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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where are the JOBS in San Francisco - and who are those poised to get good JOBS.

Where are the JOBS in San Francisco and who are those poised to get good jobs.

To make it simple - CAREER jobs.

Anyone, can continue giving some one some fish to eat and live - but it is quiet another matter - when you truly teach some one to fish - so that the person is independent.

Since the year 2000 we have listened to drab talk about creating JOBS.

The JOBS mantra is becoming a JOKE - so much so that - mostly, young people are totally frustrated.

Our City and County of San Francisco keeps throwing numbers out there - 2600 housing units linked with the Transbay Project.

10,500 homes with Hunters Point and Candlestick Point.

Another 2000 homes with the old Schlage Lock Company site and 4000 homes with the Sunnydale HOPESF and beyond.

 Another 2000 homes at Potrero Hill again linked with HOPESF - this nonsense is spoken ad nauseum and it makes one ready to PUKE.

Right now - we have some 800 plus high density homes being build at Huntersview by the John Stewart Company.

A rogue Property Management Company that is despised in San Francisco.

This despicable company was propped up by former Mayor Gavin Newsom - who promised the residents at Huntersview the world - but the residents have
got nothing in return.

A San Francisco Police Station has been created next to the property and the area bombarded by Asbestos Structures.

Much the same that Lennar did at Parcel A.So much so that several Notices of Violation were posted at the Huntersview site. The project shut down by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

The Asbestos structures are from the Serpertine Rock - when crushed into powder - produces the Asbestos Structures - and if one single structure enters your system - over time - 20 years of so you die, a slow miserable dead.

Initially a scar is formed around the structure which grows and constricts your lungs and other parts of your body - then as you breathe these structures poke your insides and you can do nothing.

If you have witnessed anyone suffering from Asbestosis you know what I mean. It is a miserable death.

Suffice to say that many African Americans who worked during World War II at Hunters Point and other areas that built ships - fell prey to this horrible disease.

Now their widows and children have been exposed to Asbestos structures - and no on one really cares about these folks at Huntersview. Where are our Civil Rights lawyers? Where is our District Attorney on this one? Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation that has a branch that can investigate such environmental issues.

Where are the Foundations that given prizes to Environmentalists all over the world - but shun to see what is happening in their own back yard. What is happening to San Francisco?

Politicians the likes of Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and by her side the District 10 Supervisor were laughing and grinning like jack asses - as they praised the Huntersview Project - that was not too long ago.

To date there have been every few jobs, that are steady, and no one cares to monitor this project - and collect the data necessary to prosecute the John Stewart Company.

There are laws on the book but there is not one single agency local, state, or federal that sends qualified compliance officers - to find out what is happen on the job site.

It is the same at the Transbay and it is the same at the Central Subway - project.

These projects receive money from the Federal government, the State government, Redevelopment monies - tax payers money - and we have State, Federal, and local hiring laws that must be adhered to - but none of these seem to apply to these projects - in large measure.

It is amazing on the Transbay Project at the Joint Transbay Transportation Powers Board meetings false information is spewed like dangerous particulates.

Given - that the public at large do not challenge these fabrications and lies. The Primes keeping doing as they please and they hire who they want.

It is much like the Mafia and it is time to exercise the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) of 1970. Again and again false statement are made - one some time ago - that over 70% of the employees were from San Francisco - this is NOT simply true.

Now, with the Transbay Project there will be no money - to complete the project. So, we will have a big hole in the ground that the Transbay Joint Powers Board members bragged about who be a reality.

They promised to build the Great Central Station of the West -  failed to see the writing on the wall - when they did not make great efforts of secure the funding some $98 billion that they thought Nancy Pelosi and others - corrupt to the core - would garner. The Republicans said no - and will say no when they are elected in the majority and the Democrats left to lick their lean chops.

You can build a white elephant and that may be somewhat possible - but what about the vision to have a High Speed Rail that travels all the way to Los Angeles and beyond.

The cost of this project alone - right now - $98 billion. Why did the IDIOTS not see this train coming their way - while they were having a chat on the tracks?

So what happens to the talk about the 2600 homes,35% affordable and all the crap that some of these liars talk about - but now do not know what to make of the conceptual plan.

A conceptual plan is like a dream - while you are dreaming it makes you feel good - then, you wake up and reality hits you so hard - and it could be your worst nightmare.

There are serious problems with the old Schlage Lock Company by Bayshore and Arleta.

The abatement is some what dubious - meaning that the on going clean up is - suspect.

SF Redevelopment who promised the world is gone.This project was not spoken for in toto - the Transbay and the Hunters Point were - but where is the money going to come from?

A person from Taiwan who had the money linked to the old Schlage Lock site - some $800 million - is now on the run. Turns out it was stolen money - we knew about it - but no one had the guts to speak to the TRUTH.

In the mean time the stupid members who created the Citizens Advisory Committee to this project - are left in the dark. They are not even aware of the few details that I have mentioned - which is just the tip of iceberg.

