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Monday, January 16, 2012

San Francisco CORRUPT District Attorney's Office under the last two DAs.

It is a JOKE when a District Attorney pretends that he wants to do GOOD - when by his lack of discerning - he leaves a legacy, rather a stench that stinks to high heaven - framing cases that have weak legs to stand on.

Daily in San Francisco many very serious crimes are committed.

However, under the last two District Attorney's nothing much is done in first discerning, secondly prosecuting, and thirdly bringing about some sound adjudication - that is worth any salt.

The lay person as Law Enforcement is prone to look at - are pawns in the hands of these District Attorneys - who have literally brought DISGRACE to San Francisco in the last eight years.

I can go way back but let us start with Kamala Harris. Her father Jamaican and her mother from India. Both parents advocates who were decent - but not Kamala Harris.

Her nefarious activities linked to Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. are well documented.

Her lack of judgement trying to propel herself and bring her closer to the President Barack Hussein Obama circle well known.

Lucky for us - constituents of this great Nation - Kamala Harris won the California Attorney position - good riddance of bad rubbish.

In the Southeast Sector of San Francisco we had a Rogue Developer Lennar that with intent poisoned our children.

San Francisco,District Attorney Kamala Harris had all the pertinent information - but did not lift a finger to prosecute this demon.

Lennar, a rogue developrs that destroyed the lives of innocent children, our elders and thousands of innocent people.

Unknown to many even today Rollo and Thredwell release daily counts of Asbestos Structures from the area in and around Pacel A at Hunters Point.

Daily some of get the readings. When we have high winds and heavy rain - we register very high amount of Asbestos Structures.

This is because Lennar chose to grade over 33 feet of Serpentine Rock - when crushed this rock releases Asbestos Structures - very dangerous. A large area is polluted and will continue to be polluted. A very serious crime was committed and daily some innocent person that inhales the Asbestos Structures is fated to suffer and die a slow death. THINK ABOUT THAT.

The District Attorney of San Francisco, George Gascon can still prosecute Lennar but the DA has NO BALLS.

Simply because he cannot discern. He loves to propel himself into any limelight - where he becomes well known - not because he is doing RIGHT but because he is SELFISH.

Much like Kamala Harris who is now NOT respect in many circles in Sacramento. And was not respected in San Francisco. We well remember the tit for tat with Public Defender Jeff Adachi and other major and minor - debacles mostly originating from the SF District Attorney's office.

We in San Francisco have some very serious crimes committed.

All of them are NOT crimes of violence.

However, in recent times - if some precursory investigation is done - so many facts will be revealed that it boggles the mind.

Any one that knows about justice, more fair play, and of course the ability to discern - will be shocked about the SF District Attorney's Office - pathetic.

The recent Mayoral Race was inundated with irregularities.

Even today - many are shocked that on so many levels - after so much evil has been done - so many people are Scott free. Why?

We have two SF Board of Supervisors who do not live in their Districts. The law mandates they live in their District but they do not.

The law mandates that Big Developers follow the law. Yet with intent - most Big Developers will break the law.

The law mandates that all Consultants follow laws laid by the Ethics Commission. The paradox is that the Ethics Commission is the most corrupt. Go figure.

The entire world knows that Platinum Consultants are very corrupt.

The law has taken them in a direct and indirect way to court in New York and penalized their heads.

But, here in San Francisco - with blatant disregard for any law, in a nonchalant manner - folks like Dwayne Jones who worked for the City, then managed Communities of Opportunity, then messed with the community working for Lennar, now works for Platinum.

This corrupt man has won a contract in the millions some  $10 million plus - linked with AECOM and the Sewer System Improvement Project - all tax payers money - a Bond Measure paid by the tax payers - and with no vetting, no sound adjudication, no movement what so ever from the District Attorney's Office.

Some years ago when Kamala Harris was in office - the Apartment Investment Management Company - better know as AIMCO broke hundreds of laws - and destroyed the lives of innocent people.

Big money was involved in terms of bribes - the then DA, Kamala Harris was given all the information. This case can be opened at anytime - the crimes were so aggressive, so sordid, that the community was shocked - with three shooting and killings and laborers deprived on their earnings.

There is a whole report of these incidents in detail, with volumes of evidence, hundreds of pages of documentation, many court cases - but the failure of the San Francisco District Attorney has been pathetic to this date - linked to this case which must be opened.

The recent over blown case involving our San Francisco Sheriff is one that is politically motivated.

When Willie L. Brown Jr. was interviewed and he was bold to say that Ross Mirkarimi" " should step down". That says a lot but more reveals a lot.

Willie L. Brown Jr. should have stepped down a long time ago - in fact he should not be meddling with the affairs on any decent person or organization in San Francisco - not with his sordid track record.

When is it KOSHER for some from Los Angeles police officer, who went to work in New Mexico, be recruited as a Police Chief in San Francisco by inept Mayor Gavin Newsom now Lt Governor of California.

SF DA -George Gasocon - who jumps at the opportunity to become a District Attorney having NOT practiced law in ages - and now is trying to gain fame - by framing a case that has no legs.

This case about Sheriff Mirkarimi is a plot by the Pacific Heights Mafia - the movers and shakers in San Francisco that are using ploys and machinations to control every department in San Francisco.

Attempts have been made to topple Public Defender Jeff  Adachi.

In fact Public Defender Jedd Adachi was chided at a very Public Event - by our Law Enforcement because Jeff Adachi took a stand on the failing pension entitlement that many receive on the back of the tax payers.

Much of it involving double dipping - which the lay person cannot comprehend and which has not been revealed to many.Soon this City will face payments in the many millions and then billions. Time will tell.

Some is many circles do not appreciate the fact that both Public Defender Jeff Adachi and the Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi are now in office - and have a good relationship. Paradoxically, this sordid incident will reveal the entrails of the SF District Attorney and the inept office that has failed miserably.

The District Attorney has created a divide - so deep in so short a period - that it will adversely impact the entire City and County of San Francisco too. It is easy to divide - very difficult heal.

As I mentioned in my previous article we have in this City and County of San Francisco - hundreds of very serious crimes linked to each of present politicians in high places - crimes that can send them to jail - if  they are prosecuted.

Wonder why some folks are placed as judges - through influence? Why do we dare invited only some to swear others in? No one wants to connect the dots - why?

Serious crimes have been committed in Room 200 at City Hall. Room 200 was used by one Mayor to have sex with an employee who worked for the City. What did Kamala Harris do about that when she was the SF District Attorney?

We have had at least forty City officials over the last ten years - who have been involved in assaults against their husbands and wives - all documented.

Incidents reports available - and NO District Attorney has dared to take up these cases - and more make them public. Why? Time to open them up - if truly we think - "domestic violence" even border cases - merit exposing domestic violence in every possible way. Let us go for it.

In fact we can have a Television Show and have sufficient cases to air - if truly we want to take that - route. Pathetic fools!

Once again this case propped up against new appointed Sheriff of San Francisco - Ross Mirkarimi will fall by the way side. There is no doubt about that. What is critical is that the name of our fair City and County will be tarnished - for a long, long time.

We must NOT permit the Main Media and gossip columnists to THINK for us the people.

We, the people must adhere to the law and we the people must fight for what is right.

We the people must always be vigilant against the ZIONISTS, the other corrupt folks - that control the media, our commissions, our City Departments, our SF City Planning, our SF Board of Supervisors.

We dare talk about the Koch Brothers - we have the Pacific Heights Mafia - causing havoc and have been - for the longest time ever. Go figure.