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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rampant abuse and no enforcing the Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organization Act of 1970.

The many politicians who are working behind the scenes and in San Francisco - mostly the Democrats - the movers and shakers - the Pacific Heights Mafia, are all guilty of the RICO Act - the Racketeer Influence And Corrupt Organization Act of 1970

Do not think for a second those representing us in Congress for a second - do not have a single blemish when it comes - to the RICO Act. The all do.

In recent years these sordid politicians have bought the United States Judiciary - and even here is San Francisco these sordid politicians appoint and place certain judges - corrupt to the core - to do their bidding.

It is time the United States government enforce this act - because daily we see the Pacific Heights Mafia - exercise their ploys and machinations all over San Francisco.

Few advocates have the understanding of the law as it pertains to the RICO act - the guidelines are very simple - and if anyone worth their salt - follows the guidelines - many of these folks that others who worship the crooks - because of their political status.

Some of them lingering for years as are Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstien and Barbara Boxer. All three favor the Zionists to the core - harm our Nation - and it has become politically correct not to mention, less whisper about the harm done to our Nation by the Zionists.

One can criticize the Black, the Asian, the Native Americans, others - but not the Zionists - who are the scum of the Earth.

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase have deep connections all over the world - and even deeper connections with those that control and policies of modern day Zionists. These Zionists exported sub-prime loans, derivatives, and the recent dire economy conditions in Europe can be  attributed to these despicable characters.

All of them who are American Citizens but perform military service in Israel, have more concerned and faithful to some other land - than the Unites States of American. Which other country or Nation - tolerates such utter nonsense?

Decent Jews do not embrace Zionism. Decent Jews do not want to kill people for the sake of killing them. Decent Jews do not want to starve innocent people,cause adverse impacts - because they believe they are the children of God.

The ones that want to steal land, arm themselves with nuclear weapons, sell weapons, and attack sovereign nations are the deep rooted Zionist that are the scourge of the Earth. Evil to the core - and having no decent values - except believing that their existence is paramount - believing themselves to practice license and abuse freedom.

The United States must stop all funding to any cause that fosters the killing, stealing, robbing, depriving, and using force to suppress innocent people who are deprived of a decent living on their own land, and on land that has been stolen. I am not referring to Palestine - but today in Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and the scourge of the Zionists - is spreading like wild fire - sucking the very life stream of many Nations.

The paradox is we have this behavior on a larger scale in the Pacific Heights and the neighboring areas - where we the tax payers pay for these filthy rich cats to have their roads paved, their street cleaned, the trees pruned, the San Francisco Police Department pandering to them and providing them with Security - while neglecting other areas that need more Security.

These filthy rich folks pay little tax - because of a loop hole that allow them to pay less then 15% on their reporting taxes - because these filthy rich folks - invest and they can invest because they steal, rob, deceive, using ploys like sub-prime loans, derivatives, loan sharking, buying land for cheap and selling it.

Buying real estate more commercial for cheap and selling it. They banks give these scoundrels loans - while charge other that do to the banks an arm and a leg.

Using their power in the Congress and Senate to get the insider scoop from some that Wall Street provides them -  make large investments, and rake in the money - tons of money. These folks are know to sell their mothers to make money - money is their god. Pathetic.

Imagine, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi is the seventh richest among the Congresspersons and Senators - how can such a dumb person, that let down the Democrats - and has created so much confusion - be allowed to stay in Congress and make so much money?

In the same vein Senator Diane Feinstein is the eleventh richest according to this one list - and she wants to run again for the Senate and dare  represent - California.

Projects herself to be the Mistress of Ceremonies at President Barack Hussein Obama's inaugural  ceremony - and at Mayor Edwin Lee inaugural - saying boldly to all that she is in the running for office and has no intention what so ever to step down.

Displaying to the world how plastic surgeons can take away thirty to forty years of wrinkles and put on a false facade - but one all the same that folks in American admire - the artificiality of the times. Fake to the core.

Few people know that Senator Diane Feinstein was removed from a sub-committee linked to Defense Contracts - the documents are all there to see. You can also see and evaluate her voting record - despicable.

As I said the RICO Act is very clear and each and every one of the above that I have mentioned - can be vetted using the RICO Act - and found to have broken many serious laws of this Nation - the United States of America.

The Federal Enforcement Agencies have been very slow to zero in on these so called Representatives - who do not have the better interests of our Nation. Starting with the First People that they do not represent - yet they live on their land.

Few want to take these vermin on - because they fear these jerks.

It is the same with former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., former Mayor Gavin Newsom, Paul Pelosi senior and junior, Richard Blum the husband of Senator Diane Feinstein and the many more that make their abode in the Pacific Heights area.

Idiots have created a Royalty Mentality - worshiping these jerks - who have failed to REPRESENT the people.

Time to enforce the many other acts and laws of the Nation - but the RICO Act can be a starter and put things in perspective. Aho.

This land all of it - belongs to the Ohlone.

It was stolen - you rarely get qualified support for the First People of San Francisco - from those that Represent.

These thieves have stolen land, other areas directly and indirectly and have NO intention - honoring the laws of land and universal laws - more respecting the First People.

None of these so called Representative have made any attempt to put over sixty percent of California Tribes - on the Federal Register.Why?

The reason is simple - because these thieves know the have done wrong.

They favor gimmicks - favor compacts (casinos) and other such machinations - here and there - where the Zionists are in charge of the financial resources.

Some know about this but most do not. Where there is money to be made - you will see the salivating - Zionists and their minions. Much like a hungry dog - that has been starved for days. Pathetic but TRUE.