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Friday, January 13, 2012

The California high speed rail and the White Elephant - the Transbay Terminal.

We all know that the high speed rail project in California is encountering serious problems - but few of us know it will cost upwards of $98 billion.

The plan in these dire economic times is to build a High Speed Rail from San Francisco to the southern most tip of California way past Los Angeles.

In these dire economic times - this figure is not what California can live with. $98 billion plus!

There is talk to address portions of the high speed rail. Tracks laid to facilitate trips to San Jose, a little further to some Central Valley station - and what most people desire a two and a half hour trip or so - to Los Angeles.

At this time this conceptual plan is a dream. A dream that when you wake up could be your worst - nightmare.

A special task force was created to address all aspects of the High Speed Rail Project - and the task force directly stated that this project costs too much.

That more detail studies had to be done. Of course that study took into consideration the tracks going further south of Los Angeles and toward the California border closer to Mexico.

Closer to home - a huge building with many floors - touted as the best building, with state of the art, everything you can imagine - is in the works.

Right now there is a deep HOLE - where at least five levels are planed underground and more above the first floor - in down town San Francisco closer to 2nd Street and Mission.

It is interesting to watch the Joint Transbay Board meet to discuss mundane matter pertaining to the Transbay Project and the High Speed Rail.

Always, painting a pretty picture with Maria Ayardi-Kaplan - pointing and describing the more salient, rosy features, and achievements - most of which cannot be proved with less, sound - empirical data.

The only informed person is Ed Reiskin the Chair, Supervisor Jane Kim has no idea what she talking about and less about complicated engineering issues.

Recently a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) was signed. The dumb UNIONS had no clue that they were tricked with this fast tracked agreement.

We have UNIONS today that do not know how to negotiate.

Promises are made that there will be thousands of jobs.

Right now if you go to the Transbay Project in downtown San Francisco - you do not see diversity at all in the workforce.

We have a Local Ordinance mandating local hire - at least fifteen percent to prove that the Ordinance has clout - but there is NO enforcement.

It is the same with the Central Subway. I am not talking about the folks that hold a sign and tell you how to get across the road. I am talking about good jobs.

Good Union jobs - that are promised but San Franciscans are SHAFTED.

The Joint Transbay Board has been faking it for a long time.

However, now reality will set in.

Supervisor Jane Kim was chosen and anointed by Willie L. Brown Jr., and others to act as a puppet. She is now Chair of the Joint Transbay Board and has no clue what so ever how to address this confusion and the pending issues some fiscal but most technical.

Again and again behind this nonsense is the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA). Now headed by inept Tiffany Bohee who use to lie about Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and now provide fake support on other drab - projects.

True, for all practical purposes the SFRA is DEAD.

However, with ploys like a Infrastructure Financing District (IDFs) and other ploys and machinations, and with shallow folks like Tiffany Bohee who keeps lying - again and again the SFRA and those who worked for SFRA and still floating around - we cannot expect any good from these very - EVIL people.

SFRA has failed at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, it has failed miserably at Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island, it has failed on Third Street, it has failed with its ploys at Potrero Hill, Huntersview, Sunnydale, the old Schlage Lock Facility - and now it WILL fail at the Transbay Center.

The reason is simple - lack of sound expertise.

Corrupt politicians like Senator Diane Feinstein, Congress person Nancy Pelosi, and past Mayor of San Francisco, Willie L. Brown Jr., should not be involved in projects in a crooked way.

These scum bags are always looking to the tax payers to spend money on their petty projects. The large projects are used by these corrupt folks to fill campaign coffers.

This nonsense must stop. Time for the Federal Bureau of Investigation - more the Environmental Team to step in and adjudicate the various elements that adversely impact the public at large.

Nancy Pelosi is the seventh richest among the Congresspersons and Senators and Diane Feinstein, who wants to run for another term - eleventh richest.

Shame of these two - pathetic - so called Representatives.

The plan among these two Nancy and Diane was that while they would still be in power - they would rake in even more millions.

But, when the Republicans toppled the Democrats - and challenged their spending habits.

All the plans to bring billions to California for projects like the High Speed Rail - failed.

We California passed a High Speed Rail Ballot Measure but an integral part of the Measure was that Task Force perform and adjudicate and advise the public at large.

We did not want shallow, inept folks like Willie L. Brown, Nancy Pelosi,Diane Feinstein, Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan, Jane Kim, and others more inept - to make complicated decisions for us.

We the people do not want these fools to  T H I N K for us. Never, ever.

As things stand today - there is a long silence and you can hear the heart beat of all those involved with the High Speed Rail and the Transbay Project.

The corrupt have been brought down to their knees by the Republicans because the stupid Democrats - without having an exit, some other well laid track, some other plan - put all their eggs in one basket.

It is the same with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. Most of these folks think they know what they are doing.

Doling out millions of dollars to build the Central Subway - a fiasco waiting to happen.

This Central Subway was initially planned at a cost of some $900 million and today has grown to $1.6 Billion.

This is tax payers money and with fifty percent of Americans poor - no jobs in California - one in two hungry - used to be one in three of our children and Elders went to bed hungry. Now it is one in two.

Here we have the evil - mostly politicians like Willie L. Jr., making deals with AECOM and others on the Central Subway.

Deals with WEBCOR who has failed to pay truckers and others - and is getting away with murder - on the Transbay Project and Turner and Turner - raking in the millions at tax payers expense.

These projects must be curtailed - and those who push for these projects - without a detailed plan how the project will be paid for - stopped.

If they dare continue with sound fiscal accountability and transparency - criminal charges pressed.

We must hold politicians and some crooked folks on tax payers payroll accountable.

We, the people do not take dictation from corrupt folks - be it the Joint Tranbay Board, the SF Metropolitan Transportation Agency, the SF County Transportation Agency - one worse than the other.

Recently, even as the Transbay Project is going no where - the employees have given themselves raises and even enrolled themselves with CALPERS.

That is the California State Retirement System. The audacity of these vermin to take such liberty for lackluster work and deceiving the public at large.

Enough is enough. Aho.

The Transaby Center: