues, lies, and has moved thousands of dollars to her former non-profit Green For All - and is the Assistant General Manager - her name is - Juliet Ellis.

Juliet Ellis also sits on the Board of Green For All -more, as President of this sordid -organization. This organization as well as the SFPU Commissioners - must examine the blatant ethical malpractices - exercised by Juliet Ellis.

Juliet Ellis; has enjoyed getting a high salary - over $200,000 plus benefits and it a misfit. A total misfit - waste of tax payers money - never mind if she think she has contacts at the White House. I have too and have served this Nation.

Juliet Ellis purports she is in charge of quality outreach - has no clue about the pertinent factors, less the history of the community - more the Bayview Hunters Point community.

Juliet Ellis tackles problems by pitying one party against the other - and a few parties will take her to court - so that the SF Public Utilities Commissioners - wake up. This is your clarion - call. 

Right now Juliet Elllis is being investigated by the San Francisco City Attorney linked to some unethical practices and she must be fired.

Juliet Ellis  and those in her inner circle who espouse and condone - to the illegal activities - Juliet Ellis, has been involved with - for some years now.

Again and again this woman has been divisive in her many sordid actions linked to projects at the Southeast Commission Facility situated at 1800 Oakdale. 

The lies she tells - and the deplorable actions - are now reaping - the ire of the community is growning.

The General Manager Harlan Kelly inherited this appointment - made by the then SFPU Commissioners and the then General Manager Ed Harrington.

We all know it was a bad one - and we must never, ever permit - any other SFPU Commissioner to jump over and get a position - at the SFPUC  - a salaried position in the future. A person who has no experience and want to pander to all - using her fake charm and lack of experience. 

The end result - a sordid result - and when you add corruption - devilish to say the least. Diabolic!

All these many years - the Southeast Sector - has not received any meaningful outreach. This disdain and utter disrespect for the community will not be tolerated any more.

By now; the SF Public Utilities Commission should have figured out to divert as least half of the 80% raw sewage to the Oceanside Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - that now goes to the Phleps Raw Sewage Plant - in the Bayview.

Of course Juliet Ellis and her minions - would not comprehend - how to do address this issue. Most of them are there for their salaries. They bring no expertise, have no history, and the advocates are riled up against the SF Public Utilities Commission - for making these hires. Good for nothing - worthless, inept, shallow, and a disgrace to decency. 

It is disgrace to San Francisco - that all these years - the City and County of San Francisco has tolerated the corruption and very poor leadership stemming from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - first at 1155 Market Street and now at 525 Golden Gate Avenue.

One of the reasons - appointments made to appointments linked to certain people are factors like who you know, life style - and some very incompetent - managers - lend up in high managerial positions.

One of them for sure Juliet Ellis.

For years raw sewage has been running on the streets of San Francisco and more in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Two people know this more than others Greg Breswell and Yoseph Ashur - who have a good idea of what is really happening with the infrastructure in our City and County of San Francisco.

And there are others too many to mention - and I am in touch with them. However, I cannot be doing the spade work for the incompetent SF Public Utilities Commission.

Recently Juliet Ellis conducted a survey linked to the need for those that wanted Green Energy - whatever that means to SFPUC. 

he survey conducted was meaningless - and if only those in the other areas - and not those that have the facilities and industries that adversely impact the constituents - living in the area - such as Bayview Hunters Point.

Linked to sewage, garbage, the many concrete and aggregate, the many industries linked to chrome plating, and other businesses that produce contamination - and found in the Southeast Sector of City; that are NOT on the radar of the SFPUC - something is totally and fundamentally - wrong.

More with a mentality that comes from a person like Juliet Ellis who has no clue about outreach, less about marketing, even less about Quality of Life issues.

She is a transplant from the East Bay - and that is where is and the others she has brought along with her - belong.

Over $8 billion dollars in the next 15 years will be spent in the Southeast Sector and we need a person who has some background in engineering, City Planning, Land Use, Traffic Management, Pollution, Contamination.

A sound idea of our watershed, Climate Change, communication with the constituents - none of which Juliet Ellis has. She smiles, she uses her fake charm and tried it on me - several times - until I told her what I told her, some - and she did not pay heed to.

I am good friends with the General Manager - Harlan Kelly - but I am not one to pander. I am good friends with Naomi Kelly - but I do not pander. I am very good friends with the Mayor Ed Lee - and will not pander.

A long time ago - I said because of the corruption - Juliet Ellis must go - this cancer must go - the dark cloud hovering over our fair City of San Francisco. 

The Main Media has exposed her, many SF Public Utilities Commission workers - do  not approve of her mentality and attitude. What else is there to say?

The entire Department dealing with External Affair must be revamped - the chaff removed - and some guidance must be in place to deal with the Sewer System Improvement Project.

The lack of attention to Quality of Life issues in the Southeast Sector.

Some practical - model to divert some of the raw sewage - even if it 20% to the Oceanside.

A thorough study about the adverse impacts to our Bay - as a result of the toxic contaminants flushed in to the Bay. Contaminated salts, dog pooh, cat pooh, mercury, lead, and a host of other very toxic elements - all of which Juliet Ellis is not aware of.

She brags she has installed some fountains at the schools. Beware of such fountain - where rats and other foul animals like the fountains at the source. Then children - go to the fountain - unknowingly. Fountains unlike former times are place prone to diseases. Also areas where one can trigger calamities - of course Juliet Ellis would not know that.

Our clean water is pristine at the source - Hetch Hetchy. The confluence is a treasured by the First People as Sacred. A few miles after it leaves the source - it is polluted by other source of water - that is when it is treated - and the various treatments - changes the quality of the water.

Chlorimine and other such treatments do not agree with all - I do not drink tap water.

I have to choose a certain bottle water. I am not into - monkey say - monkey to as most do at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

We have hundreds of miles of drinking water in the City and County of San Francisco - leaking - there are areas - where the water is muddy - sometimes - foul smelling.

Juliet Ellis is not aware of these factors and portends that most things are rosy - which is her rabid imagination.

Like diverting thousands of dollars of tax payers money - to some unsavory non-profits in the East Bay - favoring her friends.

We need a sound and tested Outreach at the SF Public Utilities Commission - and that only can come by revamping the area where the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - works.

Juliet Ellis - has shown very poor standing, unethical, immoral, and lacks - any standards.

The corrupt; Assistant General Manager is Juliet Ellis - and she must go.

Why is this corrupt woman - Juliet Ellis - smiling?:


Lennar is a Rogue Developer - that has caused - too much harm in the Bayview Hunters Point - and by extension all over the Bay  Area - and when you want to connect the dots - relatives and loved ones - then - all over the Nation and beyond.

Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) - is a grassroots movement - created to fight Lennar - tooth and nail.

A movement that is active - and waiting for the "green signal" - to take on the devious, the divisive, the corrupt, the evil - those that do not "respect" themselves - and so by inference - cannot respect others.

Lennar a Rogue Developer - graded over 33 feet of Serpentine Rock - when crushed - releases Asbestos structures or friables.
One single fiber can lead to Asbestosis - so imagine the people - unaware of what was going on - bombarded by these Asbestos structures - breathing in the structures and being adversely - impacted.

The authorities know about it - but because the people affected - in the majority are not white - they are treated with disdain - and this one act -  but be exposed and those that committed this crime - and continue NOT to do anything - must be adjudicated. They must be punished and if need be sent to jail - for a long, long - long time.

Lennar pretended to monitor the grading project - placing a number of monitors - but with intent - removed the batteries - so that the monitors - could not operate and do its job.

For months there were no reports sent to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) - what were they doing? What were those in charge doing? Why is it taking so long for these agencies - 9 years after the fact - to make good?

The TRUTH always comes out - it make take some time - but, the truth always will come out.

This one act by Lennar - says a lot - prompted by City officials who were corrupt, the then District 10 Supervisor - who has blood on her hands - Sophie Maxwell. Others one worse than the other.

The then San Francisco Director of Health Mitch Katz who has since jumped ship.

Rajiv Bhatia from the SF Health Department and in charge of the Environmental Section.

The former Director of the Mayor Office of Economic Development Michael Cohen.

The former Mayor - the one that has most BLOOD on his hands - Gavin Newsom.

Others too many to mention - they all are accountable for harming our children, our mothers, young adults, Seniors and all those living in and around Parcel A - where the dirty deed - was committed - for all the world to witness.

The community went before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the BAAQMD was fined  Lennar, the Rogue Developer - over $500,000 - the largest fine - ever - and Lennar paid it.

And by paying it - Lennar admitted - guilt.

This one victory - was a victory for justice and fair play - but also reveals the astuteness, fortitude, and stamina against great odds - the grass roots community at large - managed to hold and holds.

Our mothers, our children, our seniors, those that were sick but still came out to show support - other supports that we thank them for standing by us - the leaders who stood tall and put their best foot - forward. This victory belongs to all - but most of all to God - who made us endure the pain and suffering.

We have accumulated a lot of information - our meetings with the Environmental Protection Agency - Region IX  and related documents. We know the present Director of the Environmental Protection Agency - Jared Blumfeld.

Our meeting with the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) - and related documents.

Our meeting with the San Francisco Health Commission - and all the false statements made - including the statement - "that the air on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - is the cleanest ". 

We have all the evidence and all the documentation.

We also have the patience - and have been extremely, patient.

We, the people - are NOT fazed that some sordid, dirty, tainted money from China - is now being used to develop Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Time will tell.

I represent the First People on San Francisco and beyond - all that comes under the jurisdiction of the Muwekma Ohlone.

The SF Planning Department knows that - the Mayor, Edwin Lee knows that - and all those who know - what I speak of - are put on notice:

" No good whatsoever will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard" - I have said it before and I say it again - and I will say it again and again and again.

Once two hills stood at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The United States Navy - demolished the hills - and spread the dirty on 90% of what is today's Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - still under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy.

With the dirt - the U.S. Navy removed the remains of the First People the Ohlone - and spread it all over the Shipyard. This is a sacrilege - acts crying to God for - justice.

The U.S. Navy would not do that - if the remains were of some White folks.

The U.S. Navy - did not BLINK - when they saw that the remains - where that of the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone:

Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) - is active and alive - we are a grass roots movement - watch out - we are watching you all - like a HAWK.

Friday, May 24, 2013


The Chinese are coming in droves - left, right, and center - the United States are issuing Employment Based visas - for a million dollars - the Chinese get a "Green Card" - a place to stay and more.

What is wrong with this picture? 

We, in the United States have not recovered fully from the 2008 Economic Spiraling of our economy.

Most of us have not clear understanding - why this debacle happened.

Some have a faint idea of the involvement of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and other fiscal, large establishment - controlled by ardent Zionists - who do not have the best interests of the United States - but are out and about to destroy the United States and our Unity.

Our infrastructure is failing - our roads, bridges, our rails, our public facilities, the GRID linked to our energy and more.  We have let these vital resources and facilities go unattended - and we have reached a stage - where as we saw - with Hurricane Sandy - we were caught off guard; and suffered severe loss of people and more.

All over San Francisco Webcor, Swinerton, Cahill, Nibbi, Turner and Turner, others are having a gala time - the stacks of money from China - is fueling all these developments. 

People are saying the economy is booming - but we do not see the real progress - unemployment is up  - people simple have left the rolls - fed up - they cannot find career and Union jobs.

You can find - temporary jobs - you work two, three jobs - and you get NO benefits. No health benefit, no pension, no insurance - so what is the point of living - in a Nation where once we treasured - Quality of Life issues.

The Mayor of San Francisco, Mayor Edwin Lee - is happy - he loves to stare in the sky - twitch his moustache and brag - about the 26 cranes - at the many such development sites.

Our roads are congested, there are no affordable housing units.

Thousands of Rental Units - have been taken over  by the Academy of Art University over the last 20 years - and converted to dormitories - with our San Francisco Planning Department - looking the other way.

More; when Larry Badner was the Zoning Czar from the SF Planning Department - that is when some years ago - and he was fired for distributing - pornographic material during working hours. Larry and some senior planners got in the pornographic distribution scandal - were fired. 

