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Saturday, July 16, 2016


Leading the charge David Campos -
 he introduced Charter amendment legislation to appoint -
a Public Advocate - to hold our City Departments accountable -
 more folks like Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Supervisors 
London Breed and Malia Cohen.

San Francisco is witnessing one of its lowest points - the two House Negros London Breed and Malia Cohen - have joined Mayor Edwin M. Lee - to the hip for all the wrong reasons - and sided with the despicable - the ones I will mention below.

Joining the two buffoons Malia Cohen and London Breed - Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell. 

It all played out yesterday - July 15, 2016 - at a special meeting in the evening - in Room 250 - the August Chambers of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

When David Campos introduced legislation at the Rules Committee two weeks ago - he worked hard for months - to craft legislation - to introduce a Charter amendment - that would help our City and County of San Francisco - appoint a Public Advocate - to bring about Accountability and Transparency.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin from District 3 -
using his experience to hold the progressives together.

Aaron Peskin, Eric Mar, John Avalos, Jane Kim, Norman Yee, and David Campos - were all in favor of the Public Advocate - even though some areas in the legislation - would have to be tweaked - but they got their act together.

However, Malia Cohen a sell out - and a panderer who has fought against building a hundred bed facility for the homeless next to Mother Brown's facility in the Bayview - has always fought transparency and accountability. Again and again she has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Malia Cohen has backed Lennar Urban and Forest City two rogue developers -  fostering - gentrification.

Always joins forces voting against - the progressives - on critical issues linked to housing, transportation, education, and a host of common sense elements -  opens her filthy mouth and shoving her dirty foot in. 

It did not come as a surprise - when David Campos introduced the legislation - giving ample time to Katy Tang the Chair of the Rules Committee, and Malia Cohen a member of the Committee - that - both of them would join forces - and STOP David Campos - from sending his own crafted legislation - as is - from going to the Full Board.

The other member of the Rules Committee Eric L. Mar - agreed with David Campos - but Malia Cohen - again and again - insisted - that her verbal amendments - having nothing in writing - on a very important matter - a Charter Amendment - again and again attacked David Campos' - legislation.

When some matter about fires in the Mission were brought about 
and David tried to state the facts - here comes Malia Cohen accusing David Campos - that David Campos cut the funding - from the Fire Department's Budget - years in a row - which was a blatant - LIE.

Malia Cohen did this to rattle the feathers of David Campos - but David Camps did not fall for the ploy.

David Campos - stated to  Malia Cohen to her face - and addressed the audience watching SFGOV TV at home -  that Malia Cohen had lied - did not come prepared to this important Rules Committee - had nothing but some unprepared verbal amendments - and further accused David Campos - of something - that he was not responsible for and had never represented - cutting the funding of the SF Fire Department .

David Campos - also clearly stated that both the Rules Committee Chair, Katy Tang - and Malia Cohen - has ganged up against his Charter amended.

That David Campos -  had worked diligently with many organizations - all the Supervisors -  given all ample time and  opportunity for feed back - but both of them had chosen - to put hurdles and impediments - to defeat his hard work and meaningful legislation - to introduce the amendments and appoint a Public Advocate.

David Campos has been the Chair of the Rules Committee before - has a law degree from Howard University - represented the City and County of San Francisco - taking on Pacific Gas and Electric - and winning.

David Campos has represent the SF Unified School District - and his legislation and advocacy - far surpasses the legislation and work of both Katy Tang and Malia Cohen - Katy Tang representing District 4 - anointed to that seat by Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Katy Tang was caught red handed - shredding documents - and called upon. She admitted she had done wrong - and failed on every count -  anyone sensible and honest knows - that it is pertinent and important to - archives important documents and even one's schedule - not shred them and when caught deny know that this was a requirement. Despicable.

Malia Cohen has been brought before the Ethics Commission - several times - is a panderer and failed to represent District 10.

Anyone can go the Ethics Commission website - and check - the donations she get - and from area far and wide - entities some nefarious in nature.

However this time around - at the Rules Committee - Malia Cohen behavior - bringing about some drab verbal amendments - linked to the City Charter - and daring to state them more verbally - I personally have never seen,  heard and witnessed  - such foolishness.

Even the City Attorney present - had to remind Malia Cohen - and he could help her - given some time - and that the City Charter and the languages incorporated - had to be taken - very seriously. Falling short to remind her - that her behavior was totally uncalled for.

Anyone know that - but not Malia Cohen - who is NOT respected - and continues to make a fool of herself - at the SF Board of Supervisors.

Evil to the core - and very corrupt and her partner in crime London Breed the Supervisor from District 5.

The special meeting - to address the Charter amendments to appoint a Public Advocate - was held July 15, 2016 at 5 pm - the meeting was attended by Aaron Peskin, John Avalos, Norman Yee, Jane Kim, Eric L. Mar, and David Campos.

You may not believe it - but London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener and Katy Tang - all decided NOT to attend the special meeting. Shame on them all.

David Campos's amendment and legislation was passed unanimously - there will be two more meetings - all recorded and conducted legally - and the legislation - will go before the Voters  - and the Ballot Measure voted  - November, 2016.

This Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a lap dog Mayor - and this November, 2016  - the majority of San Franciscans will  willingly vote to - " RECALL MAYOR EDWIN M. LEE  ".

The Ballot Measure has been approved - thousands of votes need already vetted - in two weeks the votes will be collected - the petition is in place - let the  " fire works begin " - good riddance of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a man that brought disgrace to San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is against a Public Advocate -  for obvious reasons - again and again involved in deep - corruption. The Mayor is against - the legislation that David Campos is introducing - and he might as well be - TRUTH will prevail.

We the people united - need to fight against the present " status quo " - the blatant discrimination - the corruption of which Malia Cohen is a part off - the MACHINE that London Breed is part off.

San Franciscans are fast asleep more Blacks -  many of them who are ignorant on issues. Many of them barking up the wrong tree - they think - if they make loud noises - someone will hear - all they do - is make a fool of themselves.

The Blacks purporting to be leaders - talk the talk but are NOT educated on issues - and have no idea about process -  many of them ignorant folks - elected Malia Cohen - an evil person, with no morals and less standards.

We need a Public Advocate to bring about some transparency and accountability. Hold the corrupt and send them to jail for very long periods - Malia Cohen, London Breed, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt, others too many to mention - but all those that work closely with entities like Lennar Urban and Forest City.

Many Blacks have been murdered in San Francisco - and not one SF Police Officer - has been charged and indicted - NOT one.

The District Attorney is not doing anything - he is thinking about running for State Attorney - when Kamala Harris the present State Attorney General who is doing nothing - get the position Senator Barbara Boxer has vacated.

We must impress upon the Department of Justice - to send the task force - the committee that addresses - violations linked to Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights matters - and part of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

An entity that can investigate and adjudicate.

Malia Cohen and London Breed helped bring the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) - that has NO investigative powers - no power to adjudicate to San Francisco - the actively spear headed bringing COPS.

COPS has NO power to investigate and less adjudicate. Of course Malia Cohen would not know that - and when given the opportunity to hold the first meeting in the Bayview - messed up and has not taken responsibility for it.

COPS wastes tax payers money and time - every six months they bring about a document - a thick document - and have all over this Nation - most of those documents - lie on shelves - collecting dust.

When will London Breed - who says that she is from the HOOD - and Malia Cohen who is a genuine House Negro  - learn. Both will live NO legacy - as long as they sell out - the community. at large.

Now these two have joined - Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell - all of the above favor corrupt developers and the likes of AirB&B, Salesforce, Lennar Urban, Forest City - they do not work hard for those that truly need - representation.

Malia Cohen has failed to represent District 10.

 I should know that fact  - I have been on the frontline - have the empirical data - and know first hand - how corrupt - Malia Cohen from first hand- experience.

I know the role London Breed played when she was on the now defunct - SF Redevelopment Agency.

London Breed - she did not stand for our infants, children, youth and young adults - bombarded with Asbestos structures - when Lennar Urban with intent - crushed Serpentine Rock - that released - Asbestos Structures - in the air.

Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) - brought Lennar Urban to its knees - their Stock fell from a high $ 160 to single digits - starting in the year 2004 and the lowest in the year 2008.

London Breed,  Katy Tang,  Scott Wiener,  London Breed, and the sordid Malia Cohen - favor Forest City and Lennar Urban - that plan to build - thousands of home - on contaminated land.

The entire area some 800 acres plus - we know as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - all contaminated and not mitigated and abated - is plagued with high level readings - of radiological elements - cesium, radium.

Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - other contaminants that have plagued the neighbors close by - those living on Cleo Rand Street and beyond.

The empirical data is there - but idiots like Malia Cohen - do not have the ability to comprehend and less to represent.

We are requesting a Public Advocate - to expose the corruption of Mayor Edwin M. Lee, that of London Breed and Malia Cohen - you all will remember - both of them met with the Federal of Bureau Investigation informer - why? 

The same informer involved with the famous Shrimp Boy - the China Town gang member - now indicted by the Federal authorities.

This is the first time in the history of San Francisco - two Blacks - representing District 5 and District 10 - with many Black constituents  have chosen and turned their backs - on the constituency that is hurting.

Blacks are being driven out of San Francisco - in the thousands - once Blacks made up 25% of San Francisco - they are down to  a measly 2 %. of the entire population - some 640, 000 in San Francisco.

Decent San Franciscans must study the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel, the recommendation of the Grand Jury on the prevailing corruption within the SF Police Department .

Both London Breed and Malia Cohen - have failed to represent those that are hurting  - more the Blacks population in San Francisco - both Malia Cohen and London Breed - pander to those that are very corrupt - those that are working hard to foster gentrification - those that have created the mess on our streets on San Francisco - the saturation of the homeless - many families.

The corrupt developers - the others the likes of  AirB&B, Salesforce, Lennar Urban, Forest City - the entities that work for the MACHINE - that fill the sordid campaign coffers of the corrupt - Malia Cohen and London Breed.  

I represent the First People of San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone - I have been on the frontline.

 More in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - again and again both Malia Cohen and London Breed  have encouraged - nefarious activities emitting from the offices of London Breed and Malia Cohen - two House Negros - who should be ashamed of themselves.