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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The diabolical SF Redevelopment Agency and those who want to keep the DEVIL alive.

We all know come January 31, 2012 at the end of the day - the SF Redevelopment will cease to be - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Now, three witches at the SF Budget Committee - Carmen Chu, Jane Kim, and Malia Cohen all want to give some credibility to the SF Redevelopment Agency - by transferring its diabolical assets.

Making deals behind close doors, and NOT giving the public at large - an opportunity to have their say.

It was strange at the swearing in of Mayor Edwin Lee when Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. who was the emcee - called on Carmen Chu, Malia Cohen, and Carmen Chu to stand up and take the bow.

There is something going on with Willie and these three witches - who take orders from him and his minions.

At the same function - Willie lost in this egoistic ploys and machinations failed to call Supervisor John Avalos the first time around - and called the City Treasure Jose Campos by baptising him with another surname.

Remembered well - to call the three witches by their correct name - and with a chuckle in his voice. I thought that was strange.

The City and County of San Francisco have hundreds of lawyers that could have done a better job - dealing with the consequences of Assembly Bill 26 (AB26) - dissolution of SF Redevelopment and other Redevelopment Agencies - that come the end of day - January 31, 2012 will cease to be - gone, gone forever and rightly so.

Some of us have been fighting San Francisco Redevelopment for years. For sure I have - you just have to google Francisco Da Costa and Redevelopment.

SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) made a lot of promises to the people - and has never, ever kept them.

SFRA has made sure that they will take care of the 100 or so employees - so that they can conditionally, transfer and work for the Mayor's Office of Economic Development. The think they will get away with murder - but this time - they will be held accountable.

Others could work for some other City Department - and this fact in itself is very dangerous for our City and County of San Francisco. There is a freeze in all Departments - but those that know how to work the system - can fix anything.

SFRA is a cancer and we do not want this cancer to spread. Suffice to say that it has been stop, it cannot function - it is DEAD. The knell has been sounded and rightly so.

The City and County must NOT permit the old SFRA employees to be in charge of any policy making.

Submitting to the SF Budget Committee under Carmen Chu - one of the supreme witches - to adjudicate without details and more without facts on the dissolution of the SFRA.

What Carmen Chu deems right for the constituents of San Francisco is a figment of her imagination.

This is blatant abuse of power that no one should permit the transfer of any SFRA prperty - without a hearing - where the public who have been adverse impact - have a say.

It is wrong to hook wink the general public - with intent permit harm to come to this Fair City,  Fail to have a hearing where the many educated and astute citizens can make their peace.

Willie L Brown Jr. a former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco is grooming Carmen Chu for the the State Assembly in Sacramento.

Carmen Chu can take that route - Sacramento has a way to cure - witches.

Carmen Chu should remember well - and let this be a serious warning to her - she cannot fool all the people, all the time while pandering to the corrupt.

Jane Kim, and Malia Cohen are put on notice too - we the people do not like buffoons - to THINK for us more to make policies that do not embrace the best good of the majority.

More not knowing the sordid history of SF Redevelopment Agency.

Secondly, the fact of those harmed, the adverse impacts that thousands of innocent people have had to suffer because of SF Redevelopment Agency.

Thirdly, how SF Redevelopment created jobs - more six figure jobs - so that some could enjoy high salaries - while using tax increment and other ploys and machinations to fill their pockets and have failed to serve the public at large.

SFRA has over the years created avenues to cheat, deceive, bluff, rob, lie, more by removing people using "gentrification" killing thousands of people. SFRA has blood on their hands.

Just imagine removing decent citizens, more middle class citizens - from good homes and throwing them to the wind to face inclement weather and die as drug addicts and prone to other habits nauseating to even mention. History has not been kind to those that lived in the Fillmore and were victims of SFRA.

In recent years at Parcel A on Hunters Point SF Redevelopment has not held Lennar to the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA).

Legally, Lennar has defaulted - and the SF Board of Supervisors including the three witches - have no clue about the DDA - and less do not care about the people.

Lennar bombarded our children with Asbestos structures - and many of them will die - because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Today, these innocent children suffer - and this City and County of San Francisco has done NOTHING to address this atrocity.The SF Health Department knows about the adverse impacts and has not cared of lift a finger. There is Karma and SF Health Department will suffer the consequences, much as SFRA has, and much as all those who use to be on the SFRA Commission have. The all have blood on their hands.

Malia Cohen who says she represents District 10 does not live in District 10.

She cannot look me in the eye - she has no business representing anyone. Legally she must step down - or show prove that she is living in District 10 and has been continually living in District 10 from the day of her swearing in - each and every day. This sordid woman is as fake as the come - on any level one can think of.

The Treasure Island Development Authority has been dissolved and rightly so.

While the Hunters Point and Candlestick Point projects, the Mission Bay, and parts of the Transbay projects are grandfathered - it remain to see - how our City and County of San Francisco - will raise the money to fulfill any meaningful obligation.

We the people elect the Representatives - in these case we have some buffoons - the likes of Supervisors Carmen Chu, Jane Kim and Malia Cohen - who should be removed from office.

These three witches do not care about the people - and each of them are looking to advancing their political careers - but this time around they will not succeed.

This matter of transfer of assets is very complicated. It is time the State take over the assets and assign them to a sound, fiscal entity that has transparency and accountability.

Something stinks in Denmark that is why the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) was dissolved.

While, we must pay some severance pay to the SFRA employees - this City and County of San Francisco has no obligation to cater to the needs of the dismissed SFRA employees - who worked for a quasi- State organization - and has NO obligation to pay them any pension. 

We must not hire the corrupt and incorporate them in any other City departments - these evil employees must go their way - they knew well when they made their bed with the devil.

Tiffany Bohee lied and adversely impacted our children, our Seniors, and today keeps telling us half-truths.Our City Attorneys must step up - Dennis Herrera can now speak up for the SFRA. Let us see what he has to say.

I remember we collected 33,000 signatures - John Arntz  the Director of SF Elections validated our signatures. Then City Attorney used some flimsy reason to nullify the signatures.

SFRA declared a large area a Survey Area without any meaningful process - then declared the large area a Project Area - again without due process - and thought it would have its way forever. Today SFRA is D E A D. 

The diabolical SFRA must cease to exist - this demon and its minions must be fired - and not incorporated in any other SF City department, entity - to carry out the work of the devil.

We the people need a hearing on the SFRA - we must have a say.

We must not allow the three witches who work for Willie L. Brown - Carmen Chu, Jane Kim, and Malia Cohen - to dictate terms to the constituents of San Francisco.

At this hearing our children will speak out. The Elders will speak out. Others will speak out.

I am requesting Mayor Edwin Lee and his advisers that this hearing needs to be held as soon as possible. Mayor Edwin Lee was once a Civil Rights lawyer - once he spoke against SFRA - so this matter is simple - serve the people and listen to their pleas.

Do not force us to take this matter to court - we will do it - so that the right adjudication is made where the court can hear - all that has to be heard in a fair and equitable manner.

January 14, 15, 16 were holidays - some evil person injects this agenda item to be held on January 18, 2012. Please do not fool the people. You cannot fool all the people all the time. Not with such gimmicks - not without giving us the people the opportunity to speak. Not with a hearing on the subject of the many assets of SFRA - a diabolical entity that has harmed so many in San Francisco. 

Malia Cohen must not head any body or task force linked to SFRA. She legally does not represent District 10. I was sent an address, as part of a FOIA request - where Malia Cohen purports tp live.

It turns out that this unit at Candlestick Cove where she lived is in foreclosure. Where does Malia Cohen live - under some bridge?

We the people want to know where does this woman who grins a lot - lives?

She could have done right - but she has chosen with intent to do wrong.

She cannot ask the right questions - and bites the hand that feeds her.

She is confused - lacks experience - open her mouth and shoves her foot each and every time she speaks.

We the people want a hearing - and we want in as fast and quickly as the Budget Meeting was set with the agenda item linked to the transfer of assets some $5 billion plus - supposedly to the City and County of San Francisco.

We want the City Attorney to inform us why this illegal action is being fast tracked.

We do not want the Pacific Heights Mafia to tell us what to do. More to think for us - we the people.

Now, that the SFRA Commission is no more  and lackeys such as Richard Swig cannot use his influence to cater to the needs of very Big Development.

We the people of San Francisco do not want Richard Swig - and other SFRA Commissioners like Leroy King and Covington to be anywhere around City Hall creating problems.

There is more to follow - and believe me it will not be very - pleasing to the readers. Not with the information I have - if you have information and if it is correct - you are KING.