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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

City and County of San Francisco ACCEPTS to take on tainted responsibility of SFRA.

Only is San Francisco will something as sordid as fast tracking and embracing some sordid past transactions linked the diabolical San Francisco Redevelopment Agency(SFRA) - take place.

The sordid actions took place and corrupt folks fast tracked the processes put in place to take over TAINTED assets of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

" No good ever will take place at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. And to that may I add NO good ever will take place linked to any transaction however - miniscule. The SFRA is and will always be a diabolical entity whose BLOOD deeds  stand alone or transferred to those who with intent embrace such projects and everything inherent with these sordid - processes bear full responsiblity". Aho

Make no mistake - no one entity that with intent poisoned our children, our elders, and with intent bluffed the people in the Fillmore and in the Bayview Hunters Point at Parcel A and beyond - will go Scott Free.

All those that do not pay heed will suffer.

Please do not say I did not tell you so. Nothing, I repeat nothing will go right. This is not a matter to joke about - and I witnessed all the sell out present in Room 250 and saw them well to document them all on January 24, 2012 in Room 250 at City Hall.

This matter is NOT about jobs and it is NOT about housing. The entire process from the start has been tainted with BLOOD.

Olsen Lee if you sit him down - he will tell you that big mistakes were made with the Fillmore SFRA projects.

Olsen Lee will tell you that vouchers were given to people affected and nothing came of it.

Olsen Lee will tell you that the SFRA lost the vouchers and that people suffered and many died because SFRA made promises and did not keep them.

Tiffany Bohee will tell you - if she has any decency that at Hunters Point on Parcel A for four months Lennar, a Rogue Developer bombarded the area with Asbestos structures with intent.

This act which resulted in some Notice of Violations, numerous meetings before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District by the affected community our Sisters, our Brothers, our dear children who all gave true testimony.

Earlier for months on end I testified before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the SF Health Commission, and numerous times before the SFRA Commission, many meeting held on the local and State level linked with the SFRA - all documented.

No one can assume that all this happened in a vacuum.

Now that Tiffany Bohee has been warned that is all I can do - the rest is on her - she has BLOOD on her hands.

This is the final warning to those that surround the sordid projects linked to SFRA - and I will say no more.

You that are warned - if you still continue to go with his sordid process - you will FAIL. Take my warning while the warning is good.

Again, I repeat our children especially cannot be violated by anyone - and do not think for a second - that any entity will go Scott Free - no way.

God in His infinite mercy and compassion led the community to do right.

When some of us chose to do right - our City and County of San Francisco under Mayor Gavin Newsom - did wrong - he wanted Jobs and he wanted Housing. He got nothing.

He lost his race for Governor but removing himself - because we the few were in this face to tell the world that he was a LIAR. We did this in Napa, in Oakland, in San Diego, in Santa Barbara, here in San Francisco - every where. He gave up and now is Lt. Governor and plays second fiddle. Those that listen to Gavin Newsom - listen to the devil.

In the first newsletter that Governor Jerry Brown's office published - the Governor printed my article on Redevelopment. In it - I stated that the end of the Redevelopment Agency was the right thing to do.

Months later Governor Brown initiated AB 26.

The matter went to court - and of course the sordid Redevelopment agencies and their minions the likes of Tiffany Bohee, Michael Cohen, Fred Blackwell, Olsen Lee, Amy Lee, and others joined in the fray to fight it.

They were all defeated. All Redevelopment agencies are null and void - as of the end of January 31, 2012 - they are - kaput. They are DEAD.

Now for the City and County of San Francisco to first fast track this process. Secondly to craft a fault Resolution, and third to shelter SF Redevelopment is totally - wrong.

All this to take over and make something of the assets of SFRA which our City and  County of San Francisco must have nothing to do with. Let the State decide what is Right they are in a better position.

I warned you all and you do not seem to comprehend the basic law that if with INTENT you harm any life - you are culpable.

This City and County of San Francisco has a Precautionary Principle ordinance - a law.

It simply states that if there is a hint of any adverse impact - with any project - everything must STOP.

We did not do that with Mission Bay. We did not do it with Transbay.We did not do it with Hunters Point and Parcel A.

We can do it by taking this matter to court - but, that is not necessary in this case.

Go ahead the challenge KARMA and see what happens in the next three weeks. Anyone that has anything to do with these sordid actions - will fail - and FAIL - miserably.

Challenge what I am saying - and I am telling you before it happens.

This City and County of San Francisco is named after Saint Francis Assisi.

We are known for our compassion and not for embracing the devil.

In recent years first with Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., then will Mayor Gavin Newsom  have taken this great City and County of San Francisco down the road and into the cesspool.

When few have spoken the TRUTH they have been persecuted.

Well, history is full of facts of people who have stood for the TRUTH and those that stood by them - have succeeded, be it may - that they have suffered - no pain no gain.

The writing is on the wall - it is a law - REDEVELOPMENT is D E A D.

We need a separate entity - one that has complete transparency and accountability to take care of what remains of SFRA and its sordid assets - in San Francisco.

It must have nothing to do with those that were part of SF Redevelopment now heading another pseudo agency - some hundred plus sordid employees.

All tainted and who participated in the slow death of our children, our elders, with intent.

Who continued working for the SFRA - because the needed the money but did not do the right thing.

This warning is serious because some that have fallen into this trap - have fallen because they think they are moving up - so they think. No, you are moving in the pits of HELL.

No one can simply think that they can control land that is not theirs in the first place.

Take Mission Bay most of it is Public Trust Act land. Belongs to Sante Fe and before that to the Ohlone.

Take Hunters Point the land belong to the Ohlone, then belonged to private citizens and was taken by Eminent Domain by the Department of Defense.

Idiots would not know that - but this is the truth.

Same at the Transbay - you all will be gaping at that BIG HOLE for along time.

Also, the High Speed Rail will not happen in the next 10 years. No one has $100 billion plus, yes BILLIONS - in today's dire economy.

The acts of Sodom and Gomorrah once were proclaimed by the prophets and no one listen to them.

Money is nothing. It comes and goes - what will befall you all - that, are jumping into this cesspool - is so deep because you are blinded by GREED.

None of you can create JOBS and none of you can provide affordable housing - in today's given circumstances. You did NOT do it before and you cannot do it now. You all simply do not have the fortitude.

At Huntersview each unit is costing about $650,000.That should send you all a warning.

As I said nothing good would happen at Hunterviews and the John Stewart Company. You all went ahead - well, reap the fruits that you have sown.

Again, no one can with intent harm anyone who is innocent - that is " with intent" and think all is good. It simply does not work like that.

I will be meeting Mayor Edwin Lee and will listen to him first - then what I have put in writing - I will state to him.

I represent the First People the Muwekma Ohlone but I also represent those that have suffered - because of Lennar a Rogue Developer. I am not afraid of anyone - especially the CROOKS and I can and have named them all.

It is past the SF Redevelopment has abused its power, folks like Tiffany Bohee have LIED.

Tiffany Bohhe cannot continue to be here doing the same. She has been tainted and must go away. She and her minions.

All those that support Tiffany Bohee and I saw you all - the new City Administrator, Olsen Lee, Ben Rosenfield, others - you are warned - this is no joking matter.

I would not say and write what I am writing - if I did not do my homework. Do not say I did not tell you so.

Do not carry on any of the sordid projects of SF Redevelopment - they simply must be handled by some other independent entity - far removed from the City and County of San Francisco.

Do not bluff us and tell us that AB 26 forced you to do what you are doing. AB 26 does not force you to fast track any process illegally - and bluff the people.

Our US Government is of, for and by the people.

Do not think for us, act for us, and speak for us - without our permission - the PERMISSION of the people. 

If you do not listen to the people - under the laws of the Constitution - you are breaking the law.

But, it this case there is a superior law that will get all the evil - bastards. It is a shame that San Francisco has stooped so low - because of Greed and Avarice.