Our City and the City Attorney has done little to remedy this situation.  The loss of thousands of rental units.

The SF Board of Supervisors- more political whores and pimps - are busy trying to address International issues - and other trivial and mundane issues - that does not come under their purview and jurisdiction.

You go to City Hall in Room 250 and here you see the SF Board of Supervisors - having side-bars, texting, looking at the Ipad and Iphone - and simply acting like Buffoons. 

There was a time when as a American you contributed your best to this Nation. 

More those that severed the Nation in the Department of Defense as I did. We call other civilians - and right so - spineless, shallow, and always depending on others - to do the job for them.

We can never, ever trust the Chinese from Communist China. We have created this monster - trading with them - and the trade has been one sided.

For over 30 years the Chinese dumped - inferior goods - and we bought them.

Now, they have all those millions if not trillions of dollars - from the one sided trade. 

We  have nothing but the useless goods - materialistic to the core - and vain when it comes to the choice of our priorities.

The Chinese at least those that have money - want the best - and they have been investing all over the world. Always with an eye to get the best of their investment - New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Sudan - here, there - everywhere.

In Africa in most of the countries there - the Chinese start with building a stadium.

Building a stadium brings the people together - and if you give them a "soccer ball"  that is all you need to pacify and keep the populace happy - most of the Africans - have fallen for this - ploy. We have seen this work again and again.

Once in a country the Chinese seek out resources - minerals, fossil fuel, food - anything that the Chinese at home can consume - and consume they do.

On the open seas and oceans we see the Chinese use the might of their navy - there is this general concept  and law- called the - "law of seas" - the United States adheres to this International Law - but not the Chinese.

Recently the Chinese took over an Atoll - very near the Philippines.

An Atoll that attracted many fishermen from the Philippines - and area that had rich catches of fish - mackral, shrimp, lobster, bass, shark, and so on and so forth - that the Philippine fishermen depended upon - no more.

The Chinese navy - surrounded the Atoll and blocked it - then they trained their huge guns on the Atoll .

Scaring the Philippine fishermen - and this type of bullying has been going on - near Japan, Indonesia, Korea, and a host of other places.

The Chinese are flexing their muscles and want the Americans navy to confront the Chinese.

Challenging our U.S. Navy and on the seas - while all the time pandering to come to the States - buying their way - with the tainted dollars - that some of us American who have no values - adore.

That is what happen when you become materialistic - that is what happens - when you listen the politicians - empty, shallow, spineless, not educated on issues - and pathetic to say the least.

We have them in San Francisco - leading the charge Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and on the lower level - trying to make a come back of sorts - Scott Weiner, Mark Leno, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed, Norman Yee, David Campos and John Avalos. Shallow and spineless.

At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which has been declared a Superfund Site - the United States NAVY has FAILED to clean the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

It now wants to cap the land - which means putting some plastic - and covering it with dirt - a method that has proven in the past - not to be worthy of any standards. 

The plastic breaks when there is a flood, earthquake - the liquefaction tears the plastic to - smithereens. Contaminants and toxic goo spews all over the place - and our City does not care - because it has no heart.

In the past - it has looked the other way - when Lennar, a Rogue Developer spewed contaminants into the air - and adversely impacted thousands of children, our Seniors, young adults - and others.

Our City engineers would not comprehend - such issues. It is all about money - and when you are deep into the love of money - you will suffer the consequences.

The Chinese are coming - they are coming in droves - this time they have the money.

They can buy anyone and anything - but will they contribute to the great Nation - the United States of America?.

The paradox is this - this Nation - the United States of America - known as Turtle Island - by the First People  - all of it belongs to the Native Americans - who I prefer to call the "First People".

Now, here are the first people  - placed on Reservations - and kept down without sound infrastructure, housing,  schools, hospitals, fire houses, police stations, childcare facilities, elder care facilities - other amenities and facilities.

This Nation; the United States of America - has failed the First People. Better known as the Native Americans.

Now, this Nation has chosen to invite the Chinese to come to the United States.

