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Monday, January 30, 2012

Wellness Center to be built on contaminated land surrounded by the most polluted air.

The Land Use simply does not get it - the advocates, constituents of Bayview, businessmen - others, tried to explain.

However, these politicians - who will cater to the corrupt - and what is most disgusting - with intent put our children in harms way.No qualms of conscience.

The entire area on Third Street and Cargo is polluted and contaminated.

More Third Street and Quint St where the Wellness Center is proposed to be in operation. Before Cargo Street on either side once there where gas stations - what folks in those days called "filling stations".

The fuel tanks are still there and were not removed.

Even though a building stands there today and people occupy the building - each tenant has to sign a waiver.

Why? When the insurance companies study the real estate documents - the history of the site is there for all to see. It is contaminated. They explain the insurance policy and state that the site is polluted.

Supervisor Malia Cohen is defying the community and in defying the community she is doing two major wrongs.

Malia Cohen may tried to bluff and hoodwink the adults - but she cannot get away with the fact - when she "with intent" harms our children - she is playing with fire. No way.

Dr. Nadine Burke who came into our community some few years back - has some $4.2 million to spend and wants a building.

She has this money to spend - as she stated today - until the end of this year. That is better then what we heard some weeks back - until the end of this month.

First she wanted 22,000 square feet - now all of a sudden she says she can settle for 7,000 square feet. This was the amendments made at today's Land Use meeting - January 30, 2012. The public at large have NOT seen the amendments.

Pressure came from the SF Port Authority and nearby businesses that are zoned industrial and do not want the area to be zoned for other purposes that can adversely impact their growth. Many of these business saw today - how corrupt politicians work.

California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) is detested by decent San Franciscans. There is a connection between this  so called Wellness Center and Dr. Nadine Burke - who does not live in the Bayview Hunters Point.

We saw the ugly head of California Pacific Medical Center CPMC) many times before. Mostly when it comes to serving the poor and shafting them.

We saw this when CPMC proposed to shut down Saint Luke's hospital. More Bayview patients go to St. Luke then SF General Hospital.

We saw the protest when CPMC defied common sense and wanted to and still wants to build a large hospital on Van Ness and Geary Street. Time will tell about this monster hospital that is greedy and does injustice to poorer patients of San Francisco and the Bayview Hunters Point.

The area in question - where the Wellness Center is proposed to be situated is very contaminated and with millions of vehicles converging at Third and Cargo - the air is very polluted.

The stench from the sewer is found everywhere, not only from the near by Sewage Treatment Plant, but more  - when the Third Street sewer pipes were laid, during the time when the Third Street Lightly Rail was built some years ago.

The sewer pipes were laid faulty - and the site chosen for the Wellness Center is filled with sewage smell - and this is where Supervisor Malia Cohena and Dr. Nadine Bruke wants to treat our children.

The building chosen is at Third and Quint Street - it is the worst site anyone could have chosen for a Wellness Center - and you can spend some time there and find out for yourself the sordid - state of affairs.

Opposite this building CPMC has bought a vacant plot where once the Carpenters Union - Local 22 wanted to build their Union Building. Does this come as a surprise to anyone?

The site, now a vacant site - as I have stated was once a gas station. It can be best described as a Brownfield Site.

We have no one sensible to tell this two women that what they are proposing is something uncalled for - but, our politicians are just that - they have no sense linked to fairness and what is more - they are the pariahs of modern day society on every level.

The Land Use Committee - heard the pros and cons and they went with the "crooks" and that is on them.

Time will tell - just like what has been happening at Hunters Point and what is happening at all the projects linked with the SF Redevelopment Agency today.

Kudos to those that educated the Land Use Supervisors, Malia Cohen, Eric Mar the Chair, and Scott Wiener who does not care for the poor and favors Zionists policies.

Malia Cohen does not live in District 10 and so has NO right to represent District 10. The sooner she is investigated with all her pussyfooting - the better.

Many of us thought the Malia Cohen would do right - but, again and again this inept women continues to make a fool of herself.

Here are some photographs from today's meeting: