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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Malia Cohen is not only corrupt she is stupid - here is another one of her mistakes.

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor is not only corrupt but she is stupid to the core.

Who would ever think that Malia Cohen would team up with one Dr. Nadine Burke attached to CPMC to initiate land zoning at Third Street and Quint Street an industrial zone to accommodate health services?

One is dumb and the other dumber on such complicated issues.

The area around Third and Quint Street is a toxic hot spot. Millions of vehicles spewing particulates, the stench of the Raw Sewage Plant constantly hovering around the area.

The Wellness Center is proposed to cater to children. More children that are very sick. It is not accessible for parents, more single mothers, to access this area without walking some distance - and being adversely impacted.

Dr.Nadine Burke a new comer has been conducting her business on Evans Street for some time now - getting grants and raking in the money while pretending to serve the community.

This Dr. Nadine Burke had nothing to say about our children when Lennar, a rogue developer - adversely impacted our children.

Yet,Dr. Nadine Burke - purports to be interested in some sort of Wellness Center to administer health services to the children from the Bayview Hunters Point area.

The area around Third Street and Quint where the Wellness Center and other health services are proposed to be situated - attracts tons of criminals.

Many of them take their recycling material - mostly stolen property to the near by areas operating recycling centers.

This area and surrounding areas have a large number of pedophiles, rapists, and other criminals. Many camp around Islais Creek a few hundred feet from Third Street and Quint.

There is very little policing. The area has constant traffic - and is the worst area anyone could think to cater to any community service much less a health service - where vulnerable and sick people would be seeking help.

Why is it whey it comes to our children we offer them the worse. I do not think both these women are family orientated - their life style point away from being family oriented - that is a real father, a real mother - living with children - in a real family.

It bothers me that Supervisor Malia Cohen would not have one single meeting in the community about this sordid plan of hers.

Supervisor Malia Cohen could have contacted those that know - but again and again - Supervisor Malia will initiate such actions to the detriment of the community at large.

In this case - if all this project goes through -  it will cause serious adverse impacts, more endangering our children.

Yet, I am told that this matter came before the SF Planning and went through. Strange!

If this is true the SF Planning Department has done injustice to our children and to the Bayview Hunters Point community - once again.

Dr. Nadine Burke has a grant of $4.3 million and needs 22,000 square feet to conduct her operations - and utilize this grant. This grant expires January 31, 2012.

Why would someone wait until the last moment?

Has this something to do with SF Redevelopment that move some money that should have been spent on Parcle A - to this doctor - who purports to be interested more in money and less in the welfare of children?

Now, I was there at the Last Land Use Meeting held January 23, 2012 at City Hall in Room 263 at 1 pm.

The above item was discussed after I had to wait for over three hours.

Another item, one of two item at the meeting - was discussed ad nauseum - about some faulty legislation introduced by Supervisor Scott Wiener and two open spaces in the Castro.

Then Supervisor Eric Mar called agenda item two - in the midst of noise and confusion.

Supervisor Eric Mar stated that as he had announced at the beginning of the meeting that this agenda item dealing with the zoning in the area surrounding Third and Quint would be continued.

I have learned that Supervisor Malia Cohen was in Los Angeles - as usual pussyfooting around - failing to represent San Franciscans in general and her District 10 in particular. Pathetic to the core.

Co-incidentally Dr. Nadine Burke too was in Los Angeles and will arrive on Friday and is available for some dialog on the above matter. Friday, January 27, 2012 - four days before the dead line of the grant? Does anyone see the apparent lack of concern - and lack of thought in this process?

$4.3 million - in these dire economic times - from where is this money coming? Who is behind this heist? Should the Law Enforcement be called in? 

Where is District Attorney George Gascon on this one? Something stinks in Denmark? What was Supervisor doing in Los Angeles really when she should have been in San Francisco? Why do we tolerate - these Supervisors taking so much time off - after any holiday before and after the holiday - these Supervisors get to get time off?

I was the only person during public comment to address the item linked to zoning in the area around Quint Street.

I gave a short history and had to use Malia Cohen name because -it is well known that Malia Cohen does not live in District 10 - but purports to represent District 10.

This is illegal. The agenda item does not have a legal representative and as I am proving by this article - less qualified - justification to put a Wellness Centers surround by dangerous particulates, foul smell, very heavy traffic, and what is more criminality of the very kind.

When I made the statement about Supervisor Malia Cohen -  Supervisor Scott Wiener injected that I could not use the Supervisor's name. I did have an answer for this idiotic Supervisor from the Castro - but I let it go.

Earlier, for three hours Supervisor Scott Wiener a queer transplant from New York - was berated by over eighty or so mostly queer folks - bring to his attention that he was targeting the poor, the disenfranchised queer youth, others - by introducing mundane legislation that is uncalled for. 

I made sure at Tuesday, SF Board of Supervisors' meeting that I announced to the world that two SF Supervisors do not live in their Districts. Our Mayor, Edwin Lee must look into this.

So, must John Arntz from the Election Department and so must the District Attorney George Gascon and the City Attorney Dennis Herrera.

I will make sure this article is sent to the Secretary of State - so that she is informed about the sad state of affairs linked to illegal representation in the City and County of San Francisco.