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Monday, January 9, 2012

Christina Olague - District 5 Supervisor - a woman who has always fought for the better interests of the community.

Christina Olague a woman who has fought hard on many levels, well respected by all the neighborhoods in San Francisco has been sworn in by Mayor Edwin Lee as the District 5 Supervisor.

This happened around 10 am today January 9, 2012.

Christina comes from humble roots and her work with the Green Party, supporting many issues linked to the poor, poor families, affordable housing, transportation, indigenous issues, farm workers, and in general helping people of color is well known.

On the San Francisco Planning Commission - Christina Olague has always asked the right questions having studied well Land Use issues, Transportation issues, more within the frame work of sustainable growth with the Housing Element in mind.

Time and time again - we have gone before the SF Planning Commission - and represented the better interests of the community.

Time and time again Christina Olague has asked us the right questions - and always adjudicated on the side of the community. We cannot say that of the four of so SF Planning Commissioners - who have always sided with Big Corrupt Developers.

On the many Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) that were fast tracked, the lack of empirical data linked to Cumulative Pollution, other issues important to the community at large - were a huge concern to Christian Olague.  She has always been humble, decent, and believes in fair play.

District 5 has been raped by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency all these many years.

Even though the SF Redevelopment Agency is fazing out - there are still elements within the SF Redevelopment Agency - that want to carry out models and ploys that are in their DNA that adversely impact the community.

Christian Olague is the right person to sit down with these corrupt entities, reason out the pros and cons - and  tell them frankly what is in the best interests of the community.

I was at the swearing in ceremony of Mayor Edwin Lee yesterday at City Hall - January 8, 2012.

I heard Mayor Edwin Lee state clearly that he wants no divisiveness and that he would not tolerate such nonsense. I am for that - good people doing the right things. I am NOT for the corrupt and corruption and will not tolerate it.

For too long - very corrupt forces have been adversely impacting the community in District 5.

With Supervisor Christina Olague in place - she can be rest assured that she will get the support of many.

Just this article will bring all the many supporters I have in District 5 - who work closely with me - to support Christian Olague.

There was some play using undue influence to usher in a candidate not qualified to handle the very serious issues - that we have in District 5. This issue is passed many ardent, decent, and educated constituents - not only of District 5 but all the other neighborhoods.

Now, we can be rest assured that Supervisor Christina Olague will play her part and do our City and County of San Francisco - proud.

On the SF Board itself she can now support John Avalos, David Campos, Eric Mar, David Chiu, and Scott Wiener - others - and for sure to bring about meaningful change.

Hopefully, the other SF Supervisors will see the light and shun from petty politics, discern, and work for the people of San Francisco. The pussyfooting must stop.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee understands this fact - why not the SF Board of Supervisors.

We the people are watching.

Kudos to Mayor Edwin Lee for choosing the right person for the right job. Most everyone in District 5 should be content.

Now is the time to work closely to heal the community and make it a better place.

The corrupt politics of yester years, the sordid action of few that impacted many, all that and more that is dark - must be cast aside and forgotten.

Light must prevail and where there is darkness may there be light. When today blatant corruption prevails - there must be fair play - most of all there must be - justice.

Supervisor Christian Olague you have done your family proud, the community proud, your service and contribution to our City and County of San Francisco - has been the best, ever.

God Bless You and you have our ardent support.