Not so much for what they can offer positive - but for the sordid, tainted, blood money - that happens to be - dollars. Go figure!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Way back in 1998 - Lennar registered itself as a Corporation - with the backing of  Willie L. Brown Jr. and a host of other crooks.

These wicked men - all wanted to make big bucks - developing Military Bases - that they bought for little money -  using companies like Lennar - and using "Land Banking" and other such devious models - to sell land and make big - bucks.

Then on these sites Developers - crooked developers - built inferior homes. Innocent people bought the homes - and most suffered from health - problems. Thousands of them - all over this nation.

In Florida - Lennar built over 4000 units with inferior - "Sheet Rock" from China. No one could live in these units - and all of them had to be torn down. But, not until - thousands suffered from health problems.

There is nothing holistic about Lennar - all over this Nation.

 Lennar and its directors are known "thugs" - and those that support them - even worse - the likes of Willie L. Brown Jr. who should be ashamed of himself.

When Lennar with intent - did the grading at Parcel A - crushed Serpentine Rock - released Asbestos Structures - at that time - it did not have the best interests of the community - and it does not have the best interests of the community today.

Lennar now goes by so many names - the latest one Hunters Point Development Company - registered in Delaware - which is the devil's workshop.

Lennar was defeated by Stop Lennar Action Committee - we spent about $5000 and Lennar spent $10 million - and Lennar is still reeling from that defeat.

Since 2002 - Lennar has chosen to pay "thugs" in the community. 

Many of these "thugs" were on some payroll.

After the "defeat"  Lennar lay low - and following the Economic Spiraling in 2008 - all was quiet - for a long time.  Lennar failed on the Stock Market - reach a all point low of $12 at one time - Lennar lost millions and continues to loose - millions to this day.

Most of all Lennar and those who work for Lennar are despised - all over this Nation.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar over $500,000 the largest fine ever.

This was because the children, the mothers, the sisters, the brothers, the community spoke up and stood tall.

Today, in the year 2013 - Lennar with a new name Hunters Point Development Company.

Lennar has decided to show its ugly head - the same SNAKE - different head with a new name.

The original Disposition and Development Agreement - linked to Parcel A; the only parcel conveyed by the United States Navy to the City and County of San Francisco.

Which the City and County of San Francisco in turn - decided to turn to the then SF Redevelopment Agency -( now dead ) - who turned it over to Lennar - a Rogue Developer.

The first thing Lennar did was find excuses to carry out an amendment and decided that the rental units that were part of the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) - was not possible. An amendment was in order - and out went the promised rental units

Lennar made it  possible to pay thugs - keep the thugs on the their payroll - to carry out divisive activities. Like the clear cutting of 400 mature trees - without a permit - on Parcel A.

Lennar chose to get rid of the promised rental units and failed - as it has all over the Nation - to NOT accommodate the wishes of the people.

Innocent hard working people - making end meet - who cannot afford the housing units - Lennar is building -  but thought at that time they could afford - rental units.

 Lennar promised but decided to break this promise.

Today the community at large is so disgusted with Lennar - they do not want to have anything to do with them.

The Chinese are now promised a " a way in to live in the United States" - if they can fork up a million or so - then the "crooks" - thrown in an unit - which they pay for - and an opportunity to work - and more - all for some tainted BLOOD money.

The Chinese from Mainland China - have no clue about the deal - and some of them do not care living on contaminated soil - all they want is a chance to get our of China. They could live in San Francisco at Hunters Point for a moment - and then move away.

You will hear more of these shenanigans - as the months go by.

From the inception I wrote and spoke out, LENNAR - because I have been following this "snake " since 1998.

I am not a sell out - and the many sell outs - mostly Black the likes of Lola Whittle, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell, Willie B. Kennedy, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt - still continue to worship - Lennar and have turned their backs - on the community. Their time is coming.

Today, in the year 2013 - Lennar wants to start breaking ground - promising to build 1400 units, 20 acres of open space, trails and what not - these guys surely know what to promise - but; will never, ever deliver. Right now it is a conceptual plan.

" A conceptual plan is like a dream - you wake up and it could be your worst - nightmare".

