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Friday, January 20, 2012

Unlimited funding from corrupt Corporations to the very corrupt politicians of today.

You, do not need to be very smart to see all the clowning, back and forth, the disclosure of millions of dollars in the Cayman Islands.

Another wanting an Open Marriage, and the many other gimmicks and ploys - that the Republican candidates for the coming Presidential Elections - have revealed to the public at large.

The world is laughing at this charade and foolishness - where most of them have now finally understood - that they stand no chance what so ever to serve our Nation as President. 

Newt has just realized that the Main Media makes it difficult to govern our Nation. What can anyone expect when it is controlled by the Zionists that most Republicans support?

The candidates in the fray really have no chance representing anyone - not even the skunks and much less the constituents of any State in this Nation.

We now wait for another round of lies and more lies from the Democratic Party.

President Barack Hussein Obama had it good the first time around - but, not this time.

People simply do not want to cast their precious vote of any scum bag. The President had it good the first time around - because he was told to say stuff that the people want to hear.

Once in office he made his bed with the worst of the policy makers. He pandered to the banks and the large financial institution - the likes of JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs.

The President had no right to give these large institutions tax payers money.

More, without putting in place stringent policies to get the money back - but more important to help the tax payers that support the banks in the first place.

Unemployment, in many minority communities is over twenty percent - in some inner cities among Blacks - forty percent.

President Barack Hussein Obama know about these real sufferings - but, he still keeps smiling, pandering, and has made his bed with some policy advisers - that he must dismiss - or face the music.

Wells Fargo just declared it has made billions in profit. How does anyone make billions in this dire economy?

Bank of America made billions in profit - and quickly announced that this was because it consolidated and sold some of its assets abroad. Yes abroad - where both Wells Fargo and Bank of America - have been hoarding - cheating, stealing, deceiving and hoarding assets.

Both these banks played a key role with sub-prime loans, derivatives, and other evil ploys and machinations.

Nothing much has changed - while those who bailed the Major Banks suffer - that is the tax payer - the banks sit on billions of dollars.

The Courts have just declared that there is no limit to funding the political parties and candidates. No limit. Today, some 5% contol 90% of the assets of this Nation.

We have the filthy rich and we have the very, very poor.

The sad part is that the Middle Class is vanishing - and truly speaking one cannot have any meaningful democracy - with just blatant, unjust, balance - and inequities.

Today in San Francisco the SF Occupy Protest as with other Occupy Protest all over the Nation - will put the Nation on notice - more the very corrupt politicians that do not represent their constituents.