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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SF Board of Supervisors start new year with a doggy debate and lack of focus.

If our San Francisco Board of Supervisors do not get their act together - as this year goes by - their performance will be as drab as ever and their representation - not worth the salt.

The session began today - January 10, 2012 in Room 250 at City Hall - with the Mayor of San Francisco - newly sworn in Mayor Edwin Lee, answering some questions posed to him by the SF Board of Supervisors - questions from the uneven Districts.

There was a question about the MUNI 14 bus, another about SF Redevelopment, yet another about Tranbay Project and High Speed Rail, other questions - all that required some thinking.

The Mayor has got the flare and answered the questions as best be could - and with a lot of help from his advisers - who by now - fully understand the mentality of the SF Board of Supervisors.

Then came the usual business and the SF Board of Supervisors gave the most drab performance  and if this is how you guys are going to perform - you better get your act together. Pathetic!

Our City Commissioners are not very smart people - and now here was Scott Wiener challenging the others that he really wanted his queer candidate, Tim Eicher - to be appointed - over Bryant Tan who already had been chosen by the Rules Committee.

It was back and forth until after an hour was spent - all agreed that Bryant had lived in San Francisco for over 31 years - wanted to serve San Francisco - was over qualified and willing - and considering all the pros and cons - should be given the chance to represent on the Entertainment Commission.

Then the SF Board of Supervisors spent another one and half hour debating the number of dogs that could be exercised - six, seven, eight, nine - more or less - less or more?

This dog fight went on and on and on. Finally it was decided that because Scott Wiener had spent so much time on this dog matter.

Brought this matter before the Land Use, the Small Business Commission - he should be permitted to put forward the number eight - that was earlier decided upon. It took one and half hour to decide what was evident from the begining.

Folks the number 8 is lucky!

See, Mayor Ed Lee was sworn in on January 8, 2012.

When you play bingo - you always hear - when the number 8 is pulled out of the bag - one fat lady - number 8 - lucky number 8!.

What is so complicated that you all want to have a - doggy, doggy fight for so long. Go along with number 8 - you all will be lucky!

On a side note there was this article in the National Geographical Magazine - pointing to the fact that San Francisco had more dogs than children. This City truly has gone to the dogs - more the feral cats and the skunks.

The dog lovers do not mess with them - the have a Political Action Committee  (PAC)- much as those that paddle - have a PAC. You have the dog lovers on your side and you have clout.

The dog lovers took the Golden Gate National Recreation Area - better known as the National Park Service to Court. These guys and gals can shaft you and know how political savvy they are. You have politicians pandering to them - salivating like dogs - begging for their votes - offering to chew that bone for some money - too.

The matter linked to the Environmental Impact Report and the America's Cup was pushed over - and will be decided in another two weeks.

Some legal protest will have to be adjudicated.

You know what? Time for you SF Board of Supervisor to take a vacation. I know you took one - but take another.

You all are so hard worked, wired up, confused, bewildered and confounded - that you cannot decide anything. What a circus you make - and what a waste of time.

I wish you guys watch yourself make a fool of yourselves on television. Watch the proceedings - no wonder people think so poor about the way you debate on issues - trivial, petty, shallow, drab, and worthless.

Perhaps a Task Force must be created to evaluate your performance - this nonsense must stop and you better step up and represent. Speak sense and enough of this beating around the bush - spewing words and mostly hot air - and in the end saying nothing at all - that makes sense.

The spewing of words, the diatribe, hot air - here, there, and everywhere - and in the end - you have spewed a lot - but what really did you say? Nada.

Then there was Sean Elsbernd - always wanting to Pontificate.

Always wanting to be that wise guy that has been struck on some divine intervention - to be that one guy who he think people will listen to.

Sean wants everyone to know he is the chosen one - to deliver the message. He loves the attention on the floor - with the buffoons surrounding him - half the time not comprehending what he is saying.

At one point he said something and Malia Cohen seconded his statement.

Sean Elsbernd looked  - "Wait a minute" said Sean Elsbernd: " that did not need a second". David Chiu agreed - and Malia Cohen the dumbest of them all - grinned and realized Francisco Da Costa was in the audience - and put on that sulky face - pretending she was serious - after making a fool of herself.

When Scott Wiener was insisting that there must be a queer on the Entertainment Commission.

Scott Wiener was trying to justify his world of affairs. You see queer folks like entertainment, they know too much about entertainment, they make Hollywood tick - come on we even have "Two and half men" on Television.

Come on folks - we must have our share - the queer share so very hip in today's entertainment.

Just one, single, "UNO queer commissioner" and you all make such a farce! Give me a break!

Malia Cohen had to stand up. "Listen folks why don't you guys have any consideration for us in the Southeast Sector. We after all know something about entertainment and have no one Black on the Entertainment Commission".

"You folks kind of focus on the City - that central part of our City - and leave us all out". " Why because we are on the fringes - we love jazz, we love rap, we love music - even though it may appear as noise".

" Bryant Tan comes closer to being a minority - give me a break - I will vote for Bryant Tan - and never mind if he lives outside the City and needs a waiver. He lived for 31 years in the City and that is all I care about". Kapish.

"And listen you guys" said Malia Cohen - " in the future I will be appointing Commissioners and some of them will be living outside the City".

 " You know our better, astute Blacks have move out of the City and they can represent us all better - if permitted to be on some Commission in this City".

"I will make that happen" - "never mind if I do not make other things happen in my District 10 ". " I need a waiver, by the way. Can I have it - I live in District 9" and have for a long time. " Did I say - District 9 - sorry about that".

Jane Kim had to chime in when Scott Wiener chose the number 8 - in the doggy debate of the century.

Jane wanted six dogs as the most appropriate number - for any dog walker to exercise dogs. You know the number 6 as opposed to the number 9. Place them together and that is mostly what doggy talk is about.

You know Jane Kim is some expert on most things. Then after sweating a bit - she swept the floor and stunned everyone - by saying - she would withdraw her proposal.

After all poor Scott Wiener had worked so hard, common guys let us give him a break - and settle for the number 8 the number agreed at the Land Use Committee.

Scott Wiener was feeling like a dog - one of those tall ones - a Dane - he had a smile on his face.

Oh what a sight to see - he is tall and could not hide it all.

You can imagine what a relief that was to all the dog lovers at home.

Many, who were waiting to get into their cars and come to City Hall.

Diminutive - even Carmen Chu, that ultimate stickler for the rule - chimed in and agreed. " The number 8 is what I want too". " Let's give Scott Wiener a break". "He dog gone needs it today".

These long drawn out debates - on who is going to be on the Entertainment Commission?

How many dogs - really - should any one have on any day when exercising dogs - less or more? Are mundane issues.

The time has come to represent and bring about change.

The debate should have been closer to the questions you morons posed to the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin Lee.

You all make a fool of yourselves - trying to out do each other - spewing diatribe, beating around the bush, acting like little brats, fighting over some lolly pop - in the sand box. Get a life.

In the meantime the the public is witnessing a crazy, mad debate - worthless.

In the final analysis - the entertainment commission debate, the dog gone dog issue is so - worthless.

What about debating Quality of Life issues? What about bringing some relief to those that pay your salaries? What about moving out of the way - when some of you are not worth the salt? How about getting educated on issues and serving the people of San Francisco - well?