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Monday, January 16, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King - the Civil Rights Leader.

We know for a fact that Mahatma Gandhi played a major role in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a Baptist Minister who read the many writings of the Mahatma - and who decided to take on discrimination, blatant injustice, downright racism that prevailed in America - all through Dr. Martin Luther King's life - to the day of his untimely - death.

More so in the South where lynching, torture, and other crimes were committed because many Whites - followed some evil dictates - that were pathetic.

To this day many in the South - remember the injustices - but in other parts of the Nation - young Blacks have forgotten what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. first stood for and then ultimately laid his life for.

Dr. Martin King Jr. fought for our Civil Rights. True Civil Rights that all people not only Blacks, not only Latinos, not only Asians but all of us may have equal rights and freedom to live as human beings - bring forth children in sound families, learn sound values, and contribute our very best to society.

We must remember well - that if some Whites and other chose to band with the Blacks in their fight against Racism and if they crossed the path of the KKK and other very racist individuals - they met with violence and in many cases death. We must never forget this fact.

Mahatma Gandhi earlier had taken the British - using non-violence and bringing the British to their knees.

Winston Churchill called the Mahatma - "the naked fakir". In America many Whites of that day called Dr. Martin King Jr. many choice names.

Many pastors that today pretend to stand for Dr. Martin King Jr. in his day - shied away from taking a stand.

The few that joined him in marches - with fear in their heart - today pretend they went through the fire with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Time will tell.

There was no doubt this man had some vision, that he had some unique charisma, that this man had the ability to use his Theology, to understand Sociology and more, and what he more fathom the behavior of all children, women and men.

Vulnerable men and women who because of their "fear" - cannot see what is right, and when in fright - commit horrendous crimes - with weapons and in the company of cowards. Case in point the KKK. Discrimination and this fear still flourishes in the United States of America.

When President Lyndon Johnson honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by passing the Civil Rights Act he saw in this man a new path for America.

Make no mistake. Few saw what the President Lyndon Johnson saw but one man saw it very clearly - Dr. Martin Luther King.

Today, most Blacks and most folks that pretend to understand the Civil Right Movement - clearly have no idea - what this Nation is going through. 

More Black men are in our prisons today - and I tell you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would not stand for this very blatant - discrimination and incarceration of so many.

Today, many will make speeches but very few will touch upon this topic of incarceration - the fake Three Strikes Law - not giving opportunities to those that need it most.

Today fewer Blacks in our inner cities know about the "true" Dr. Martin King Jr. and those that know - know what others tell them - often shady stories that are far from the truth.

Fortitude, being focused, standing for the truth - does not come being feeble, spineless, not being educated on issues, and rapping and calling women "bitches" - as many times as one can call them.

No good ever can come from being disrespectful.

So many single women bearing children as many children having different fathers.

They are opportunities but if you have the modern chains of having children when you are in your teens, failing to go to school, failing to educate yourself, failing to have standards - then you play into hands of the "demons" that want to keep you down - contemporary slave plantations.

We have some Blacks today - that because they live in some Urban City, because they can enjoy the fruits of materialism, because they have profited from upward mobility, in short because they have profited from the deeds and policies brought about by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

These same folks because of lack of spirituality, lack of character, lack of humanity - have turned their back on their fellow men. Forgot where they have come from and this is a crying shame.

We have a contemporary slave plantation today - just like we have the "reservations" for the First People. Someone does not care about humanity and compassion - someone cares about materialism and we see the result in the economy of our times and there is more to come.

There is a particular demon that throughout contemporary history - has made money their god - the sub-prime loans, the fake derivatives, other ploys and machinations - are linked to these demons. Minorities in the majority have fallen prey to these demons.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had zero tolerance for such type of devils.

In his I have a dream speech - all things being equal - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. saw a better America - but guess what today more people go to bed hungry and millions are without jobs.

More children are suffering. More of our Elders not respected. More minorities in jail. We jail the most of our people - then any other nation - and we call ourselves - civilized.

I have heard President Barack Hussein Obama say that Dr. Martin Luther King opened the door for him. Sad to say this President has done nothing much to open door to those that need help most.

He has surrounded himself with people who follow a path that hinders progress, legislated policies that curtail freedom, we even have a law where any American Citizen can be killed.

Some say that this is not the case - but, the fact remain that many American Citizens more journalists are in our jails without cause. Other are lingering in jails because they have yet to see a judge and no one wants to give them a fair trial - and the paradox is they are United States citizens. What would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say about such blatant atrocities?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would not have stood for such injustices.

A fact that very little is spoken about - is the history of the Native American and from the days of slavery the common tryst of the Black man and woman with the First People of America.

This land all of it belongs to the First People - it was stolen from the First People.

The First People killed and the women raped. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew about this and in many of his speeches he alludes to this fact.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and have fought hard for the First People. I know what I speak about - and I am not afraid of those that are demonic and speak in fork tongues.

It is a shame under President Barack Hussein Obama - that more First People - the tribes have NOT been recognized and put on the Federal Register.

The President's father was born in Kenya and we share a common bond having born in an area - where human beings first evolved and spread to the entire Earth.

The President today does not have the support of many.

Many who voted for him before, today - do not want to vote at all. They surely will not vote for the Republicans.

This is a serious dilemma. Many of my good friends today to do want to VOTE for anyone - including President Barack Hussein Obama. No one should find this astonishing - not those that are educated on issues.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. opened the door for the first Black President - be it his mother was White - his father was African from Kenya the land where I was born.

The circle has been completed and a vision that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had - could have been accomplished on many levels. It has not and that is the paradox - we all will have to live with.

Today many will talk the talk - but I challenge the people to do the right thing - and walk the walk. More so here in San Francisco, at San Francisco's City Hall. Aho.