Who would want to live on land that is contaminated. More with radio active elements in very high doses.

Like, I have been saying - why live in the middle of Chernobyl.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site - contaminated and polluted by the U.S. Navy.

The United States Navy first tested "depleted Uranium" at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - as part of the experiment during World War II.

The National Defense Radiological Laboratory was first established at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Now, moved to Lawrence Livermoore Laboratory. Few know this - but it is good - to keep this in mind.

Hundreds of large animals tested in the Bikini Atomic experiments - were brought to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and buried. So was the sand blasts from the many ships that took part in the "Atomic Experiments" - off the Bikini Islands.

Of the Bikini Islands - innocent Polynesians were used as targets - and even today they suffer - and we must stand up for them - as we must for all innocent people - taken advantaged off.

The radio active elements that are found at Hunters Point in large  quantities - that the U.S. Navy wants to cap - have  resulted in "still births" - the SF Health Departments does not want to reveal this fact.

The U.S. Navy admits it has polluted the entire watershed. Hundreds of innocent people exposed to the land - suffer from cancer, large tumors, innocent people who worked at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - during the effort linked to World War II - died suffering from Asbestosis and many other types of cancer.

May their souls rest in peace.

90% of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is poor landfill.

Prone to liquefaction and flooding. Only a fool would make his or her abode - on that God forsaken - contaminated land.

You see the water by the Bay but signs will be placed to tell you not to go near the Bay - less dip your feet - even on a warm day.
You will have to sign man waivers - to leave on that land - and if you fall sick it will be on you.

Simply because you could not live there unless you signed a waiver. Ask those that live at Mission Bay. They ask me why they have to sign the waiver - and I tell them why f- and they are aghast.

If  you purchase a home - in your own back yard - you will not be able to plant anything.

You may - if you buy some clean dirt - put it in a garden box - and see these plants breathe the air - that is contaminated - and risk you health - that is if you dare eat some vegetable or fruit grown in that - environment.

Now, imagine living in an area - with radio active elements - and these rascals - enticing you to buy their contaminated units. Imagine the fate of innocent children - mothers bearing babies - children playing and living in such - sordid, contaminated, more with radio active elements around in high doses - who is fooling - whom?

Do not trust Lennar and do not trust this snake called - Hunters Point Development Company.

They are no good - they took the community for ride - the first time around.

More, with the Black sellouts - the Black - Poverty Pimp Pastors - are geared up to take us the community - for a bad ride - the second time around.

Wake up and tell these good for nothing - bad folks, more evil - that we the community do not want to do anything to do  with them.

In the first round they harmed with intent our innocent children. Up till now they have not apologized.

It is the same with the San Francisco Health Department.

It is the same with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - and the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen who is hand in glove with Lennar.

All Malia Cohen desires is the money. Before her it was Sophie Maxell - both of them Black and a very bad example they are.

Two people were the proponents of Proposition "F" - Jim Queen and Francisco Da Costa.

We stood by the people and will continue to stand by the people.

We made Lennar spend over $10 million - and as I have been saying; for the longest time ever :

" No good will ever come good at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard". Aho.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Our political whores that are our San Francisco Supervisors - simply do not get it. They all talk the talk but fail - each and every time - to walk the walk.

John Avalos was bragging about a junket with some of his fellow San Francisco Supervisors and their aides to Mexico.

These morons just found out that in Mexico - considering that population Mexico City is in the millions - Mexico has a better transportation system.

We have a population of 805,000 and our public transportation stinks. We are a City of hills - and some think - bikes make a good mode of transportation. With our cars running all over the place - you will see more DEATHS on our streets - from bike collisions - in the near future.

In Mexico City the Bus Transit System, their bus operators support  the entire transportation system by participating as equals; including the operators and Management - with full transparency and accountability. 

Unlike the stupidity that reigns supreme among our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - who have yet to chose a Director of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

We have a qualified one in the wings - Maria Lombardo in the wing. She does all the work - and these buffoons keep taunting her - leading the charge - Scott Weiner and David Campos.

Why is it taking so long - to choose the SFCTA Director?

Simply because the SF Board of Supervisors are morons.

Take a look a the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA). The most dysfunctional agency in the Nation. Their only support - loco - Scott Weiner - forever support this failing - agency.

Over 60% of our MUNI buses do not have the cameras working - compromising safety. We lodged a complaint - complete with documentation and empirical data - no adjudication - from the San Francisco - Controller's Office. The corruption is deep - deep into the DNA of the MTA and related City Departments.

Leading that charge Scott Weiner on Muni and now to support Israel; who as I said is a pain in the ass - and who now has become the spokesperson for Israel. What is this man doing - on the SF Board of Supervisors.

Ordering us - how our Nation has to adopt Israel - and waste billions of our tax payers money - on that Nation. All the while - when our citizens and our Nation needs - help.

Let us get realistic - if anyone follows a moron like Scott Weiner - you are doomed.

He badly wants to be the next lanky Mayor of San Francisco - a staunch Zionist by nature - this man will fail - he will fail miserably.

I was at the San Francisco County Transportation full meeting - yesterday, May 21, 2013 - the entire SF Board of Supervisors - acting as Commissioners - and many of the SF Board of Supervisors - were not present - at this meeting - when the meeting began.

Then once roll call was taken - mention was made to recess - so that these dumb, idiotic San Francisco Supervisors could go attend some drab ceremony to hand over the key of the City of San Francisco - to this basketball player - who plays for the Warriors.

We as a City as far as I know - have nothing in writing that the Warriors belong to San Francisco - yet?

So, why all these fun fare - I do not know?

The main purpose of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is to represent and serve the constituents. And that they have NOT done - yet.

Each and every time; you see these SF Board of Supervisors - most of them "political whores" - you feel like - puking - nuseating.

The reason is simple - these mostly dumb Supervisore have nothing to contribute - nothing what so ever to offer, meaningful -  Jane Kim, London Breed, Scott Weiner, John Avalos, David Chiu, David Campos, Norman Yee - and the rest of them too.

None of them are articulate - educated on issues - and that is because of their life style - and how they carry on their daily activities - pandering the corrupt - the lobbyists.

The company they keep - and the orders they take from other "political thugs" - the likes that have made their nest - raking in millions.

Folks like Diane Feinstein, her husband Richard Blum - Nancy Pelsoi her husband Paul Pelosi - the other thugs - Rose Park and Willie L. Brown - who are ruining the fair name of this great City and County of San Francisco - fostering - corruption.

Mexico City has a fine transportation system at every level.

Mexico City - even has a fine ridership of fellow citizens who ride bikes on the level terrain - unlike the hills that we have in San Francisco. 

Here is San Francisco for the last two years - we are experiencing - clogged streets - back to back traffic - too many cars on our streets. 

Too much construction - and our roads worked on - without any planning with Traffic Management in mind. Mind boggling!

Add to that the construction some 30 Construction Sites; abject pandemonium around these sites; and you have a even greater  mess.

Even of San Bruno Avenue - no one is paying real attention - the situation is a mess. Heavy traffic - no parking - business hurting - and the City Officials - not aware of what is happening.

David Campos is far away from this site and area - that he
 purports to represent.

Such are the workings of so called Representatives - who care more about trivial subjects - like the renaming of the San Francisco Airport - then what happens on San Bruno Avenue that pays millions in taxes to San Francisco - and gets NOTHING, comparable - in return.

Business and restaurants are hurting in down town San Francisco.

What are we doing about it?

More and more folks from San Francisco are going outside San Francisco - because the service is better and parking - easier.

Do these dumb folks - who say this and that is better here in the City - do they really know - what truly is happening?

Now, the businesses are hurting all over the City - the Mission, the Portola District, Noe Valley, on Geary Street - North Beach, Union Square - what really is happening - no one knows - there is NO - full explanation - from those that purport to know.

The Mayor keeps bragging we have fine restaurants in San Francisco. That is all hot air - restaurants are fed up with City Hall - you have to talk to the owners - and hear what they have to say.

