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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The year 2012 bodes well for our San Francisco - 49er team and more Alex Smith our quarter back.

I took some time off to watch the San Francisco Football team - we call them the 49ers play the Saints that is the Football team from New Orleans.

Two class teams - give us all one of the best performances - in American Football - in many, many years - since the good old days of Joe Montana and Steve Young.

In the end the score was the 49ers 36 and the Saints 32 - and this allows us the 49er fans to watch our team go to the Superbowl - and hopefully win.

And when I think about  this fact - the first person I think somehow is Coach Bill Walsh who is no more.

I get a flash back to Joe Montana - then Ronny Lott for some reason, finally Jerry Rice and Steve Young. I admit I am not an ardent football fan - but can I say my - peace - that with this fame we should see more good performances from our San Francisco - 49ers.

The game was fast paced and each team fought hard.

In the fourth quarter - the last four minutes - it could have been anyone's game. The better team won - and the more confident and determined - quarter back was Alex Smith.

In fact in the last three minutes the Saints were leading - then just like that Alex Smith our 49er quarter back - made two major plays - and the 49ers were on top of the world.

That last touch down was classic - a tough throw and a difficult catch and one that will go down in history.

Reminiscent of the throw Joe Montana made to Dwight Clark that took us - to the Superbowl. That was a Hail Mary but Alex Smith was determined to throw a pass - that would seal it all with class. Kudos!

Coach Harbaugh our 49er coach has much to be pleased about - but mostly I feel very proud - how he has brought out the very best of Alex Smith our hard working quarter back - and given him the confidence to perform and win with class.

The 49er team today has recovered and determined as ever to perform well and restore our name and glory - to those years - when we were the best.

I saw 49er Vernon Davis cry and he did cry hard - for with that one "tight catch" he gave his best, represented the team, and made the impossible - possible.

That last 14 yard catch - we all will remember - much as we remember the many catches made in "tight spots" by Jerry Rice another 49er that performed - wonders.

There are two games that I liked this season - and both were played here in San Francisco - some time ago the 49ers played the New York Jets and won. I liked that game.

Then came the game that topped it all - played on Saturday, January 14, 2012 - we the 49ers played the Saints - it was not a "Hail Mary" catch - but one thrown with precision - a difficult throw - and one that captured the determination, fortitude, hard work and willingness of the San Francisco 49ers - to shine and makes us all feel - proud.

May the San Francisco 49ers win the Superbowl.

Kudos to Mr. John York and Jedd York - you can now build your stadium and have more victories - in a state of  the art stadium.

The stadium will be built at Santa Clara - but no one can take away the name 49ers and more San Francisco.

2012 bodes well for the San Francisco 49er team.

More for all of us the fans - we need that shot in the arm to do well, stay positive, not be embroiled in petty politics - we fought hard and truly deserved this victory.

I watched the fans - after the game - they were all exhausted.

As exhausted and elated - as the 49ers - together we made this happen.

We must put our best foot forward - and take San Francisco and all it stands for - to a better place.