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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The 49ers have brought a certain HOPE to San Francisco and some super positive vibes to 2012.

The 49ers must win - they will win - judging from the their recent performances. The last time around the 49ers played well and beat the Giants from New York.

San Francisco has seen some positive vibes on the play field. You to anywhere and there is some one wearing the 49er uniform and that remind me of the time when Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronny Lott, and a host of good players like Steve Young and others  - made us all feel proud and San Franciscans felt good.

Those were the days - with five minutes left - Joe Montana would make very difficult plays look super easy. We took it for granted and felt that the 49ers were invincible.

Those days will never come back. It was another time - a another day all together - but one we will all remember for years to come.

Times have changed - today the 49ers are planning to build a State of the Art stadium in Santa Clara.

While the decision has already been made - some folks want the people of Santa Clare - to think again - they do not want so much money to be spent - over a billion dollars. They want a ballot measure to stop the stadium being built.

Others say that they want the stadium and the thousands of jobs it will bring.

Here is San Francisco I can tell you something - the recent win and the 49er fever - has been a blessing to the many businesses.

Millions of dollars will have been spent - between the last game and the game to be played on Sunday - at Candlestick Stadium.

Police Chief Suhr is all geared up to provide a SAFE environment - and we San Franciscans must put our best foot forward,

Welcome the Giants and their fans - and reserve the best cheer for the 49ers and treat everyone as most San Franciscans do - share the best hospitality - ever.

Mayor Ed Lee is abroad but will be in San Francisco in time to witness the game. He wants the Mayor of New York to take a ride on MUNI in exchange for a cozy ride in Mayor Bloomberg's private jet - what was that all about?

Coach Harbaugh has been a blessing - that man brought out a certain fire out of Alex Smith our quarter back that everyone is raving about.

Those two plays by Vernon Davis that I witnessed at the last 49er game - will go down in history - and be etched in the memory of most everyone who witnessed the last 49er game at Candlestick stadium.

Vernon Davis is a classy football player - he had to represent - and he did well - and that catch in a tight spot - well covered - and what is more at the same time he held the ball - he got hit so hard - but held to the ball for dear life.

When the play was declared a touch down - the entire stadium burst in a roar, sheer delight, and those watching Television at home - will remember that catch and victory forever.

49er Vernon Davis what he had achieved and he cried tear of joy - and it was something when Coach Harbaugh held Vernon Davis - and talked to him and said how proud he was to have him on the team. What a scene and what superb - sportsmanship!

Dr. John York and Jedd York his son - the owners of the 49er team, have done us all proud. These two men are good men - and have brought a certain stability, class and goodness to the 49er team.

Now, that the 49er team is winning - we all must support them as best we can. We need the victory and we need it badly. We need that shot in the arm - we all need to see more positive stuff happening and the go to a better place.

In the interim - I am hoping to watch the game up close and personal. I do not know how that will happen - but, something tells me it will.

When it does you will get a report that is entirely different and one that will bode well for all of us.

Go 49ers.