It is the same with Mercy Housing who have been bluffing the residents of Sunnydale. You cannot blame the residents - they are lied to each and every time by folks that themselves do not know what is happening.

As of the end of this month SF Redevelopment is history.

Those that used SF Redevelopment Agency to hire corrupt employees making six figure salaries - now look around as they find themselves shunned and without a job.

Fred Blackwell is working in Oakland as the assistant City Manager. Michael Cohen is working for a financing company - in the private sector.

SF Redevelopment Agency is a quasi- state agency - that Governor Jerry Brown decided to discontinue because of its many nefarious activities. One being giving six figure salaries to inept and corrupt Redevelopment workers. Second pandering to Big Developers who raked in millions. Third many non-profit organization joined in fray and accrued - blood money. 

Many of the SF Redevelopment workers have been given pink slips - some of them see me but few talk to me - because they have a guilty conscience.

Some admit they did wrong - but that they were there to get their salary. They thought their future was bright - but today it is a nightmare. They cozy days are over - and now they truly feel the plight of those they tortured.

Well, in life you must stand for what is right. You have those that are living and you have the living dead.

The lying Tiffany Bohee who worked for SF Redevelopment and was the Project Manager of Hunters Point Shipyard.

Tiffany Bohee who lied when Lennar bombarded our children is now heading some interim group - linked to the former SF Redevelopment Agency. This woman and those that surround her are corrupt and have BLOOD on their hands.

We must also mention Dwayne Jones who is now a consultant and works for Platinum Consultants.

Angelo King who paradoxically works for Dwayne Jones and his fake consultant company - raking in money from AECOM and other dubious entities to do outreach.

Aided by Nicole Ford and other mostly fake, shallow, Blacks. Blacks doing harm to Blacks but now more - because of the changing demographics in the Bayview.

All this talk about jobs is so shallow and sordid - that is truly calls for some serious investigative reporting - but, what is more Law Enforcement to step in and rid this City and County of San Francisco - of a rapid growing cancer.

Why is Rhonda Simmons still around from the Mayor's Office of Workforce still around?

If Mayor Edwin Lee does not get rid of her - she will take him down.The entire City Build Program is not working and hundreds of mostly innocent youth - have been taken for a ride and this has been going on since 2002.

I could say more - so again I ask where are the JOBS and who is really poised to take the JOBS - linked with TWITTER, ZINGGA and the other companies - that get the tax breaks - but are taking the City and County for a ride.

A model was created where SF Redevelopment would pay the rent of the companies named above. SF Redevelopment is DEAD.

You known the City has no money - and we cannot touch money from the General Fund. So, now the City and County is left holding the bag.

We pay the rent of these companies, we give them a tax break, they promise us jobs but give us nothing. If we press them - they say we do not have qualified workers - this nonsense has been going on for years.

We did this with a Solar Company that put some inferior Solar Panels on the Sunset Reservoir. Gave the company all breaks even breaking our City's vetted processes. The company took us for a ride.

No one wants to talk about details. Much like Huntersview where each unit is costing on an average $650,000. Go figure who in the Southeast Sector can afford such a unit - more surrounded by contamination.

While the rest of the City in San Francisco - has 60% renting - in the Southeast Sector - the Bayview Hunters Point, Little Hollywood, Silver Terrace we have 60% who are homeowners.

The current dire economic conditions have affected many homeowners from the Southeast Sector - forcing them to foreclose.

Mostly new homeowners Latinos, Chinese, fewer Blacks, others who were duped by Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and the other more corrupt banks. 

No one is coming to their rescue.

We have over 7000 Journey men and women workers who have not worked two, three, four years. What a crying shame.

People make tall speeches at the steps of City Hall - and most of it is flaky - who is allowing this to happen - how about less talk and more action?

Who came out with this idea to train some youth for three months - promise them the world - and then screw them royally?

Where are the CAREER jobs for those that must make a living, have sound families, contribute to society in a healthy manner?

Why is there so much incarceration - and why is it that only some segments of the population are incarcerated?
I want to know.

Then when it comes to throwing stones on some like newly elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - the Main Media, the Zionists, the corrupt politicians are all waiting in line to pelt stones.

But, these folks are as corrupt as they come - the do evil, see evil, speak evil, hear evil, and breathe evil.

Our jobs and the situation surrounding career jobs is tied to our Justice System.

It is broke.

The system contributes to injustice, then hires "thugs" and "puppets" - some of them are politicians the likes of Supervisor Malia Cohen.

Always grinning and thinking her connection with Emerge a phony organization - will give her some clout and upward mobility.

Which is not so. She does not even live in the district she must be representing - what the hell is happening? Who is tolerating this nonsense - you have been informed. Let Supervisor Malia Cohen from District 10 throw a Block Party - and let us know where she has been living for the past nine months if not more.

We have SF Supervisors that did well to sign the Local Job Ordinance - but, there is NO enforcement.

No one wants to take on the Big Developers - and the Pacific Heights Mafia. The RICO Act must be enforced to weed out the rampant - corruption. Now.