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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A new vision and fortitude that leads our City and County to a better place.

January 8, 2012 spells the beginning of a new era where things can be done differently and where with fortitude and a renewed vision to serve the people - our leaders can take our City and County of San Francisco to a better - place.

Even as most San Franciscans - the City that knows how - is preparing to augur in a new phase at City Hall to work together for the best.

Putting aside the crude, mean, often dog eat dog mentality of the races that brought in a new District Attorney, a new Mayor, a new Sheriff - the main media is filling the air with misinformation. We can do better.

Our City elected a new Sheriff and he won by a wide margin. Today he will be sworn in and today we will have a new Sheriff - he name is Ross Mirkarimi. His father from Iran and his mother from Russia.

Let us not bring in some episode - that has not been adjudicated in the Court of Law - and tarnish a day - where we must stand together and support all those that the  SF Director of Elections - validated and certified.

The Feinsteins are not the only ones that can swear people in - we have many other decent judges. Enough of these haughty folks that are decadent and live in the Pacific Heights area. They never look at unity, bring people together - theirs is to focus on "greed" and abuse their power. They do not represent - San Francisco.

San Francisco is a City that is well respected all over the world.

We have sister cities like Melbourne, Australia, Shanghai in China, and a host of other cities to many to name - that we have very good relations with. When most other cities dared not learn more and dared not sit down and make agreements - we did.

During the Chinese Olympics - only San Francisco was chosen where the Olympic Torch was run through our City's - streets.

The logistics were a bit muddled but the fact stands - the Olympic Torch linked to Olympics that were held in China - was run through the streets of San Francisco. An honor bestowed on us by the Chinese government.

The diversity of San Francisco is taken for granted - but those that travel know - that San Francisco is blessed to have people from so many countries.

What is more educated people from the many countries of the world - make their abode in San Francisco.

It is in San Francisco that those that want to protest - when their countries are adversely impacted - do it with flare and diplomacy.

When those from other countries protest in San Francisco - the world listens and pays attention.

It is as if when San Francisco speaks the world must listen. This after all was the City where the United Nations was established after World War II. Good things happen in San Francisco and San Francisco has built some authority and more good will.

Often times our SF Board of Supervisors will delve into matters that others think that Congress and the Senate should deal with.

Recently the SF Board of Supervisors passed legislation - to stop wasting money on the wars - Iraq and Afghanistan.

It may be symbolic but is defines what San Francisco is all about. San Francisco's embrace is world wide - always wanting to do right and put our best foot - forward .

When San Francisco suffered a great loss an Earthquake but also a large fire - in 1906 - hundreds of countries helped us.

We remember that and we are forever - thankful and grateful.

When other countries suffer - San Franciscans step up and contribute and in many cases - go to ground zero and offer practical support - plus monetary - help.

Our tourist industry is always flourishing and it is in large measure - because our City embraces all - welcomes all.

We are a Sanctuary City and our local Law Enforcement stands by the ordinances and laws of our City and County of San Francisco.

The constituents of San Francisco have always adhered to the compassion of Saint Francis of Assisi - the City is named after this great Saint. This ambiance bodes well for the Universe and San Francisco.

The politics and fiscal situation all over world be it Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Greece is affecting San Francisco.

It is the same with India, China, Russia, Brazil, and the many countries in South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. What goes on in these developing countries - affect us deeply.

The turmoil in the Middle-East affects us. You see more on the Internet when from no where we have former politicians, businessmen, educated women and men from other countries, living in San Francisco - step up and give commentaries on what truly is happening in their countries. Most of them from San Francisco in and around the neighboring Bay Area.

San Francisco is poised to do trade but also to act as a facilitator and mediator - and we must relish this position.

The Polynesian community is strong in San Francisco. Recently, the international world tried its best to adversely impact trade and other international treaties -  within and across the Pacific Ocean and beyond.

The countries who with intent wanted to adversely impact thousands of Polynesians - met with a force of intellectuals from San Francisco the Bay Area and won.

This happens often - and when these bully counties see the concern and a force equal to any "tsunami" - they back off.

We can inform and distribute information - and do it quickly.

Gather forces from New Zealand, Hawaii, South and North California, Australia, the many islands that make up Polynesia and attain some goals to help - humanity.

Delegations from all over the world love to come to San Francisco. There are many bodies that welcome these delegations saving the City and County of San Francisco millions of dollars.

These can only happen because Consulates and other such organizations have been well established in San Francisco for many years - some nearing a hundred years.

In past years the military played an important part. Not only in World War I - but more importantly in World War II. Vietnam saw the Presidio of San Francisco receive the majority of the body bags - some 58,000 in total.

The recent wars Desert Shield and Storm were conducted from the Presidio of San Francisco in large measure.

For the first time Reservists in the thousands took part in this war. The Presidio of San Francisco and the City of San Francisco - doing the honors - serving our Nation.

With the deactivation of the Presidio of San Francisco - the burden has now fallen to other States with the on going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All the same our Reservists from California with their heavy equipment - serve our Nation - as best the can. San Francisco which is a City and County - plays an important part. Hundreds of our daughters and sons have laid their lives - because they took an oath to serve the United States.

In the sports and arts San Francisco is second to none.

The 49ers will always have a connection with San Francisco - and if all goes well - will be in the Super Bowl and hopefully - win. 2012 will be a good year.

The Giants of baseball fame - a  team who are World Champs and have done San Francisco - proud.

That touch of class that  San Francisco adheres to - is critical to make things tick.

Now is the time for our leaders - to do right - and if you think you can do wrong - it will be on you.

This land - all of it we call San Francisco - belongs to the Ohlone. For thousands of years - the Ohlone kept San Francisco and the area around it - pristine.

We all must have the fortitude to support and lead our City and County of San Francisco to a better - place - all through 2012 and beyond. Aho.