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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


When any entity turns their back on those that must be respected - our beloved seniors - most of whom have sacrificed a lot already - but, now nearing their golden years - are thrown on the streets - to face the elements - by those that have no compassion - at all - we who can see and do something - must step up.

Our City has rent control laws - but again and again - greedy land lords - others who have no conscience - use Ellis Eviction ploys and machinations - to remove our Seniors and others - and throw them - in the streets - to face inclement weather and bring about their demise.

Hundreds are suffering and San Francisco one of the richest cities in the world - has turned its back on our beloved seniors.
Can anyone out there do something - and challenge the status quo among the SF City policy makers - to treat our seniors with decency.

Where are the women and men warriors - who must stand up for our Seniors - I ask?

I knew this was coming - so like John the Baptist I sounded the clarion call - a long time ago and continue - all these many years.

No one seemed to understand what I was saying - but, now that it has reached the door steps of many: "Francisco, please help us".

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisor are to blame - they talk a lot - call for hearings on every topic but failed the seniors and their sorry plight.

The SF Board of Supervisor - wait for the last moment and after a lot of damage - has been done.

Our seniors are sleeping in shelters, on the streets of San Francisco. In their cars - under bushes, under the many bridges, in the Park, on steps of homes - and no one is keeping track of those that have died from the stress and other salient but horrific elements - leading to their demise.

It is the same with suicide - hundreds commit suicide - but ask for the Incident Reports - and they are not forthcoming.

In the mean time the Mayor, Ed Lee is announcing to the world about the 26 cranes in the sky - linked to projects - where "market price homes" are being built.

So when are you doing to focus on moderate, low and no income housing - and of course affordable housing - if you ask anyone what that means - you just get some jargon. " We can see what we can do for you". Bevan Dufty and Trent Rhorer have their work cut out for them - all you hear are excuses.

Some seniors have been making some noise - but those noises are falling on deaf ears.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the Mayor's Office of Housing, the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency, the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure - one worse than the other.

None of the about care about our seniors.

Any community or entity worth their salt - that does not care for their seniors - must be shamed of themselves.

In San Francisco for the last fifteen years - the seniors have been treated with disdain, many of them living on fixed income.

In the last six years the plight of the seniors has become chronic - forcing some of us - to use our own money - to place our beloved seniors in motel, in homes to live with those we know - because the suffering of our beloved seniors that we know - is heart wrenching. 

 Shame on San Francisco and shame on those - that must do something - they talk the talk - but fail miserably - to walk the walk.

We must now find a place outside City Hall - where we can build so me memorial - to all the Seniors - that have passed away - the roof under their head taken away - and these beloved seniors - cast out - out of the way - to die in abject poverty and facing the inclement - weather.

God have mercy on those that have no compassion - in the City named after Saint Francis of Assisi. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013


The crowds that came to celebrate the 150th year anniversary of the San Francisco Port Authority - appreciated the one of a kind Buffalo Soldiers' exhibit at Pier One.

We would like especially to thank the premier Buffalo Soldier historian - Anthony Powell.

Also, David Wilkins, Andrew Bozeman, Bruce Giron, Olton, Jerry, Dr. Espanola Jackson, Maria Da Costa, the Los Banos Buffalo Soldiers, Renne Dunn Martin, Monique Moyer, Manny A. Pacheco, Patricia San Agustin, Amy and Megan from the SF Port Authory and Mike from International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

We take this opportunity to thank the San Francisco Port Authority for giving us an opportunity - to highlight the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers' and through them the many contributions of so many Blacks to San Francisco and of course the San Francisco Port Authority policy makers.

Unlike many other Cities - San Francisco was fortunate to have Black contribute to its well being from the early 1850s to now. We must not forget our past - if we treasure of past - we all will leave a better legacy - for the future.

We look forward to many more exhibitions and the opportunity to reveal the many facets and unique dimensions - of our history - the City and County of San Francisco.

The noble contributions made by people from all walks of life to our great City of San Francisco - by the Bay and closer to the Ferrry Building that once was a thriving meeting place for our great City.

The Native Americans, Blacks, the Asian, Whites, and all between - the human spirit has allowed us all - to witness so many miracles - trials and tribulations on the waterfront.

Today, we stand tall and proud - and put our best foot forward.

We all enjoy the benefits to those who laid their lives. Right here on our water front.

Enjoy the photographs. Thanks to one and all:

A special collage of photographs we put together - for the occasion:


There is much to celebrate and rejoice in the Bayview Hunters Point. It is not easy to say that with a straight face - considering how this City treat the Bayview and the lack of Representation from those we pay - we tax payers.

In our part of the town - we have the Main Post Office, the SF Produce Market, thousands of industries (all paying taxes), Maintenance Facilities that operated under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works, and the Municipal Transportation Agency, the Sewer Plant, the Concrete and Aggregate companies - more - but you state that - and the City just nods.

We have some stellar Elders, youth, young adults, and many others; who contribute daily - to this great City that we love and adore - San Francisco by the Bay.

We have produced one of a kind artists, one of a kind sportsmen and women, many who live in the Bayview contribute to the City and County of San Francisco - MUNI drivers, in our hospitals both private and public, teachers, other professionals in all fields you can name - and the list goes on and on.

The Bayview Hunters Point on Third and Revere has a brand new library - well utilized and the children using it - as if there was no - tomorrow.

It is brand new but what is more artfully decorated with photographs and a layout that is pleasing to the eye.

The books on the shelves are well chosen - and well used. And while I was there - I took the opportunity - to update my library care and can now use it for four more - years. I love books and the library is where you can find them.

At this Bayview contemporary library - you could read for sometime - then take a short walk; within the Bayview Library - and look outside and see some wonderful plants and trees.

It feels as if you were in some park - and the environment - it is  so pleasing to the senses.

The skylights bring in the sun - so much sun - that there is no need for artificial light.

This contemporary library is well designed and a far cry from the drab and dark old library of yester years - that we advocates used for so many years.

In one of the library rooms - a forum was held to celebrate the history of the Bayview - with Elders who were there to tell their living stories - and each one of them was a character to behold.

This unique forum was produced by the Museum of the African Diaspora - MoAD. The titled it " I've known Rivers:The MoAD Stories Project ".

You had to hold those on the forum down - they wanted to say so much - and say it all - but time was not on their side.

When suggested - to stop for now - by the moderator - they acquiesced - graciously.

The oral history was retold by live actors who did a wonderful job - transporting you to a time - when the Bayview was thriving - and there were leaders, advocates - one of kind.

The accomplished a lot - and they did it with a flair - second to none. The Human Rights Committee was first formed in the Bayview - it is now a Commission.

The Bayview had the distinction of having the only Commission - situated in one of the Districts in San Francisco - The Southeast Facility Commission.

In the ear of Model Cities - there were these stellar advocates who stood tall and they continue to stand all - and serve.

The Main Media will not cover - that which must be covered - they love the sensational news - linked to shooting and killings - and they can drown in their - foolishness.

We saw a preview of the past history through a documentary that was recently released by City College - a documentary done by KRON 4.

I have posted the entire video at the end of this article.

Those gathered saw a portion of the documentary - and all that we saw before the event - through that documentary - revealed to many - what truly took place - in the many community meetings.

What once Mrs Westbrook said with a lot of authority in the early 1960s - today Dr Espanola Jackson continues - " where are the men to lead the community at large ".

You have a few today - who stand for the community at City Hall -  we, need more to face the Representatives - especially the one we have today - Malia Cohen - shallow and spineless and luke warm - and for sure not educated on issues. Prior to her Sophie Maxwell - who did not do too much - either.

It is a fact that the women in the Bayview have done their fair share and more - and continue to do so.

On the forum to put their best foot forward Cati Hawkins, Robert Woods, Espanola Jackson, Essie Webb.

Enjoy the photographs:

Hunters Point: A View from the Hill:

Saturday, April 27, 2013


We are blessed in San Francisco to have a high percentage of astute constituents - who want to deliberate - and many who can think outside the box - when it comes to laws and regulations.

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) has it origins in the State of California - and encourages all Californians to use this law - to better comprehend and further to exercise their judgement within the law to address Quality of Life issues.

After all our environment counts and Quality of Life must rule.

In the year 2003 the State of California made a singular amendment - giving the power to local agencies - such as a City Council or in the case of the San Francisco - the Board of Supervisors to weigh in - when an appeal was made to it - linked to CEQA.

Governed by certain rules and regulations. For example a Negative Declaration that some entity thought was not well thought out - and adversely impacted some entity. The SF Board of Supervisors would then fairly adjudicate the matter.

These laws be it a CEQA, the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) in the case of local and State jurisdictions;  the Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) in case of Federal jurisdictions - allow constituents and others - to improve our way of living, building and treating our environment; as it should be.

Pollution, contamination, transportation, education, health and hospitals, impact on children and seniors, and a host of other issues - that we can do deep into addressing - to better our daily lives.

There are other entities and factors that can trigger many actions - favor or adversely impact the law - and the one singular action that is often ignored - is noticing the public at large - and giving notice - well in advance - so that they may be fair - justice.

If the public at large is NOT noticed - and if the deliberations CEQA or an EIR begins without notice and sound information - then the entity that is adversely impacted - the public at large - more the public in the area impacted - are put in a situation - where they are penalized for NO fault of their own.

In many cases; the San Francisco Planning Department takes the upper hand - and as in the case of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - left out many pertinent and salient factors.

The entire 700 acres plus has not been archaeologically surveyed and laws like the Native American Graves Protection Act - a Federal law - ignored.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site - contaminated more with radioactive elements - that the United States Navy has failed to address - with sound abatement and mitigation - to this day.

These impacts factor in the Cumulative Impacts that the San Francisco Planning - failed to address in a comprehensive manner - all these years - and more today.

More people suffer from cancer and other chronic diseases all recorded, tons of empirical data - in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and the SF Planning Department is oblivious to this fact. Shame on them.

Shame on those that have NO moral compass - and cannot take us to a better place.

After all we use laws to further the betterment and the bring about harmony; in the way we live.

When we pollute the land, the water, and the air - we bring about disharmony - that causes the lack of a sound environment - adversely impacting Quality of Life issues - our health and our living.

In the majority of the cases our City of San Francisco - has played with fire - giving Developers for example the liberty to build Market Price housing in areas where the returns are high - like the downtown areas.

Providing a fake recourse - allowing say 15% percent of low income and so called affordable housing to be built off site - on Brown Fields - on such sites in the Bayview Hunters Point. This is totally - wrong.

Supervisors such as Mark Leno favored such gimmicks and introduced such ordinances - helping Big Developers - and such Supervisors must not be trusted - ever.

The lay person does not understand such inconsistencies because most lay person - are not educated on issues.

We do not have forums, any sort of orientation to bring such issues to the lay men in the poorer sections of our City and County of San Francisco.

Rich folks hire Land Use Attorneys - and have a say in such matters - money rules in the land of the corrupt and those that have no morals, less standards - and abhor the poor and disadvantaged. 

It is only recently because of the abuse of CEQA, EIR and EIS, other laws such as the Precautionary Principle which is law - that those who have chosen - of their own violation - to study such mundane actions - that the San Francisco Planning Department, the Staff of the SF Planning Department - have had their feet held to the fire. And rightly - so.

Noticing; is critical and sufficient notice so that the constituents and others is paramount.

In most case the Courts have come to the rescue of the constituents - when those that have garnered funds - have had the Courts to judge and the adjudication by far - have been fair. 

The Bike Coalition got stumped when a group took them to court and stopped the SF Bike Plan abruptly.

The Bike Coalition was pissed - but NOT rightlt so - because in the first place the Bike Coalition was arrogant and defied the will of the people - trying to hoodwink San Francisco - without a sound EIR and less CEQA.

Watering down CEQA and the EIR factored in the Judge - stopping the project in the tracks  and forcing the Bike Coalition  to play by the rules.

Today the Bike Coalition is arrogant and this will come to bite them in the butt - we are a hilly City - and what favors Europe and their culture does not favors San Francisco. 

Bike lanes and those biking in an unruly manners - take on the MUNI buses and other vehicles - have irked so many - that those who once tolerated those riding bikes - do not  - anymore.

This was also the case when People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER) - hired an attorney and took the City and County of San Francisco - more the SF Planning Department to Court - and stopped them on Hunters Point - when the SF Planning Commission - passed the EIR.

We also had another glaring example when some years ago - the Housing Element was not deliberated in the proper manner.

Fake statistics were published in a report sent to the State of California - Sacramento - to meet mandatory - requirements.

This matter went to Court and the 10 year projections - linked to housing and other elements - factoring CEQA and other pertinent rules and regulations - were revisited, adjudicated, reviewed in detail - and passed and accepted - but first halted by the Court and sent back for review and the necessary amendments.

In recent years the City of San Francisco has been pandering to Big Developers for all the wrong reasons. Fast tracking - hold key meeting during the holidays. Such shenanigans are not becoming of fairness - but more devious than can be imagined.

San Francisco Planning Department has been wrought with dire corruption. The firing of the SF Planning Zoning Czar - Larry Badner speaks volumes.

He and other Senior Planners - were emailing pornographic material - while working - on the City's dime.

This and other factors that the laymen does not know - is not only startlingly, abhorring - disgusting - but sends the wrong - message to those that are decent, follow the law, pay their taxes - and are good citizens.

It does not help when we have corrupt, spineless, inept Supervisors like Malia Cohen - going before the SF Planning Department and placing a Wellness Center for children - on a site that is contaminated more polluted - 3450 Third Street in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Without have one meaningful meeting in the community. Rezoning many blocks in an industrial area - permitting other uses like clinics and such - which is not becoming. Only the immoral, those lacking standards, spineless, and shallow - would take such a sordid - route.

As an advocate and as part of my work at the Federal level and for many years at the local level - I have encounter the worse type of corruption - that calls for the RICO ACT - when the entities that are supposed to uphold the California Environmental Quality Act - do not.

Today, we have some Supervisors pretending to help the constituents; while deep in the pockets of Developers - both Jane Kim and Scott Wiener belong to this group. So does  David Chiu.

Scott Wiener, David Chiu, Malia Cohen and Eric Mar all Supervisors were taken to task - by the SF Ethics Commission.

The issue at hand was the Parkmerced Housing - that a Developer want to tear down and build high rise - dense buildings. These Supervisor broke the Brown Act - and plotted with the Developer to adversely impact the victims of Parkmerced  - mostly rental housing. 

Thousands of Seniors will be impacted  and no one can help these Seniors; most living on limited income.

Our City does not care - and it does not make it better - when we have Supervisors - who pretend they are helping while all the time - pandering and filling their pockets with tainted money.

Our current SF Planning Commission favors corruption of the worst kind - we saw this with the Parkmerced Housing, the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, 8 Washington by the Ferry Building, the America's Cup, the California Pacific Medical Center - and I can name forty other projects and more - but it will not make the SF Planning Commission, its staff - any less worthy of being decent.

It does not help when matters are sent to the Land Use Committee - and the SF Board of  Supervisors there too rubber stamp and send stuff to the SF Full Board of Supervisors - who as a whole - endorse corrupt and ill thought of actions.

Our Legislative Branch in the last 15 years that been blatantly abusive to those that are decent.

Advocates now cease attending meetings at City Hall.

At public comment - once you had a measly three minutes to express yourself - now they have reduced it to two minutes. This is against the Brown Act and other rules and regulation - including Robert's Rules.

The State laws prevail over the ill thought SF Board Rules - on public comment. Even if two or three are present - the two minute rules is exercised - illegally.

Simply put CEQA and other Environmental laws are in place to garner support and encourage Quality of Life issue for all life. This is also the case with the Precautionary Principle. As it is with the EIR and the EIS.

Never once has Cumulative Impacts been taken into account - the Environmental Review Officer - who is Smithsonian - will argue as one who has full authority - always - fallowing some whim and fancy that has nothing to do with Quality of Life issues - less helping decent human beings - live in a healthy and friendly - environment.

The devious actions of the SF Planning Commission, the SF Planning Department are well known by the Land Use Attorneys - who should take these rascals to court and teach them a lesson. 

The few times we have taken the SF Planning Department to Court - they have fallen flat of their faces.

Good luck with your amendments to the current poor state of affairs - linked to CEQA.

We could begin with proper noticing - something the SF Planning promised a long time - and conveniently prolonged their - senior moment.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Our City and County of San Francisco - wastes millions on some FAKE workforce programs. Make no bones about it.

Our City's Office of  Economic and Workforce Development (OWED) needs much to be desired.

Again and again audits - reveal more money goes to pay - those salaries linked to inept folks - who purport to know some - but know nothing - when it comes to workforce development.

Economic Development is other case - that will be dealt another time. There is a time for everything - but today it is WorkForce - its progress and the lack of it - and that is the case.

I have met and tried to work with the former Directors - more Jesse Blout and Michael Cohen.

Then came Jennifer Matz and I did not have much to do with her - she jumped ship but tried to do some good.

Now we have Joaquin Torres - and he will have many hurdles to encounter and his work will be very - difficult.

I have monitored each and everyone of these shenanigans - when City Build was first started and it failed miserably.

The many One Stop centers - and many meetings were held at City Hall.

People pretending to do something - but producing less - and always failing the needy, those that have never been given good opportunities; aspiring San Franciscan.

It never gets better it always keep getting worse.

Why does this City and County of San Francisco - keep wasting money - pouring good money after bad money - when it comes to City Build and the many fake work force programs - all over San Francisco and more in the Bayview.

One of those charlatans we imported from Oregon - who has no personality - talks in a rough voice - Rhonda Simmons. Outsiders mostly - taking control of our training programs. Most of them do not live in San Francisco. And we permit this nonsense - right under our nose. Who is in charge of all the on going shenanigans?

I remember some 7 or 8 years ago - may be longer - sitting in some office around a small round table - at City Hall in the Office of the Economic Development and Work Force - Michael Cohen was in charge.

Accompanying me at this meeting - Rudy Corpus, Mitchel Salazar, and John Nauer -  talking to this woman who had just come from Oregon - my gut feeling told me - something is wrong with this woman.

This woman can tell you a story - constantly moving from one idea to another idea - but never being articulate - and never, ever having a clear picture of the situation at hand - focusing on a little here - a little there - a mind confused and more her personality.

At a recent meeting at City Hall when Supervisor David Campos asked this woman Rhonda Simmons - a question.

She said she had some material that she could read, but -  the print was fine and she had forgotten her eye glasses!

When some other Supervisors grilled her and said that Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) - did have a meeting in District 6 - but there was NO real outreach.

Rhonda was surprised and suggested another woman present - could better answer the questions at hand.

Rhonda Simmons the woman in charge of the program - who has been wasting our tax payers money - had to defer to a White woman to tell us - more lies.

At the helm of affairs - is this one woman Rhonda Simmons who was brought here from Oregon - and someone told me some years ago - 7 or 8 years ago - at last - may be we San Franciscans could see - some little light at the end of the tunnel. That has not happened.

Guess what - it has got from bad to worse. Whatever Rhonda Simmons touches - turns to utter - crap.

I have testified again and again - that this woman - is NOT in touch with reality - and has no personality - that can garner progress and bring about solutions. She does not know much about real work force and I have spoken to her - and she still does not get it.

Rhonda you need to move out of the kitchen and should have a long time ago - you say from your talk that it is hot in the kitchen - well, move out and get out.

This entire TechSF is to hoodwink the public. Has been hoodwinking the public for all the time it has created this circus of sorts.

If anyone who really wants a good job - follows this process - most of those candidates - are left holding the bag.

Some time ago a young Black man with a degree - decided to try Bay Area Video Coalition (BVAV ) after reading their advertisement that promised the world.

Not to be confused with Baycat - as Malia Cohen thought it was - open her mouth - put her foot - and some told her the difference between the two, entities.

This graduate Black man - goes to an office at the Western Addition and fills out an application With BAVC.

Once filled -  this application affords him access to some centers  complete with an Identification Card - that records each and every time anyone visits a center. 

So if you visit five centers - each of these visits are record - and there is no way of telling that - this visit is the same person - or  different people.

The folks getting paid fall back on these statistics - to show - how well they perform - in what they deliver as drab services.

What a charade!

Again the young Black man was told to fill out a resume. He filled out a resume and gets the same information he got - this time by email - to do the same thing he did when he first went to the office at Western Addition.

BAVC keeps harping that they work with various Tech Companies.

Invite young folks to join in  meetings - rubbing shoulders with tech savvy NERDS - socializing with some NERDS.

These gimmick and ploys - defy sound explanation and creates a dark cloud about these so called Tech Companies - that have not helped San Francisco and San Franciscans and more our disadvantaged youth.

TechSF brags it can provide career paths linked to Information Technology career paths:

 * Networking and Security

 * Desktop and Tech Support

 * Programming

 * Digital Multimedia

Any audit done linked to the millions of tax payers money spent - will reveal - most of the money goes towards salaries and paper work - administrative expenses.

Less to prepare our youth, young adults, and anyone who truly visits with good intentions - to get vocational training - and a career job.

You are told to go to City College to take free classes. Do you know if you are a San Franciscan - the classes are free.

The little counseling given is general - and does not help any one too  much.

No one truly helps you with your resume - and if you do not have skills - what can you put on your resume.

The many Tech companies - want a higher level of skills.

For those of you who want to go through the rigors of trying out the shenanigans. Here are some contacts:

Dov Golodner - Bay Area Video Coaliation - 2727 Mariposa Street -

Patty Leeper - Bay Area Video Coalition - 2727 Mariposa Street -

Tameko Jones, MSW -YearUP - 210 Spear Street -     415.512.7588 ext 3507

Brittany Janis - BAYCAT - 2415 Third Street, Suite 230


 1. Fill out online application at:
 2. Within 5 business days you will receive an email requesting a
     resume, examples of your work (when applicable) and a   
     reminder of your assignments.
 3. Once reviewed, within 5 business days you will be contacted to
     schedule a short phone interview to check on you assignments
     and determine your job readiness qualifications.
4. Following review, within 5 business days, you will receive 
    notification either requesting additional information, referring
    you to other support services or preliminary acceptance into
5. With preliminary acceptance: You will be instructed to come to
    BAVC to provide verification of your age, residency and to sign
    a goals statement.

Our youth, especially those that have NOT been given opportunities by our City and County of San Francisco are now being taken for a joy ride.

Witness the number of weeks it days for anyone - including some one who is a graduate - to have anything meaningful happen. 

Now imagine among our youth and young adults - both women and men - who has the patience as one experiences all the difficulties of life - transportation, lack of money, lack of money to have lunch, lack of real and meaningful support - since you are on your own - the number of levels and trips one has to go through - the loops and the circles - just to get to the - fountain.

Mayor Ed Lee must get to the bottom of  this nonsense.

Have someone who know the practical side of Workforce like Mohammed Nuru at his side.

I can provide the victims of this charade. Not everyone was taken for a ride by the above ploys and machinations - but most were.

In the mean time Rhonda Simmons is enjoying a large salary, tons of benefits.

All amenities this City offers - at tax payers' expense. This only happens when we have NO accountability and less transparency.

This and the other so called ploys involved with high TechSF - most of it fluff - with no career jobs offered to San Franciscans.

TechSf Minimum Qualifications

 * 18 years of age or older
 * Ability to work in the United States
 * Possess a High School Diploma or General Education Diploma
 * Selective Service Registration (for males as required)
 * The program has a particular focus or serving individuals who
    are long-term unemployed and underemployed for more than
    6 months (27 weeks).

Our City has lost its mind. Training is best given by the many UNIONS - who must step up and do what they are supposed to do.

We hire these good for nothing individuals - who cannot articulate - pretend they are doing something - linked to Work Force.

More with Federal and State grants. We give them all the freedoms that are given decent, hard working people - who have the ability to deliver - but; in this case these folks are - full of it.

The best way to find out about the programs is for a full audit to be done.

If the audit reveals what I know - which is pathetic - those that are now running the drab, inept Work Force must be sent - packing. Time to clean house - once and for all.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


The Black Leadership Council of San Francisco was formed by Dr Espanola Jackson, Robert Woods, Francisco Da Costa - and some ardent Black constituents from San Francisco - in a desperate attempt to stem the " selling out " of our Black community - all over San Francisco and beyond.

The "selling out " not only in the Bayview Hunters Point but all over San Francisco.

Sell outs are "turn coats" who go against their community - and more take money and with intent - adversely impact the community at large. The follow ardently the principle of - "divide and rule". They are the scourge of the community.

We already have various Black entities purporting to do this and that - but none of them can stem the "gentrification" of the Black community - all over San Francisco.

What is more these so called Black organization - who stick together and foster clicks - are detrimental to all progress and growth. Often times they are funded - just to work against the community - with intent they keep people - mostly poor people - down.

The gang injunction imposed by some vested interests in the Bayview Hunters Point and Western Addition - created more hostility than good. Divided Black families and triggered more violence - that continues to this day.

Over the years hundreds of our youth have died - killed and shot. Those in authority put the blame on the youth - but, when one investigates all the conditions - the crooks and the corrupt - turn out the folks that have a plan - to foster - blatant discrimination - and depriving those that need help - from opportunities.

Once the Black family garnered its "power" from the Black church. Spirituality played an important role. Today the word "spirituality" means something else. We have to return to spirituality - because the empowering from this source - is the highest one can attain - and one that sustain anyone - through trials and tribulations.

In the days when "spirituality" reigned supreme - one spent the entire day at Church on Sunday - and on Monday or any designated day; during the week - one conducted the outreach - each committee having a President - and no one could touch the Black Churches united.

In the 1960s it took great courage for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to put together various coalitions to bring the Blacks together - then called "Negroes".

This, so that the Blacks in the United States of America could contribute to this Nation - with rights that others long enjoyed - like the Voting Rights Act and so on and so forth.

The efforts of Blacks during the Civil Rights movement on the sixties shed light on discrimination - and legislation on various fronts were passed by the Federal government - ensuring Upward Mobility rights in the workplace; in business, welfare rights in and other places - ensuring Blacks and other minorities to move up - and join the Middle class.

Blacks from the early days of the recorded history of America shed their lives - in the great Civil War where millions died - and through all the wars - and even today in great numbers. Blacks died so that we may be free.

After the many wars - more World War II - the Nation turned its back on Blacks. Before that it was the Buffalo Soldiers - and so many more Black entities - all recorded for the educated and fair minded to read and reflect.

To this day in the year 2013 - discrimination and bias - reign in the minds and hearts of the ignorant and those that fear - giving other fellow human beings - that which the enjoy.

It is wrong not to recognize the Native Americans - for this is their Nation - better know as Turtle Island.

It is wrong to not recognize and pay retribution to the Blacks - who worked for free and long hours - and other profited from that sweat and blood. Thus the saying - " you have blood on your hands". Slaves were expandable - and the Slave Master - could lynch and kill - no questions asked.

Up until 1927 - Whites could kill Native Americans - and fetch a measly five dollars for their scalp - no questions asked. That was not too long ago. We must know our history. If we do not know the past - we cannot comprehend the present - not will be traverse the future - with a clearer understanding of life - its trails and tribulations - and the goodness of our ancestors.

Great Black women and men spoke out and challenged the conscience of the nation - Frederick Douglass, Dubois, George Washington Carver, Ida Wells-Barnett - in recent times Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks and there are more.

Unlike other Cities in San Francisco from the early 1980 - Blacks contributed to the City and County of San Francisco - this City knows it - but has chosen to discriminated against Blacks.

The NAACP and other Black entities have failed miserably to build on the foundation of those Blacks that once ran a school, built many churches many over 100 years old.

Black businessmen and women - Mary Ellen Pleasant and Leidesdorff, engineers, journalists, and other professionals too many to mention - all of them contributed to the building of San Francisco from its early days.

In the early 1950s here in San Francisco many Blacks from the South moved to find jobs; during World War II - and better jobs they found.

Initially many had to struggle - and it took them years later - closer to the late sixties to enjoy the right of the Civil Rights Movement. And later to buy homes and many joined the Middle class.

As I said we have several Black entities that purport to be Black and serve Blacks - but it would do no good to state - that the NAACP in San Francisco under Amos Brown - or the other superficial Black entities - talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Black cannot decided how to celebrate the Juneteenth Festival - moving it before City Hall - where the Masta can look out the window - and surrounded by barricades - the Blacks continue to rejoice - in a fashion that is not becoming.

When the news was announced other States already had removed the shackles of slavery - the meanest, demeaning, blatant racism, abomination - meted out to human beings. America still must resolve that ugly history of "slavery" - that pops its head - now and then.

Once San Francisco had a Black population where 25% of the population was Black.

Now as the years go by - the Black population is fading - and soon we will be lucky - if we as a united front - survive the dwindling, sad state of affairs - that somehow states - we  are 3%.

California was named after a mythical Black Warrior woman.
Few know about this fact. This warrior woman was known for her beauty, the land she ruled a large island - with plenty of gold. It is this myth that led the Spaniards to California.

Before them the Russians and after that the Spaniards the Americans who bought California from the Mexicans for some little - gold. 

What a paradox.

The decimation of the Black population is real - but the Black "sell outs" - continue to sell out the community - and undo what the great leaders - did before. The dreadful days - we see today - are the doings of those Black leaders who have failed to pass a sound legacy. Instead fill their pocket - with tainted money.

In meeting after meeting - missing are our youth - you just cannot be talking about the past - when you have nothing to show today, and less to give to the youth - for a brighter - tomorrow.

It does not help when Black grandmothers rear children and single women continue against great odds to hold the Black  family together - with City agencies bringing hurdles - and not being compassionate.

It does not help with men - in greater numbers are incarcerated - less graduate from high school, go to college, and less universities.

Who built the pyramids? And why can we not - with all of our contemporary knowledge - attempt to build some pyramids worth the salt? Think about that - do not rush into judgement. 

It does not help when City agencies - and San Francisco with a budget of over $7.9 billion - continues to play with Black lives.

The current Black leaders who are the sellouts; and it would do NO good to mention names - you just have to read my past articles to find out the facts.

The Black Leadership Council of San Francisco - gave an opportunity for those gathered to introduce themselves. But; as often happen in a close family setting - many spoke from the heart and many spoke their mind - and these took time - and there if nothing wrong - when in the family - the truth is told and even though time is of essence - what must be done - must be done. So be it.

The Black Leadership Council of San Francisco gave the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - sufficient time to give a presentation. 

The presentation will bring opportunities to the Black community and to all San Franciscans. But, as we all know - it is who you know - again anyone can talk the talk - it is the walking that is - pertinent.

At the end of the meeting - most were pleased with the outcome.

The meeting was but an introduction, the tip of the iceberg - and we thank the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and its General Manager a Black man - Harlan Kelly - for being patient and giving our Elders an opportunity to speak - the others - for debating the issues - and listening to them.

The SF Public Utilities Benefits Mangers was present - Kay Fernandez - so was Sam Murray and Toye Moses - others too they know who they are.

The many Bayview advocates and others - did well to express the state of affairs - now; it remains to see who can put an action plan; with time-lines. More, with goals benefiting all - with full transparency and accountability.

Recently; within the SF Public Utilities Commission an General Assistant Manager was faulted - thwarting the rules and regulations - diverting thousands of dollars, illegally - more ethical norms. The Benefits Manger  present at this meeting -works under this tarnished Assistant General Manager.

The faulted Assistant General Manager was not present at this meeting - a cloud hanging on our community and San Francisco at large. There is the wheat and for sure the chaff. And the chaff need not linger on - and spread the cancer. We must move on - holistically.

