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Sunday, July 31, 2016


Independents are uniquely poised to create a sound platform - to prepare ourselves - without much fanfare - to confront - the two major parties - that have failed to represent the people.

Independents set the tone - recruited the leaders - and gave them the required basic orientation - on issues. 

We must be educated on issues - not on fluff - ninety percent of the issues discussed by the one track Republican National Convention ( RNC) and the lying Democratic National Convention (DNC) - was fluff.

The Main Media - has bombarded misinformation - disillusioning  millions of innocent viewers. 

It is amazing when you question ordinary people - how little they know about process - how little they know about the empirical data - that it out there.

The main problem - most people cannot discern.

Those that can discern - do not have the patience - to educate others.

We must learn to have empathy. We must learn to have patience. We must be able to take anyone to a better place. We must have the moral fortitude to stand our ground. We must fine tune our moral compass.

There is a lot of information out there - the ability to zero in on the best information - and capture the information - is education.

Very few people know about Security Clearance - just the basics.

If you knew it - anyone with Secret or Top Secret clearance - will reveal to you - that Hillary Clinton - blew it - big time.

Trump has cheated thousands - built projects and failed to pay those he owed money.

Declared bankruptcy - then taken  the victims who sued him -  to Court - using high powered lawyers - to pay those he owed money - a few cents - on a dollar.

Legally speaking he should be lingering - in jail.

The rich are known for this kind of behavior - including large contractors - AECOM and URS - housing developers the likes of Forest City and Lennar Urban here in San Francisco.

Once the constituents who are serious comprehend - the workings of the corrupt - Hillary Clinton.

At one time Hillary Clinton - was on the Board of Walmart.

The well known - Walmart  - that prefers temporary workers - so that they are circumvent the law - deprive their temporary workers - from receiving - health and other pertinent - benefits.

Trump has no clue - about our Defense system - barking out loudly - that he will order our troops - to break the law - and mandate our force to attack people and nations - that we have relationships with.

Our government has failed our seniors - and the poor growing by leaps and bound - some 50 million  - are thrown to the wind - and the  United States government - does not care - President Barack Hussein Obama does not care.

President Barack Hussein Obama cut the Veterans Budget by $2.6 billion. 

The Veterans Administration has failed our Veterans - more those that need urgent medical care.

We as a Nation - have an obligation - but we as a Nation - have not spoken up. 

We have the empirical data and can expose the current government and those that bark on the wrong tree.

The Independents are a real force to be reckoned with. The Independents were treated like dirt - at the Democratic National Convention - remember that - all you that participated in the blatant discrimination.

Last I heard we were a democracy. Watch out we are coming - with a blue print - that will floor those that think they can defeat us this time around.

It is the same with our failing infrastructure all over the Nation.
Deferred maintenance is responsible for our failing bridges, roads, dams, and other important infrastructure.

Safety issues on our streets - with Law Enforcement - trained and using para- military tactics. 

Again and again we get reports of Law Enforcement - sent to Israel - to train our Law Enforcement - how to treat our citizens - much like Israelis treat their so called cousins - the Palestinians.

Corporations have bombarded our bodies with nitrates, sulphates, sodium - other types of toxic chemicals - so called preservatives  -
that for thousands of years - our human bodies - did not take in and digest in very large amounts.

Obesity, cancers, tumors of all kinds - the result of " greed " - people selling us product - with those in charge - failing to monitor what we put into our bodies - Federal and Drug Administration - which is a JOKE.

The ninety nine percent controlling the majority of decent Americans - the ninety nine percent - participating in  blatant and in your face " gentrification ".

Mass incarceration has reached  saturation promotions - President Bill Clinton and his wife - were instrumental - creating so called tough drug laws.

Millions lingering in our jails - and most of us - have NO clue about these facts and should be ashamed of ourselves.

Independents and others are sensitive to the adverse impacts - inflicted on our infants and children.

 Dangerous particulates - other types of contaminants - heavy doses of mercury,  lead,  other contaminants - mostly in poor neighborhoods.

The Environmental Protection Agency has failed us.

When it comes to safety - the murders on our street by Law Enforcement - shoot first and ask question later - the Department of Justice (DOJ) - choosing to send Community Oriented Police Services ( COPS).

COPS has been sent into poor communities - to address the murders committed - on people of color - they interview folks - and prepare thick documents - thousands of pages - that lie on shelves - collecting dust.

We need the DOJ - to send the task force - with the ability to investigate and deal with Racial Discrimination - on a war footing. Our Attorney General has failed us - Loretta Lynch.

Here is San Francisco - the DOJ and Loretta Lynch has done a very poor job. 

Why are so many student so stressed out?  Why are our students - so over burden with - " student loans ".

The paradox one may graduate from college - try their best - fail to get a - " permanent job ". What are those in authority doing about this?

Well young women and men - can now - take control and be in government and do a better job. 

Some want to take their country back - but this Nation - once know as Turtle Island - belongs to the Native Americans.

We fail to acknowledge this fact. 

Add to that billions of dollars - a Trust Fund belonging to the Native Americans - stolen - the Department of Interior - cannot account for this money.

Here is San Francisco - I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and have been monitoring - the crooks - and the have expressed by disgust - for the two conventions - the RNC and the DNC.

Welfare benefits Whites - there are other concepts - bombarded by the Main Media - lies - repeated so many times - that people who are not educated on issues - believe in the lies - and the TRUTH - is never - revealed.

Again billions of dollars benefit Whites - they receive more - and others are blamed - people of color.

We have an opportunity - to strategize - create a mega-data of pertinent information.

 Create - an organizational chart.

 Put the right leaders in charge - we must NOT compromise.

 We prepare ourselves to deal with those who we have to deal - at the appropriate time - stand our ground - and WIN.

This digital world favors us - what is needed we should endeavor to be of one mind - and united. 

The Republicans and Democrats - are so alike - it is not funny. 

So - let us start building and strategize - vett our concepts - and make good things - happen.

Let us have young people - young adults leading the Nation.

Let us allow our young women to take control of their destiny - and let the men - shoulder the burdens together - and make good things happen.

Subjectively speaking spiritually we must be strong.

More - so that we can be focused - but more endure - when times are difficult.

We are lucky we experienced the trial run - many finished the marathon - only to be let down.

Now - we must cease the opportunity - to work - win one battle at a time - and we have four years to - WIN.