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Thursday, January 26, 2012

At City Hall - on one side "so dam me" and on the other "so marry me".

Business at SF City Hall - is all so evident for everyone to see - but, no one has the guts to call a spade a spade.

The agenda items are put at the last moment - and important agenda items are rushed - rushed so fast without any meaningful discussion - and what more important without any justification.

At times the facts or empirical data completely left out.

The last four important meetings at the SF Board of Supervisors and at the Committee Meetings have been a total disaster.

The SF Board of Supervisors simply do NOT get it.

You are there to represent - and what you jerks are doing is making a fool of yourselves without doing your homework.

Listening to nonsense that has been presented and adjudicating - without sound justification.

You have FAILED to represent the people and you have taken our votes and thrown them in the gutter. You all need to be investigated - and the laws on the books - read to you all.

It is not just Ross Mirkarimi that needs this type of treatment - all of you have failed in larger manner - knowing what is WRONG - and with INTENT - failing to represent the people of San Francisco who have voted you all in.

On one side of the aisle you have a group that I have named " so dam mee".

On the other side on the aisle " so marry me " .

Whoever made this division is slick - even though many may think - it is by seniority. I looked and looked and then I observed and what I saw - was astounding and revealing. 

The recent changes made to accommodate the demised SF Redevelopment Agency - with all its complicated issues - is one issue that was rushed - through.

AB26 rightly got rid of the Redevelopment Agency. Our City must not hold on to the rubbish - those employees who made their bed with Redevelopment - a quasi State agency - must go. They cannot be paid high salaries no matter - from which pool of money they deem it right to get it - the position of the citizens of California is that they must go.

In San Francisco we have about 125 employees - all inept and all have adversely impacted all San Franciscans.

There is no way our City and County of San Francisco can handle the issues - complete with another set of accounting, transparency, funding, with the same foxes guarding the hen house.

Tiffany Bohee must go and the reason is simple she has BLOOD on her hands.

Tiffany know that she could have helped our community but she with INTENT made our children suffer and I have video of her listening to us - and making a mockery of our comments after the hearings.

This woman was a peon at SFPUC and now has risen to be the interim Director of SF Redevelopment Agency - be it for some months. But all the same - no one has investigated her sordid rise to this evil position.

This City does not want us in the thousands to protest first in front of City Hall and then at City Hall itself.

This time we will be joined by thousands of people - from all over the Bay Area.

Chronologically, no one has done their home work and worked hard to defeat the inept Redevelopment Agency as we the constituents from this great City and County of San Francisco.

When SF Redevelopment declared a large are as a Survey Area in the Bayview Hunters Point - without any meaningful discussion and then immediately again without any meaningful discussion - declared the Survey Area - a Project Area - we collected over 33,000 signatures from all over San Francisco - to protest SF Redevelopment and their evil deliberations and actions.

John Arntz the Director of Elections - declared the signatures valid and we were granted permission to put our Ballot Measure to be voted by the citizens of San Francisco.

Then Dennis Herrera cooked up some flimsy reason - and declared our 33,000 null and void.

We informed all those that signed our petition and had experts check and re-check our language and they all approved it - including a map and whatever else was necessary.

As best we could we gave those who signed our petition and lived in San Francisco - more information which we had on hand and more websites to check the facts - then any other  signature gathering - I have seen so far.

I do monitor the more important ballot issues - where signatures are collected for the voters to vote.

Today, the SF Redevelopment Agency is on its final leg. At the end of January 31, 2012 it will be history.

However, right now the City and County is permitting evil employees to make their nest within other Departments and this is totally wrong.

All those who worked for SF Redevelopment Agency Tiffany Bohee, Olsen Lee, Amy Lee, must go - never mind what they say - they all have BLOOD on the hands.

We need several important hearing on the history of Redevelopment first - before we started having hearing on the recent events as a result of AB 26.

Now when the Controller Ben Rosenfield, the City Administrator and she will be voted in today at the Rules Committee, Naomi Kelly.

Mayor Edwin Lee, others who have to go with the flow - just because the Mayor says so - all bear the great responsibility of taking on too many added burdens - without you all SF Board of Supervisors and City Department heads - full comprehending the very serious - consequences.

It does not help in the Chambers, Room 250 - the two groups who interact like parrots - more dumb parrots - on one side " so dam me " and on the other side " so marry me ".

None of these members as much as they talk and say they know this and that - have taken the time to read the entire Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) linked to the many projects and SFRA.

If the did they would know that Lennar is in default on Parcel A and at this time is ready to jump ship and working with other entities to make deals and transfer their permits.

 Lennar failed on many of its time lines - and each time they were allowed to make amendments, change the name of their organization,and make convoluted deals with SF Redevelopment Agency.

Lennar changed its name four times since it first registered in Sacramento, California in 1989 and is now registered in Delaware - the den of the devils where all the Credit Card headquarters make their living.

The constituents on San Francisco still have some decency but as I see what is happening at City Hall in recent weeks - as I stated openly before everyone on Channel 26 on January 24, 2012 - the SF Board of Supervisor have gone far down the cesspool.

Today the public does not respect and the other ploys and machinations played out in the media - does not help at all.

There is too much wheeling and dealing behind close doors.

There is too much money exchanged.

Some taking junkets to other places - one of them being Supervisor Malia Cohen who does not live in her District.

I believe there is another one too - if two SF Board of Supervisors do not live in their Districts - and after so many months - we do not have an answer by the authorities as to where they live - this is a crying shame.

Several City Departments must be able within 24 hours to tell us where the live? Why are these authorities not doing their job? These a public officials - who beg for our money, beg for our votes - then hide behind the wall to commit atrocities of the worst kind.

All actions that stem from these two SF Board of Supervisors and one of them is from District 10 - are illegal.

All the voting that has gone so far - all the fake deliberations - you know that two members are there not following the rules, breaking the law - and they are NOT allowed to represent much more permitted to VOTE.

Do not take our votes - the votes of the people lightly.

Do not take our votes and throw them in the cesspool of corruption.

Time for these two SF Supervisors to step down - now.

Time for the Secretary of State to do what she is required to do - we have two SF Board of Supervisors who do NOT live in their districts - yet, every day break the law.

Where is the sunshine - where is the decency - where is the law - why are laws been broken with intent. Where is the adjudication? Who is bluffing whom?

Time to step down and take you fake asses to another place - do not tainted the fair name of this City and County of San Francisco.