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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No new development anywhere in San Francisco without clean up, abatement, and mitigation.

No new - small or major development - building of new homes in San Francisco without proper clean up, abatement, and full mitigation - on soil that is very contaminated.

The Southeast Sector of San Francisco has land and most of it is contaminated.

Never mind Mission Bay was contaminated and prone to liquefaction and flooding.

The City went ahead and using ploys and machinations - used the quasi-State agency - SF Redevelopment Agency to build institutions linked to Health like University of California San Francisco hospitals and all,  Bio-Tech companies surrounded by contamination of the worst kind.

There are plans to build the SF Police Department headquarters and a Fire Department, parking garages, and other huge institutions and so on -  and all of this and more on contaminated soil.

It is the same at Hunters Point and the surrounding area - India Basin, Candlestick Point and so on. Land all contaminated with inferior infill and some of it from the many radiological experiments linked to the Atomic Bomb and World War II.

Other places like Heron Heads Park - contaminated soil, inferior contaminated infill, and dangerous particulates, lead, mercury from the Hunters Point Power Plant that was less then 200 feet from the present Living Class Room. This plant spewed dangerous contaminants for over 60 years. A few year ago it was shut down.

Our City should be ashamed of itself - allowing innocent children to visit this Park - Heron's Head Park and soon there will be cases of cancer and other chronic diseases - as a result of visiting this very contaminated area.

It is the same at the State Park by Candlestick Stadium. The area was a former "dump site" and has yet to be abated fully - access methane gas still spews from the many vents - innocent people use the Park and many fall sick.

The near by waters are polluted and there a small signs that clearly say - do not fish - but you still see people fishing, catching the fish and eating it. The fish in this area have access levels of lead and mercury.

You also see fish that are deformed in this area by the bay waters and closer to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

This entire area is so polluted that yearly over 20,000 tons of methane gas spews in the air. One ton of methane gas equals twenty tow tons of carbon dioxide.

The City brags about the Carbon Footprint - but no one talks about the thousands of tons of methane gas - from the most landfill area - once a wetland - and the on going composting.

In the year 2000 - there was an underground raging fire - spewing dangerous contaminants in the air. The SF Fire Department could not handle it. The U.S. Navy did not do anything. The Environmental Protection Agency saw it and did nothing. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined the U.S. Navy a measly - two hundred and fifty dollars.

Hundreds of people mostly those living near 195 Kiska Road suffered - and no one was every compensated. The SF Health Health Department - saw what was happening and did nothing.

All this happened because the local, states, and federal regulatory agencies were dealing with poor people - poor people who could not afford taking the corrupt regulatory agencies to court.

The City's many environmental foundations, the many so called fake environmentalists did nothing - the people had to suffer. The matter was address two years after the fact at the Restoration Advisory Board meeting - in a nonchalant manner. Shame of the U.S. Navy.

The U.S. Navy now want to cap most of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - including a very dangerous and contaminated parcel E2. Time will tell.

The area called Pier 70 once was bustling with industries - chrome, ship building, steel processing factories, and a host of other - heavy industrial operations - linked to World War II and its many operations.

There is a underground storage area that has over one million tons of "coal tar" very sticky and very contaminated - very close to the Mirant Power Plant that was shut down - recently.

This area is so contaminated that the watershed has been impacted and daily this gluey, stick substance, leaks and seeps into the Bay.

The immediate area also has two very large hot spots of ammonia spills. The area comes under the jurisdiction of the  SF Port Authority - but the SF Port Authority is slow to tell the truth about the contamination.

Plans are afoot to build housing units and an hotel . Stay way from such an area - worse than Heron Head Park where innocent children from the San Francisco Unified School District and other institutions send their children - and are exposed to high levels of contamination - be it mercury, lead, and even asbestos from the near by operations.

There are over 450 hot spots in the Bayview Hunters Point - all sites outside the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which is a Superfund Site.  Only the worst contaminated sites are placed on the Superfund list.

The City and County of San Francisco is mandated to clean up the toxic hot spots - the City talks a good talk but does not have the balls to clean up the many toxic hot spots that come under its jurisdiction.

Big Developers are waiting for some one to give them a green signal to build on contaminated soil. Some 20,000 homes are in the pipe line to be built.

It does not help that our SF City Planning has failed to up hold its standards. It does not help that our SF Planning Commission has favored - building on contaminated soil.

It does not help that these so called entities that must represent do not follow the Precautionary Principle and in fact follow no decent standards.

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is dead.

Tiffany Bohee who replaced Fred Black who now works as the Assistant City Administrator in Oakland - has jumped ship.

Tiffany Bohee is left holding the bag - and she can eat all the lies she spewed once to the community - at the many community meetings.

It is despicable that these vermin who have no morals, no standards, no gumption - take on the community and do not follow standards.

No new development anywhere in San Francisco without abatement, mitigation, and quality clean up.