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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No genuine representation of families at the SF Board of Supervisors.

There is NO really representation for real families at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Jane Kim, David Chiu, David Campos, Scott Weiner, Malia Cohen, Carmen Chu none of them have taken a stand in a genuine way for families in San Francisco.

In San Francisco we have more dogs than children. So, it may not be funny that Scott Weiner and others are more interested in pandering to the Political Action Committee linked to dogs in our City and County of San Francisco.

It is also not surprising that the above tend to jump from the frying pan to the fire - when it comes to queer issues. Defending such issues for the sake of defending them.

No one thinks deeply - those favoring queer issues - just fight for the first thing that comes to their mind - and as the debate progresses - they take a stand for the sake of taking a stand.Straights mostly give up - you really cannot debate a "bitch" who throws tantrums and thinks that it is fine.

Malia Cohen and Jane Kim - some may think are poles apart - but they are akin when it comes to thinking - in a convoluted manner. None of these two are sincere - they are as fake as they come.

Both transplanted into some district to take the position of Supervisor. Mostly, pressured by political forces - one  into District six that is Jane Kim and the other into District ten that is Malia Cohen.

We are trying to find out if Malia - the grinning jackass still lives in District ten. We know Jane Kim lives in District six but spends most of her time outside District six.

Over 50,000 families - that is father,mother, and children have left San Francisco in the last ten years. No one wants to talk about this fact.

Most of them felt they could not rear their children - in this City and County of San Francisco.

It is not just Queer influence every where but the insisting that everything Queer is Kosher.

This issue is now haunting parents who send their children to San Francisco Unified School - where standards are very low - and the curricula includes knowing more about Queer issues and accepting Queer values. Most straight families find this despicable.

Some children and youth talk to me about it - and the feel that many of their teachers and more the Principals are not trained to explain Queer issues - in a just and fair manner.

It is simply wrong to shove anyone's values - especially values that are new, some what unsettled, unchartered territory, without discerning - and upset the youth.

Try explaining to straight youth from decent families about - each gender having sex with one another and that we must accept it. Then delve more into the manner this is conducted - and you find yourself - in some state of total confusion.

I do not expect straights to down right taunt, and shove their values on Queer folks.

The same should be the other way around. But, the moment you start talking about such so called sensitive issues - everything must be politically correct - screw that.

The present SF Board of Supervisors has been very slow to represent families.

If the SF Board of Supervisors feel that Queer folks on the SF Board, including the Clerks of Board can influence our way of thinking - forget about it.

We straights notice the way things are conducted at the SF Board. No straight would turn down the volume during public comment - simply lack of manners, etiquette - but Queer folks would not know that.

Imagine in San Francisco anyone can roam naked.

Try that in any decent country or for that matter in the any city in the Nation - and see what happens to you.

There must be some standard - some decency and you cannot have these men mostly with big bellies, and wrinkled ding a longs - just parading their jewels and thinking it is alright. It is not - right.

This goes for housing, health, education, transportation, safety, child care, recreating facilities, and so on. More and more we have queer folks influencing these areas - and no one is paying detail - attention.

It does not help having Tom Ammiano, Mark Leno, and Fiona Ma - pushing for Queer issues and less for straight issues, family issues.

No one wants to speak the truth - people are just fed up with the Queer - pushing their agenda - and their illogical ways - any time, any place, any where. This nonsense must stop.

We see this reflected on the Commissions. Many commissions have Queer represented for all the wrong reason. We see this on the SF Port Authority, the Building Inspection, the SF Planning Commission, the SF Police Commission, the Appeals Board, is goes on and on.Folks that simply cannot think and adjudicate - straight.

A lot of this representation came from the East Coast - and they can go to the East Coast and check it out - and see if they survive.

They want last long. These Queer folks come here to the West Coast, take undue advantage of the hospitality - and think that because they were given a chance to Represent and have positions like the Clerks of Board - they can do as they please.

I am not generalizing - I know many astute and decent Queer. But these are in the minority - they fight for everyone and can stand their ground. There is nothing phony about them.

Some one must make an announcement and it will be made soon.

It is practically impossible for the Queer to think and feel like straight folks do.

And we must be leery that we do not permit - too many Queer folks to influence each and every aspect of our life. This is not Sodom and Gomorah.

Enough is enough.

I know some do not give a rat ass about morals, standards, decency, and those principles that are pertinent. Well, you can have it the loose way and screw things up - as we see before our eyes. We can have it the proper way, time tested, with standards, morals, and just and fair adjudication - time tested and proven for thousands of years.

These doggy doggy life style cannot over power what is proven right for too long. Tolerance is one thing, abuse of freedom is another. License as we see it - which is abuse of freedom must not be tolerated. You need some balls to stand up for what is right.