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Monday, January 2, 2012

San Francisco stands to do well in the year 2012.

San Francisco stands to do well in the year 2012.

It is all because we have a mixed economy - the tourist industry brings in millions, we cater to major international and national conferences, technology in all its forms, and real estate and other new wave forms of doing business that little is known about - rakes in millions of dollars.

We do have a financial district that is well know all over the world.

San Francisco named after Saint Francisco Assisi - is a City of Compassion - and we all its trials and tribulations has stood the test of time.

In previous years we had City Leaders and others who put their best foot forward.

In recent years some of SF Board of Supervisors - truly do not represent San Francisco.

Mostly uncultured and lacking good education they thread on those values that most Franciscans value.  Time will tell.

The diversity of San Francisco favor Asians - Chinese folks are in the majority - once China Town reigned supreme - then it was Clement Street and now San Bruno Avenue.

The call themselves Chinese Americans but for all practical purposes - they push Chinese values and are very slow to speak English, follow simple manners. Always pushing their way, stomping, rushing to get into the bus. Chattering in Chinese and not caring to be polite. This is not to generalize but it is annoying - the chattering without stopping. What are they talking about?

As weeks turn to months to years - hopefully something with dawn on them - and they will change their ways - more their drab habits.

The Blacks are fading with more Latinos from countries not Mexico - heading and making their way to Southeast Sector of San Francisco. They bring their loud music, love for drinking, and can be pleasant but also boisterous.

By my office on Third Street - I took my pad and counted over 200 people walk by - only 6 of them were Blacks or African Americans. I even saw a couple of Whites with their poodles. Had to rub my eyes - and when I opened them - it was true - the poodles have arrived on Third Street.

Nation wide housing is not doing well.

In San Francisco the last frontier - the Southeast Sector - Potrero Hill, Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley - is all prime land for development.

Over 30,000 units are in the pipe line - small units but all the same brand new units to be built in the next five years.

The land is there - but the land is contaminated.  Greedy developers want to built units on brown fields, a superfund site most contaminated, land prone to liquefaction and flooding.

No one is talking about mitigation, abatement, clean up, a holistic approach. Everyone wants to make money - build, sell, and give a rat's ass about the environment.

It is sad that we do not care about our children, our youth - we must address education in San Francisco.  Quality education and hold our so called fake representatives - accountable.

San Francisco has a new Mayor he has not been sworn in but will be this month, January 2012. His name is Ed Lee - the only one with a funny, looking moustache. 

Ed says he has the people in mind, he wants to create jobs, he wants to make mid-market tick, he wants to put his best foot forward - he says many things - but it is one thing to talk the talk and yet another to walk the walk.

Judging from the sales in San Francisco during this Christmas Season - people were buying stuff - and the sales were up - good news for the City and those that collect taxes.

By the way we in San Francisco have a good Treasurer and a good Assessor. They know me some but I know them better.

All around San Francisco, the businesses have been doing well for the fist time. They have been hiring. The Hotels are doing well.

We have enjoyed fairly good weather. Our reservoirs are full and our energy needs well met.The snow is there but is not wet snow - something to do with climate change they say.

While the rest of the world is hungry - we in San Francisco have been blessed.

Met some tourists at the Farmer's met - they shared with me the difficulty of buying fresh food found in plenty and in a variety - right her in San Francisco - lacking in the countries they come from.

From time to time I visit some restaurants - it is always fun to hear what our tourists say. Most of the time they would love to extend their say in San Francisco. Something is working - San Francisco has a especial charm. 

The food is good Thai, Burmese, India, Peruvian, Mexican, Italian, French, all over America, from Vietnam, South America, you get the drift.

We have a new good Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr.
Violent crime is down - petty crime on the increase - bag snatching, home robberies, car thefts and so on.

Guess some of these crimes are hard to stop - too many itchy hands and lack of jobs for those that are lazy.

Watched the game - the 49er game - they won. I miss Ronney Lott, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice - I really do not know too much about American football - loved cricket, field hockey, boxing, and sports like that. My friends say - the 49ers have a good chance of winning the Super Bowl.

I am for that and wish them well.

I hope they win many times over when they have their brand new, state of art stadium at Santa Clara. They still will be calling themselves the 49ers and most everyone will still feel and think they belong to San Francisco.

All in all San Francisco stands to do well in the year 2012.