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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In the year 2012 there should be NO family in San Francisco living on the streets.

In the year 2012 there should be NO family living on the streets of San Francisco.

Every year - we the people of San Francisco are forced to witness - a dog and pony show, with much venting.

Community Based Organizations (CBOs) pleading for money - to do this and that for the poor.

Some of these CBOs help the poor - others, and you may not believe it - make money off the backs of the poor.

It is the same with the San Francisco Housing Authority and the SF Housing Authority Commission - pompous folks - who do not care about the poor.

At one time Amos Brown and his gremlins - heading the Commission that did nothing - but harm the poor and mock them. 

Recently there was a hearing on the homeless in Room 250 at San Francisco, City Hall.

Every department head came and tried to say that their agency - truly cared for the poor.  The fact of the matter is that - none of them do. The lie.

One good reason they came out to testify - was because there was money involved - one measly donation from a private entity of $1.5 million - matched by the City who had stashed some where - a sum of $800,000.

This City and County of San Francisco has a Budget of over $9.6 billion.

Compare the money above - and figure out the percentage - compare to our City's Budget.

More if say $300 million was set aside to help the poor - to really help the poor and give them long range, decent, affordable housing.

In this City mostly Whites control the housing market.

And when it comes to Property Managers - the Federal Bureau of Investigation must step in. None of the major Property Managers are people of color.

The many so called Directors of Hamilton Housing and the other drab institutions are White.

The many Single Residency Occupy hotels are full of bed bugs, noise, and filthy conditions. Many of them controlled by the John Stewart Company.

All the rental units for the poor the indigent controlled by the John Stewart Company.

The ones who brag they work for the SF Health Department and work with the poor are Whites - and they made a fool of themselves - testifying in a nonchalant manner at the hearing at City Hall.

That is what is is all about to these folks - not the service to the poor - but their own pay check.

We have shelters in this city that dogs and cats would not like to live in less sleep in.

Go to the SPCA on 16th and Potrero - where animals are taken in and cared for - then go visit any shelter in the City and County of San Francisco.

Compare the facilities and hands down the higher points will go the Society for Prevention and Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and their attention to detail and care for the animals.

In this City we have shelters with no beds - but a chair given to the poor - the indigent. This is inhumane and this practice must be stopped.

When some one is sick - most of them have mental problems - and they have to sit on a chair for hours - the only way they can keep out of the inclement weather. But, what a inhumane way to treat a human being. Shame on this practice.

We have organization like the Academy of Arts University. This diabolical institution has taken over hundreds of rental buildings and converted rental units - to dorms for the students. All this with the blessing of the SF Planning Department. 

The former SF Planning Czar - Larry Badiner who was fired for not going his job. He was distributing phonographic material to his fellow workers - when he was supposed to work. Over 6 high placed SF Planners were fired because of this sordid - episode.

At Park Merced thousands of rental units are proposed to be demolished. Where will these people go - and where will they find affordable rental units?

We use to have good Public Housing when the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) maintained the units at Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Oakdale, Alice Griffith, and Sunnydale. Not any more.

The SF Housing Authority is despicable and cannot maintain the housing because of corruption and lazy, corrupt workers who waste their time.

The SF Housing Authority must be dismantled - these folks are a disgrace to the human race.

Much of Public Housing that I stated above - it going to be divided among Big Developers - all of them crooks - Sunnydale goes to Mercy Housing, Hunters Point to the John Stewart Company, Potrero Hill to Bridge Developers. All white and one worse than the other.

In the place of the present Public Housing units when demolished - gated communities will be built - with market rates and catering to a community far different from the ones living there at the moment. 

All these heads of departments who testified and worked under Gavin Newsom - and all of them must be fired.

We need a new slate - enough of the old - and the same old record with nothing new - and always the poor - shafted.

Never, ever before in the many years I have lived in San Francisco - have I seen so many homeless living under bridges, under bushes, in cars, on the streets, and begging has become a huge - problem.

We have over 10,000 youth who a truant. Add to these the queer youth - some get shelter and others have to fend for themselves. The queer community wants to do something about this situation but get NO help from the City and County of San Francisco.

There was a time when the SF City's Neighborhood Services had astute representatives - no more.

If you go to the office - and seek out your District Representative - you will find that you will have to make an appointment.

Most of the time they are out - enjoy some latte at a cafe - or are found whiling away their time.

Each District in San Francisco and we have Eleven - should be able to get a break down of how much taxes we pay - property taxes, business taxes, sales taxes by zip code. In this digital age all this is possible and more.

You will notice that those in the richer neighborhood pay less taxes but have their roads asphalted, their neighborhood well kept, complete with pruned trees and so on.

Not so in areas such as San Bruno Avenue and the Portola District that pays millions of dollars in property taxes, business taxes, sales taxes and we get shafted. 

The roads are not asphalted, the cross walks not painted, we have had a couple of deaths - vehicles and even the MUNI bus plowing and killing innocent pedestrians. What the hell is happening?

In the year 2012 besides fixing our basic infrastructure, no family should be sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

Our SF Supervisors talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.