Her shenanigans were reported by Matier and Ross. She must not adversely impact our community - more since she purports to be Black - even though Jamaican - and has NOT embraced the community at large - but chosen to work with some sell outs.

A big thank you to the Black Leadership Council of San Francisco - for representing as best you can - under dire straits. God Bless.

Here are some photographs from the event - enjoy:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


People in San Francisco are fed up - fed up of the many Press Conferences - where City officials and those that are suppose to represent us - spew diatribe - at the many Press Conferences - praising their own tails - and letting Quality of Life issues - go down the drain - with intent.

Our MUNI buses have dummy cameras that do not work.

People now get shot at, mugged at, beaten and spat on - and we the public think the cameras are working - but they are NOT.

MUNI drivers as well as the passengers are adversely impacted - put in harms way - most everyone knows about this - but nothing is being done. This is a big - cover up.

Who is fooling whom? Who is paying someone to cover up? The facts are there for all to see? Do you want us to post the empirical data - over 20,000 pages - for all the world to see?

The on going investigation - after we provide some facts - is a joke. We give these knuckleheads the information and they cannot - connect the dots.

Millions of tax payers money has been wasted by MUNI. Millions of dollars - consultants and contractors that have NO qualifications - raking in millions of tax payers - money.

The Controller's Office is working on the investigation even though all the relevant information and more has been given to the office.

And if the Controller's Office wants more information - over 8000 pages more - this can be made available to him - this time for a fee. We are NOT going to do your home work for FREE.

There is one man that works for MUNI - the man that wears the ear piece - he has been having a "field day " - bluffing, fooling, playing the buffoon.

All the while innocent people - constituents of San Francisco - have been shot at, spat at, beaten, our Seniors intimidate by "thugs" - and the Controller's Office, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the "Yellow Hornets" the patrolling idiots we pay for - and the Mayor's Office - has been sitting on their "fat asses" and doing nothing.

Now and then at some bus stops - ten to fifteen - law enforcement - most of them - obese - out of shape - gang up on the passengers - asking them for the fare tickets - and if some poor or indigent person does not have it - the poor passenger is intimidated.

Indigents have NO money to pay a $100 ticket. We must fire those making $200,000 plus at tax payers expense - for NOT doing their  job. I can give you more then 20% of our City workforce that fall into this category.

We have a population of about 805,000 and over 28,000 City workers. For every 28 constituents one City worker - most of them do not live in San Francisco - they work here - and go laughing to the bank - when they receive their fat - salaries.

We need the "hornets" and the harassing law enforcement who are paid by us tax payers - out of our faces - and all of them sent to some orientation - where they learn - manners.

I want Mayor Ed Lee and MUNI General Manager - Ed Reiskin to know - that we, the people of San Francisco will not - tolerate this on going - nonsense.

Harassing the poor, the indigent - while the bosses at the top - are having a field day - not doing their jobs - and our Mayor thinks - that nothing is wrong - with this behavior. You better believe it - something is wrong.

More will be reported complete with names, time and date - so that this on going nonsense - is stopped and with the people, more the commons - are respected. Make no bones about this - you respect us - we respect you.

You truly want to help MUNI - clean the buses - they stink - Mr Mayor.  Get you volunteers to clean the buses - if Mr. Ed Reiskin cannot do it - if not just ride the MUNI bus and see things for yourself - the 14, 8X, 30 - just start with these lines or routes.

Check the other Regional Buses - they are clean and they do not stink.

You want to help the constituents make the Light Rail and the MUNI buses - run on time - I take Public Transportation - and the service is deplorable. And it is only getting - worse.

Notice even the advocates are fed up - no one worth the salt is going to City Hall - they are fed up.

These so called Representatives, Board of Supervisors - the likes of Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, others not worth mentioning - and screwing around - doing - nothing.

Now, Malia Cohen the good for nothing District 10 Supervisor - has been given a City Car - for what? 

To do her shopping - and to throw insults in the direction of the poor and the indigent?

This good for nothing - spineless and very corrupt so called Supervisor - must be ashamed of herself - and resign.

There is more crime of all sorts in District 10 - because this corrupt woman has done nothing in District 10 when it comes to jobs, safety of the constituents, education for our children, help for our Seniors - and the list goes on and on.

As prisoners are released more rapists, pedophiles, murderers are released and most of them are found in the Tederloin, District 6 and in District 10 - compromising - Quality of Life issues.

In the districts of these two political whores - Jane Kim - rolling those eyes and making those faces - from District 6.

And from District 10 - that air-head, loud mouth, panderer - Malia Cohen - now using our tax payers money to go around - in a City Car - even for her private adventures and satisfaction.

The Chinese immigrant population is suffering - and you see it everywhere - in San Francisco.

Now, you have the Chinese immigrant population - selling can goods, other stuff on Market Street and elsewhere - just trying to make a living.

You would think Mayor Ed Lee would have a "heart" and do something about that. NO.

May be it is time for him and his encourage to take one more trip to China to beg for money. The last time he went - with his bowl - nothing happened.

The corruption in this City has increased - and the poor and the indigent have to suffer.

No one should be sleeping in a chair. I said NO one should be sleeping in a chair. Try getting some sleep in a chair - and this is what is happening in our shelters. More with people who are ill.

Even the dogs in the dog shelters and the cats - can sleep in peace and some comfort.

