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Thursday, July 28, 2016


Our Nation once know as Turtle Island - the land was stolen - all of it - the women raped - the children sent to institution - living under despicable conditions and brain washed. 

The Buffalo killed not for the meat but for the skin - piles on meat heaped - rotting - greed knows no bounds. In like manner old growth red wood forest - cleared for money - foremost on the minds of the " strangers " - also know as pale faces - nefarious to to the core - " GREED ".

Our lakes all over this Nation - once blessed by the Great Spirit - looked over by those that were blessed - who took only what they wanted and saved most - for future generations.

Our rivers once pristine - contaminated - the many streams abundant with fish and other life - the birds in flight - so many from so many other lands - bringing welcome news of seasons - now no more.

The many insects - most important the " frogs " - that give an indication how healthy are our environs - the thousands of living species gone - gone forever - the token list of endangered species - and there is more.

In all  of the sordid deliberations - the Democratic National Convention (DNC) failed miserably - lacking accountability and transparency. Having no capacity building - dwelling on old concepts not in keeping with our times - mostly importantly failing to address viable and sustainable living and practices.

When it came to Bernie Sanders - again and again - the shouts said it all. Never mind - they turned the music loud - and tried to fool us all. But as you know - good people - no one can fool all the people - all the time.

These so called leaders have no morals, less ethics, and for sure - no standards - what so ever.

None of the Democrats that back Hillary Clinton - will leave a legacy.

The DNC - must address the issues that matter and are at hand - more those that adversely impact - our seniors - who after the fifth of the month - have no food - and many sustain themselves on junk food and dog food.

This in the United States - a so called Super Power - that has trillions of dollars - to go to war - but has failed its population - making of whom worked hard - and are now in their golden years.

If one is mentally challenged,  if one is physically challenged,  if one is challenged period - with all the laws that are suppose to protect one.

With all the non-profits receiving millions in grants - those that truly need help - are left to fend for themselves - many dying a slow death.

It would baffle the organizers - lacking " cultural competency " - to know - how the Founding Fathers of our Constitution - in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia - the City of Brotherly Love - and may I add Sisterly love too - how the Founding Father had so much to do with the Native Americans - and how much they were touched on their kindness and wisdom.

How the Founding Father learned so much from the Native Americans - the Six Nations - the Iroquois Nation - the Long Cabin - going back to 1776 and before that.

Long before the Founding Fathers - bent on creating a Constitution - a feat that even the circumstances - the in fighting - set their mind - to address and lay down the foundation - of a government - addressing the separation - between State and Church.

Further - addressing and getting rid on any notion - the concept of " royalty " - having just kicked the English away from the Continent - called America - know better in years before that as Turtle Island.

Democracy was practiced by the Six Nations for thousands of years. The Matriarchal system - fascinated - the Founding Fathers - who treated women like chattel - slaves were deemed less - than humans.

Even though the Founding Fathers invited the Native Americans - to learn more about their customs - behind close doors and sometimes in the open - they referred to them as - " savages ".

The Native American leaders listened more - and spoke little - the possessed " wisdom " - lacking in our modern leaders - that that includes President Barack Hussein Obama.

Wisdom come from proven experience - once heart in the right place - today our politicians are spiritually bankrupt - and past Presidents like Bill Clinton - a disgrace to the human race.

President Bill Clinton - gave a long speech - taking one here, there, and every where - he failed to mention Monika Lewinsky - who to this very day - is taunted and given a hard time.

The many speeches were referring to Donald a pariah dog.
We the people have issues that have not been discussed - and here you have - folks that have created a " cesspool " - asking us to watch them - drown in the creation of their - madness.

This Nation has not been kind to the host Nation and its people the Native Americans.

Today more Native American live on Reservations - under conditions that are - despicable.

Today this Nation  - has chosen to cut $2.6 Billion from the Veteran Administration - putting the thousands of Veterans who need help - in harms way.

Stop putting on these charades - stop trying to fool us.

Stop forcing us to vote for a liar -  we will not.