That is not for the Mayor to say - when the restaurants are hurting - from all the construction and depriving business - from parking - if you have no customers - than how will you pay the rent?

Something; is fundamentally wrong with our planning.

The 49ers won their bid to hold the next Super Bowl and rightly so - Santa Clara - won the bid and deserves it. Mayor Edwin Lee - unlike Gavin Newsom the Mayor before him - stuck with the 49ers and worked with them - even though they moved to Santa Clara. The dividends paid - and now Mayor Edwin Lee shares in this victory.

Mayor Edwin Lee must distance himself from Larry Ellison and the America's Cup - on this issue - if he does not - it will drag him down - and undo the little credibility he had when making key - decisions.

Anyway you look at it - San Francisco will play second fiddle - if not third fiddle - linked to the Super Bowl being played in Santa Clara - but the 49ers known better - by association as belonging to San Francisco Santa Clara is 30 miles or so away from San Francisco - not near but not too far.

Considering how badly we treat our - tourists in San Francisco. 

The traffic, the many filthy beggars, the dirty streets, encouraging some business to sell their product on the side walks, failing to power wash our streets, the constant tearing up of our streets - pot holes - other encumbrances - all over San Francisco - it is becoming ugly. Some one has lost their mind.

We need to get a grip on a war footing - and stop bragging we are good - when there is better and best. Stop playing mind games - and using Press Conference to up your antics. 

I have not seen such a mess in the last 35 years or so.

Santa Clara will have a brand new stadium - what I have seen so far is first class.

San Jose which is closer to Santa Clara - will step up and offer the services needed - and at the rate San Francisco is going - it is all talk and less walk.

Hotels and the restaurants around San Jose will step up and do well - and may be our shopping malls in San Francisco will do well - that is if there is parking and we get rid of the many beggars who tag along and worry the tourists and ruin their stay in San Francisco. 

No one wants to face the logged streets, back to back traffic in the City itself - the filthy beggars, no parking, poor Public Transportation; lack of toilet amenities - poor tourist signage and the many crucial amenities lacking - more no services offered to our Seniors and other Seniors - and those that really - need help.

Now, for the first time in our history - the lack of hospitality and sound amenities when it comes to the hospitality industry. Wake up San Francisco - stop talking and start acting.

Those running our Protocol at City Hall - are old, ancient, and out of tune - with the times.

We need fresh blood - and all these Sister City deals with Spain and Barcelona - is mostly hot air.

The same with Shanghai, Paris, Melbourne and what have you - we talk a lot and when you really visit these foreign cities - no one knows what you are really talking about - there.

This is a Joke. A lot of hog wash from our City gurus - with a hidden, agenda.

Of course taking a junket is the "in" thing now. The SF Board of Supervisor get to "whore" a lot on these - junkets that are useless when the SF Board of Supervisors have ulterior - motives.

 Malia Cohen the premier "political Whore" - has been to Ireland, Israel, here, there, anywhere - she will go anywhere to pander and worship a dirty "buck". She makes her abode - in doggy, doggy - Dog Patch.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisor is becoming a "Circus" - a circus of buffoons - and it does not help with other leaders - from the other City Departments - acting like fools - too.

The America's Cup is going down the drain, we really lost as a City to build a stadium - we lost to Santa Clara.

We now want to bet - building thousands of homes on contaminated soil - at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point.

We keep building Market Price homes to bring in the Chinese - and compromise our standards and our Security - offering work and stay permits - for money - more blood money.

We keep pandering to the old dogs with fleas - the likes of Diane Feinstein and her minions, Willie L. Brown Jr. and his ilk - the many Zionists that have ruined our Nation and keep ruining our Nation. Richard Blum and CBRE.

When will we wake up.

In the mean time - just go down town San Francisco - and take a walk.

Please see - for yourself - if pandemonium does not reign supreme. Aho.

Mayor Edwin Lee - positive attitude towards the 49ers - unlike the wounded Mayor Gavin Newsom - who created all the divisiveness - with the 49ers - helped San Francisco win the bid to hold the Super Bowl. This is a big plus for Mayor Edwin Lee:

Bay Area congestion - something we must deal on a war footing: