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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some pertinent calls in the year 2012 on the front line with all sorts of appointments linked to SF City Hall.

There will be some pertinent calls made in the year 2012 - linked to San Francisco and City Hall, politics -  some will be surprising and others will not.

Just as if we in San Francisco wanted to hear some nasty, gossipy news some one wants to tarnish the name of newly elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Come Sunday, January 8, 2012 - Ross Mirkarmi will fill in the position that Michael Hennessy is leaving after 32 years plus. A small storm in the tea cup - but one that will pass away - and not one to tickle too many too much - except some loony tunes.

Ed Harrington, General Manager is retiring and hopefully we will have some one that understands "infrastructure" that will sit in the cockpit.

The over $6 Billion - Sewer System Improvement Project demands - experience, vision, and sound leadership.

We are fed up with the likes of Pat Martel, then Susan Leal, and we do not want another doll of a person - who cannot deal with practical matters and appoints people around her - one dumber than the other.

We want some qualified engineer, hands on, and one that knows how this City and County of San Francisco - works. This is not the time for San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to garner static - it has sufficient on going problems and more to come.

The San Francisco Supervisorial - District 5 seat has to be filled - the present District 5 Supervisor is vacating the seat to be the new Sheriff in town.

The good news is London Breed will not get that seat.

With all the publicity that she is this and that - she is not a leader but a panderer. Much like Malia Cohen - one can grin so much - but where is the true leadership. Emerge to submerge.

District 5 is important and needs someone to address the salient corruption that Amos Brown, London Breed, and some corrupt business people have been encouraged to foster - with the help of SF Redevelopment.

The good news is SF Redevelopment is DEAD - the emerging news who will be that leader? Not London Breed.

Sunday, January 8, 2012 - Willie L. Brown Jr. will be all over the place - acting as the Master of Ceremonies.

The Senior Senator Diane Feinstein will be there - she may declare that Nancy Pelosi is seventh and she eleventh as far as who is the richest among the Senators and the House in Washington DC.

For sure she will have something to say - how she took then interim Mayor Edwin Lee aside and encouraged him to run for Mayor of San Francisco.

The Senior Senator will administer the oath and Mayor Edwin Lee - will have have that moment etched in his mind as long as he lives.

While most everyone is concerned about the drab issues - our City and County of San Francisco - needs a permanent City Administrator. Who will that person be?

City Attorney cannot answer a simple question - does Malia Cohen live in District 10 where she deems she is the District 10 Supervisor - or does she live mostly in District 9?

Why does it take so much time? And is it really necessary to quote the actual lines and language linked to the California Public Information Act or whatever - to garner the truth?

I personally know a number of people who are very happy that Dennis Herrera is not the Mayor of San Francisco.

Rumor has it that is sent a strong personal message that if he was elected Mayor - the so and so and there were some of those - would all be out the door.

These Herrera salvos encouraged some African Americans for sure on the sordid list - to unite - and fight Dennis Herrera tooth and nail.

Much like some did the "Gang Injunction" that was not really needed. Few know that the first "gang injunction" was implemented on that one block square - called Oakdale Housing Project.  Then it spread to the Mission and Western Addition - all under the direction of Dennis Herrera.

We collected 33,000 signature to ask one single question about SF Redevelopment - did the SF Redevelopment Agency have the authority to control to much land - declare illegally some land - as survey land and then proceed to announce is a Project Area.

We collected the signature some 33,000 and got them validated. We got certified by the SF Director of Elections - only for City Attorney Dennis Herrera, Gavin Newsom to declare the will of the people - null and void.

I was part of that history and I do declare.

Today, SF Redevelopment is DEAD. Those that had anything to do with this evil deed - have blood on their hands - foremost Gavin Newsom and his gremlins.

I do not want to steal anyone's thunder and announce to the entire world - all that I know - and what really transpires behind the wall as we say in certain circles.

Those that sit on the money, make the calls, and play sordid, political poker mostly based on life style and other mundane stuff - these are the kind we must put an end to.Those that are determined to tarnish the innocence of our youth and act divisive while pretending to be sordid and progressive.

Not everyone is happy with the election of Mayor Edwin Lee. Not everyone is happy today with the tarnished history of San Francisco - the days of the vigilante - the lynching of folks - the money paid some measly $5 for a scalp and edicts send by California - Governors - this was as recent as 1927!

Not long ago - no Chinese could enter City Hall. Few know this. Now most of City Hall resounds with Chinese - when the hundreds of Chinese tourists visit - they feel more at home at SF City Hall than they do in Beijing - I knew is more as Peking. 

A few of my astute friends point to the fact that this time the Mayoral elections did not do justice - picking on certain facts and insisting that standards, morals, ethics must be adhered to. Well, politics is a dirty game, cut throat, and politicians will sell their mothers' for a nickel. That will not fact with the Political Action Pacts and other ploys that defy - standards, ethics, and all endorsed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Gone are the days we could some how say with certain - a woman or man - can be capable of keeping their word - say someone like former President Jimmy Carter.

The biggest liars are politicians.

They smile and tell you what you want to hear - then, most of them screw you and to hell with you.

In fact all our SF City Department heads in the past have being doing that. Only recently someone like Ed Reiskin and a few others - have been decent enough to tell the truth. Most politicians do not know the meaning of truth.

There will changes made as far as Work Force is concerned. I must not leave this out. Rhonda Simmons a transplant who has failed with City Build - is out.

Now, we must focus of Dwayne Jones and his ilk - this time around he cannot hide. His dubious ploys and machinations must be revealed. There must be light put in areas where there is darkness.

Harvey Rose will stand his ground and has done our City good - much good.

Ben Rosenfield is astute - he put his best foot forward.

Tony Winniker has managed to be in the mix - and so far the music sounds good.

Bottom line make it harmonious. It takes two to tango - the diversity of our City will be seen on the Sunday, August 8, 2012.

There will all sorts of dancing from Peru, Mexico, India, China, the Boys' Chorus and others all well planned for the General Public to enjoy.

Let me tell you my astute friends - I will not dance to any tune.

One must have fortitude to have access and make a difference, to make a valid point, and learn to discern and deal with those that grin mostly - talk the talk but do not walk the walk. 

In the year 2012 many pertinent calls will be made at San Francisco City Hall - the bottom line - we the constituents must make the difference - if we vote them in - then we can vote them out.