In San Francisco we have shelters now that offer chairs to sleep - this is inhumane.

An ordinance must be PASSED - to STOP  any official or employee - encouraging those that need dire help - giving seats to the homeless, the indigent to sleep in the chair - or rest for more then 3 hours - must be penalized. Sent to jail.



Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors are superficial - none of them have the guts to - solve the homeless problem - and millions are pocketed by those that run the programs.

Bevan Dufty, Trent Rhorer, others all make more than $200,000 plus for trying to help the indigent. If that is not a joke - I do not know what is.

Mayor Ed Lee stop cutting those ribbons with all the temporary fun fare. While people are suffering and you have NO idea what is happening. Visit the shelter in cognito and see what I have seen - many time. Go to the Emergency Rooms in cognito and see what is happening in your City?

We want the cameras working on the MUNI buses - now.

We want the poor given beds to sleep in - now.

We want the MUNI passengers treated with respect - now.

We want our children to be able to travel safely to school - now.

We want our hospitals to treated everyone but more the indigent and the Seniors and children with respect - now.

Stop giving the Supervisors perks - like that good for nothing Malia Cohen - a City car to do her errands and smile like a jack ass. Wasting of tax payers money.

Stop acting and playing to the camera - and start addressing - quality of life issues.

Our great City - the City and County of San Francisco is going to the hogs.

Wake up and do something. And there is more.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Mayor and his encourage - the Supervisors from corrupt City Hall - those on the Budget Committee - tour the City Districts - some 11 in all. Paring two Districts at a time to have a Budget Town Hall.

Just like a circus - pretending to reveal the billions in the City Budget - some $7.9 billion, plus - giving an opportunity to those that wish to speak - a chance.

There is no line item explanation - just some drab, general comments - and those in the inner circle - can "tweak" - the numbers - any which way they like - and they do - all the time.

The latest circus on the Budget and the sordid Town Hall connected to these idiotic meetings - took place at the Southeast  Facility Commission - at 1800 Oakdale - in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Pretending to give the constituents from District 10 and District 11 a chance to speak their mind -but causing anger and utter confusion - pandemonium.

The SF Police Department is brought in - in full force - other spies in the crowd - they may try to intimidate.

In the end they always make a FOOL - of themselves. That is why the people have a name for these fools - BUFFOONS.

How was this particular meeting conducted?

Much like cattle sold in the market - no decorum, people not respected - those sitting at the head of the table - making a fool of themselves. Pretending to "represent" - but they are only representing their own - selfish interests.

A Chinese woman in her own way - knowing some little English - told the Mayor and those that had ears to hear. " No one cares about those that do not have access to City Hall". More with tears in her eyes - and she made her point - very clear - for all to hear.

Others; local leaders were not called to speak.

Some outsider from Vallejo - facilitating the meeting.

These type of silly facilitating must stop - we have people in the community that can do a better - job.

Of course Malia Cohen would not know about that - she has NO clue - what is happening in the community.

 They constituents gathered - had to protest and the Mayor had to use his discretion to allow them to speak.

"Those two let them speak first" said the Mayor. And so - Espanola Jackson and Robert Woods - got this opportunity to speak - after public comment was halted - but resumed at the discretion of the Mayor - Ed Lee.

This year's Budget is a JOKE and the Chair, Supervisor Mark Farrell may say what he wants.

The public at large - at City Hall are given a measly two minutes - and when the circus comes to town - the shenanigans get even worse.

The District 10 Supervisor does not deem it wrong to use a City car - complete with the City Logo - to use it for shopping at Costco -in the South of Market Area (SOMA) - at tax payers, expense.

Yet, this mean woman - will criticize a homeless man - using a cell phone. She finds that funny - and she should - because she gets most of what she gets on a platter.

This is what is visible to all - who have the sense to connect the dots - a political whore barring none.

In San Francisco the last five years - things are going from bad to worse. Our Mayor and his entourage of sorts - think they can fool - all the people - all the time - but the constituents of San Francisco are astute and watching - like a hawk.

Suddenly, with that one scoop  all - will come to a halt. 

Chinese immigrants at Visitation Valley are suffering.

The Samoans are suffering - and one lonely way the City has chosen to resolve some issues - is to dump 30 Samoan families on Treasure Island - and let them fend for themselves.

From Double Rock to the man made island that is sinking - Treasure Island.

Plans are afoot to mess with the Quality of Life issues in the neighborhood in District 10.

Now, the Homeless Czar wants to create a "Homeless Shelter" - where those that a homeless are given a "chair" to sit on - all night long - and get a wink of sleep.

It is such utter nonsense, with no compassion - that truly tells and reveals to  the world - how stupid these folks are.

Cold, mindless - and mean to the core  - who use the Budget Town Hall - to mock the people - and make a fool of themselves.

This nonsense will back fire.

Malia Cohen is using her Supervisor's job as a cash cow. She has no sense as to what is happening in District 10 when it comes to - sound transportation, health issues, safety, education, the plight of the Seniors - and the list goes on and on.

She now has been given a City car - at tax payers expense. She can now go shopping to Costco - visiting her friends - and continue to pussy foot around.

She said a few words at the Budget Town Hall meeting - she must listen to what she said.

In fact; she said nothing meaningful; that was pertinent - again proving to the world - that she is inept, shallow, and spineless.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

The poor man with a cell phone - and the attitude towards him - by the - whore politician: