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Friday, January 20, 2012

Willie L.Brown and his tryst with SF Redevelopment Agency.

With the DEMISE of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) we must NOT forget the role Willie L. Brown Jr. the  WEASEL.

Willie L. Brown Jr. played a very important role - in bringing in Big Developers to do untold damage and changed the terrain of most of what is San Francisco - today. For Willie  it is all about land and more about money.

Willie L. Brown Jr. the ultimate politician - Speaker at Sacramento - the Capitol of California. Willie L. Brown Jr. has been investigated - several times by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other law enforcement - and beat them to the game.

Willie L. Brown Jr. the man who now writes a column for the drab Chronicle newspaper - and read by fools who think he is worth the salt - but Willie continues doing what he does best - he says one thing and does quiet another.

Willie L. Brown Jr. loves the limelight, good women, gourmet food,  choice drinks, and of course his ultimate high - big, big - money.

His gourmet taste and his likening for things that only the filthy rich can afford range from fast cars that he no longer can drive - because of his eye sight - may be he has been popping too many of those blue pills.

To his love for young women with preference for the oriental. In the circle of Macau - some can tell you - what you want to know - but to know that you must know those that are the keepers of the secrets of the loins.

Wille still has a good sense of humor - notice at the latest inauguration of Mayor Edwin Lee - he kept the crowd alive.

Willie has a knack to pander to the rich, mostly White - who look at Willie L. Brown Jr. as some one who has an innate manner that favors the White mentality.

Blacks and minorities mostly Asians look at him as a demi-god - they think and feel he can do almost - anything - and may be they are right.

Willie L. Brown Jr. plays that role nicely and in his wheeling an dealing be it his investment in Macau near Hong Kong, his suites at the St. Francis in San Francisco, the Four Seasons, St. Regis, his home in District 7 - he has not divorced from his first wife Blanche Vitero a very decent woman.

He still is a good friend with Bashford the connoisseur of fine dressing and others that love Beach Blanket and other such queer taste in entertainment. A man for all seasons and a charm of his own that defies the imagination.

Willie L. Brown Jr. played the cards right when he was in Sacramento.

Always, giving San Francisco millions of dollars - for our roads, our schools, our hospitals - he bent backwards to satisfy San Francisco and the filthy rich that live mostly in the Pacific Heights area and today polish his shoes.

Then as luck would have it - other sour politicians and some advocate groups got on Willie L. Brown's ass - and got the legislation passed that limited terms.

But, not until Willie L. Brown spent over four terms and then decided to run for Mayor in 1995 and became Mayor of San Francisco in 1996 and exercised even more power.

Willie L. Brown Jr. for those that have some IQ still left and more common sense - took control of things at San Francisco's City Hall. He started legislation that most could not read and less understand.

Willie L. Brown Jr. made changes to the SF City and County Charter. If you read all the changes he made to the City's Charter - you can connect the dots. But, most do not have an inkling less the sense to do some research.

You must be educated on issues to understand the weasels and the many more that adversely impact - society.

As Mayor, Willie L. Brown Jr. clipped the wings of the City Administrator who once had too much power. Brought the City Administrator under his wing and made his tow the line.

Willie of course was the Chief Executive - the Mayor of San Francisco and all through his term - Willie L. Brown Jr. saw he had seven San Francisco SF Board of Supervisors -under his back and call.

Seven stooges and puppets that he controlled.

Any eight Supervisor he wanted and there were two that he could twist their arm and get what he wanted. He know their weakness and he knew more.

The other Supervisors - created a small storm in a very small tea cup - but, none of them got too far.

In the year 2000 after Willie L. Brown's first term - some Supervisors came in - they pretended they could make some changes - but, many of them today regret that they were taken for a ride and have left a legacy not worth the salt.

Many Supervisors who came in the year 2000 the likes of Sophenia Maxwell, more so Bevan Dufty, Aaron Peskin, and others - today, are lackluster, drab, and not remembered for anything worthwhile but haughtiness and corruption.

Willie L. Brown Jr. set the stage with corrupt Commissioners on the SF Redevelopment Agency and more corrupt folks on the SF Planning Commission and even worse at the SF Planning Department.

Willie L. Brown invited Lennar to develop Hunters Point and Treasure Island. Willie did his trick and got Catellus to develop Mission Bay - the way he wanted - with his "thugs" in control.

Willie was behind the rehabilitation of the Ferry Building and other developments - where he made the permit process easy - and got himself a suite.

Fancy look out our your window with a panoramic view - from the St. Francis, the St. Regis, the Four Seasons and I could came more dens - but, I will not spill the beans.

Willie screwed the SF Redevelopment Agency even building a Church using SF Redevelopment money for his friend better know as the Dollar Pastor.

Using SF Redevelopment Agency money the many Poverty, Pimp, Pastors got some stale bread crumbs and did what Willie L. Brown Jr. told them to do.

The point is Willie L. Brown Jr. had the clout and what is a reality today - even outside City Hall - he still reigns supreme - even though he is legally - blind.

Willie is as sharp as they make him - always covering his trail - laughing, joking, but always taking you on his planned tour - and dumping you when and where he wants.

It is amazing how many dumb folks get mesmerized by Willie L. Brown Jr. Even today White folks do his bidding - and some women will lick his toes just to be near him.

Willie L. Brown once made a statement that says it all. "If you want to live in San Francisco you need to be making over $100,000".

AT&T Park is the vision that Willie L. Brown Jr. pulled off. He initiated legislation in Sacramento to build the Park that came under the Public Trust Act - and what he did stunned planner and developers - but he pulled it off - as only he could.

The man came from Texas and lived with his uncle a gambler, pimp, not a savory character in the Fillmore.

Willie put himself through school and became a lawyer. But, he worked as a janitor too, and did other odd jobs, he worked himself up the ranks.

He defend whores - he loves whores and women that can move and make his laugh. Women delight him - and you see that twinkle in his eyes - but as quick as he wants them - he disposes of them and moves on.

When Willie L Brown Jr. had the chance to help - he helped those that he uses today. Hundreds of drab folks got job at SF City Hall - Willie L. Brown Jr. created a class of jobs - called Administrative Assistants.

 You have them all over the place even today - doing his sordid business. They act as his eyes and ears - looking out for him. Even as Willie looked our for his pimp uncle - while gambling and raking in money, from whores, and other illegal rumblings that brought in the dough.

When Governor Jerry Brown decided to eliminate REDEVELOPMENT that stunned Willie L. Brown Jr. But, not so much after over 20 years he has stashed enough to last him 100 years of good living. You can only spend so much money - once you gather so many millions.

It is not the end - that Willie L. Brown's tryst with SF Redevelopment, the movers and shakers of San Francisco, the sordid ploys and machinations and more.

It  just looks but never feels that for Willie, it has waned a little - with Willie L. Brown Jr. that evil chuckle - that dim twinkle in his watery eyes, he has several ace cards tacked in places you need twenty twenty vision to see - and would not detect. Go figure.