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Friday, December 30, 2011

The DEMISE of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

The Redevelopment Agencies were created in 1945 and ever since that time - Redevelopment has played havoc in most cases.

Using Eminent Domain laws, thugs, Redevelopment Agencies often times drove mostly poor people to their death.

Thousands were removed from the Fillmore and sent to live in Single Residential Occupancy Hotels - most of them drowning their sorrow - drinking alcohol, taking drugs like heroin - and destroying themselves - most of them Black.

Of course London Breed, Ms.Covington, Leroy King all Black would not know this - have no clue what Redevelopment did to their own people. Pathetic. 

There have been some success cases with Redevelopment - and one that comes to mind the Old Gaslamp Quater in San Diego and some sound projects in City San Jose - in California.

San Francisco has a few projects too that worked - but more to fill the campaign coffers of the very corrupt by AT&T Park.

Lennar a Rogue Developer was invited by Willie L. Brown Jr. to Sacramento to build a Golf Course - the course was built on contaminated ground.

He then invited them to build 10,500 homes on contaminated soil. Lennar bombard the community by Parcel A at Hunters Point with Asbesto Structures - and was forced to deal with the wrath of the people.

Stop Lennar Action Movement brought Lennar down and continues to this day to monitor the dying and sedated - dragon. Willie L. Brown Jr. lost and with him Kofi Bonner the weasel - who will be defeated.

The sell outs all Black are licking their chops - and this news of the demise of Redevelopment - has shafted the mostly all Black sell out - thugs.

Redevelopment really does not have to abide by City Planning rules. Redevelopment is a quasi-State agency - they do as they please.

We have seen that before in San Francisco. Redevelopment destroyed the Fillmore - even as it destroyed the Bayview Hunters Point - until the people rose up and the people are monitoring this sordid - process. 

Lennar bombarded the community with Asbestos Friables - for four months in the year 2004 - destroying the lives of thousands of children, elders and others.

The monitoring equipment could not register the Asbestos Structures because Lennar removed the batteries from the equipment.

Such a sordid deed went unnoticed until - we the community brought the matter before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Lennar was fined a sum of $515,000 and for the first time - the Poverty Pimp Pastors all Black, the sell outs from the community that I have named before, Lennar were put on notice.

The SF Redevelopment Agency Commissioners the likes of Leroy King, Richard Swig, Darshan Singh, Covington, and London Breed all favored Lennar - and have the BLOOD of the community on their hand.

Come January 31, 2012 - Redevelopment Agencies all over California - but more SF Redevelopment will cease to be. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

As we knew all along - as I wrote in an article that was published by the Governor of California - the time for Redevelopment to go was yesterday.

This judgement was long due - and now that the California Supreme Court - by a margin of 6 to 1 - voted to kill Redevelopment - this GOOD news could not have come at a better time.

Redevelopment has caused major problems all over the Nation but more here in California. These vermin come into a community always lying and always promising - and always mostly deceiving.

Building Market Value homes off site to fulfill dubious intentions. That is how many Poverty Pimp Pastor had units built on vacant lots next to their churches in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Getting money for land that was mostly listed as Brown Fields. Profiting from legislation by Mark Leno - who initiated this "thug law" building units off site to fulfill mandates linked to affordable housing.

Market Value downtown - poorly built affordable unite off site - on Brown Fields in the Bayview Hunters Point Area and other poorer - neighborhoods.

Leading the list is Aurelious Walker and his True Hope Church built on land that is prone to liquefaction, floods, and contaminated watershed.

The air surrounding True Hope Church is polluted and the land situated very near the contaminated Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Superfund Site.

Another Poverty Pimp Pastor who profited Calvin Jones from the Providence Church on Third Street and Newcomb.

His units now have been occupied by others - originally they were promised to his congregation - who are mostly Blacks.

The paradox after some years - Calvin Jones will not own the units - he took the money from Redevelopment will lead a cozy life - but in a few years someone else will own the units - next to his Church on Third Street and Newcomb.

Redevelopment took land at Mission Bay - most of the land Public Trust Land - belonging to all Californians. Few have read the Public Trust Act - the Burton Act - other pertinent laws - all the sell out Black want is money and selling out the community.

At Mission Bay the developers never ever did the clean up of the land.

We have manifests that show how toxic soil from the high land was moved to the low land.

The University of California San Francisco building - sits on toxic land. The basement of the building is contaminated and fumes emit that are very toxic at Mission Bay.

The entire area called Mission Bay was contaminated by contaminated landfill, the operations of San Fe better know as Southern Pacific. The land was transferred to Catellus Corporation - same snake different head.

Land Banking was used - where parcels were divided without proper abatement and mitigation and then sold to dubious entities.

In the case of Redevelopment they got a deal - free land and Redevelopment used high density, low interest loans, and other devious methods to build high rise buildings. 

The surrounding land at Mission Bay is polluted. The air contaminated - and much has been made of the New Age Bio-Medical and Clean Technology businesses - when the air, land, and watershed is very contaminated.

Redevelopment has been the curse in the case of the TransBay Project where companies like Adolf Gasser who have been in the area for years - have been treated like dirt.

Others took advantage of the situation - Real Estate prospector Mayer - made money selling his property for more than it was worth - taking Redevelopment to Court - getting twice the Market Rate for property Mayers had permits for and Redevelopment failed to check - but paid twice the Market Rate - to get the property because they need the property - at the hub of the TranBay Project.

The surrounding area by the TransBay Project and the TransBay Project itself is all Redevelopment money from tax increment and low loans from the State of California.

Federal Money for the High Speed Rail will be slow in coming. The Republicans are stalling - and the Joint Transbay Board of Directors - keep looking you in the eye and lying with the exception of Ed Reiskin.

The State of the Art building - that is the Transbay Building - will be a monument to those that were truly behind it Nancy Pelosi the 7th richest Congressperson in the Nation, Willie L. Brown Jr. the former Mayor of San Francisco that has his dirty paws in every major project in the City and County of San Francisco, with the side kick Platinum Consultants who will soon Law Enforcement must investigate - other dubious entities - one worse than the other.

Redevelopment has failed in the Bayview Hunters Point - building inferior homes that are now controlled by Apartment Management Investment Company (AIMCO) - others by the John Stewart Company, all with bad records and all sued by many entities for cheating and robbing - Property Managers of the worst order.

Taken for a rid - Poor people and those on limited income who are treated like dirt - aided by the City and County of San Francisco - that has turned a blind eye.

Ask Mr. Ruben Santana - from Rubecon and he will tell you more about AIMCO.

In doing so - one can learn more about Redevelopment and those in our City that foster relations with the "thugs" and other such vermin.

None of the projects at Alice Griffith, the Schlage Lock Company on Bayshore and Arleta, the promises made to those at the Sunnydale Project, the Potrero Hill projects, others all over the City will kept. 

Redevelopment is DEAD. Kaput, finito!

Here is an article that I wrote predicting the DEMISE of the Redevelopment Agency in San Francisco:

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