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Thursday, July 21, 2016


The people have gathered - protested -
too many a time - and have reached saturation point.
We now want action - and we want it now!

The constituents of San Francisco are sick and tired of the Democratic Party - the good for nothing so called politicians. 

The likes of Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the State Attorney General Kamala Harris - all filling their campaign coffers - with no stellar leadership in sight. Compromising values - decency, compassion, honesty, service to the community, love of our great City and County of San Francisco.

Crooked and Corrupt 
Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has set our 
City and County of San Francisco on Fire.

The City and County of San Francisco - was once known for being "clean " no more.  The stench in our inner neighborhoods is unbearable - we need more high powered steam cleaning equipment - to wash our side walks - and maintain basic hygiene.

The situation on our streets - favors pandemonium - the high levels of particulates from the on going congestion - and back to back traffic -  with increasing chronic cases of respiratory diseases.

Those most impacted our infants, our children, our youth, our young adult, our seniors - those with compromised health. Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has no clue - but open his mouth and brags - we are a First Class City - talking is easy - walk the walk.

Our SF Health Department - quiet as a mouse - with the budget of more than $2.6 Billion - failing to address Quality of Life issues.

Health premiums are on the increase - and if you get sick - somehow need an MRI - God forbid - you will have to wait for weeks - if not months.

The Food Banks are apologizing for not having - sufficient food to distribute - the poor are suffering - and many have no roof over their head. One bed room units fetch $3500 and two bed rooms more - thousands have left the City - and thousands more will leave - they are fed up - of City Hall and more Room 200.

The filthy rich spend $3000 or more - on fancy foods gourmet dishes per meal - waste food - with expensive wine to wash down - what the gluttons devour - with absolutely NO regard - for those that have fallen on bad times. Sodom and Gomorrah. 

City Hall has failed us - more the 
gang of 5 - Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen,
Scott Wiener and London Breed.

We have witnessed the " Gang of 5 " at City Hall - talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Our constituents in San Francisco have reached saturation point.

 The time has come - to get rid off these political bums - good for nothing - and what is more - despicable.

We do need an elected Public Advocate - we do need an entity that brings - about some stability - and see that accountability and transparency - non-existent - today is reenforced. - at all levels

The Executive Branch today at City Hall and in Room 200 is  oozing with corruption. 

I have been reading some court briefs - disgusting to say the least - and the ordinary - tax paying,  hard working San Franciscan - has been kept in the dark.

Our Attorney General has NOT done right
by San Franciscans - time she step up 
and do right by the people - bring the corrupt to justice.

San Franciscans have a lot of patience - but right now - the ire of the people - knows no bounds. 

We have the " empirical data " - the racists text messages - the corrupt SF Police Officers hiding behind " The Officers Bill of Rights ". The raid by corrupt SF Police Officers on innocent people - stealing they property. Other devious crimes - that have disgraced our constituents of San Francisco.

There has not been one single charge against the corrupt San Francisco Police Officers - who have disgraced our City and County of San Francisco - murdered innocent people.

On any average these SF Police Officers make  $100, 000 a year with benefits. 

Our City spends over a million on any SF Police Officer - in a 5  year period - supposedly imparting - sound training, providing quality equipment, and a host of other things - that seem not to bring solutions and address - the many adverse impacts - at ground zero.

Chief Toney Chaplin - 
we need to support him - for the good of all.

There are few persons - who continuously have monitored and participated in the many meeting and deliberation - linked to SAFETY - in our City and County of San Francisco. I have been in the trenches.

We are in dire straits - and it does not help to gang on Chief Toney Chaplin - especially with facts that are vague. I have know Chief Toney Chaplin - much as I have know other Chiefs - what is important to note - is having access to those in power. That included our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - that I have met face to face.

If we love our City and County of San Francisco - we must have the ability to discern - rally the right people - present a Blue Print and execute the plan - with diligence.

Can we do it of course. Can it be with the same people that have failed - all these years - especially those that pander -  have lost integerity - for sure NOT. 

San Francisco can do better - and there needs to be a totally change at the San Francisco Police Commission - more with drab and inept Commissions - the likes of Joe Marshal - that man lives on another planet.

We do not need tasers - and we need Community Policing - there are several versions - most ready to go. Our Police Commission, our Office of Citizens Complaints (OCC) - our Mayor Edwin M. Lee lacking vision and sound leadership - have FAILED.

We need the body cameras - and more transparency - that is lacking and come up - again and again - dealing with the rogue Police Officers.

We must NOW make up our mind - with our heart in the right place - and what we must have in mind - is full transparency and accountability.

The Mayor's Office has failed miserably on what is happening on our streets is too much for the untrained and undisciplined in matters of importance - Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson -  who cannot even comprehend - less find solutions - what is happening on our streets.

We need the Attorney General to send a team or task force to address the Racial Discrimination and the Civil Rights violations - taking place in San Francisco - and triggering situations - that will - flare.

We need real men and women - to deal with the " situation at hand " in San Francisco.

Not some folks - with a hidden agenda - who have no clue - about sound negotiations - at all levels.

Advisors  - working for the Mayor Edwin M. Lee who are not culturally competent - more, lack experience - when it comes to de-esclation on our streets - leading to unnecessary deaths.

The lack of trust and more the lack of vision and leadership - in the Mayor's Office - Room 200 - the many drab advisors who tell Mayor Edwin M. Lee - what he wants to hear.

The lap dog Mayor has failed and must step down - now.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
all of this land was stolen -
look at the mess - the strangers have made.

San Francisco can and must do better. 

Our City has been pandering to the " powers to be in Washington DC " - to the Zionists who control our Real Estate -  entities like SPUR - our Representatives who have not represented the people.

We have corrupt entities - that totally control - many City Departments - do not think we are not monitoring these - vermin. - must be charged under the RICO ACT - now.

Thousands of  protestors - have gathered and protested - for good measure. Those in power - do not get it - and more we do not have a Blue Print fully vetted - with goals and time-lines - the more the ire of the people will  - increase. Aho