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Sunday, January 22, 2012

SF Unified School District despicable performance with very, very poor ratings.

You would think that San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) would put its best foot forward - and hire the best teachers.

More keep the best teachers - weed out the worst - and cater to needs of our students and provide them a first class education - curricula - NO.

It is fun to watch the SF Unified School District Board of Directors on television. They love to pander to the public - but some of us in the education field know better and can rate them - and the evaluation as it stands today - is not something that bodes well for the SFUSD - Board of Directors.

Some of the the Board of Directors - have been there forever - there must be  term limits. And some how parents - I am talking mother, father, and children that went to SFUSD should have a mandatory seat.

We have too many lackeys and one of them being Hydra - she is a go along, do along, pretend everything is rosy - panderer. And with her two or three others - that should get out of the way and make room for fresh blood.

Some  who are on the SFUSD - Board of Directors, use credit cards carelessly and then make excuses. Others will demand for Child Care and other necessities as if they deserve them as compensation for their drab work. Few have a grasp of what education is all about - and in their daily grind are caught up with the mundane and trivial issues.

The SFUSD has a poor record caring for the students per se. Not all the schools are the same - the better ones are in the better neighborhoods. The worst ones in the neighborhood that are neglected. The Bayview Hunters Point Area has no high school.

No one is paying attention to the changing times - the  students who live in one neighborhood forced to commute to another neighborhood - as part of a Court Case - that at one time thought mixing the students would produce better results - the real result is a - fiasco.

The demographics have changed drastically.Once about 25% of the population were Black in San Francisco - today it is less than 4% and dwindling. Read the Unfinished Agenda and then the recent document - called Out Migration.

I use to visit all the schools, had to get a card - get the required health tests - and found out a lot myself - from visiting the schools.

Now, on occasion I visit the schools but I do take time to have focus groups and deal with the students mostly high school - outside the schools.

Our students must be introduced to the workings of our City Government is a bigger way. Right now the intern jobs and a few introductions to the way SF City Hall works - is at best dismal.

You would think with Eric Mar, David Campos, and Jane Kim - these three and there are others that once had something to do with the SFUSD - that they would play an important part. As it stands - the interaction with the students is as best - very dismal.

The SFUSD comes under the State of California.

However, in past years many neighborhoods played an important part in contributing to the SFUSD. Not only Property Taxes but contributions to the school and many years of volunteer work.

You see this when you visit the various schools - the older schools have a charm of their own - say, when you visit Balboa High School and visit their auditorium.

You visit Lowell High School and you see a better environment and better students. The old Portola High School is no more - replaced with Dr. Martin Luther King Academy and Mcateer High School - now is an Art School.

The other thing that is funny about our San Francisco schools is how they change their names. Philip Burton is now Thurgood Marshall - this changing of the names of one's school must stop.

We have over 10,000 truants in the SFUSD and no one really cares about this problem. 60% of these student are chronic and the SFUSD really does not have the ability to address the situation.

The shallow SFUSD Board of Directors can talk the talk but when you pose the realities of the day - they stumble, fumble, and act as if they know some but in reality they are dumber than dumb. Leading the charge Hydra Mendonsa a stooge. 

In recent years we have children who go to school who have no home - many sleep on the streets and many live in shelters. All this in San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the entire world.

No one is paying attention to this fact - and it must be addressed on a War Footing. This is San Francisco - not any City - but the City and County of San Francisco. We have a budget of over $6.9 BILLION. Yes, Billion.

For every 28 constituents we have on City worker. Many of them making six figure salaries and we must learn to curtain the many positions - that are not required and make our City well coordinated.

Some filthy rich folks live in San Francisco and they do not care about the SF Unified School District.

They care about the richer private schools like say Saint Ignatius run by the Jesuits.These private schools get a lot of money and must somehow work with the Public School to share some.

The City and  County of San Francisco does not have the mandatory responsibility of catering to the SF Unified School  District but does anyway.

