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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We need some model linked to high speed rail that does not take us to the cleaners.

There is much talk about high speed rail without much consideration given to the present dire economic conditions - we must discern.

California cannot afford to spend over $98 billion and on the high side $118 billion on any high speed rail system - at this time. We simply do not have the money.

The conceptual plan that proposed laying tracks from San Francisco to San Diego sounds good - but it just a conceptual plan.

A conceptual plan many times is like a dream. You awake and that dream could be your worst - nightmare.

Today at the SF County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) meeting you had the Director of SFCTA again running his mouth.

He talks too much - and it is time - some one reins him in - Jose has always something to say. And when he starts to say something - there is no end what he will say and how long he will take to say it.

For years, the SFCTA has not done a good job.

SFCTAC has always promised us the world but again and again on the Third Street Light Rail, the Market Street Congestion, the Central Subway, the TransBay projects - it has not had a clear vision and less met its goals on time.

The SFCTA is known for its excuses.

Jose can get out a pickle by fibbing and spinning a web and once he has you entangled - he then get away with murder.

We now have David Campos from District 9 as the Chair of the SFCTA Commission.

David is fairly decent. However, I cannot and will not trust the Vice-Chair Scott Wiener.

This man has a knack of picking on the poor, the Queer youth, on people that need help.

We in this City cannot look for short term cure on some issues by legislating on issues -  that we can resolve through dialog.

Harvey Milk always wanted the people to dialog and solve their problem. He gave people HOPE by empowering them to be in charge.

As a human being I gave Scott Wiener a warning - have some change of heart and do right by those people that need help most.

Do not try propping himself up by creating ordinances, getting Law Enforcement involved and screwing the happiness of anyone.

If some Queer youth want to hang at some open space, some park - let them do it.

That is their right. If they feel comfortable doing it in the Castro - leave them alone and let them do what they do best. The have every right to make some mistakes - that if brought to their attention in the context of what we all want - they will take responsibility for their actions.

Getting Law Enforcement and having them get a ticket, sending them to jail, getting some felony record - just aggravates the issues at hand.

It is not an easy experience for anyone to go to jail -  less some Queer youth or any LGBT person.

Those who know what I am talking about - will understand the situation. This guy Scott Wiener is out of sync with reality. He means well - but he blows any situation completely out of proportion - with his stupid  - legislation.

I am requesting David Campos to be realistic and be practical. Frankly speaking David Campos has not been able to address most issues in his own District 9. He favors the Mission, Bernal Heights and other areas.

David Campos has done injustice to the Portola District.

San Bruno Avenue is thriving and the businesses pay taxes. However, the benefits to San Bruno in terms of cleaning our streets with high pressure water, asphalting our streets, traffic signs, painting cross walks is much needed.

The 9 and 9 L San Bruno are packed during peak times and attract crime. So do the 8X, 8AX, 8BX carry thousands of passengers mostly to down town and further to China Town and Fisherman Wharf. Crime on these lines is increasing every single day.

The safety of the passengers has NOT been addressed as it ought to be.

As I mentioned there has not been any focus or a war footing to address congestion traffic - especially down town.

Consultants have been paid in the thousands - but the traffic has got worse over time - and it is not uncommon for people to be stuck in congestion for hours. SFCTA talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Well, I heard David Campos that he gets on well with Scott Wiener - that may be so. I want real results. If I do not get them - I will reveal the facts - and that is on you.

I do not mind as two Queer men both David and Scott, Jose being Queer, as do others on the Board favoring the Queer Mentality.

Others may not see it - but I do. Well, the mentality should not adversely impact all San Franciscans.

Previous Chairs be it Bevan Dufty or Ross Mirkarimi did the same - the talked the talk but did not do justice to San Franciscans on transportation matters.

David Campos, recently helped the youth with their fare by fighting for their rights. David Campos has been open to dialog about the immigrant community and this is in the right direction.

David Campos - must make his vice-Chair do the same - or both of you will feel the wrath of the people.

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the SFCTA must be infused with some fresh blood.

We have some CAC members there for over ten years.

One of them is Fran Martin who represents District 10 - a useless person who does nothing except pander.

There are two others who have been there for over ten years - may be 15 years - they must be removed.

I am not here to give David Campos a laundry list - but, judging from the ineptness of the SFCTA - I want some drastic changes and I want them - now.

San Francisco County Transportation Authority: