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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sound Housing For Seniors In San Francisco.

Some years ago a Task Force was created during Mayor Gavin Newsom's administration to address housing and the issue of homelessness.

A document was produced and many statistics put out to say that the issue of homelessness was under control.  The matter of fact is that it has got worse.

Care not Cash did not help San Francisco.

Today, homelessness is a chronic situation. You have people sleeping under bridges, in vehicles, crashing where they can.

We have families sleeping in the streets and our City and County of San Francisco pretending to help - but the City and  County and those responsible have failed - miserably.

Our City has a budget of $6.9 Billion and the homeless are treated like dirty rags. All this in one of the richest cities on this Earth - San Francisco.

We, now have some members of the SF Board of Supervisors having failed to addressed homelessness - pitting Seniors for housing and more Seniors that are Queer.

The recent hearing catered for Senior Queers is just venting and trying to say something. And such a hearing may help some to help them gain some political footing - but, in reality it creates divisiveness. 

Fifteen years ago I spelled it out at many meetings - about affordable housing and all its aspects. Spelling in detail about - the Baby Boomers - all Seniors and that includes the Queer Seniors that would need housing. I spoke at various focused meetings - and no one was paying attention to the details.

These SF Board of Supervisors and in particular Scott Wiener - is a trouble maker.

I challenge you he has not read the current "Housing Element" - I challenge you he has not read other documents that addressed lack of affordable housing all over San Francisco.

Mark Leno was instrumental is favoring Big Developers building Market Value housing in places like down town -while allowing these Greedy Big Developers to build so called affordable housing - off site - on toxic land called Brown Fields - some twelve to fifteen percent - to placate those that wanted affordable housing.

The SF Board of Supervisors went for such nonsense and today we know it has not helped anyone.

The Housing Element projects our Housing Needs for the next ten years.

The need today for affordable, good housing, in safe places for all Seniors is dire and much needed.

Few have read the contents and more studied the detail contents of the Housing Element available on the SF Planning website. Few come to the SF Planning meetings. Everyone waits until there is a crisis - then all hell breaks loose.

If these folks who are talking about lack of affordable housing had done their homework they would not be talking and spewing the nonsense they do today.

I am talking about folks like Scott Wiener a loser and a trouble maker.

Now let us have hearing for Straight Elders who do not get housing.

Then Grandmothers who are left out and evicted from Public Housing.

Thousands of men all Seniors and Straight who are suffering from chronic diseases - heart, Asbestosis, lung cancer, paralyzed, and so on.

Soon, I can create a list that will be so long - that it will be mind boggling.

On all of the larger so called affordable housing projects - we have not addressed the affordable housing - in a holistic manner. There is no time-line when the affordable housing in the pipe-line will  built. We cannot predict anything - everything is in a flux.

The need for sound, sustainable housing for all Seniors - making no discrimination what so ever - is the right way to go - just addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transexual (LGBT). It should be LQBT - Q for Queer.

We already are seeing Queers invading the Bayview Hunters Point and other areas. Right now some people are tolerating them but this will not be for too long. All these out of desperation. The Queer are surprised when I stop them and talk to them - and address issues that are familiar to them.

The Queer community in better educated and participate at meetings - not so in the areas where the minorities having been living with opportunities.

They are not as educated and do not participate in as many meetings as do those Queer folks in the Castro. This influx is good - if those now invading know - what they are getting into.

In many areas they can play a leading role. But the others must be informed and they must be welcomed.

The reason this invasion is possible is simple to understand - the real estate mongers want money and they will pity anyone against anyone.

What is needed as I have explained - an understanding where people live, and how they live - and if they can live in harmony - understanding their can share their values and contribute to the betterment of society.

You cannot inject ideas into a community that is not accepted - because, no one has done the spade work.

You cannot put people that differ so much - that no consensus can be built - no good faith, no room for open dialog.

Then, when trouble arises some of us have to explain the details and provide the protection. The City loves to talk a good talk but when it comes to the details - the City is a JOKE.

This is the same in some parts of the Mission and in other areas - where there is no Senior Housing - and some folks are creating a situation - where they are using some homes - to shelter Seniors and provide them succor before they pass away.

This is more like Health Services and Home Care provided for six, ten, twenty people in our neighborhoods - and this was never anticipated - because no one planned for it.

In San Francisco today we have over 30,000 homes vacant.

We have thousands of Public Housing Units boarded up because the present and the past SF Housing Authority have been dysfunctional. More the SF Housing Commission headed by Amos Brown.

Most Public Housing was built by the Department of Defense and when the DoD provided housing to the military - it was one of the best.

But the minute Housing and Urban Department (HUD) took over the problems started - and when HUD handed over thousands of Public Housing to SF Housing Authority - a "thug" organization - they ruined good Public Housing forever.

The Presidio of San Francisco - lies within the boundaries of San Francisco. We, the City and County of San Francisco had an opportunity to have access to the Presidio and thousands of good and other housing.

This was when Mayor Frank Jordon was the Mayor. Mayor Frank Jordon did not have the vision not the charisma to do the right thing.

The Presidio Trust was created by Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and the rest is history. Crooks managing the Presido with the rich enjoying housing that once was affordable.

Mayor Frank Jordon once provided the SF Police Department with brand new police cars - while depriving
MUNI millions - money appropriated for MUNI's needs.

Favoring one against the other - and it is some Mayors in the past who had no vision that created a mess today and we will have to deal with it in the future.

Among these issues - the issue of housing for the poor, the elderly, those families that need a little help to bring progress in the lives and brighten their - future.

The last frontier is the Southeast Sector and there are thousands of vacant units on the Third Street corridor. Many of the have been lying vacant for three, four, and in some cases five years. I am talking brand new housing sitting - idle.

If you live pay check to pay check, if you do not have a job, if you are on Social Security  - your only chance of upward mobility in housing is if you win the Lotto the local lottery not the crooked lottery initiated by some housing entities that is all rigged up.

We have a population of about 816,000. And over fifty percent of this population are over 55 years old.

Some 20% of all Seniors have good housing the rest 80% must survive.

How will they do it? The City and County of San Francisco does not care - and those in charge are as dumb and and non-caring as they come. 

More they are rude and they have no compassion.

Conceptual plans call or 3500 units by the Transbay - now, all that you see today - is a Big Hole in the ground.

There is no money to build the High Speed Rail and less money to build the White Elephant future Transbay Building touted the Central Station of the West.

So when will this housing linked to Transbay be in place and who are those with their poodles that will live in the now conceptual - so called affordable housing - that so many dream of? When will this dream come true?

Seniors suffering from Cancer, chronic asthma, lung diseases, AIDS, need hospice care and there are many of them.

They are so far advanced in their suffering the illnesses have left them helpless and needing outside care.

We, in this City have no compassion - and know about it but allow them to die in a manner that cannot be described.

Let us not even mention the hundreds that commit suicide - they do not want others to be part of their suffering. The die but their KARMA is left behind and this be not as it should be.

Thank God for home care, meals on wheels, other volunteers, many young men and women who do great work, more among the Queer community.

God bless them for their sacrifice and the love they share. No one rewards them, no one really knows much about these angles, but they are there and daily they keep - so many alive - so they get some solace and leave this Earth in peace.

In the Bayview at Hunters Point some 10,500 homes are planned - how many of these do you think will be affordable - may be ten percent.

But, when will these units be built - when over 90% of those Seniors that need it now - will be dead and gone?

Jim Queen and I were the proponents of Proposition F. This Zionist Scott Wiener attacked me without knowing me - at that time.

Today, this shady character and Supervisor thinks he can have hearings and become popular. Not in San Francisco.

Our opponents against Proposition F was Lennar with Proposition G.

Backed by Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, other dubious characters that today do not know what to do.

Their god that paid them - the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is dying and end of this month - will be DEAD. The well is dry.

Proposition F proposed fifty percent Market Value and fifty percent housing for no income, low income, and affordable income. We laid the plan and we laid it after talking and having numerous focused meetings.

We thought about our Seniors especially those that need hospice care, others could avail themselves of all amenities - where in live in one place.

Home cooking, a pharmacy, nurses, specialized health care, exercise programs - and the opportunity to see and meet children, youth, hear music, enjoy Quality of Life issues.

Lennar spent $5 million to defeat Proposition F. We spent $5 thousand - but, we put up a fight.

Nothing has come of Proposition G - accept the LIES floating in air - and the crooks that back Proposition G have fallen flat on their face - today.

Our plans with Proposition F were drawn up and we could have used some Stimulus Plan money and have our units up and ready today - at least at Candlestick Point. Go figure?

The City when the time comes favors the Zionists who always side with the rich. It is all about land and owning it , grabbing it, stealing it - they did it to the First People and they continue doing it - everywhere in the United States. Always harming the poor and those that cannot defend themselves.

You have some arrogant Queer folks the likes of Scott Wiener who thinks he can dictate to others, think for others, and lead others down the path of no return and into the cesspool. High Hopes.

For some - all sorts of ploys and machination go along with so called affordable housing. You cannot afford the land when you want to buy a unit - you own the unit with all sorts of rules and regulations.

Seniors who have lived in San Francisco for at least ten years and over 55 years must be taken care of. We must not add others to this list and we must have a holistic plan to help all Seniors - they all deserve it.

None of the crooks that head the Mayor Office of Housing, the other agencies linked with housing should be part of this part plan.

We execute it by a Ballot Measure and spell it out.

We have the experts and can do it - we have the numbers to Vote for it.

We must vote the crooks out - and create a plan that has nothing to do with ploys and machinations.

This can be done in the Southeast Sector with sufficient land to cater to our Seniors, all Seniors, with sufficient room for others too - expect the current crooks.