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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Certain dubious elements are now trying to control quality of life issues linked to workers who work for small businesses.

If anyone knows anything about the history of the Labor Union - and if they read the facts and ponder over them.

If they are decent - they will be very proud of San Francisco Labor Movement - and the benefits they brought to San Francisco and to this Nation.

The dock workers the longshoremen remember well "Bloody Thursday" when then San Francisco Police men fired and killed two longshoremen and many were injured.

Times have changed since those days but not in other ways where deceitful people - are fine tuning language to put a ballot measure that will monitor the loss of jobs in San Francisco.

Then using fault empirical data and favoring some businesses - that do not want of fork out the right wages and even less the mandatory - health benefits.

If we look around and have any idea about the progress made in this Nation - for sure we will notice the Middle Class. It is a strong Middle Class that makes democracy tick.Why?

People get educated, are exposed to better ways, have the best of what we call Quality of Life issues - and naturally - contribute to Society.

Our SF Board of Supervisors in the last 12 years have a lack of understanding - when it comes to good jobs.

The Unions and the Trade Council have not been able to sit together - and reflect on "Bloody Thursday" - the bench marks of good labor relations and a strong front with Big Developers and others - to win legal rights for all laborers and workers - women and men.

Within the Unions in recent years there has been blatant discrimination. 

Not too long ago we saw Apartment Investment Management Company use the Carpenters' Union to steal money from the workers many of whom did not belong to any Union - and some of them belonged to the Carpenters' Union but did not speak English.

We had some Union leaders work with corrupt Management to hire day laborers' and steal money from them.

We had Union leaders turn the Black workers against the Latino workers.

When I did some investigation and found out that the laborers and carpenters were turning their signed checks to the "thugs" working of the Carpenters' Union and I could not believe it. 

Three attorneys worked with us pro bono to document the statements, verify the facts and build the case against AIMCO. Article were written about this sordid company that our City and County of San Francisco protected. Past SF Mayors - the SF District Attorney, and even the SF City Attorney.

Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) was taken to court and the workers who were adversely impacted - all won - and were compensated - some in small measure and others in large measure.

In studying this case I found out that when it comes to the private industries, the Big Developers, small businesses our City and County of San Francisco - does not have any viable Blue Print to enforce any standards.

In San Francisco we have many small businesses - especially restaurants, that do not follow any laws - the main culprits among the restaurants - Chinese restaurants.

In San Francisco we used to have many "garment factories" that used women mostly as slave laborers.

So much so that I got involved in one case and forced the owner to see the light and do right.

He paid his twenty of so workers minimum wage, the back wages and started treating them fairly.

Before that the workers were paid a measly three dollars an hour - this was three years ago. No entity in our City had the balls to help these workers. There is no enforcement worth the salt in our City - when it comes to enforcement. None so ever.

In these dire economic times - more of such cases are found everywhere. The victims are mostly women who do not speak English. Men who work as laborers and are told not to join the Union.

Here is a good one for all or you any sayers to ponder - the Presidio Golf Club better known as the Arnold Palmer Golf Course and the City owned Harding Golf Course. 

Both are owned by private owners and both fight tooth and nail and have for years - preventing the workers - gardeners, the landscape workers, from receiving Union Wages. What a crying shame.

The are many small businesses that do right and pay minimum wages.

Some against odds pay Union wages - which is difficult and more pay the health benefits. The workers are happy and in most cases - work very hard because they are grateful.

There are other small businesses that think they can do as the please.

Hundreds of them and this City and County of San Francisco does not have the knowledge, does not have the ability, does not have the person power to enforce the laws broken.

Below minimum wages paid, no breaks, in many cases no health care - and constant threats and harassment. Where in the City and County of San Francisco on this.

Let us not permit some shady characters to introduce a Charter Amendment - in the name of monitoring job loss and make some false deduction.

Highlighting - that minimum wages, worker contribution to the health benefits, and lack of upward mobility is the right thing to do - should send these corrupt away and keep them at bay.

In San Francisco we all enjoy a standard of living - we all endorse Quality of Life issues. Union jobs are preferred as they embrace Quality of Life Issues.

Unfortunately, right now we have a drab SF Board of Supervisors - the majority are in the pocket of the Big Developers. They talk the talk but do not walk the walk.

Unfortunately, the present Union leaders be the the Laborers' Union, the Carpenters' Union, the Plumbers Union, the Teamters, the Electricians, others - all have fallen prey to Project Labor Agreements - where Management has bluffed their way through and adverse impacted the Union workers.

We see this with Hunters Point and Lennar. Transbay and the present doldrums. The Big Developers who say one thing - and so as they please. The Compliance Officers - do not have the balls first to inspect the sites and secondly to enforce the laws.

Again and again Disposition and Development Agreements DDAs) are broken and the Union have not read them - and so cannot take any action. 

We have had serious complaints linked to Webcor, Cahill, Nibi, the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, Bridge Development, the many small business mostly restaurants too many to name - all shafting the truckers, the construction workers, the restaurant workers, and thinking all is well.

We have so called Big Developers who do not and will not have their workers join the Union. They love to use - slave labor to make money.

Mostly blood money that they funnel to the campaign coffers of very corrupt - politicians. Screw them I say.

For too long the Financial District has had it good - and has done much damage to the ordinary San Franciscans.

We have about 60 billionaires and hundreds of millionaires living in San Francisco. The Bank of America, the Wells Fargo Bank, other make billions.

They make a big farce when they loan some little money in the thousands to the SF Small Business. 

These thugs should do more and it is time we take them to task.

The SF Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force is a farce. More the Work Force and one Rhonda Simmons. She must be fired - for doing a lousy job.

For every twenty eight constituents in San Francisco we have one City Worker.

Half of them must go away - more because they make on an average $100,000 with benefits and do not work for such a pay. And what is disgusting 60% of them do not live in San Francisco.

Others make over $200,000 with benefits and they too do not live in San Francisco. Over 90% in this category.

We have a unfunded pension and this train is moving fast and will hit the City and County soon - costing us BILLIONS. Many have no clue what I am talking about.

We do not have a fire wall between the Private thugs and the City government. Again and again corrupt consultants, thugs, others are busy walking the hall ways - always up to mischief and this nonsense must stop.

Be leery about those Charter Amendments - without a full hearing - dealing with every single aspect of what the Amendments wants and who really benefits from such ploys and machinations.

Bottom line we need to improve the conditions of the Middle Class and provide more opportunities for the Middle Class.

We need to help the poor.

The filthy rich who do not pay taxes and take huge break on investments grow richer and richer.

Among them Senator Diane Feinstein eleventh richest and Nancy Pelosi seventh richest in Congress.

Where do they get the time to make all that money - millions upon millions?

We have SF Board of Supervisors who do not live in their districts - and are busy raking in thousands.

Crooked as they are - they have no inclination to serve the people - less represent them.