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Monday, July 11, 2016


The constant flashing on our screens - of one or two Veterans  who we sent to places like Iraq and Afghanistan - failed to take care of the Post Traumatic Stress - and related issues - left to fend for themselves - with any help - the Main Media - quick to denounce them - as " time bombs" - waiting to explode.

If anyone has a loved one - who has returned from the many wars - created by our sordid politicians.

Many of these politicians - have not served our Nation.

Our soldiers have in trying conditions and times - in places like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria - the many other places - that the United States - does not reveal.

More - under the pretext - that we must keep it " a top secret " - and then fail - to take care of our Veterans - more those that have laid their lives for our Nation.

Many who bear scars physical scars - but more mental scars - and we think - those that have to bear and endure daily trauma - can do it by themselves - heal by some strange osmosis - such thinking and more nonchalant behavior - it totally uncalled for.

One has just to visit the many homeless shelters - all over our Nation - including here in San Francisco - to see for yourself - what I am saying.

Ask the soldier what is your Military Occupational Speciality (MOS) - and in a flash the soldier will respond - with Sir so and so.

Then ask the soldier how is he doing and most will say - they take it in stride - the many trials and tribulations. The psychological and other mental issues - they have to deal with.

Get to know them better - win their trust - and all that they relate to is too much for them to bear.

We did some trying to allow Swords to the Plowshares and other organizations - establish some housing for our Veterans - at the Presidio of San Francisco. 

What we managed to achieve at the Presidio of San Francisco - jumping through many hurdles - just  the " Tip of the Iceberg ". 

We now have added facilities to help the Veterans - that deserve a lot more - at Treasure Island, Howard Street run by the Veteran Administration - some housing with rap around services on Otis Street in San Francisco - but , as I said - we need a lot more.

Again and again - if we are sensitive and compassionate - we wonder - why are we spending trillions of dollars on arms - why are we bombing the living hell - and killing innocent - civilians?

Why did we go to Iraq in the first place?

Who were the ones to create this mess - and why are they  Scott Free - the likes of George W. Bush, Collin Powell, others too many to name?

The above - all scoundrels that have accumulated wealth at the expense of our soldiers - women and men.

Laymen more shallow politicians - like to talk in generalities - more our Main Media - scum bags who love to - sensationalize anything - to spread gossip - and blow things out of proportion.

They want their ratings - but it should not be at the expense of our Veterans - the families,  friends, and supporters can related to what I am stating. This nonsense to look away and treat our Veterans with disdain - must STOP - now.

Recently we saw on our Television Screens - how the Main Media - announced - that many " so called bad guys were involved " - in the murder of 5 Law Enforcement Officers  -and 7 others injured.
We just got the true figures - today - days after the incident. 

In the end it turned out - it was just one person - behind the carnage - a former U.S. Soldier who went to Afghanistan - had problems - was discharged.

No one bothers - to find out - how was he treated - before and after his tour to Afghanistan. 

More - if without proper adjudication - less psychological help - why was dishonorably discharged - what were the real issues - that this Black man - dealt with.

There are thousands out there mostly women and men of color - who are traumatized - many of them were promised sound educational and other opportunities.

 Today - many of these soldiers - women and men cannot think straight - many of them do not have regular jobs - many of them are discarded - much like a dirty rag - used and cast away.

Now tell me who is really to blame - and where is the accountability?

Such soldiers have no one to talk to - they are dealing with monsters - that they only - know how deep these monsters - leave scars that take years to heal.

In fact in the military and in general in the many Veteran Hospitals - these hospitals lack - good psychiatrists.

Many Veterans used to wait for years - for a good psychiatrist to evaluate them - less to get treatment - years - in the meantime our Veterans are treated - like dirty rags. Used and thrown away.

In the last one year or so - some changes have been made - but it still takes a long time to get a good mental evaluation - and more sound help - with wrap around services.

On our streets today - all over the Nation - I have met Veterans and spent some time with them - and they have told me - the many loops and hurdles - they have to go through - to get some basic medical help.

Imagine if one is mentally or physically challenged - needs help - gets no help - and then the world turns around - and calls them terrorists.

 Calls them all sorts of names - when will be learn to talk less and show compassion? That time is now - and the window of opportunity is fleeting away.

I remember well Desert Storm and Desert Shield - the first time we sent thousands  of Reservists - women and men - sent to Kuwait and other neighboring countries - to fight Saddam Hussein.

Most of them came back - with very serious physical and mental issues - many of them well prey to chemicals and put in harms way - without the soldiers - told that they would be harmed. Send to place - when their Senior Officers knew - they were put in harms way.

We the United States created Saddam Hussein - used him to fight Iran - in our war against Iran.

We supported the Shah of Iran - but when he left  Iran- we used Saddam Hussein - propped him up to mess with  Iran.

WE have to read our history and more analyze our actions - again and again and again - we have failed miserably in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya - toppling many governments - elsewhere - while the tax payer, the constituents, the ordinary layperson that makes ends meet - is kept in the dark.

We just cannot cannot put down our soldiers that have served our Nation - without coming to grips with the nonchalant manner in which we treat our soldiers.

United States soldiers - many women and men - that need help. You have to meet these soldiers - hear them out - to understand what I am talking about.

Here is San Francisco we have our Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and others - bragging they will eliminate homelessness - that  the many Veterans who live on our streets  endure.

Many more Veterans have died on our streets - and many did not even get a decent burial.

These are crimes crying to heaven for justice.

On the return from Desert Storm and Desert Shield - I personally saw - the immense harm done to our soldiers - women and men.

Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - took some key responsibility - recruiting and dispatching many of our soldiers - women and men - from the Eleven Western States - that came under the jurisdiction - of Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

Some said they were exposed to some chemicals - others said they were inoculated and  now suffer the adverse impacts.

I saw normal young, strong - become the monsters they became - and as we sought help - from the higher ups - again and again - we were told - our concerns were been looked into - this took over 10 years.

Whatever the reason - it took us few - over 10 years to get them some - qualified help.

All I am saying - let us be slow to judge. 

Find out how many of our politicians - who shout on top of the roof tops - served our Nation?

You will see - those that served our Nation - in the minority - understand the Post Traumatic Stress and related issues - that have adversely impacted - thousands of our Veterans all these years.

The many loud mouths - do not - seem to get it - will never, ever get it - unless we sit them down - and give them the - treatment.

Now our President - Barrack Hussein Obama - has chosen to cut the benefits to our Veterans - by $2.6 Billion.

I know for sure hundreds of folks - known to all concerned parties - involved in the wheeling and dealing  - selling arms and ammunitions - from the United States - and laughing to the bank - having made billions in profits - at our Nation's expense.

Many of our sordid politicians - love to talk the talk but cannot walk the walk - when it comes to our beloved Veterans - women and men.

No wonder the ratings linked to most Congresspersons and Senators - are in the single digit - most of them - not respected - most of them do disservice to our Veterans and to the Nation at large.

Our Main Media loves sensationalism - and many just digest  the gossip - the many fake sound bites - that are fake - and part of the misinformation - doles out day in and day out.

Our Veterans need to be put first - the Nation is hurting - the Middle Class has eroded before our eyes.

 Those that are amassing wealth - so much - it  is disgusting - nauseating to say the least -  these Billionaires - do not know what to do with their blood money. Go figure.

These politicians have created a mess of our political system - now they spend - hours building their campaign chest - many of them has to raise thousands of dollars a week - just so that they can stay in office.

Most fail to represent their constituents - most of them are busy raising money - and that includes President Barrack Hussein Obama. Money is the key - to success for these people.

Have you heard it say - " money is the root of all evil ". Aho.