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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Nothing much has changed here in San Francisco - the so called Representatives - be they our Senator Dianne Feinstein, the other corrupt - Congressperson Nancy Pelosi. 

The so called State Attorney General - the SF District Attorney - the Department of Justice and more Attorney General Loretta Lynch - none of them have the guts - to do the right thing.

In the meantime -our President Barack Hussein Obama - is trying to placate us all on the West Coast. All he and the other politicians care - is to visit us to rake in the millions - to fill their campaign coffers.

America once known as Turtle Island - where the Native Americans took care of this land for thousands of years. Then came the strangers - stole the land - raped the women - used slaves, lynched Blacks - disrespected  - humanity.

Today our Native Americans are put on reservations - and the entire world - wonders what type of Human Rights are we all talking about. The indigenous people of this land - known as Turtle Island - created - worse than second class - citizens.

The strangers - who landed on this land without any documents - looking totally different from the Native Americans - contaminated and polluted all that was pristine.

Today - they think their sordid practices of " GREED " - will take them some where - little knowing - that - most of them will drown  in the " cesspool of their own creation ".

The authorities that be - more those who are placating us - with messages - from Washington DC -  say one thing and mean another. 

The more this diabolic monologue is carried on - the worse it will be - for those that have done nothing so far.

There has been NO justice - there has been a lot of hot air - diatribe and - so called leaders - with no spine - spewing toxic air.

We are requesting the Department of Justice (DOJ)  - to send a team here to San Francisco - to investigate the " criminal actions stemming from the many murders by - some rogue San Francisco Police Officers ". Following patterns and practices - and more with a sound investigation and a fair and just - adjudication.

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) is an entity that we the people - the tax payers - the constituents - do not trust.

COPS is an entity - that should be shut down - and sent away.

STOP playing gimmicks with the people of San Francisco - the DOJ - fully understands what we want - but has failed San Francisco.

Secretly we call the DOJ - the Department of Jokers.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch - 
should send a team to investigate the crimes -
linked to racial discrimination and Civil Rights violations.

We are a Nation of laws - we respect those that protect our FREEDOM - foremost of Military - and also know Law Enforcement - who understand what FREEDOM - entails.

There is " freedom " and there is license - license is the abuse of freedom.

When you are armed - more with a powerful weapon - are a Police Officer - you must acknowledge - the responsibility and more the duty - entrusted to you - please do not bring disgrace on the thousands of decent police officers - that know better.

Guns, rifles, other powerful weapons  - are not toys - but this seems to be the mind set - of those who " shoot to kill ".  Such nonsense should STOP.

The Police Bill of Rights - gives impunity to those small numbers of " rogue police officers " - who continue - to disgrace us all

On set of rules for us - constituents - of these the United States of America - another set of rules - for those who follow " The Police Bill of Rights " - read on:

No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

For sure we must get together and have a dialog - we cannot have one with different sets of rules. 

The rules as is the constitution - protects us all - equal rights - that should protect and serve us all.

Vice- President Biden - played a role once - in favoring the Police Bill of Rights. Our President - Barack Hussein Obama - has not once said a word - about the " Police Bill of Rights ".

Stop placating us all - we are NOT kids.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone here in San Francisco. All of this land was stolen - and everyone has a right to live peacefully and be protected.

For sure we who are knowledgeable and educated on issues - do not believe in violence - disruption for the sake of disruption - act like the anarchists - that is not we want.

Those that protect us - must understand - the weapons they have are to protect them - and they should not willy nilly - shoot first and ask questions later.

Just because - they think they will be fully protected - by the " Police Bill of Rights ".

Again - the Attorney General knows well - she is procrastinating - this is San Francisco - one of three richest cities in the world. Send us a team from the Department of Justice to investigate and adjudicate the many crimes committed - by rogue SF Police Officers.

San Franciscans are treated like pawns - and our patience has reached - saturation point - more those who are innocent and just happen - ' people of color ".

The First Black President - has failed us all - he understands easily to come to California - again and again - filling his and the Democratic Party's campaign coffers.

Millions of dollars given to him and others in his circle - from Political Action Pacts (PAC).

Mr. President - our Veterans are hurting - and all we hear - we are doing all we can for the Veterans - our government just decided to cut $2.6 Billion from the benefits that are due to the Veterans of our Nation - the United States of America.

Here is San Francisco safety on our streets - is not guaranteed.

People of color - fear for their lives - some " rogue San Francisco Police Officers " are on a rampage - using para-military tactics - on innocent - civilians.

State Attorney Kamala Harris

San Francisco District Attorney - George Gascon.

Our State Attorney - Kamala Harris - our SF District Attorney are fast asleep at the cockpit.

Not a single - SF rogue police officer - has been charged and adjudicated - more those that have murdered civilians.

San Francisco constituents are astute - no one can fool us - and the longer you take to adjudicate this sordid situation - the deeper you all will drown - in the " cesspool " of your own - creation. Aho.