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Friday, January 6, 2012

Mayor Edwin Lee will be sworn in as the first Chinese American Mayor of San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin Lee whose family made good in America - more in Washington State, up north - came to San Francisco  - early on after finishing his law studies at University of California, Berkeley - to work and serve the people China Town and San Francisco.

San Francisco has a rich history with the Chinese Community. We must all remember that.

Way back in 1850 and before - Chinese fishermen were at Hunters Point - and discriminated by the Whites of the day. Their shacks burned for no reason - the Chinese fishermen were taunted, and reviled for no reason. All that has changed over the many years.

The Chinese fisherman of the day built their own ships - with redwood and sails that did well in the rough waters in the Bay and even the Pacific Ocean.

These simple but great men were the envy of the day. Mostly single men - most of them longed to bring their families. Most died single but some saw the day when they had off-spring.

Up North many Chinese men built the railway and built it better and faster. There were the Gold mines and few Chinese could stake land - but there was room for eating places, bathing places, herb stores, and laundry places.

Much before 1906 there was disdain for the Chinese that worked hard and had their own sort of colony in China Town. When the economy was down, after the 1906 Earthquake and Fire - all fingers pointed to the Chinese - who had nothing to to with the malaise of the day.

When some disease reigned supreme - the Chinese were the scapegoats - the Chinese lingered for years on Angel Island - with sight of San Francisco and were step there for no valid reason - but because they were Chinese.

Eventually many made it to freedom and continue to live a life made good in San Francisco. San Francisco the Golden City to Chinese all over the world.

The Tongs that we have today - suffered, united, and survived the many trials and tribulations. The Tongs - the Chinese families belong to a certain name, honoring the traditions, the culture from back home in China going thousands of years, stood firm and even as they did before - today are a force to reckon with.

Most San Franciscans in their arrogance and ignorance - think of China Town as a fun place to go to and that is all. Like the tourists they eat, laugh, and carry little of the history and the people that make China Town.

Less is taught in our Schools and Universities and all this must change. The culture that goes thousands of years - must be studied by all so that the a holistic approach can reign. It is not so much life style that some want to mandate on us all - in the schools and other places - that can be put on the back burner.

I have good friends in China Town and attend the few meetings were the Tongs gather, where other Chinese leaders gather, and have for over 30 years fought for the Chinese on matters of importance at City Hall.

Today, the Chinese in San Francisco have long forgotten their history that must shine and be made known.

This knowledge not so much the older generation but the contemporary generation must learn and catch up with.

It does not help when transplants from other places - all Chinese come here - and try to boss the local Chinese and with them the local non-Chinese stalwarts and advocates - of which Edwin Lee is part.

My tryst with destiny and Chinese go way back when with my connections in far off lands. In Peru where I know of Chinese families, in Macau where I know of Chinese families closer to my family the Da Costas, in Calcutta, India where I played a role to help many Chinese families years ago - the Chinese are everywhere and rightly so and have contributed so much.

Here in America we have a population of about 313 million. We have a young history linked to the Whites of about 300 years. Compare that to China having a population of over a Billion plus - and a civilization of ten thousand years - plus all recorded.

When Edwin Lee is sworn as the first Chinese American Mayor - the ELDER Chinese will cry tears of joy. One of them will be my very good friend Pius Lee. There will be others - but this man I will single out.

The usual suspects will surround Edwin Lee on Sunday at City Hall - trying to jump on the bandwagon and win favors. Many of them will be sell outs, spineless folks that seek favor to line their pockets with money and foster - greed. They must be kept a bay.

Edwin Lee will become officially the first Chinese American Mayor of this great City and County of San Francisco - January 8, 2012.

The many Whites that still discriminate have to realize for once with this barrier, other notable barriers will be crashed and torn down - in today's world we must put our best foot forward.

Without hesitation corruption and greed should have no place in the future Mayoral history of San Francisco. We know that the Mayoral Race that brought about the victory for Edwin Lee was tarnished, at times sordid, but the fact is that human beings can change.

The manifesto must be simple serve the people of San Francisco as best we can - all of us - with the Mayor NOT pandering to corrupt forces. I can name them - but I will NOT name them - for in mentioning their names - this article will be of lesser value.

Calvin Louie is another simple but very decent man. He is Chinese and goes about helping so many people. There are hundreds of good men and women like Calvin Louie and women too who are my very good friends.

This year - the year 2012 - is a especial year for change - we see before our eyes great changes all over the world.
It is just not a change for change sake - but change that will bring about drastic change of a spiritual nature playing a leading - role.

Those politicians that stand for good will do well - and any politician that fosters corruption and evil - will fail.
The failure of those evil politicians will be for all the world to see.

Working in China Town early in his life as an advocate - Edwin Lee learned about the process to fight discrimination and stand one's ground. He learned some when he was the Director of the Human Rights Commission.

As the Director of Department of Public Works he learned to understand the workings of our City and County of San Francisco. Its aging infrastructure, but also the politics such as dealing with Pacific Gas and Electricity.

He understands how to rally the Departments if there is an Emergency and has ventured to go to New Orleans and other places to learn first hand about emergency - processes.

There is no doubt that Edwin Lee is a hands on man - that he has gained a lot of experience being the City Administrator that was a force in itself - until someone changed the City Charter in 1996 and brought the City Administrator under the wing of the Mayor's Office.

Few know about this fact - so now Edwin Lee can boast rightfully - some, about the Mayor's Office but more about the City Administrator. The Executive Branch and that once allusive City Administrator job is well under control. What is more well understood.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee must now deal with the Young Turks the Legislative Branch at City Hall. Some are very immature the ones just elected who bring their baggage from their past associations - petty and shallow.

With the loss of Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi today being sworn in as Sheriff - there will be a void in the Legislative Branch - among the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Once strong the so called Liberals have been decimated.

Two or three want to stand the ground but the foundation is built on sand. They stand but fall to the ground - weak, frail, and despondent. 

San Francisco is the City that knows how.

San Francisco is the City that is Compassionate.

San Francisco is that City that in many places. other nations - people look at and want to visit us and be close to us and associate with us. We have many sister cities in many countries and I have visited many and this is good.

This is the moment for San Francisco finest to stand up and do the right thing.

We can put our best foot possible with our Law Enforcement and my good friend Chief, Gregory Shur. Other leading Law Enforcement Cashman, Trabak, and Loftus.

The Municipal Transportation Agency - with Ed Reiskin - the Department of Public Works - Mohammed Nuru. Ed Harrington and Harlan Kelly with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - all have a role to play.

Our Controller Ben Rosenfield, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, Assessors Phil Tang, City Treasure Cisneroes, District Attorney Gascon, and Public Defender Jeff Adachi my good friend.

I represent the First People of this Area the Muwekma Ohlone - on matter linked to infrastructure, Base-Closure, Land Use, Planning and more.

This land all of it was stolen from the Ohlone.

While our City has made some shallow proclamations - it has failed to honor the Muwekma Ohlone with something - significant. We must do that - soon.

I know Edwin Lee and have yet to meet him - one on one  after his victory as Mayor of San Francisco.

He can settle down, I have schedule a meeting - and as you can well imagine - I have an agenda. We can talk the talk if we want -  I prefer to walk the walk.

May Almighty God, who has compassion, Bless our Great City of San Francisco and all those that do right.

Lead us together on a path of progress for all those the deem right - under the banner of this Great City and County of San Francisco.

Our prayers and aspirations are there - with a good leader, a wise leader, a kind leader - our Mayor Edwin Lee.