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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Sheriff of San Francisco - the ROSS MIRKARIMI - debacle.

In San Francisco; many a politician and City Official have embraced scandal - the list is long and among them District Attorney - George Gascon.

The man had the audacity to call all people from the Middle East - terrorists - when he was Police Chief in San Francisco.

This statement may be have been accepted by the ZIONISTS of which we have many in high places in San Francisco - but we the people did not tolerate this statement.

The present District Attorney; then Police Chief - had to apologize to the people of San Francisco.

District Attorney George Gason has left a deep scar on the minds of us all - and even today people do not trust this transplant from Los Angeles - coupled with a poor track record in New Mexico - where he dabbled as the Police Chief. 

George Gascon is proud to be a Cuban American and recently decided to be sworn in the Mission - he says that the Mission in San Francisco - reminds him of Cuba.

In the Mission we do not have a history of fabrication.

We have had major scandals with past District Attorneys, Police Chiefs and politicians - Hognisto, Hallanan, Willie L.Brown Jr., Police Chief Fagan, others.

We the constituents of San Francisco have NOT reacted as if have chosen to react with Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi on the highest level in this City and County of San Francisco.

From the onset this attack has been political. With the Main Media painting what is going to happen in the future.

When the time comes Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's wife - will testify; and as she has in public many times - she will say that he loves her husband, as she loves her son, they are family - and the rest will be history.

No judge, no authority, no court in this Nation worth the salt can say anything to that.

This business on putting a restraining order on Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - taking him to jail to take his mug shot, berating him by setting bail at $35,000 of which when he pays ten percent and is freed, booking him in jail - having the Deputy Sheriff perform the honors - is all ridiculous, petty, and pathetic. 

This all stems from the behind the scene power struggle the Zionists, the sell out politicians, in particular one former Black Mayor of San Francisco, one corrupt Chinese power broker a woman not reputable, some others that I know of and will expose them in detail.

Many of the above have mistresses - they use them like a worn out mattress and throw them away.

Others; make their money from making deals and getting condominiums and other such favors.

It fact one of them - right now wants a $5 million condominium on Washington Street by the Ferry Building - all for getting the permits and defying the public at large about height limits and Land Use. And all this on Public Trust Land and this is a crying shame.

We have had Mayors sleeping with women at City Hall - right in Room 200. Oh, if the walls could speak. Henry Miller would turn in his grave!

Much like what Bill Clinton did in the White House - Bill said: " I did not have sex with this woman Monica Lewinski" - but later he admitted he had that and more.
We all remember the sordid act and the smoking - cigar!

Corruption has been rampant in our SF Police Department  - and there is no one that knows that better than a few of us. We have been reasonable and stood by many SF Police Officers - now in command position - because we deemed to give them a second chance - and in many cases it has paid off.

I know it is easy to say that no one is above the law.

But, please do not bring hurdles and bend backwards to charge some one to deprive him from visiting his home, his wife and his son. Who will compensate the family for trauma? What does the law say about that?

Just like one must have probable cause and sound reason to charge some citizen of the United States. And, this may be the case with Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

No one should add to this case by concocting and fabricating and that is what is happen - right now.

No one should treat this public official who has served well as the Supervisor of District 5 and fought to win the seat of Sheriff of San Francisco.

The man is not perfect - but he does not deserve to be treated like dirt - and that too while holding the position of Sheriff of San Francisco.

This is like the days of the vigilante in San Francisco. Despite having some law and order - the fanatics, the vigilante would take law and order into their hands. Hang people and do as they please.

In this case the tactics are more refined - quoting the law in a general and vague manner. While trying to muddy the character of the Sheriff, and deprive him from performing his duties now and in the future. 

No one can put a price when some one's good name is tarnished in the public.

I do not condone domestic violence. But, for goodness sake - this matter is something that should have been handled in a manner befitting this City and County of San Francisco.This is not Los Angeles and some of us forget that. This is not Cuba - either.

Do you think for a second that Congress person Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein have not committed acts - that could be brought before any judge. For sure they have - too many to count.

I hope this case goes before someone like Judge Geraldo Sandoval - he will throw it out - as nefarious as the charges are.

The now Judge once a Supervisor was trapped by the Zionists who wanted to ruin his name and family by using some fabrication that did not stick. Judge Sandoval; now  a judge would have lost his home and everything. He committed no crime - and he can tell you the facts if asked.

I remember when the Zionists tried to take me on - and I fought tooth and nail and defeated them. Scum bags to the core.

Some Black sell outs, some corrupt political forces are behind this charade and this think we are not fully aware of what is happening.

There is blatant corruption of the highest order within Law Enforcement. The suicides, the Lab scandal, the infighting with the District Attorney's Office, the putting down of the Public Defender just because he took a stand on run away City Pensions.

An unfunded train that is heading our way and no one dares address it - all this and more has much to do - and only few can connect the dots.

The Main Media is bereft of investigating reporting - gossip columnist prepare the way for adjudication.

In this case Sheriff Ross Mirkarim will be exonerated and the corrupt forces can than lick their chops.

Knowing well the ploys and machinations of the very corrupt - I stand by Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi even as I stood by Michael Hennessey and Chief Gregory Suhr. Anyone can make a mistake - for the simple reason they are human.

It is wrong to wash dirty linen in public - and if those corrupt politicians want to bring it on - you are welcome.

San Francisco knows better and this storm in the smallest tea cup will pass - but, for decades the stench will remain - and it is on the devious corrupt not the victim.