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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Poverty Pimp Pastors and the now DEAD SF Redevelopment Agency.

You would think and pray that pastors would look after their sheep and die for their sheep - not so when these Poverty Pimp Pastors die and live for money.

Poverty, Pimp, Pastors who worship mammon.

In the last 20 years for sure many Poverty, Pimp, Pastor joined SF Redevelopment Agency as did some Non-Profit organizations.

Working with faulty and crafty legislation - where a filthy,rich developer would build Market Rate homes - somewhere down-town - and then build so called affordable housing on land that was polluted - many sites aptly named - brown fields in the inner cities.

Joining the ranks in this operation of sorts corrupt pastors - who for money and corrupt practices - shunning their collar, the message of the gospel - " it is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven".

Today, the Pastors Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, the Dollar Pastor - all wrapped themselves around SF Redevelopment Agency for all the wrong reasons.

These so called men of god - have condominiums on their property - be it on polluted ground - on heavily traffic routes - on land prone to liquefaction and flooding.The environment flood and saturated with dangerous particulates.

Their main aim have been to make money and not the best interests of the people that pay rent to these corrupt pastors. The sighs of the people - cry to heaven for justice. The pangs and pain of the people have been heard by God.

It does not help when legislators such as Mark Leno helped in the legislation of these immoral ordinances that help the kind that I call the Pacific Heights Mafia and other make money - building inferior homes on contaminated - Brown Fields.

In the past we had that selfish, immoral person trying to represent District 10 Sophenia Maxwell - she is history having enjoyed the ill returns of SF Redevelopment Agency, pushing of all the development, much of it that sits idle, inferior homes - all built by SF Redevelopment Agency.

That same policy was pushed by Malia Cohen - the laughing jackass who has no clue what she is talking about, how she votes, and on which side of any issue - she favors without discerning and making right choices.

Malia Cohen is as confused as they come - she looks but she does not see.

She likes to call former Supervisor Sophenia Maxwell her avid - coach. She is another example of Emerge that is submerging - in the reality of everyday issues.

 Malia Cohen fails to comprehend and she calls herself - educated.

The Poverty Pimp Pastors joined ranks with a Rogue Developer Lennar to poison our children in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Blinded by money and leaving the words of the gospel far behind to embrace the devil and his sordid ways.

Do not get me wrong there were others - decent pastors who read the message that stand true and shines the light for all times - Archbishop Franzo King, Bishop Ernest Jackson, Pastor Daniel Solberg, Pastor Alex Toeaina, Minister Christopher Muhammad, Minister Keith Muhammad.

Others too many to mention - children, sisters, and brothers - that stood the test of time - went through the fire - and as has been revealed in the past - and has been true today and for the future - stood firm and TRUTH with all its glory has prevailed. To this we living bear testimony.

Come February 1, 2012 - the SF Redevelopment Agency is totally DEAD.

The many past SF Redevelopment Agency Commissioners that did wrong have BLOOD on their hands - for sure Leroy King, Darshan Singh, Covington, London Breed and many more.

The many employees who loved to work for SF Redevelopment and made six figure salaries all have BLOOD on the hands. More because of their disdain for decent people, our innocent children, and fair play.

Using high density, tax increment, complicated fiscal ploys, to cheat and build - to deceive, steal, and humiliate so many. These SF Redevelopment Employees today seek jobs - and they will suffer the consequences of their past, sordid - actions.

Not to mention the sell outs that today to not know what to say - less what to do - Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Veronica Hunnicut, Doris Vincent, Toye Moses, Linda Richardson, Lola Whittle and others who sided with SF Redevelopment Agency and today have the disdain of the community at large.

In life there are the living and the living dead.

The living dead are those that pretend to live while preying on anything, worshiping money, doing injustice to their fellow human beings, and thinking for a brief moment that all is good.

While all the time turning and twisting in bed. Daily they will be haunted if they with intent knew that what they were doing was wrong and did it. More if with intent they harmed our children - this sin is one that cries to heaven for justice.

I have been following Lennar since 1998 and today it is January, 2012. During this period - I have watched this Rogue Developer buy folks and use folks - folks like Roy Willis that most people have forgotten who was sent here and endorsed by the Pacific Height Mafia - to divide the community and adversely impact the community.

Congress person Nancy Pelosi and her husaband son who bear the same name Paul Pelosi backed Lennar in some fashion.

So did Senator Diane Feinstein and Mayor Willie L.Brown Jr. pretending they did not know about a Superfund Site called Hunters Point Shipyard - that should have been abated, mitigated and cleaned - as mandated by Proposition P in the year 2000.

You all have BLOOD on your hands - and those of you that I call the Pacific Heights Mafia.

Even today you send you refuse be it raw sewage, your garbage, your scum to the Southeast Sector. Time you all wallow in your own filth. It is a shame that you call yourselves representatives - when for all purposes - at every level - you act, behave, and live like - pigs.

Finally to my dear children, my dear sisters and brothers in the MOVEMENT - that I love so much. Our fight has been one that God has chosen to shed light on. Our Nation and others all over the world know and understand - that our fight - has not been in vain.

The Zionist today are failing and they will fail.

The Zionist played a role in harming our community and those that control commercial and business property and gained it illegally - will all fail.

SF Redevelopment is about Land.

The land all of it - each and every inch in San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone. They are the First People.

The land was stolen from the First People.

 I represent them on matters of Base-Closures and Infrastructure.

I have been clear with my views - no good will happen on Hunters Point and on any land where the blessings of the First People in this case the Ohlone - are not approached with humility and the desecration of thousands of remains - not adjudicated by the norms and understanding of the unwritten laws of the ancestors.

In my life I have dealt with scum and know of many today that think they can desecrate and all will be well.

It is always a small segment of the population steeped in greed, they want land, they want the best in property, they want to own devious stocks and shares, they are the Goldman Sachs, the JP Morgan Chase, they are the ones that invented sub-prime loans, derivatives, devious ploys and machinations - and feel powerful when they taunt, and subdue those that cannot defend themselves.

All for a short while - history repeats itself - and their plight will come to an end.

They do it here in America the land that belongs to the First People, they do it in Europe and they do it in Palestine - we know them and the time has come to know them better - and call a spade a spade - vermin all - the ilk of Bernie Madoff.

You can rest assure yourselves if you are not vigilant - these same vermin will highlight other ways of using land and making money illegally.

All big money is blood money, laundered in one form or the other. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to comprehend this fact.

Here is America we simply print the money.

Use our military clout to threaten and make more money by producing and selling arms.

We bomb and kill innocent civilians and think nothing of it.

It all stems from GREED and permitting devious organization like REDEVELOPMENT, Banks, other big financial institution to cheat, deceive, plunder, kill, maim, destroy and try to justify their sordid actions.

There is no justification for doing the devil's work.

We know the culprits and we must apply the just laws some written and more unwritten that our conscience sense and need no prompting.

We all have a conscience but to many they have with intent - killed their conscience. Such vermin cannot participate in any decent actions - for sure they cannot participate in anything spiritual.  Aho.