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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Every attempt must be made to stem out corruption - and those lining up for favors - remember to play by the rules.

With Mayor Edwin Lee in place at San Francisco City Hall and many folks hovering like vultures - this is the proper time and place - to stop bending backwards to dole out favors - and keep the very corrupt - out the door.

Past Mayors of San Francisco - have with intent followed a pattern of "nepotism" and brought shame on themselves.

Past Mayors may deny that they did - but, a few of us that observe, discern, and adjudicated - know the truth.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. hired hundreds of Administrative Assistants - mostly drab, inept, shallow City employees - who still leach on the tax payers and are useless.

We have 26,000 City Employees - one for every San Francisco constituent. Some say we have 33,000 plus counting the many temporary employees - and others that rake in millions acting as - "consultants".

This consultant crap must stop - especially if the consultants know less and are paid - more.

For years for example a small group of very corrupt Blacks - have got their way - in the Bayview Hunters Point area and Western Addition - no more.

We can name them all -that is no problem at all.

It is the same with the Pacific Heights Mafia - we will watch them. When I say - "we" - I mean we the people - Law Enforcement, and those forces that can bring change - quickly.

With the recent appointment of Supervisor Christina Olague - we will see some fresh breeze blowing in the right direction within the chamber at City Hall in Room 250.

This must be a clarion call to those SF Board of Supervisors - that still pander to Big Developers and corruption. The year 2012 is a year for drastic change - it can be bad or it can be holistic.

If you are corrupt do not be surprised you will be voted out.

None of the San Francisco, Board of Supervisors can take anything for granted in the 2012.

The decisions the SF Board of Supervisors make on important issues is critical to them having a job and representing.

We are watching you all - especially those that do not live in their Districts and think that is fair.

Then there are those few SF Board of Supervisors who work for the MACHINE. If you play with fire - fire will consume you and your kind.

In the year 2012 as the Mayor said and all of you that hear - should have heard - it is about jobs.

Now let is lay out the plan - if some of you can comprehend.The jobs that are in the pipeline must be career jobs. Upward Mobility must be foremost when you all think about jobs.

We, the people are fed up, when our youth and others - very qualified and having skills work for a few weeks, a few months and then laid off. Only for them to wait sometimes for years - to get another job.

If you are a sub-contractor and have say ten employees - over a period of one month - if you pay Union Wages - you can expand $200,000 or more. Just think about this.

Now it is shame our City and County does not offer "bonding" to the contractors. And what is disgusting if not down right pathetic - is when agencies and those Prime Contractors who are suppose to make payments - delay payment past 60 and 90 days. This is totally - wrong.

More in this economic where things are very difficult and the banks do not want to loan. Sometimes asking for sixty percent equity on any loan. This is reality and many of the agencies and others - do not look at it that way.

This City with intent has so called "consultants" - where anyone can pay a sum of $5000 or so and get contracts. This nonsense must stop. I said this nonsense must stop.

Our City and County of San Francisco must stop using such ploys to fill campaign coffers and put very corrupt politicians in power.

It is time our aged REPRESENTATIVES - who continue to have face lifts - three, four more - to step down and make room for others more qualified, decent, having fortitude and not pandering to GREED.

It is time we publish in the newspaper the names of the consultants and the companies that use such evil conduits and machinations - to conduct business in San Francisco.

Do not for a moment think that those of us that can discern, can adjudicated, are educated on issues, have qualified experience, have followed rules and regulations - do not know about these sordid ploys and machinations. We do. We really do. And some of us have reach saturation point.

City Build is a total failure. We must now think outside the box and deal with the future in a manner that weeds out the corrupt. Create a model that is viable and works and has the common worker in mind.

This City should not waste money on people like Rhonda Simmons. Consultants like Laura Luster who do not live in San Francisco.

We should not waste money on ONE STOP gimmicks - where all sorts of promises and made and our youth and even journey men and women skilled workers - deceived and treated with disdain.

So far we have not seen the empirical data linked to the local hiring ordinance. We want to see this implemented on every level with the coming America's Cup and more with the Sewer System Improvement Project - which will take place in our own backyard.

We will be monitoring such projects at every level - and we will NOT tolerate corruption from some UNIONS - who think because they sponsor some event, bribe some political entity - they can get away with murder.

We know the names of these evil entities - and we can deal with them directly. It is best - that these entities who have had it good for years - now, play by the rules.

Mayor Edwin Lee comes in with a cloud hanging over his head.

It is just because of the track record and how this election process unfolded.

As long as some unsavory characters hover around City Hall - most decent people will react as they ought to - with disgust.

There is only one make everything somewhat holistic - it is to be fully transparent and have full accountability.

The year 2012 bodes drastic changes - anyway you look at it - those with intelligence can make the right choices, create sustainable models, use sound leader with accountability and take us all to a better place.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. Aho.