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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Some 15 years ago when the SF Planning Department first revealed about the proposed Millennium Tower - there was much concern - more because of the location - prone to liquefaction and flooding. The proposed 58 story tower - created much debate - liquefaction - being the main concern.

Then 12 years ago - after the wheeling and dealing - the SF Planning Department, the then failing Department of Building Inspection, the then Mayor Gavin Newsom - were bragging about - this tall building - one of many " ugly " skyscrapers - the many questions asked - were thrown to the wind.

We are all waiting for the " Big One " - and when it strikes - our tall buildings - be better prepared - or else.

The rich and filthy all lined up to enjoy the glorious views - photographs with views were advertised in specially created brochures.

 The filthy rich folks from round the world - paid big money - often hard cash - to be one of the first to live in the Millennium Tower.

In select  brochures - you could view the many condominiums - the better ones - fetching higher prices - as high as $10 million.
The one above is just one of the many - views - from the Millennium Tower.

The rich and ugly those that do not care about living and flouting their wealth - make their abode in the Millennium Tower. - even though - it is now sinking.

Then the City and County of San Francisco - working with the Transbay Transit Center - a $5 Billion plus project - decided to be a neighbor to the Millennium Tower.

Daily the foundation and the tower was bombarded my vibrations - that have resulted in the issues - we are dealing today.

Some 8 years ago - some structural engineers - all favoring the Tranbay Transit Center - conducted some studies. They declared - taking a big risk - that all was well.

All was NOT well - when some of them knew - that their judgement was not a good one in this case.

 The problem - the main issue at hand - this particular site and land prone to severe liquefaction and flooding - once part of the Bay - had too many unknowns.

I wrote a number of articles - and some got back to me - and asked me - where they could find the empirical data - about this Tower - 58 story tower.

Of course the Environmental Impact Reports were there to read and evaluate. But also some focused studies on 301 Mission Street the location of the Millennium Tower - conducted some 7 years ago.

Buildings - a quarter mile from the large Transbay Transit Center - a very big hole in the ground - a Transit Hub - just next door to the Millennium Tower - suffered the most.

 Constant vibrations - at a depth closer to the foundations of the Millennium Tower - has unsettled the ground rapidly.

More -  considering the Millennium Tower is 58 story tower - the adverse impacts - were severe - being just a few hundred feet from the Transbay Transit Center - where for a long time - a very large hole was created - then filled with rebar and concrete - the size of two football fields.

Some six months ago - some one contacted me - and told me that the Millennium Tower had sunk 16 inches and tilted 2 inches.

In the course of many years - I have read some about tall buildings - all over the world . For a comparable building - some 6 inches - sinking  or settling - over a life time - may be accepted - but NOT 16 inches.

We may have to name the Millennium Tower - to Frisco's Tilting and Sinking Tower - the home of the rich and famous. 

Some independent structural studies - must be done quickly - to see - if after all these years - some proven mitigation - can prop the building - and other solutions found to stabilize 

It is becoming fashionable to build - skyscrapers in San Francisco - moving in the direction on Manhattan - we should STOP building these  " match box structures " - and there is one up and coming the SalesForce building - even taller and built on land - that is prone to severe liquefaction.

This is Ohlone land - every square inch stolen - and it is time - we STOP building these skyscrapers - now. Stop the " Greed" - and the invasion of condominiums for the rich and famous - more Summer Condominiums - enriching AirB&B.

San Francisco's  Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is a lackey - he loves to wheel and deal and talk from both sides of his dirty - mouth. He is adversely impacted Quality of Life issues.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee was the City Administrator - when the Millennium Tower went up.

 He was involved in many of the deliberations.

Much like the present City Administrator - Naomi Kelly - is involved with the Transbay Transit Center - and it many fiscal issues.

Recently we witnessed the firing of Maria Ayerdi- Kaplan who was the Director of the Transbay Transit Center. 

In my humble opinion the Transbay Transit Center - bears responsibility  for the adverse impacts - linked to the Millennium Towers.

The Transbay Transit Center - has adversely impacted hundreds of other smaller buildings - with no compensation in sight. 

Loud noises - vibrations - leading to cracks in the walls - in many of the store fronts and near by buildings - for years.

Today the Transbay Transit Center - is facing some serious fiscal issues - its budget increased by leaps and bound. Aho.