Former Supervisor Tom Ammiano, a former teacher at the SFUSD - introduced the "rainy day fund" - the SFUSD is quick to tap into this resource. Some years this rainy fund has stopped many teachers from being laid off.

The time has come to interact with the private companies - especially those in the Financial District and those involved with the Technology Industries - these companies can built superior tech platforms and use technology to improve the very sad state of affairs in most of our SFUSD schools.

It is not only the caliber of the teachers in the SFUSD who are too stressed and many spend their own money to cater to the students.

No books, no equipment, no money for necessities - there is only so much any good teacher can do with limited income.

In many of the countries that excel in their studies - teachers are paid well.

Not only are they paid well - teacher vie for teaching positions - and these countries demand well qualified teachers.

The base line being having a Masters Degree - besides mandatory Educational Degrees and orientation to help aid the teachers that are - well respected in these countries.

From Denmark to South Korea, China, India, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many other smaller nations - the more sound emphasis those in charge put on education - the better the results.

The SFUSD Board of Directors - gets a F-.

They deserve it - because they talk too much and cannot fathom after all the years of talking - that they need to get out of the way - and get a life.

Many of these SFUSD Directors want to join politics - become a District Supervisor.

This has messed our City Politics - these former SFUSD Board of Directors - bring with them a mentality - that does not bode well in addressing City issues - and with it a nonchalant attitude of pandering and lowering of the standards we once enjoyed in the political arena.

I hope in the future - we get NO ONE from the present SFUSD Board of Directors trying to get elected for Supervisor from any San Francisco District.

We have eleven SF Supervisors today. From these eleven - we have three - David, Eric, and Jane who once worked for the the SFUSD - we could have five - and in a jiffy six and mess things up.

Recently, we have some White principals who cannot comprehend that immigrants bring with them certain cultural elements that need understanding.

There are certain Principals in certain schools that are treating some students - in this case Latino students - with disdain.

This nonsense must stop and the Principals sent for deep - counseling and rehabilitation.

Our tryst with Mexico, the Spanish and Spanish speaking people has been a long one. Longer than the drab European mentality that has ruined it for many of us. Let us not get into the details - because it would just make matters - worse.

We are a Sanctuary City - we embrace everyone - as does the quote on the Statue of Liberty. This Nation, the First People call Turtle Island - belongs to the First People. Only the First People can say - who is welcome.

Our City protects all immigrants even against the ICE agents who perform the duties linked with immigration and customs - but love to interfere and mess with the lives of those that want a better life.

In past years many that came to these shores - and invaded the country - and interfered and messed the lives of the First People - in our area the Ohlone.

I represent the Ohlone of San Francisco in matters where the youth and children count - I say the First People of this area - welcome the immigrants from Latin America.

We have many things in common and thousands of years of a shared heritage. We cannot say that of the Europeans who continue to dominate - and make things worse.

This topic of education, truancy, children sleeping in the streets of San Francisco, in dirty, filthy, bed-bug ridden shelters, teeming with criminals and more pedophiles and more - is not a pleasant conversation to make.

From time to time I address the situation - and it has fallen on deaf years.

It is time the SF Unified School District - Board of Directors - totally revamp their way of conducting themselves.

In recent years - it has been pathetic. Always making excuses and spending thousands of dollars, on consultants - who are far removed from the present demographics of San Francisco.

Recently, the Governor took steps to get rid of the Redevelopment Agency and send more money - millions more - to our Public schools.

It is one thing for the public schools to protest - but, one must learn to spend the money correctly - do not always beg and in the bargain - harm our children. The message is more for the Management of the SFUSD.

If you are professional - first you must be educated on issues, learn to discern, have the ability to comprehend and plan well.

I see too many folks joining the SFUSD Board of Directors for political reasons - this is not how it should be. Take this warning seriously - or forever hold your peace.